Chapter 192: Clearing Away the Trash

“Wit ye bein da only Player en all, thar be no problem convertin da Raid inta uh Dungeon!” The moment that Perseus finished speaking, his health instantly dropped from one-million six-hundred thousand, all the way down to four-hundred thousand; all of those Super-Elite lizard-people were the same.

Michael asked “So, does that mean the only difference between a Raid and a Dungeon is that everything is four-times stronger? Also, why is your accent so shitty? Are you supposed to be a Scottish-Australian Pirate from Baltimore, or what?”

The golden man chuckled, “Nay, da mechanics en da rewards be far bigger as well! Dun be dissin me accent matey; I be playin dis role fer far too long, en dis be how me talks now! How bout dis: It still be uh Raid, so da rewards be superb, but I dun lower de number uh enemies en other such mechanics?”

Talia quietly muttered “Perhaps you could also speak properly as well? I believe that would lower the difficulty much more efficiently…”

Alice lowered her huge head between the High-Elf and angelic cat-girl, whispering “So ‘ruthless’, heh-heh~…”

Elina scolded “That isn’t funny!” and even slapped her serpentine snout with her dainty left hand.

Michael turned around and complained “Oi, JJ, Foxy, stop playing video-games and put away that tablet! We only have two of those fuckers and I’m gonna be super-pissed if ya drop one into the ocean!” They were actually waterproof and nearly indestructible, but he assumed that they were like conventional electronics.

Sarah grumbled “Are we just gonna fuck around on this shitty dock all day, or do you bastards wanna start fighting?!”

“Hohohoho~! Dis lil wench be a feisty one! Yar, ye best prepare yerselves fer a fierce battle! I be da first Boss uh dis Raid! If ye be able ta get past me crew, en board me ship, den ye may face da mighty, Captain Perseus!” After giving that brief explanation, the three-meter tall, golden lizardman began sprinting past the three groups of black-scaled pseudo-pirates, and stood at the end of the huge, ancient stone pier.

The Nephilim explained “Since these are basically just trash-mobs, we shouldn’t have to worry about fighting them all at one time. Inari, you might have a bunch of HP now, but your Defense Rating is way too low to be an Off-Tank; just stay in your ‘normal’ size and be careful not to pull aggro. Your DPS isn’t the highest, but you also don’t have any threat-reduction techniques, so you’ll have to be a bit more cautious. Actually, the one I’m worried the most about is Jasmine… Oi, stop that!”

As soon as he mentioned her name, the little cat-girl equipped her pistols and was about to start shooting randomly at the enemies. Fortunately, Michael used the shield of Light on his left hand, to block the two bullets that were fired.

The recoil from each of her ridiculously powerful guns was enough to almost make her fall off of the pier. However, Inari was able to ‘catch’ the mischievous woman, using her bright-green front paws.

After those four fluffy tails wrapped around the little-girl’s body, she was yanked back and deposited on the center of the vixen’s back. The fox barked and yipped a few times, and the kitten meowed, as if they could actually understand each-other: They obviously couldn’t though.

Michael let out a long and drawn out sigh, ordering “Nobody attacks until after I build up a bit of threat! Once they’re all trying to murder me, only then should you burst down the two healers! Talia, you’re the umm… I don’t know, Vice-Raid-Leader-ish person? Inari, you need to make sure that Jasmine doesn’t pull all three groups! How you’re gonna do that, I have no fuckin clue… but good luck? Anyway~, time to do this shit! Everyone equip and activate all your gear!”

The Nephilim’s pants, shoes, and tank-top swiftly transformed into armor. He unequipped his right gauntlet, swiftly and painfully pulled a gigantic bright-blue siegeblade out of his palm, before putting the crystalline armor back on.

As he squeezed and twisted the hilt with both hands, those obsidian saw-like teeth began vibrating ominously. Attack Rating wasn’t always so straightforward; after he managed to train ‘Greatsword Mastery’ to the Intermediate stage, the weapon’s Attack Rating was literally doubled. However, it wasn’t as if he could just touch the edge of that ‘blade’ to the enemy and instantly deal twenty-five hundred or two-thousand damage.

Michael didn’t cast any of his buffs as he casually walked toward the first group of black-scaled lizard-people. The seven Warriors were all men, and a few of them actually dared to ‘Taunt’ the beautiful High-Elf, Ephemeral Feline Angel, and Draconic Fairy with offensive derogatory and vulgar remarks such as: “Hey baby~, why don’t you use those pretty golden lips to lick my cloaca?” and “Dayum, dat bitch so big, her pussy could prolly fit my whole tail inside!” or “I dun care bout da rest uh dem, but dat skinny-ass Huntress is mine! Been ages since da last time I had a virgin cunt to eat!”

“Curb your filthy tongue! Coño de tu madre es de mierda! I shall enjoy ending your pathetic lives!” Talia was obviously the first to be provoked by the generic insults and even started screaming in the language of her ancient ancestors.

Alice roared “Hah~! Your tiny tail wouldn’t even compare to Michael’s demonic dick!” As layers of thick brown rocks began forming on the surface of her bronze gauntlets.

Elina yelled “I don’t know what a cloaca is, but I definitely don’t want to lick any part of your ugly and disgusting bodies! Ew~, just thinking about it is making me want to throw-up!”

Michael suddenly began radiating a horrifying Chaotic aura, as his body started rapidly growing larger. Pitch-black veins became visible upon his tanned skin, obsidian gazelle horns burst out of his temples, aiming upward, and a huge serpentine tail erupted from his coccyx.

The demonic man roared at those lizardmen, “Oi, you little twats need to shut your goddamn whore-mouths! Dafuck are you waiting for, huh?! Attack me, you little bitches!” By the time his body had completed the level-five ‘Darkening’ transformation, he was nine-feet tall and towered over the two-meter tall Warriors.

With so many different aggro generation modifiers, that even without dealing any damage to the enemies or utilizing his ‘Taunt’ spell, they were instinctively forced to fight him. Every single one of them were so distracted with the wholehearted desire to murder that giant monster, they couldn’t even look at his six Companions or remember that they were there.

A low and terrifying buzzing noise came from the vibrating teeth on Michael’s three-meter long and ridiculously wide Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos. As those clam-shell katar wielding Warriors charged at him, three ‘Shadow Bolts’ were launched from the female Mages, and five swordfish bills were soaring towards his face.

However, before any of the attacks could reach the Chaotic Nephilim’s body, a blinding radiance enveloped him. He had activated ‘Aegis of Light’ and once the projectiles came within seven meters, they were almost instantly incinerated.

Those black-scaled lizardmen were being irradiated and immolated for ninety damage every second. However, even under such ridiculous conditions, they continued to charge at him and eventually began attacking in melee.

With a single, incredibly heavy, horizontal slash of his blade, all seven Warriors lost at least one-thousand Health and were knocked backwards five or six meters. ‘Aegis of Light’ was deactivated, since it required twenty-one mana per second, and the nine-foot tall demon began slowly walking forward.

There was a sinister smile on his face, which seemed extremely ominous with the tusks sticking out of his mouth, and his serpentine, blood-red eyes. Those ‘Tanks’ each had roughly nine-thousand HP left, so they merely had large gashes across their arms or chests, but their aggro was all focused on Michael.

Thus, the ‘DPS’ finally began their vicious assault. Sarah ‘Shadow-Stepped’ behind the back of a Priestess of Darkness, and rapidly began stabbing her dagger and tanto into the woman’s lower-back. The little girl was too short to reach very high, but it didn’t really matter in the end, because Talia launched a flurry of extraordinarily accurate Enchanted Ironwood Arrows into those bright-blue reptilian eyes.

Two huge ‘Stone Fists’ flew past Michael’s body and smacked into the chest of a lithe Archer; they abruptly exploded and sent shrapnel flying around, into the others. The initial blast dealt over six-hundred damage, causing some damage to the man’s internal organs; afterwards, those rock shards did anywhere from eighty to two-hundred damage depending on where they impacted the surrounding enemies.

Inari made a loud and disgusting phlegmy coughing noise, then a large glob of purple mucus was launched from her mouth. The blob traveled a dozen meters and landed near the center of the seven wounded Warriors; instantly, a huge cloud of acidic mist had enveloped all of them and began dealing eighty damage per second to each reptilian-person.

“Acid Bomb Level 2: Creates a compressed corrosive liquid, which explodes upon contact with the enemy, creating a cloud of deadly vapor. Deals 2 Acid damage per Aura point, per second to all enemies within the blast radius of 10 meters. Corrodes armor and weapons below Rare Quality. Maximum range of 20 meters. Costs 40 mana to cast.” Fortunately. it wasn’t able to affect Michael, because he was her ally, but those lizardmen were coughing and wheezing as they frantically retreated away from the toxic cloud.

Those Priestesses of Darkness attempted to heal their comrades, but every time they began chanting, Talia would fire explosive Wind arrows into their open mouths. The Nephilim didn’t even bother using his Arcane Orb and simply used nothing but his Strength and intense aura to pull those defenseless Archers and Shadow Mages into the acidic mist.

He also began sawing the relatively fragile enemies in half, with his massive siegeblade. A cacophony of gunshots rang out, as Jasmine quickly fired her two pistols at the fleeing Warriors and Archers.

Unfortunately, just as Michael had expected, the stray bullets managed to hit not only the second wave of enemies, but also the third. Thus, all thirty-four of those lizard-people began charging towards the demonic man.

The Chaotic Nephilim started moving forward at a fairly rapid pace, as he swung that colossal sword and completely blocked off the pier, preventing anyone from getting past him. Then he roared “Oh for fuck’s sake! I should have just told JJ ta keep playing with her fucking tablet!”

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  1. is the censoring different in this raid compared to the princess tomb, since even the mobs are swearing or is the DM just more aloof/hands off during it?
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  2. Thanks for the chapters, but why the super post?
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