Chapter 190: Accidents Happen… Frequently

“Error, the Neutral Battleground Sanctuary is currently under maintenance and all ‘System’ related teleportation functions have been temporarily disabled. For your part in ending the conflict between Patterson Castle and Mami’s Sellswords, you have received one-hundred Neutral Favor.” The moment that the retreat was sounded, combat ended, but Michael and his Companions weren’t able to leave.

Elina opened her continent map and said “It seems like we’re near the southwestern corner of Matthew’s Grasslands… Oh Goddess! This… we’re at least two-thousand miles away from Luxiana!”

Talia sighed dramatically, before telling them “If we cannot repair our equipment… we need to at least buy some clothing from this town! I refuse to become an exhibitionist like the lot of you!”

Michael snickered, casually floating down towards the three-meter tall, bright-orange dragoness, and complained “There’s no way we’re gonna find a robe that’s big enough to fit Alice.”

Inari hopped down and arrived before anyone else, with the little cat-girl on her back. Jasmine was holding a bright-blue kitten in her arms and casually petting it, as if it was actually sentient.

The angel and High-Elf landed to the sides of the huge woman, and then everyone turned towards the kneeling Warrior. Ronald had placed his weapon in front of himself and he suddenly announced “I don’t care what you do with me… but please, just let my daughter go! I have no idea what that bastard paid you, and I know that I probably can’t manage to-”

“Dafuck are you talking about anyway? What the… oh, hahaha~!” As Michael was speaking, a message appeared in front of his face.

“New Quest: Even if rape and slavery are impossible, there are still other ways for the rich and powerful to abuse their authority. The corrupt King of Patterson often captures and imprisons beautiful women for his amusement… As long as he never attempts to molest, rape or ‘force’ them to do anything, then the ‘System’ will not react. However, the Goddesses are a different matter, and Terra has sent one of her followers to ‘deal’ with the problem. You have prevented justice from being dealt, but you still have a chance to redeem yourselves. Kill King Baltazar and free the prisoners within his castle. Reward: 200 Earth Favor, 25 Gold.”

Sarah grumbled “The reward seems pretty shitty… but I didn’t get the chance to slaughter anyone, so this one’s mine! Hmm, maybe I’ll get a Kingslayer title?”

A pitch-black aura enveloped all seven of them and then they seemingly disappeared from in front of Ronalds dark-brown eyes. He grabbed his bronze warhammer and quickly stood-up; with his army and those mysterious, monstrous nudists gone, he was all alone. Thus, arrows and lightning bolts began falling around him, along with plenty of rain from that thunderstorm.

Michael and the others didn’t teleport away, but were instead, enveloped by Sarah’s ‘Shadow Cloak’ and made invisible to anyone below her level. Then they just casually walked along the main stone road, towards the keep at the top of the hill.

When the transparent nudists finally arrived, there were huge, steel, double-doors, guarded by at least fifty level-ten, rank-F, Elite, Royal Guards. They were wearing mostly iron armor, but it was encrusted with gold and silver on certain areas. Each had a gladius in their right hand and a tower shield in their left, and they were gazing down at the Warrior, preparing to risk their lives to stop him.

However, at that moment, they suddenly heard an excited woman’s voice: “My equipment is functioning again!” The others weren’t too worried about it, but Talia had been constantly attempting to activate her gear. Thus, she was the first one to notice that hers had been completely ‘repaired’.

Even if she didn’t have a blouse anymore, she was still able to zip-up the leather jacket and no one would be able to notice that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her skirt, panties, boots, quiver and bow had also started covering her body as well.

The Nephilim didn’t bother activating all of his equipment, and just wore the tank-top, boxers, white jeans and shoes. His ‘Lightening’ was also turned off, so that he could walk normally. Alice immediately put on her red robe and both of her arms were covered with a thick layer of bronze armor.

Elina didn’t bring out her staff, but did use her nearly transparent gown, glowing bra, pure-white panties, and Silver Sandals. Jasmine appeared in her ‘Pink Meow-Meow Brand’ clothing, which made her seem like a very inappropriately attired little cat-girl.

Sarah swiftly equipped and activated her ‘Shadowy Temptress’ armor set; she looked like a tiny pitch-black skeletal monster, with a tentacle-tail and six tendrils coming out of the back of her head. Even the tiger-sized fox was wearing that collar, which had sharp fangs sticking out of it.

As the ‘Shadow Cloak’ spell was cancelled, the seven of them appeared before the Royal Guards, and Michael yelled “Oi, get the fuck outta the way, or die!” He didn’t use ‘Intimidation’ because he knew that there was no way for them to resist it.

Alice snickered, then muttered “Their equipment doesn’t seem to be worth much… but I could definitely use their mana-cores to make some decent ‘Evolution Pills’ or some low-level ‘Experience Pots’. Can you kill them without damaging the bodies and items?”

The Nephilim sighed as a clear plastic glove appeared on his right hand, and a silver one manifested on the left. There were two glowing dice behind and above his head, along with a mysterious orb.

Eight spheres of Arcane aura burst out of Michael’s right hand; each of them entered the body of a different person, dropping their health to zero instantly. When the lifeless Royal Guards fell, their leader shouted “Kill them! Kill those monsters!”

As the fifty, tightly-grouped enemies charged towards them, Jasmine climbed up onto Inari’s head and stood there, holding an adorable bright-blue kitten in her hands. She yelled “Nyahahaha~! Puny mortals~! Face the wrath of JJ! Meow-Meow Exploder~!” while the tiny cat flew through the air, landing near the center of the phalanx.

A loud ‘Mew~!’ resounded, as the creature was trampled, causing its body to detonate. Hundreds of sharp piece of frozen, chaotic blood, along with a super-cooled mist had enveloped everyone within ten meters, instantly freezing them.

Michael complained “Oh for fuck’s sake! Seriously, all the gear is trashed now… at least the corpses are… ugh~.” The little cat-girl swiftly pulled out her two guns, loaded them with a few ephemeral bullets of Light and began blasting the survivors to pieces, along with the ice-statues.

Even those steel double-doors had large holes punched through them, and there were a myriad of screams and cries from inside. Suddenly, a message appeared in front of her face “You have received the Kingslayer title. Your stats have increased: +3 Aura, +1 Luck, +1 Willpower.”

The Quest was also immediately completed, and Sarah screamed “Grah~! You stupid cunt! Damn it! Let’s go! There’s probably other Kings and shit around here! Let’s just go find some of the bastards and kill em all!”

However, before she could teleport away, the Nephilim grabbed her by the shadowy-tendrils and yelled “Wait, wait, calm your tiny tits! Damn it! We ain’t leaving until we make sure that the prisoners are freed! Also, we haven’t raided the royal treasury yet! Since the owner is dead, we should be able to ‘loot’ his house, right?”

His right hand aimed at the corpses, sending out a powerful wave of Arcane aura, which latched onto all one-hundred Elite mana-cores. They were swiftly sucked into his palm, and deposited into his inventory.

Elina sighed, walking over to the little cat-girl, who was making horrible gagging noises. She was in her ‘largest’ form, because her Angelic Desert Eagle of Justice was equipped, but she was still tiny compared to the huge fox.

Jasmine put away her guns and shoved her right hand into her mouth; there was a quiet ‘meowing’ and eventually, she yanked a tiny kitten out of her throat. It was bright blue, with pitch black eyes, seemingly adorable and terrifying at the same time.

Michael ignored that disgusting and slightly adorable scene, casually walking towards the huge steel gateway. It was at least five meters tall, but there were a few large perforations, where it was possible to peek inside.

Rather than going through the effort of breaking it, he just sent his Arcane aura through the material and telekinetically lifted the huge chunk of wood that was barring it from the other side. After that, Alice sent two ‘Pressure Waves’ crashing into both doors, and they were blasted off their hinges.

Talia pulled out her bow and nocked an Enchanted Ironwood Arrow, firing it into the room. She didn’t bother to use any spells or techniques, because her target was merely a level-13, rank-E, Elite.

‘Prince Baltin’ swiftly lifted his enchanted, golden shield, and managed to deflect the blow. However, the bulky man’s left arm was torn off at the shoulder, and his HP instantly dropped down to 38/200.

A blood curtling scream erupted from the terrified Knight’s mouth, but before he could even understand what was happening, a shuriken stabbed into his left eye-socket. After that, his entire head was frozen solid and abruptly exploded.

Of course, his ancient family heirloom, the level-10 Epic ‘Kite-Shield of Nobility’ was almost completely ruined. The rare crown he was wearing had also been obliterated, and Michael noticed that in the confusion, the princess who had been standing behind him, was inadvertently killed by the fragments of his shattered skull.

There were miscellaneous Knights, a few Mages, and what was probably the Queen, scattered around the huge open chamber. Like the King, they had been ‘accidentally’ slaughtered by stray ‘Silver Bullets’ that Jasmine had fired randomly.

Perhaps it was due to her ridiculous amount of ‘Luck’, but none of the servants and seemingly ‘innocent’ civilians had lost their lives in the process. Michael quickly yelled “Oi, stop, wait, seriously guys, stop shooting people! I don’t wanna sound like a pussy, but is there even a reason to massacre any of these assholes?! We know absolutely nothing about this country, or any of these cunt-whores, so before we decide to go on a rampage, we should at least learn a bit about ‘why’ we’re doing it, right?!”

Elina and Talia nodded in agreement, but Sarah complained “Grah, shit, he looked important, but I didn’t get a fucking title for killin him!”

However, it was then that everyone noticed the message that appeared before the Huntress’ eyes: “By murdering an innocent child in cold blood, you have lost the right to hold The Innocent title. However, since you managed to maintain it for seventy-four years, the Goddess of Nature has decided to allow you to keep the stat bonuses you’ve obtained thus far. Chaos is pleased with your actions and has granted you the title ‘The Ruthless’. Keep up the good work.”

Pinned up against the wall, by an Enchanted Ironwood Arrow through his chest, was a five-year old boy. He was dressed with a beautiful crimson mantle, plenty of jewelry and there was a look of terror in his lifeless, bright-blue eyes.

They hadn’t even taken a single step into the keep, but every member of the royal family had been exterminated: unintentionally. As they stared at the bloody scene in front of them, then gazed up at the mortified High-Elf, both Michael and Sarah started laughing hysterically.

16 thoughts on “Chapter 190: Accidents Happen… Frequently

  1. I really hope the kid comes back to life, I hate it when innocents or kids die, even in books. I don’t really care if Michael slaughters some assholes, but a line has to be drawn somewhere!

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  2. Wow, almost 200 chapters!

    I was wondering how many people read this series? I’m sorry, but I know I don’t. I read 3 chapters and immediatly noticed that I was going to hate this story so I stopped and currently it’s just keeping me awake at 3 a.m. because my phone rings whenever there’s a new thing in my wordpress feed.

    Well, just because it’s unappealing to me doesn’t make it bad, so don’t take this too negatively, I was really just wondering! 🙂

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