Chapter 194: The MC Is Innocent?

Captain Perseus was sitting on a wooden stool, at the end of the pier, intensely staring at the orgy near the entrance. He grumbled “Dey be fuckin fer tree hours now… Da black one ain’t even awake no more… Yar, if dey be done fer da day, den I be takin me leave now.” before jumping into the gray waters.

A few minutes after the golden lizardman had left, Michael, Jasmine and Elina had finally finished satisfying their desires. Alice walked over to where her four naked Companions were laying and sat down to the Nephilim’s left. Talia and Human-form Inari, were busy playing chess on that magical tablet, and had long since given up trying to find out the Boss’ information.

The dragoness asked “What now? Sarah’s sleeping and the rest of us are wide awake… I don’t think we can do this Raid without her. We could go loot the palace upstairs…”

Michael sighed, reaching up and telekinetically pulling the huge orange-scaled woman down onto his left arm. Then he hugged her giant body against his side, with both the little cat-girl and Dark-Goblin cuddling on top of his chest and a beautiful, Feline Angel in his right arm.

He stared into those serpentine, light-brown eyes, “Alice… what do you wanna do? Personally, I could literally have sex all day, every day, anywhere, as long as it was with the four of you… It isn’t good to leave our territory for too long, with no ‘quick’ way back though. So~, my vote would probably be, go home and fuck in a more comfortable environment! We should go finish that Dungeon and come back here later, once the ‘Fast-Travel’ system is up and running again. Elina and Talia can fly, Inari can run just as fast, while carrying Jasmine on her back, and I can use Astral Leap to keep teleporting the two of us over and over again. It’s only two-thousand or so miles… I figure it should only take us a few days, and that’s if we don’t rush. Of course, if ya wanted me to, I could shove everyone into their Companion slots and make it home in less than a day.”

As he expected, the easy-going dragon-girl just shrugged and wrapped her huge left arm around the four of them. She nuzzled her snout against his neck and began using that snake-like tongue to lick his cheek and mouth. The giantess whispered “I don’t really care either way… but you should go into your angel-form and let me drink some of your semen.”

The Nephilim started laughing hysterically, and complained “You really are a junkie, huh? Why don’t you just use Elina’s pussy-juice or milk?”

Alice shook her head, “Nah, it’s not the same… I like the way you taste much better.” After letting out a long drawn-out sigh, Michael activated ‘Lightening’.

“Ow… Ow, what the fuck?! Arg~! Ugh, that doesn’t feel good…” His bones, muscles and skin suddenly began shrinking, and it felt as if his entire body was being smashed by an enormous amount of pressure. Noticing that something strange was happening to him, the dragoness quickly picked up the two little girls off of his chest and Elina started kneeling to his right.

She started, “M-Michael! What’s going on?!” Even Inari and Talia paused their chess match to walk over and see what was wrong.

He groaned and writhed, as he went from a six-foot tall, extremely muscular and masculine man, to what seemed like, a lithe, immaculate, child-like, angelic boy. His facial features became much more feminine, and he was only an inch or so taller than Sarah.

As his weightless body began floating upwards, two huge wings suddenly burst out from behind his shoulder-blades, causing him an extraordinarily large amount of pain. Then a second, much smaller pair of dove-like wings erupted from his lower-back.

Michael yelled “Lux~! Why the fuck did you turn me into a shota?!” She didn’t actually appear, but everyone was still able to hear that childish giggling, accompanied by an unreasonably powerful aura of Light.

The whole crystalline cavern glowed with a blinding radiance, but it faded quickly. He swiftly used ‘Telekinesis’ to orient himself and floated a few meters above the pier, examining his tiny body.

“Luxian Innocence Level 1: The caster rapidly reduces the size of their body, compressing their muscles and bones until they appear similar to a child. Facial features become more feminine, voice becomes higher, and genitalia shrinks. Interferes with the ‘Identification’ abilities. Reduces Strength, Vitality, and Endurance by 90%. Increases Agility, Intelligence and Wisdom by 10%. Maximum duration is 1 day.”

“Cherubic Embrace Level 1: The caster sprouts a pair of large, dove-like wings from behind their shoulder-blades and a smaller pair of dove-like wings from their lower-back. The caster will feel pleasure and comfort during the process. Duration is dependent on the Vitality stat. Defense Rating will be applied to the newly created limbs. Costs 15% of the caster’s maximum health. Once the spell ends, 10% of maximum health will be restored.”

Michael still possessed max-level ‘Lightening’ and ‘Angelic Grace’, but he had gained two new racial spells. The little boy scowled, “Seriously, what the actual fuck? Ugh, was my dick ever this small before? Well, it probably was when I was a kid… not that I remember that far back.”

Inari smiled at him and barked a few times, before transforming back into her ‘normal’, four-tailed fox-form. Then she shrunk down to the size of a small cat and jumped up into his arms; it wasn’t until then that he noticed how much weaker he had become.

Without any equipment on, the tiny Nephilim had less than three Strength, Vitality and Endurance. Even Jasmine was stronger than him in that childish form; the increases in stats were also fairly minor, so there was no real meaning in entering such a fragile physical state.

Elina quickly pulled the angelic boy into her bosom, “Aw~, you’re so~ cute~ now~! Thank you Goddess, for bestowing your divine innocence onto my foolish husband~!”

“Nyahahaha~, your pee-pee is so tiny~!” Jasmine started casually fondling Michael’s genitals, and Alice laid the unconscious Dark-Goblin onto the floor, before approaching closer.

The dragoness wrapped her left hand around his waist and ripped him away from the two curious kittens. She complained “You’ve been ‘playing’ with him for three hours already; it’s my turn!”

However, just when she was about to start ‘devouring’ the little boy, Talia yelled “What do you think you’re doing?! H-how can you even think about defiling a child?! S-so shameless!” as her extremely potent aura of Wind shot out and ‘freed’ Michael from Alice’s grasp.

Then a powerful gust of air, blew his tiny body into the Huntress’ arms. She was obviously wearing her leather jacket, dark-green mini-skirt, and leather boots, making it a lot less ‘inappropriate’.

With the cherubic Michael clutched against her chest, Talia suddenly turned around and began soaring away. The frantic High-Elf was rapidly flying up the stairway, using his glowing body and halo as a light-source.

It took a few seconds, but Alice eventually yelled “What the fuck was that about?!” All three of them suddenly equipped their gear, and Inari grew until she was the size of a large tiger. Using her four tails, she grabbed hold of Sarah and began sprinting after the crazed Huntress.

“Nyah~! Mikey was right! Lia’s a shotacon! Meow~! Hmm~, no~! Foxy~! Hurry guys~! My mount is escaping~!” Jasmine chased the ridiculously fast vixen, with the aid of her absurdly high Agility.

Elina giggled, while flapping her wings a few times, and muttered “I wonder what Talia is planning on doing? Where is she even going anyway?”

Alice sighed loudly, pulling a vial of Michael’s angelic semen out of her inventory and drinking it. After putting it away, she grumbled “Even though it’s fresh, it’s just not the same for some strange reason… Hmm, we should probably get going as well. If the ‘Teleportation System’ can break, then the same thing could happen with ‘Whispering’ and these convenient maps… I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to lose track of each-other.”

Thus, the entire party began inadvertently chasing after Talia.

14 thoughts on “Chapter 194: The MC Is Innocent?

  1. awesome as usual!
    but why did he feel pain when his new wings emerged, didn’t the description say he’d feel pleasure? or is Lux taking a gripe at his masochistic tendencies

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a completely new spell he unlocked after getting Angelic Grace to max. He can still use Angelic Grace, if he only wanted 2 wings, but he can’t mix Angelic Grace and Cherubic Embrace to create 6, because the two large wings come from the same place… so yeah lol, that wouldn’t really work.


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