Chapter 240: Divide and Conquer?

“Nyahahaha~, Grandpa Shiro! Meow~, that looks ouchy~!” The moment that Jasmine appeared upon the ramparts of Fort Resilience, she saw that the white-haired Feline Dwarf was profusely bleeding from a gaping wound in his chest.

He was still standing and used his blunderbuss to crush the skull of an Elite Stone Orc Warrior. All along the walls, there were countless giant scorpions and Hobgoblins slaughtering the mostly ‘ranged’ defenders.

Shiro yelled “Who the hell’s yer Grandpa?! Shit, look out!” However, before he even warned her, the adorable cat-girl, turned around and pistol-whipped the relatively weak Assassin. Then she fired a ‘Sundering Beam’ out of her mouth and burned a hole straight through the leather-clad Goblin-girl’s chest. The Assassin gazed down in shock, but her silver eyes quickly rolled into the back of her head and her lifeless body was kicked towards the courtyard.

After that, Jasmine charged a ‘Silver Bullet’ into her tiny pink revolved, and shot the middle-aged Captain in the chest. His wounds miraculously healed, and her golden irises abruptly turned orange, as she made a serious expression.

A potent Chaotic aura emanated from the five-foot tall woman’s body, and she vomited out a bright-blue kitten. That strange critter scampered off and latched onto the leg of a level-fifteen Super-Elite Ogre Warrior; he didn’t understand what was happening until it was too late. The lower-half of his lightly armored body was completely frozen and shattered into thousands of pieces. Dozens of other Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins who were around him, were all swiftly annihilated at the same time.

Jasmine shouted “What the hell are you just standing there for?! You’ve got a damn shotgun, so use it!” She growled and started rapidly firing ‘Blood-Bullets’ through the heads and torsos of the more powerful enemies, and occasionally used ‘Explosive Shots’ to obliterated dozens of the weaker ones at the same time.

Captain Shiro sighed, shaking his head and grumbling “Why couldn’t we have gotten Michael? Ugh, or even that sexy angel… Our losses this time are gonna be awful.”


When Elina descended upon the Castle of Illumination, dozens of enormous High Ogres were literally tearing down the southern walls. Hundreds of Angelic Dwarves were dying every second, but there was a total of fifty-thousand people garrisoning the entire massive structure.

Millions of Demi-Orcs and Demi-Goblins were surrounding the entire place, and a few hundred thousand Imps were swarming around in the skies. They weren’t powerful individually, but even with the gatling and machine guns, it wasn’t enough to fight back the endless horde.

Before she had the chance to even accomplish anything, the ground began rumbling violently, and then the ceiling; finally, the entire ‘Killing Field’ was obliterated by hundreds of nuclear explosions. She was instantly teleported into the Neutral Battleground Sanctuary; unfortunately, since she didn’t do anything, she also didn’t receive any Favor. Elina didn’t want to stay by herself in that ominous white room, so she immediately chose to ‘join’ the defense of Fort Resilience.



Meanwhile, an army of brightly-glowing, porcelain-skinned Angelic Orcs was marching towards an enormous, obsidian spire. It stood alone, at the center of a massive graveyard, and was one of the most dangerous fortresses among all of the outermost Dwarven Cities.

The Tower of Eternal Night was where many non-Light Affinity soldiers would be sent after their valiant deaths… to continue their service in the afterlife. Sarah managed to get there before the battle started, but her presence wasn’t going to make much of a difference.

One of the strongest Generals among the entire Dwarven Republic’s military forces was stationed there: “Hel, The Goddess of Death, Level-103 Ancient Dwarven Vampire Apostle of Umbra, Rank-S, World Boss.”

While she wasn’t going to personally attack the relatively weak enemies, her legions of undead were gathered around the graveyard and perfectly capable of gunning down the battalion of Angelic Orcs. They didn’t bother using any kind of fortifications, because there were literally tens of thousands of Elites and Bosses; most of them had assault-rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns.

However, even if Sarah couldn’t completely dominate the battlefield, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be able to earn plenty of Favor points. As the waves of Knights, Guardians and Priests charged forward on their golden-armored warhorses, dozens were killed within moments.

They had magical barriers of light aura, but it wasn’t enough to protect them from the massive onslaught of bullets. Of course, there were Mages and Archers who could shoot back, and the moment that they came into close-combat, the melee forces were easily able to overwhelm the undead horde.

A stealthy Shadow was lurking around and decapitating even some of the most powerful Orcs and Ogres. Sarah had a high enough attack-power, to instantly kill the average level-twenty, rank-D Boss, regardless of what Class they were.



Within a thick jungle, a two-meter tall, naked orcish woman was sprinting at an absurd speed. Her light-brown skin was rippling with thick muscles and when she passed by the hordes of Demi-Goblins, they simply stared in amazement of her ‘beauty’. Those thick tusks protruding from her lower-jaw, the wild and unkempt ebony hair, piercing bright-blue serpentine eyes, and an intimidating fang-covered collar around her thick neck: she was absolutely gorgeous from their perspectives.

However, they didn’t quite understand why she was charging towards the back of their ranks, but they weren’t exactly known for their intelligence either. Eventually, she arrived near the southern entrance to the ‘Killing Field’ and saw a huge, leather-clad, giant man.

“Commander Thomas, Level-25 Ogre Marksman, Rank-D, Boss,” was carrying a massive ‘siegebow’, with enormous arrows in a quiver behind his back. When he saw that beautiful orcish woman, he didn’t ‘Identify’ her, but simply stared in amazement.

When she stood a few meters in front of him, he asked “Excuse me Miss, but I don’t believe I remember seeing you before… Are you perhaps a scout from another regiment?”

That mysterious girl smiled and nodded, yet didn’t speak; instead of finding that extremely suspicious, Thomas actually found it surprisingly adorable. Unfortunately, he could tell by the size and shape of her tusks, that she was merely an Adolescent. Otherwise, he likely would have attempted to ‘woo’ her in the typical fashion: a naked wrestling match.

The Hobgoblin woman to his left suddenly shouted “Sir, be careful! She’s using some sort of concealment spell!” She was his sister-wife, so she was slightly jealous of the strange newcomer, leading her to have a bit more presence of mind than her idiotic brother-husband.

Seven fluffy green tails abruptly sprouted from behind the brown-skinned Orc’s lower-back and they waved around as those bright-blue irises glowed. A quiet whimper resounded from her mouth, which was immediately followed by a swarm of vicious and poisonous wasps.

Those insects only targeted the Hobgoblin Assassin to his left and killed her almost instantaneously. Before the Ogre could break free of the ‘Charm’, Inari pounced forward and delivered a right straight-punch to his sternum.

There was almost no resistance, as her fist and arm plunged all the way through his leather vest, breast-bone, heart, spine and out of his back. Then she grabbed his neck with her rapidly growing left hand and casually ripped his head off, before smiling at that hideously contorted face. It was unfortunate that she couldn’t ‘keep’ any trophies, so she could only rampage around that jungle until every last ‘enemy’ was massacred.



Talia had managed to pick a fairly ‘easy’ Battleground, similar to Inari. It was a completely cover-less wasteland, which had many fortified towers near the northern gateway.

Aside from herself, there were a few hundred ‘Snipers’ who could strike at enemies the moment that they entered the ‘Killing Field’. There were also thousands of landmines buried underground.

Many of the marksmen had what were essentially long-ranged shotguns, which they loaded with buckshot: to deal with the vast majority of weaker targets. For the stronger enemies, they used their single-shot, scoped rifles and armor-piercing bullets.

The Huntress had plenty of leeway to ‘play’ with her new ‘toy’. Firing multiple arrows at the same time wasn’t something she needed to learn how to do, since most regular bows were capable of it to some degree.

Talia soared through the air and gleefully bombarded the miscellaneous Elite Orcs, Ogres and Hobgoblins. Often times, she even dared to swoop down low and use ‘Eroding Winds’ to obliterate hundreds of Demi-Goblins at a time, before returning to the sky and retreating. There were some Incubi and thousands of Imps, but they couldn’t possibly catch up to her absurd speeds.

On one occasion, a flying Succubus Assassin managed to ‘Shadow-Step’ next to the seemingly defenseless High-Elf. However, with nothing but the toe of her leather boot, Talia literally bisected the level-sixteen Super-Elite. It wasn’t as if she was ‘invulnerable’, but her ‘Strength’ was more than enough to kill someone ten levels lower than herself with relative ease.

There was no rule that prevented an Archer from beating someone to death with their bare hands; it was also possible for a Warrior to wield a bow or machine-gun. Rather than weapon-types being restricted, the Classes themselves would be changed depending on how the person wishes to ‘play’ the ‘game’.

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