Chapter 191: What Lies Beneath?

“Welp, time to loot the place!” Michael wasn’t even slightly phased by the carnage within the throne room of that keep, and casually sucked up all of the mana-cores that were scattered about. Some were even torn the from skulls of partially intact corpses; the King has apparently been at level-10 and was only rank-F, not even an Elite. The Queen was unranked, but level-three, which indicated that she had likely killed a few people personally.

The servants, nobles, and retainers were all kneeling and pressing their foreheads against the ground, praying that the mysterious demons would simply ignore them. There were at least a few dozen people present, but fortunately for them, those terrifying beings weren’t even slightly interested in disposing of the witnesses. In fact, the little cat-girl proudly announced “Muhuahahaha~! Tiny Humans~! Fear me, Jasmine Jade, the adorable Kingslayer! Nyah~! Make sure to remember that the one who defeated the ugly old man was meow~!”

Then the obsidian skull-faced creature screamed “Oi, you fuckers better not forget that I was the one who murdered that other piece of shit! Hmph, I also killed that bitch! They were probably important, right?! Maybe not as good as a King, but still pretty impressive! My name’s Sarah, The Daughter of Umbra!”

Talia was literally about to start crying, as she quietly muttered “It was an accident… I didn’t mean to do that… There was an enemy and I was simply dealing with him. It’s his fault for deflecting my arrow into the child… Yet I am the one blamed?”

Elina walked over and suddenly jumped a few inches in the air and hugged the two-meter tall woman from behind. Her arms wrapped around the High-Elf’s relatively small breasts, and rubbed her right cheek against an extremely long, narrow and pointed ear.

The angelic cat-girl whispered “Don’t worry Lia… Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps the Goddesses have done this on purpose, in order to release you from the burden upon your heart…”

Michael stared at that scene for a few moments before murmuring “I have a feeling that Elina is probably gonna be the first to ‘conquer’ The Seventy-Four Year-Old Virgin…”

Alice casually strode forward and started fondling the shiny, but gore-covered, silver thrones. They were encrusted with miscellaneous jewels and the suede material seemed rather expensive, but after a few seconds of examination, she found what she was looking for.

There was a lever behind the Queen’s throne, and when it was pulled, the floor split open between the two chairs. Michael yelled “Oi, no, ugh!” as he watched Inari transform into a tiny fox and sprint into the darkness, Jasmine obviously followed the rebellious and curious adolescent vixen.

Once the rest of the group descended down into the mysterious chamber, everyone breathed a long sigh of relief. One of the chubby noble women actually vomited all over the royal carpet, and an extremely fat merchant had fainted from fear.

However, just when everyone thought that they were finally safe, a two-meter tall, blood-soaked, warhammer wielding man had entered the keep. There were dozens of arrows pierced into his broken and tattered steel armor, while his bronze ‘divine’ artifact was actually bent.

Ronald fiercely glared at everyone, before roaring “Where is my daughter?!” He had noticed the horrific scene at the entrance and it wasn’t a surprise to him that the royals were all slain, but there were dozens of nobles and servants that seemed completely unharmed.

Then there was a loud and masculine voice coming from deep within the keep: “Daddy! Can you hear me Daddy?! I’m up here!” Thus, rather than going down into the mysterious hole in the ground, the Warrior turned towards one of the many doors along the sides of the throne-room and entered into hallway, which lead to a stair-well.

It was at that moment that an old man, with white hair, a long beard and drooping eyebrows, suddenly stood up. He was wearing an unassuming gray robe and fortunately, he decided to equip his ‘Medallion of Concealment’ that day. If he hadn’t, the first person to die certainly would have been him, because he was a far greater threat than that pathetic prince.

“Elder Gregory, Level-29 Human Archmage of Terra, Rank-D, Boss,” was actually the most powerful Human in the whole zone. In fact, he was the ‘follower’ that had been sent by the Goddess of Earth, to kill the King.

He muttered “That was terrifying… Hmm, I have no idea what’s down there, but I should probably go clear out the treasury and get the hell outta here before they get back!” A huge stone golem was slowly being created, with his body as the core.

Once the four-meter tall statue was completed, it sprinted towards a secret door behind the thrones and casually smashed through. A myriad of gold, silver, and jewels were spread around and all of it was sucked towards the golem’s body.

Eventually, the materials had melded with the stone and the entire room was completely emptied of treasure. The old man snickered from inside of the giant, mumbling “Well, I should at least leave them with a little bit, huh?” After he ran away, the only thing that was left within that whole illustrious chamber, was a single copper coin.
Meanwhile, Michael and his Companions had finally reached the bottom of those seeming endless stone stairs and were faced with a ‘vaguely’ familiar situation. “You have discovered the Forsaken Temple of Tiamat! This is a Level-Twenty, Rank-D, Raid, recommended for groups of ten to forty Players. Solo Players are allowed to utilize their Companions within the Raid.”

They seemed to be standing on a huge stone dock, which was located within an incredibly spacious, crystalline cavern. At the end of the pier, was an enormous, glowing green ship: It seemed to have been grown from thousands of magical vines, and there was actually a gigantic tree instead of a mast. It was obviously made to carry an army or perhaps, a group of extraordinarily large individuals.

Michael snickered, taking a few steps forward, before turning around and facing the rest of his party. He asked “Any of you guys know who the hell Tiamat was? In my world, she was a Mesopotamian Goddess of Oceans, Creation and Chaos… but in this one, they might have made her out to be a fucking aquatic chipmunk for all I know, hehe~!”

Jasmine suddenly pulled out her tablet and immediately connected to the Mana-net, “Nyah~, Arcana-Search says that Tiamat was a pretty dragon-lady who lived in the Gray Sea… Un, she’s also the last Boss in the Forsaken Temple of Tiamat! Meow~, and-and-and… she has super~ big boobies! Oh, and she’s spose to be really scary~ nyah~! Hmm~, most of the good stuff costs money though… For a walkthrough of the first Boss, they want me to pay a hundred gold!”

The Nephilim sighed, telling her “We ain’t buying any shitty walkthroughs! Anyway, does the first fight start on the boat or before we get on? Cause, it might end up being like the Dungeon we’re still technically in the process of working on-ish… I don’t wanna accidentally skip something and then cause some problems later.”

As if on cue, squads of black-scaled aquatic lizard men and women, began bursting out of the grayish tides and landing on the extremely wide pier. There were three groups of seven Warriors, three Mages, five Archers, and even two Priestesses of Darkness.

Each of the enemies was completely naked, though their genitals were covered and protected by thick scales. Their serpentine eyes were bright-blue and radiated a thick aura of Water, above all other Elements.

Those Warriors were using katars, which seemed to be made out of sharpened gray clam shells. The Mages and Priests didn’t wield any weapons, but those Archers obviously held bows; they were constructed from a flexible obsidian material, and the arrows were essentially swordfish bills, while the strings were simply Water magic. All of those enemies were level-twenty, rank-D, and Super-Elites.

“Welp, this is gonna be kinda hard… Actually, can we even do this shit? Ugh, even those healers have twenty-K HP.” Michael was starting to doubt that it was even possible to complete the Raid with only seven people, considering that it was designed for thirty to forty Players to be present at a time.

After using ‘Identification’, Talia said “Each of those Warriors has over one-thousand Attack Rating… I fear that we lack the necessary power required to surpass this challenge.”

He groaned for a few seconds and was about to leave, when a golden-scaled, three-meter tall reptilian-man burst out of the water and landed in front of them. “Captain Perseus, Level-20 Aquarius LIzard-Tribe Swordmaster, Rank-D, Raid Boss,” was floating above the giant’s head. His health-points had actually reached a million, five-hundred thousand.

“Hohohohoho~! Is ye be seekin passage ta da Temple uh Tiamat? I can see yer but a wee party uh seven… so I be havin ta ajus da settins uh bit!” Listening to his horrible diction and confusing accent, Michael, Talia and Elina cringed at the same time.

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