Chapter 102: The MC Actually Had a Plan?

“This is so~ fucking gross~! Can’t you bastards please stop exploding on me?! You’re making me feel like a dirty whore! Ugh, die cleaner! Oh for fuck’s sake! I don’t want your scabies, I already have plenty of weird diseases already, so go away~! Rah, no, that’s a bad touch! Kill these bastards faster damn it!” Michael was trapped inside of a cocoon of Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Imps, and Hellhounds, but none of them could actually attack him anymore, because everyone was being crushed by the piles of corpses outside.

Not only were there dead bodies in the thousands, but plenty of living enemies were trying to get to the Nephilim at the center, while being bombarded by bullets and cannonballs. After five minutes of that, the hordes were starting to thin and Simon finally decided to personally take action.

He roared “Move outta the way you stupid fuckers!” as he and several of his Super-Elite melee fighters, began utilizing their ‘Enrage’ skill to kill their own forces. The Boss’ gigantic, flaming glaive, looked like it was completely made out of crimson steel.

Michael used his wisp-form to observe the chaos outside, while he was physically trapped by the living bodies of burly Orc men and women. As he saw the colossal weapon, easily cleaving through the backs of level-fifteen, rank-E, heavily armored, Elite Warriors, he muttered “What a dumbass… Well, whatever, this is what I was hoping for, hehehe~. It’s a shame though; that’s definitely an Epic, but even if I kill him, I won’t be able to take it.”

Then he finally found his targets; waiting a few hundred meters behind their leader, were his most trusted and powerful Healers, along with an Archmage of Fire, a High-Shaman of Water, and a lightly armored Super-Elite Marksman. Michael ‘Whispered’ his partner, who already seemed to be in the area: “You take the Chaos Sage, I’ll kill the High-Priestess of Darkness.”

The moment that he materialized behind that three-meter tall Ogress, his favorite spell had leveled-up: “Astral Step Level 3: During Astral Projection, the caster immediately teleports to the location of their incorporeal astral-form. Costs 80% of the caster’s maximum Mana.”

An instant later, his blade stabbed through the back of that pitch-black robe, and cleanly bisected the huge woman. Even Sarah was able to pierce her Obsidian Wakizashi through the spine of that Super-Elite Hobgoblin man.

His Health didn’t instantly fall to zero, but he was paralyzed, and when she channeled Hate-Strike into the wound, the blood-vessels in his brain quickly froze. Even though the skill had leveled-up to three, the description didn’t actually change and even the mana-cost remained the same.

They were two of the most important weapons in Simon’s arsenal, and he didn’t even realize that they died. In fact, even the two squishy casters and the leather-clad Marksman had no idea what was happening a dozen meters behind them.

The Archmage of Fire and the High-Shaman of Water were both Hobgoblins; the former was male, while the latter was a beautiful woman. Both of them were only about five-feet tall, and each had around fifty HP. Thus, when Michael teleported behind the two, he was able to utilize a single horizontal slash, to bisect them.

When the Ogre Marksman was about to scream, a strange glowing ball was telekinetically thrown directly into his mouth and blocking off his airway. At the same moment, Sarah ‘Shadow-Stepped’ onto his left shoulder, and then shoved her slender blade into his left carotid artery.

His Defense Rating was relatively high, but she was still able to land a critical hit and cause him to start bleeding excessively. As he tried to grab her, she crawled around the back of his head and slashed off his right ear.

By that time, Michael activated Arcane Pull, and the glowing ball yanked the terrified Ogre from inside of his throat, completely crushing his trachea. Without even being able to resist, a huge sword was impaled through his sternum, and swiftly removed the rest of his Health.

After that, the two of them rampaged around the hundreds of Mages, Priests, and Archers, who were left out of that ongoing, gigantic catastrophe. There were so many explosions and screams, that when the Nephilim and Dark-Goblin began massacring the ranged forces, Simon and the others were completely unaware.

Actually, since they were ‘Enraged,’ it would have been nearly impossible for them to pay attention to something that was happening so far away. Two of his Ultra-Elite Ogre Berserkers were even trying to kill each-other, and eventually teamed up against him.

Casually watching that scene unfold with his Astral Projection, Michael was laughing hysterically, as his body was unconsciously hacking and slashing apart a ridiculous number of squishy enemies. While in ‘auto-fight’ mode, he still had to order himself to use spells or perform complicated actions; yet, he would instinctively use that ‘Aegis’ on his left hand to block spells and arrows, while the right would use the Arcane Siegeblade as both a shield and a sword.

Sarah however, had to constantly and carefully use her superhuman Agility and reflexes, to narrowly avoid being killed by random shots that were aimed at the fluffy-winged, giant glowing beacon of death. She had to struggle to survive, but was actually grinning and snickering quietly, as she teleported around and slaughtered dozens of enemies per minute.

Even though they couldn’t gain experience, their Passives and skills were rapidly improving. After half an hour, the cannons, muskets and just about everyone else on the walls had run out of ammo; only Captain Shiro and a few of his Lieutenants still had bullets left to fire.

However, the twenty-thousand enemies were whittled down to one. A single, complete insane, severely wounded, six-meter tall, High-Orc Hell Knight.

Simon was using his Epic glaive to continuously crush, slash and hack apart the mutilated pile of corpses that laid before him. He was laughing maniacally, while roaring “I finally kill you, fucking Nephilim bastard!”

His thick crimson armor had dozens of scales falling off of it, and his helmet had been lost at some point, revealing his hideously scarred face. That colossus still had 450/750 Health left though, and while his Stamina had dwindled, Mana was constantly regenerating.

Michael knew that it was going to be a tough fight, and was standing next to Sarah and Captain Shiro on the southern ramparts. The middle-aged Feline Dwarf sighed loudly, “Are ya sure ya wanna fight against that monster? After seein what ya did out there, I won’t doubt yer skills, but even if he only hits ya once… Well, I’m sure ya already know what’ll happen.”

The Nephilim snickered, before saying “I’m just the Tank; I’ll keep his attention and try not to get chopped in half. All heals need ta be on me, while your team is responsible for actually killing this gigantic fucker. I can deal a decent amount of damage, but this bastard has way too many regeneration skills. Hell, his left arm was cut off by that Ogress, and now look at him, hehehe~. Just be careful of his AoE attacks… Don’t stand in the fire!”

Sarah was completely exhausted, she was sitting down on the edge of the stone railing and planning on watching an entertaining show. Only about fifty Feline Dwarves had actually died, so there were a decent amount of other spectators who were gathering on the southern ramparts: The rest were watching from the various portholes along the wall.

After rebuffing himself, Michael also had a spell called ‘Natural Protection’ cast on him, which boosted his Endurance by five points and reduced his damage taken from Chaotic enemies by 20%. A Super-Elite Priestess of Fire used a spell called ‘Aegis of Flame,’ which could block up to a hundred points of Fire-damage: Although, she didn’t have enough mana to keep it on him constantly.

He complained “This is why having a team is important… Sarah, when the fuck are you gonna learn something useful? Instead of dicking around with Necromancy, you should learn a bunch of spells first. A perfect team needs a shit ton of complimenting buffs!”

The Goblin-girl glared at him, “It’s only been a few days; normally it takes years to do this shit! Besides that, we’ve been fucking non-stop since I got my Profession! After this, I’ll learn a few new tricks and then we’ll go hunting for a while… It really fucking pisses me off that I can’t even hurt you anymore!”

Michael snickered, walked over to the angry woman, leaned down to her level and roughly pressed his mouth against hers. She bit down onto his lip as hard as she could, but wasn’t able to cause any pain or deal any damage. The two of them were relatively ‘clean,’ since he could used ‘Telekinesis’ to remove dirt, grime, blood and guts from his skin and she had the skill ‘Devouring Shadow.’

His sword was floating around behind the back of his head, and since he was using both ‘Lightening’ and ‘Angelic Grace,’ it appeared incredibly strange to any Feline Dwarves of the Darkness or Light Affinities. In fact, even the fact that the two radically different races were ‘together’ in that way, was considered a huge taboo.

Thus, most of the spectators were disgusted… Especially when the Nephilim slid his unarmored left hand underneath her ripped and torn tiger-fur skirt. While the two of them were ‘enjoying themselves,’ Captain Shiro and his Lieutenants were making their way down the wall and walking out the front gate; unlike Michael and Sarah, they couldn’t fly or teleport, and jumping down would have been relatively dangerous.

However, when he tried to ‘enter’ his ‘girl-frenemy,’ a barrier stopped him and a notification popped-up: “Friendly-Fire has been averted.”

56 thoughts on “Chapter 102: The MC Actually Had a Plan?

      • Maybe, maybe not. Isn’t his strength stat quite a lot higher than hers? And until her ‘you won’t rip anymore’ passive levels up, it’s still damage, and companions can’t damage each other except in certain situations.

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      • Yeah, it kinda has to do with percentage of health too. Sarah’s health is way lower than his, so even 1 point of damage would be considered friendly fire. On the other hand, he could probably receive 2 or 3 and not have it considered friendly fire?


  1. I must say I truly love your work.
    It makes a for a great change of pace; with all the unadulterated
    chaos and psychological trauma.
    It is truly wonderful and I can’t wait for more. 😁

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  2. lol cock blocked by the system…i wonder is that was one of the goddesses being jealous.

    and i really hate suggesting this but please give sarah some kinda of super stretchy pussy passive so he doesnt tear her a new one each time they fuck i mean come on. I wanna read a chapter where he fucks her stupid

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