Chapter 189: A Realistic Battleground?

“Shit… they don’t even give any fucking information about the two sides! Ugh, fine, the defenders are usually the good-guys, and anyone with ‘Sellswords’ in their group name are probably a bunch of assholes.” Michael required a whole ten seconds to make his decision, and his Companions either didn’t care, or agreed with him. Continue reading

Chapter 103: Killing With OP-ness

“Never thought that I’d be ‘literally’ cock-blocked… Shit, that bastard is already at full Health again! Damn it! Ugh, now my boner’s gone, so we might as well kill that asshole first. We can have sex after we get back home.” Michael reactivated his armor, and kissed the irritated Dark-Goblin one more time, before using his wings to glide down off of the southern wall. Continue reading

Chapter 102: The MC Actually Had a Plan?

“This is so~ fucking gross~! Can’t you bastards please stop exploding on me?! You’re making me feel like a dirty whore! Ugh, die cleaner! Oh for fuck’s sake! I don’t want your scabies, I already have plenty of weird diseases already, so go away~! Rah, no, that’s a bad touch! Kill these bastards faster damn it!” Michael was trapped inside of a cocoon of Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Imps, and Hellhounds, but none of them could actually attack him anymore, because everyone was being crushed by the piles of corpses outside. Continue reading

Chapter 100: Building Aggro

“You have become a Summoner Level 1: Capable of absorbing the souls of the dead, and can temporarily store them within their own mana-core. Able to place those souls into new, rank-G vessels, under level-five. All Passives and Spells will be lost and no stats may be carried over from their previous form.” Continue reading

Chapter 99: The First ‘Real’ Battleground

“Sweet~, Chaos Affinity acquired! As soon as I get that giant lizard-girl, and make her evolve twice, I’ll be able to finish that fucking Quest!” Michael wasn’t particularly surprised that Jasmine ended up being ‘Chaotic,’ but even if she wasn’t, he still would have chosen her as a Companion. Continue reading