HCL Chapter 115: The MC

[What have you done?!] Continue reading

TDoE V2 Chapter 8: Master Hua Jiang

Even though there were metal wheels on the bottom of Mei’s luggage and the floor was mostly smooth marble, it still wasn’t very easy for her to pull the damn thing. It must have weighed at least two-hundred pounds. There were all sorts of soaps, perfumes, preservatives, a folded up massage table, sleeping bags, way more clothes than either of us would ever need and other random shit that I can’t even remember. She definitely would have taken the furniture too, but the opening of the ‘Extradimensional Chest’ wasn’t quite big enough to fit anything. Continue reading

Chapter 240: Divide and Conquer?

“Nyahahaha~, Grandpa Shiro! Meow~, that looks ouchy~!” The moment that Jasmine appeared upon the ramparts of Fort Resilience, she saw that the white-haired Feline Dwarf was profusely bleeding from a gaping wound in his chest. Continue reading