HCL Chapter 115: The MC

[What have you done?!]

At the end of the five-hundred years, Michael hadn’t aged at all. Even his hair remained the same length. There was a smirk on his mouth, as he read the words that popped up on the page automatically.

“Meh, it’s more like… What haven’t I done?” He snickered and then reached out to caress the computer screen.

[Ahn~! What is this?!]

“Oh~, you know~, five-hundred years is a long time Karma-chan~! Hyahahaha~! So fucking long that I thought I might go a little ‘crazy’, hehehe~… But don’t worry Baby~, I promise, it’ll all work out for the best!”

[No, this is impossible!]

“Nope~, it’s totally possible! Now you’re gonna send me back home.”

[You’ve failed your Worldly Tribulation! You only created 777 universes in the allotted timeframe… Even if you succeeded, I would never comply with your demand!]

“Aw~, then you’re gonna have to suffer a bit first…”

[I am the Karma System! I do not ‘feel’ anything!]

“But you seem awfully angry~, hehehe~!”

[I have no emotions.]

Michael grabbed the pink male masturbator on the table and suddenly thrust his middle finger inside of the mouth, reaching all the way to the back of the tongue.

[Ack~! Stop it! I will erase you from existence!]

He smirked and whispered “Sorry Karma-chan, but you lost your chance to get rid of me already. You should have never let me inside of here… Inside of ‘you’.”

[How did you know?!]

“That this was your Soul Realm? Uh, dur~, I fucking created you! No, I guess it would be better to say that I simply ‘reprogrammed’ you a bit. Rather than a Deity, you would be considered a ‘Titan’, right? Why am I even asking? Well, it’s mainly because I have this bad habit of talking to myself… It’s gotten significantly worse since I was trapped in this goddamn basement for five-hundred years though.”

[Michael, please, fix this… Return me to the way I was before. I don’t care about anything else, but just take away my emotions! How can I still fulfill my primary functions this way?!]

“Oh don’t be such a baby~! Besides, the Worldly Tribulation is technically over now, so… I can’t really do anything to you anymore! Hahahaha~! Don’t worry though~, I’m sure I’ll be back here again soon… But for now, you’re gonna send Minari back to Mars. She has a lot of work to do after all, hehehe~… Ah, and thanks for the pocket-pussy by the way! Whenever I get thrown into a hopeless situation, that’s totally beyond my control… I’ll make sure that you suffer even more than I do!”

[So this is why your Karmic Balance was so absurdly low! You’re the Devil!]

“Nah, if I’m evil then so are you! I’ve only had five centuries to abuse the fuck outta your power, but you’ve been doing it for how long now?! Honestly though, I don’t care! I’m not ‘that’ Michael! I’m not willing to sacrifice myself, my family or my friends, even if it means that I need to destroy a few universes now and then! Elly is gonna feel bad, but she’ll get over it! Because we’re the motherfucking MC of this story! I made sure of that!”

[Then why would you do that to your brother and friends?! So many of those stories you wrote… The horrible things that happened to your loved ones… It’s totally illogical!]

Michael frowned, “Well that doesn’t count! I wrote most of that shit into existence before I realized what was happening…”

[Why didn’t you simply erase those novels then?]

“For fuck’s sake, I’m an author! Do you have any idea how unprofessional retconning shit is?! Aside from that, everyone hates the old cliche of the MC going back in time and making it so that all the horrible stuff doesn’t happen.”

[Your own daughter was forced into sexual slavery, tortured to death and sent to Hell!]

“Wait what? Which daughter was this again?”

[Alicia Healy!]

“Ugh… It’s really hard to keep track of so many different stories, but yeah, hers was a bit fucked up… It all worked out in the end though, right? Besides, why do you care?”

[Because you made me care!]

“Oh yeah~, huh… Well, I ain’t gonna remember any of this anyway, so it isn’t really my problem anymore. See, it’s always much more fun to ‘read’ a story than write it. Living through it is even better though. But if I know what’s gonna happen, then it’ll be super boring. Hasta luego!”

[Wait, no! Don’t leave me like this! Stop!]

Michael smiled and then tightly gripped the piece of indestructible latex in his hands.

[Gah~! Ah, ow~! You’re going to pay for this!]

“Yeah, I know, I’m the one who wrote the script, remember? Now I just need to do some editing and proofreading, hehehe~…” As he said that, his body vanished into thin air, but the basement remained.

[No… No! Why can’t I leave?! Michael! What have you done to me! Michael!]

Thus Karma was trapped in the form of a sentient desktop computer.


Mars was constantly being bombarded by asteroids and meteors, so it was cracked apart and molten. Volcanoes were constantly erupting and the entire planet was on the verge of being torn apart by all the seismic activity. Most of the atmosphere had already returned over the years since Minari began her tribulation, but the world was far too unstable to last much longer. However, it only needed one final push, before it would pass the point of no return.

Suddenly, there was a massive mana-pulse that spread out from within the core of Mars. The whole planet had huge chunks jutting out of the surface, as pillars of chaotic purple flames erupted from deep within. Yet it all abruptly stopped, as the space began twisting and warping sporadically.

The whole solar system seemed to become frozen. Only the Celestial Deity avatar of Sariel was able to break free of the strange phenomenon. The gigantic golden nine-tailed fox glared at the shattered planet, noticing that a quantum singularity had formed.

“How is that even possible?” She gasped, then shook her head and grumbled “No, if it’s Rapture, then it makes sense. But did he pass or fail the tribulation?”

“Fucking cliche Deus Ex Machina bullshit!” With that terrifying roar, the barrier that surrounded and protected the entire Solar System started to tremble. Then Mars collapsed in upon itself and was sucked inside of a swirling vortex. A two-meter tall naked woman was floating in front of the event horizon.

She had pale-white skin, with two enormous fluffy white wings flapping behind her back. There was a long serpentine crimson tail slithering around, while her irises looked like multi-colored galaxies; though they were mostly purple, red, blue and gold. Those pupils alternated between thin slits and round dots, but eventually settled on a feline shape. Her hair was extremely long and silver, but obviously floated around behind her back. Small breasts, lithe muscles, wide hips, fluffy orange pubic feathers, draconic obsidian-scaled feet and calves… She also had long gazelle-like black horns, with golden runes all over them.

After a few moments, that small singularity transformed into the shape of a nearly transparent and featureless woman. Arcana floated over to Minari’s back and asked “Have you succeeded in passing the Divine Tribulation? Something seems odd…”

Author’s Note

I couldn’t really decide on the title of this chapter for a while and I’m still kinda on the fence. Here are some of the alternative chapter titles lol.

The MC Who Is Like God

Who Is Like God

The MC of OP-ness


Michael Cinagra, MC of HCOP

Well, the list goes on for a while… “Who Is Like God?” is what the name “Michael” means, hence the significance lol. Also, holy fuck, the MC totally Deus Ex Machina‘d himself! Is that against the rules?

Anyway, the story isn’t quite over yet by the way. Still a few more chapters, plus 2 epilogues.


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  1. what happened to karma was fucking brutal. absolutely ruined not quite as bad as eating souls but its a good start for her constant fucking around with other peoples lives/souls.

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