Chapter 194: The MC Is Innocent?

Captain Perseus was sitting on a wooden stool, at the end of the pier, intensely staring at the orgy near the entrance. He grumbled “Dey be fuckin fer tree hours now… Da black one ain’t even awake no more… Yar, if dey be done fer da day, den I be takin me leave now.” before jumping into the gray waters. Continue reading

Chapter 193: Death Is Easy, Immortality Is Not

“Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow~! Goddamn cuntbags! Grah~! Die you fucking pieces of shit!” Michael was furiously beating back a dozen Warriors with his Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos, and being bombarded with volleys of ten arrows at a time. There were also at least six ‘Shadow Bolts’ being flung at his face, dealing almost no damage, but causing him to feel massive amounts of psychological pain. Continue reading

Chapter 192: Clearing Away the Trash

“Wit ye bein da only Player en all, thar be no problem convertin da Raid inta uh Dungeon!” The moment that Perseus finished speaking, his health instantly dropped from one-million six-hundred thousand, all the way down to four-hundred thousand; all of those Super-Elite lizard-people were the same. Continue reading