Chapter 88: Twice in One Bathroom?

Michael growled “That fucking evil whore-cunt! It’s bad enough that you killed me and raped my corpse, but you even murdered my mana-core babies!” After his rage died down, he sighed dramatically, before grumbling “Ugh, now I have to clean this shit up…”

“She’s angry because you chose me, over her.” A melodious and childlike voice resounded throughout the room, as a warm light enveloped the Nephilim’s body.

He turned around and saw a small Human, little girl, wearing a white sundress. Her facial features were difficult to discern, but the eyes were golden and her long straight hair was certainly silver.

Lux smiled at him, asking “Why would someone like you, choose the Light? Aren’t you more like that little Goblin in the basement?”

A smirk appeared on his face, as he answered “It’s all about compatibility. Besides, I’m a lot like you, ya know? Well, at least that’s my impression of this ancient little girl, who loves innocence and violence hehe~. Hmmm~, I might still end up picking Chaos as my third Affinity, but she’ll have to try a little harder to convince me. Actually, I have no idea why she even cares…”

The Goddess said “Isn’t it obvious? That brat becomes infatuated far too easily, just like you. Hmph, that perverted kitten and the psychotic loli, who’s next? Perhaps you planned on courting me as well? Another woman for your collection…”

Michael sighed, and complained “You’re pretty fuckin presumptuous, and judgmental. Seriously, I don’t want a harem… anymore. I mean, it’s a nice idea in theory, because my sex-drive seems to be getting even stronger in this world; unfortunately, I don’t have the physical, mental and emotional capability to ‘love’ a shit-ton of monster-girls. Also, like I mentioned before… neither you nor Chaos has that special ‘spark.’ All of you Goddesses lost your innocence and capability to truly ‘love’ anyone or anything, a long time ago.

“Even if I masturbate to every single pussy and asshole in the world, it doesn’t mean that I actually want to shove my dick into any of them. For me, sex is just a way to express love… If I don’t have deep and serious feelings for someone, it doesn’t matter how horny I am, or how sexy they are.”

Lux sneered, while retorting “How could you have a deep emotional attachment to those two brats, when you just met them a few days ago?”

He smirked, “A few days is all it takes for people to fall in love. Anyway~, why don’t you like my little kitty-cat? Isn’t she one of your followers? I can understand why you hate me, but she’s definitely one of your biggest fans…”

The golden-eyed girl frowned, “I used to play with her, when she was really small… but her parents convinced her that I was just an ‘imaginary friend.’ Obviously, I never told her anything ridiculous like ‘I’m the Goddess of Light,’ because that would’ve been awkward. After she went to that stupid Convent I tried playing with her again, be she wasn’t interested in ‘childish’ games anymore. Nnnn~, why do mortals have to ‘grow-up’ so quickly? They’re much more fun when they’re still young and innocent…”

Michael furrowed his brows, and asked “Do you have any idea how creepy that sounds? I mean, regardless of your appearance, you’re still a pedo-bear on the inside, right?”

She yelled “Not everything is about sex!” her porcelain skin turned bright red in anger and twelve angelic wings of pure-white light, erupted from her back.

After a few seconds of silence, he asked “So are you a pure lolicon or do you also enjoy shota?” and his body was completely disintegrated. The frozen corpse evaporated as well, and once the blinding radiance faded, all that was left in the room were two mana-cores and a crimson slime-shower.

A moment later, the Nephilim reappeared and muttered “Welp, at least I know that it isn’t impossible to die within a Player-Home. Also, Goddesses seem to enjoy killing people an awful lot.”

Fortunately, both of his deaths had been completely painless and instantaneous. Although, his first corpse had been defiled, it wasn’t as if he had actually been raped, so he treated it like he was simply watching an interesting show.

When he reached down and picked up the two identical Arcane-Light, rank-E, Level-fourteen mana-cores, he was amazed that they were able to survive such a ridiculously powerful attack. In fact, it was incredible that the slime seemed to be immune to damage as well.

It was almost as if the two Goddesses had each given him a very valuable gift. Just for the sake of curiosity, Michael bought a Demonic Toilet, and immediately complained “Where the fuck am I supposed to sit down on this thing?”

There was no seat, just a gigantic, violet and pink, bio-luminescent sea-anemone writhing around in the middle of the bathroom floor. Dozens of long and slimy tentacles were reaching out, trying to grab his body, as the ‘mouth’ of the creature, was constantly opening and closing.

That monster was both beautiful and terrifying, but he just shrugged, walking towards it carelessly. Then a horrible screeching noise rang out, as the strange tendrils wrapped around him, and forced him into a squatting posture.

Suddenly, a large purple tapeworm-looking tongue erupted from that creature’s circular, toothless mouth. Michael grumbled “Ugh, well, compared to what Sarah did to me last night, this actually feels kinda good. Hmm~, it seems like the Players who designed all of these ‘appliances’ and ‘furnishings’ had really gone all out on the convenience aspect. Of course, the ones who created this crazy chaotic bullshit were probably way too into horror-movies and tentacle-porn, but whatever. Oh, neat, there’s actually a setting in the ‘Authorizations’ tab… Yeah, from now on, only me, Elina and Sarah are allowed to enter my bedroom. I don’t wanna be responsible for Talia losing her ‘Innocence’ title.”

While he was having his intestines and bladder cleaned out by thin and extremely long worms, the Nephilim decided to buy a ‘ceiling-light.’ It only cost him fifty-silver, but still required a Chaotic mana-core.

The room was quickly illuminated by a bright-red glowing, massive eye-ball. When he said “Turn off, on, off, on, neat.” the thick-black skin-like substance, opened and closed: it even had long black eyelashes.

However, the eeriest part, was that it didn’t just stare straight down lifelessly… It actually moved around. As the pitch-black pupil examined everything in the room, it eventually focused on Michael’s face, and even contracted.

He snickered and wondered “Is this house actually sentient? Well, it might not have a consciousness, yet, but I bet that there’s probably some kinda ‘brain’ that I can install into it. Although, it might not be possible if it’s only at rank-G.”

Once he left the bathroom, he placed an even larger eye-light in the center of his ceiling. However, he noticed that it was possible to change the color from red, to blue, yellow, orange, purple, green, pink, and even white or black.

The reason that he decided not to test out the ‘sink,’ was because he was almost completely certain that it would have been a waste of money and mana-cores. Michael walked over to the acoustic guitar that was laying in the corner, and picked it up, then teleported downstairs.

Standing in the living-room, he went to the northwestern corner and placed down the huge glass grand piano: which was still filled with glowing green water. Then he put the significantly large Ancient Luxian Harp in the southwestern corner.

As he stared at the two luminous, white mana-cores in his left hand, Michael complained “Fuck my life… I can either give these to the puppy for a stat-boost, or spend them. Sorry Inari, but Daddy needs a god-damn kitchen.”

Depending on the rank and level of the mana-core, the quality of the appliances, furniture or other items that he could create would be radically different. However, when he was about to buy a refrigerator, he received a notification: “Would you like to purchase the Arcane or Light kitchen set?”

He started laughing hysterically, then said “Arcane please~.” and all around him, was a dazzling radiance, as the items were suddenly being created. It cost him one of the little pearls in his hand, plus twenty gold coins, but was much more efficient than having to use dozens of lower ranked mana-cores and individually buying everything.

21 thoughts on “Chapter 88: Twice in One Bathroom?

  1. I bet the head priestess would have a stroke if she heard the goddesss of light say “that stupid covent”. Hahahaha…

    Though it’s a bit sad how Elina is so devoted, yet get so little love back from Lux… or does she? I mean, she was thinking about her half-dwarf roommate and suddenly they get a quest from Lux… Is that goddess a tsundere? A lolicon tsundere… what an odd concept.

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  2. Mc needed a AoE spell;how abt a spell of arcane that conjures lego pieces and banana peels spread around the specified area.Surely a horrific n fearsome spell it would be

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  3. Ah, this is the first time I’ve ever scheduled anything, so I’m happy that it worked out alright lol. Like, I used the scheduling option in wordpress, instead of just posting it normally lol


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