Chapter 189: A Realistic Battleground?

“Shit… they don’t even give any fucking information about the two sides! Ugh, fine, the defenders are usually the good-guys, and anyone with ‘Sellswords’ in their group name are probably a bunch of assholes.” Michael required a whole ten seconds to make his decision, and his Companions either didn’t care, or agreed with him.

Talia glanced down at her unclothed body, which had a myriad of tattoos, breathing out a sigh of relief. However, then she complained “Why must we always be forced into such shameful situations?”

Sarah grumbled “Why do we have ta help any of these bastards anyway? What’s the point?”

Elina suddenly embraced the little girl from behind and rested her abnormally large, glowing breasts, on the Dark-Goblin’s tiny shoulders. It was a way that she had normally only acted with Jasmine, so Michael asked “Wait, since when did the two of you become so close?”

She blushed, because the angelic woman couldn’t even remember why she felt so intimate with the psychotic Shadow. Alice stood up and pressed her palms on the ceiling, using nothing but her physical strength and ridiculously large stature to push the broken boards out of the way.

Inari’s body rapidly expanded and she easily created a massive hole above them, as she emerged from the rubble of a collapsed house. A beautiful High-Elf floated out after her, then an adorable cat-girl crawled outside, followed by an orange-scaled dragoness, with bright-blue feathers for hair.

Michael’s weight wasn’t actually that high, when he didn’t use all of his equipment, so he was able to leap a few meters pretty easily. Elina flapped her wings and the obsidian-skinned Dark-Goblin simply used her ‘Intermediate Shadow-Step’.

All around them was a huge Human castle-city, which was being bombarded by trebuchets and catapults. Most of the projectiles smacked into the walls, gate, or ramparts, but many of them managed to land on the stone and wooden rowhouses.

There were people outside, attempting to put out fires and rescuing families from the collapsing buildings. Michael yelled “This is pretty fucking depressing… Ugh, someone shut that goddamn baby up!”

Directly in front of them was a little boy, missing an arm, but somehow managing to hold an infant in his other one. He struggled to escape from the crumbling house across the street, and when he saw the giant dragon-woman, along with the angelic cat-woman, he fell to his knees before them.

The blond-haired and blue-eyed child was crying, as blood poured from his mangled left shoulder; however, he still gathered up the courage to beg “Please Goddesses… please save my sister!” There was a large wooden splinter stabbed through the baby’s abdomen, but it was still awake and alive, whining incessantly.

Michael stepped forward, “Oi, we ain’t fuckin deities! Whatever, Elina, ya just gonna stand there staring blankly all day, or are ya gonna heal the bastards?” His left hand aimed towards the infant, and that piece of wood was suddenly removed.

The angelic woman sighed, and without even casting a spell, she simply bathed the two unranked and levelless Humans in her potent aura of Light. Their wounds were almost instantly healed, but the arm wasn’t regenerating. She had gotten so used to her ridiculous party members, she had forgotten that most people couldn’t grow their limbs and organs back after waiting for their HP to recover.

Elina smiled at the little boy and then released a blinding ‘Flash-Heal’ from her right hand, which fell upon his bleeding shoulder. After the radiance faded, he stared with amazement at his completely intact left arm.

That naked High-Elf abruptly soared forward, and Michael yelled “Oi, I know you’re a shotacon, but now isn’t the time for that!” A potent gust of deadly wind erupted from her aura, and the small boulder that was about to land on the child had been completely obliterated.

She shouted “We have agreed to assist these people! Then let us swiftly eliminate the enemies and prevent more innocents from being meaninglessly slaughtered!”

Jasmine rode towards the walls of the city, on the back of the tiger-sized Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox, and Elina began flying after them. Talia stepped off of the ground and attempted to activate ‘Aerial-Step’ but after reaching level-ten, it actually required one-hundred mana to cast. Fortunately, without the extra Strength, Endurance, and Vitality from her equipment, her body was still light enough that she could soar by simply manipulating her aura of Wind.

Michael walked up to the shocked and amazed child named ‘Thomas’, telling him “Seriously, get off your fuckin knees and stop lookin at me like that…” His aura encased the child’s body and forced him to stand up.

The bright-blue sky suddenly started to darken, as a pitch-black stormcloud began forming above the city. It was a spell that required hundreds of level-five Mages working together to cast, but the effects were rather dramatic.

Not only were the fires throughout the town being rapidly put-out, but lightning began raining down towards the enemies outside of the castle walls. Alice gazed up at the top of that massive stone keep, pointing her right index finger at a huge spire, asking “What’s that thing?”

Thomas nervously answered “G-Goddess, that is P-Patterson Tower… It’s where Mages and Sorcerers go to learn magic!”

The dragoness snickered, walking over and placing her giant hand on Michael’s right shoulder. However, before she could say anything, he told her “We can’t steal shit during Battlegrounds…”

Alice sighed, and Sarah grumbled “Are we just gonna fuck around here all day, or do we finally get to kill some bitches?”

Michael turned around and gazed out towards the city-gates, then he muttered “I don’t remember when it happened, but I guess I finally reached level-ten with my Angel-Mode, huh?” As soon as ‘Lightening’ activated, his skin became porcelain, a golden halo appeared above his head, his niples, lips, irises, and even his tongue had turned golden, and his nails were suddenly silver.

However, more amazing than his change in appearance, was the fact that he began floating up into the air. His weight had been nullified and he was finally able to use telekinesis to maneuver through the air.

Well, he could only move roughly ninety meters away from the ground, because his Arcane aura needed to come into contact with various objects. He would push away from certain things, while pulling towards others, and overall, it was even easier than walking.

If he wanted to truly soar, he needed to use those giant angelic wings, but he didn’t even bother activating them. Of course, it would have been even simpler for him to use ‘Astral Leap’ and teleport, but telekinetically flying around in the rain seemed much more interesting.

His skin was glowing brightly, so in the darkness, his naked body was easily visible to the people he was hovering over. Sarah simply ‘Shadow Stepped’ from where the little boy was standing, one-hundred and fifty meters away, to the top of the gatehouse.

Alice roared “Grah, when we get back home, I’m not leaving again until I learn some kind of flying magic or teleportation!” She wasn’t the only member of the party who couldn’t do either of those things, but she was definitely the one with the lowest Agility.

As the furious dragoness jogged past, the street tiles actually crumbled from a combination of her weight, and her aura of Earth. Without her robe, she was barely able to use any of her spells efficiently, but at least she could still use basic manipulation techniques.

When a large boulder was about crash into the ground in front of her, she channeled her aura of Earth into her right fist and punched outwards. The wave of intense mana wafted over the relatively normal rock, causing it to be pulverized into tiny chunks, which scattered around her body.

Of course, she could have just ran a little faster and completely avoided it altogether, but at least she was able to show off a bit to the random Humans: who were watching her out of their glassless wooden windows.

As she made it to the huge, barred, wooden gateway, it suddenly burst open and a two-meter tall man entered inside. He was wearing a full suit of steel armor, and holding a large bronze warhammer with both hands.

The two ram horns sticking out of his helmet were firing off electricity, and he roared “Mami! What have you bastards done with my daughter!?”

Above his head was written “Ronald the Skullcrusher, Level-19 Human Warrior, Rank-E, Super-Elite.”

Alice shouted “Hey guys! Why didn’t you stop this dude?!” However, the moment she looked up at the top of the gatehouse, she immediately noticed the problem.

Michael yelled “We couldn’t decide who was gonna fight em! He’s too weak for me, Elina doesn’t wanna kill people, Talia doesn’t want anyone to see her naked, Jasmine is giving birth to a pussy-bomb and Inari is way too OP… By process of elimination, you’re the only one left!”

The dragoness complained “You could have at least stopped him from breaking the gates open! Now there’s a bunch of other little ones coming through! Besides that, I can’t beat him without my gear! I can barely even cast one spell!”

Ronald stared at the giant naked lizard-woman, then looked up at the people she was talking to, and started trembling. He was obviously terrified, but not for himself; in such a ridiculous situation, he knew that rescuing his daughter had become nearly impossible.

While he felt confidant in his ability to defeat Alice, there were at least six others, and most of them were much more powerful. After a moment of hesitation, he turned around, toward the miscellaneous level-one to five, rank-G mercenaries and shouted “Halt! Sound the retreat! Now!”

A myriad of loud horns rang out, accompanied by a myriad of thunderclaps, and the terrified soldiers began following the seemingly illogical order. However, considering who was issuing it, there was no one willing to complain or contradict. Besides that, just from the lightning and arrows alone, they had suffered rather extreme losses.

Michael laughed hysterically, before muttering “Now this is a bit more realistic… Those Goblins are just fucking insane.” Thus, the Battleground had ended without the seven of them actually having to do anything.

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