Chapter 195: A Backstory That Hasn’t Happened Yet?

“Seriously, Talia, calm your perky tits… What the hell’s wrong with you? You’re acting weirder than usual…” Michael was being carried in the beautiful woman’s arms, as she soared through the dark clouds. Suddenly, a massive aura of Wind enveloped them, which was so powerful that only Aeris herself would have been able to create it.

Then the space around their bodies seemed to warp, pulling them into a pure-white spherical extra-dimensional room. It wasn’t until that moment, that she finally released the angelic boy.

Her face was bright red from a mixture of embarrassment, and boiling anger. Talia screamed “Bastardo! You-you! You! Grah~! You can’t be you! This is some horrible, disgusting joke, correct?! No, you, for all I know, you may very well be Chaos herself! Goddess! Please, tell me that this… monster, is simply an imposter!”

A deep sigh resounded throughout the massive chamber and a huge figure suddenly appeared above them. She was feminine, but indistinct and her features were indeterminate. It was as if she were completely made out of smoke or clouds.

Michael looked up at her, then back into his Companion’s bloodshot, bright-green eyes. He asked “Umm~, I’m pretty sure that I’m me, but who knows anymore? Uh, you’re Aeris, right? Can you explain what the fuck’s going on a bit more coherently? I was really looking forward to that giant lizard-tongue massage… but I figured that since you were so intent on stealing my shota-form virginity, I’d give you first dibs. Hmm, is this an intervention? Hahaha~, divine intervention, get it? Ah, never-mind, okay, someone else needs to talk, or I’m just gonna keep rambling about stupid shit…”

The massive woman, hovering above them, solemnly spoke: “Talia… you know I can’t answer that question. He is most certainly not my mother… Whether or not he is that boy, I believe you yourself know the answer already. However, neither of you should be here right now. Do not enter one of my sanctuaries again, unless it is absolutely necessary…”

As soon as she finished talking, the two of them were floating high above the ground, surrounded by clear skies. The High-Elf screamed “No, that is not possible! You, you are not ‘Him’! You cannot be ‘Him’! ‘He’ was so kind, so gentle… so ‘innocent’, but you! You are a horrible demon! I have only known you for a few weeks, and you have already corrupted me! Miguel… no, I refuse to believe it!”

Michael asked “Are ya gonna tell me what the fuck you’re freaking out about now? Or are ya just gonna keep losing your shit?”

Talia glared at him, singing “In the end it’s all the same~; another life, a different game~! But when I hear you call my name~, I~, realize~, I~, don’t want to see you die~, with~, me~ tonight~!”

He smirked, continuing “But I promise I will~, save~, you~, from~ the shame~! I’m drowning in~ the pain~; I have nothing~ to gain~! It’s driving me insane~, but~ I can’t~ die~!”

Her aura suddenly exploded into a violent tempest and she screamed “No~! It’s a lie! Miguel is nothing like you! You must have heard that song from somewhere else! ‘He’ wrote it over fifty years ago, so you must have… What did you do to him?!”

The little boy started laughing hysterically, and flapped his four wings a few times, managing to stay within a few meters of the enraged High-Elf. “Okay, enough~! I don’t know who this Miguel guy is, but he fucking stole that song from me! ‘I’ wrote it… or at least the first verse and half a chorus for the damn thing, like… I don’t know, three months ago, maybe? Are you sure it isn’t, wasn’t, won’t be, me eventually though? I mean, it’s also possible that maybe I’ve actually been in this universe for thousands of years and just can’t remember anything past a few weeks ago… Actually, we all just experienced something like that recently. Wasn’t that only a few hours ago? Hell, it’s also possible that your memories might just be some sort of ‘backstory’. You could have been created by one of the ‘Goddesses’ a few weeks before I arrived in this world. There’s also the possibility that all of this is just a really long dream sequence and I’m gonna wake up in my shitty broken bed, take a shower, go downstairs and start writing… Now that I think of it, I kinda miss writing…”

“Stop, stop it! You are trying to trick me again!” Talia flew towards him, wrapping her relatively large, feminine hands around his child-like neck and preventing him from speaking. She clenched her teeth and tried as hard as she could to strangulate him to death, but even if there wasn’t a ‘Friendly-Fire Prevention’ system, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

As she gazed into those beautiful golden eyes, she abruptly ran her fingers through his thick and long, silver hair. Then she pressed her lips against his and he instinctively shoved his tongue inside of her mouth.

Not only was Michael still incredibly aroused, but he hadn’t even put any clothing on. At that moment, she unintentionally shared a memory with him telepathically.

When she realized what was happening, she quickly pulled her face away and started crying uncontrollably. A few seconds passed, and he told her “Yeah~, that was definitely me, hahaha~! Wow, ‘Talia, I love you… but we can’t be together right now. I promise that we will meet again soon, fifty-ish years from now, probably? Remember, as long as you don’t lose your innocence, we’ll be able to see each-other again…’ I can’t believe I managed to convince you to maintain your chastity for over fifty years! Damn though, we spent a shit-ton of time together. How the hell did we keep from fucking back then? Well, maybe I developed some kinda anti-arousal spell eventually?”

Even before he recited those parting words, she already knew that it was really him. It was just that after so many decades, Talia had embellished her memories of the past and had chosen to forget some ‘shameful’ events. For example, the time when they first met.
A beautiful High-Elven Alchemist was out alone, searching for herbs in the Forbidden Forest. At that point in time, she hadn’t started wielding a bow and mainly used short-swords.

After gathering a decent amount of orange mushrooms, she was about to return home, but was distracted by the sound of music in the distance. It wasn’t simply a guitar and a high-pitched voice singing, there was also an overpoweringly attractive aura.

Talia’s ponytail waved back and forth as she frantically sprinted towards that mesmerizing melody. By the time she reached the source, she had entered a completely enraged and aroused state, where she wanted to murder that angelic little boy.

Of course, after she attempted to decapitate the adorable child, she then threw her weapons onto the ground and ripped open her blouse. After that, she swiftly removed her pants and grabbed the ethereal Elf’s naked body.

She let out a shriek, as she was easily repelled by a powerful repulsive Arcane aura, and then ‘Miguel’ smirked at her. The first words he spoke to her were: “Oi, ya shouldn’t fuck people ya aren’t in love with! Damn, I use a little bit of Charisma and you’re already willing ta tear your clothes off and shove my tiny dick into your virgin pussy… Hmmm, oh wow, it’s you, so this is that, huh? Ah, yep, I remember this now, that one time… Ugh, shit, what happens after this again? Well, whatever, I’ll just make it up as I go along. My name’s Michael, nice ta fuckin meet-cha! I was just about ta masturbate anyway, so don’t put your panties back on yet… Ah, can you like, get on your knees and stick your ass up in the air?”


“I fucking hate time-travel! Anyway, I don’t really understand how you couldn’t figure out who I was! How many hundreds of times did you watch me jerk-off or have sex with weird Chaotic sex-toys? Sure, I taught you how to play a ton of instruments, how to sing, and helped you Class-Change to Huntress, but for the first year or so, I was still speaking the way I normally do. Anyway, are we just gonna float around up here and talk about shit that hasn’t even happened to me yet, or did you wanna finally give-in to your primal urges?” The little boy floated over to the weeping woman, and gently caressed her left cheek.

Before she had the chance to register what was happening, Michael had already forced his golden tongue inside of her mouth. She was two and a half feet taller than him in that form, but since they were flying anyway, it didn’t really make a difference.

His left hand swiftly unzipped her leather jacket and immediately began fondling her breast. Talia moaned a bit, and even grabbed hold of his buttocks tightly. She closed her eyes and gave-in to temptation, for the first time in fifty years.

That tiny hand on her cheek, abruptly darted down and landed between her thighs, swiftly sliding upwards until it reached an area of intense moisture. Talia hadn’t realized it until then, but she had forgotten to equip her undergarments. Thus, she was completely defenseless, when those small fingers began dexterously massaging the inside and outside of her genitalia.

Michael stopped kissing her and moved his mouth down to her small and firm right nipple. Unfortunately, unlike him, she actually had to concentrate and put forth a decent amount of effort, in order to maintain her altitude.

23 thoughts on “Chapter 195: A Backstory That Hasn’t Happened Yet?

  1. hey mike can you go into more detail about evolution like i know what eating earth, wind, fire, water cores will do to you and nature and lux core turn you into plant people and angels respectively so what evolution’s would happen if i ate a chaos, arcane or darkness core what kind of evolution will we get from those???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Has more to do with what the core came from and how much Luck you have lol. You could eat a chaos core and turn into a giant worm-monster, even if the thing you got it from was some kinda Demon-Lord… Luck is OP. Well, for humanoids, they have the advantage of Alchemy, while magical-beasts can literally ‘choose’ the direction that they want their evolutions to go in. It isn’t nearly as set in stone as games/shows like pokemon, where they can evolve 3 times and it has to be specific things(Except for Evee and some other ones, but even they are all pretty limited.)


      • Elina mentioned early on that it’s really rare for anyone or anything to only have Arcane as their Affinity. It’s usually something that people or magical-beasts get eventually, but it’s rare for anything to be pure Arcane lol. Anyway, I haven’t written about anything with only the Arcane Affinity yet, except for Michael in the earlier chapters :P.


    • Luxian Innocence is a spell which makes him shrink and go shota-form lol. Lightening is at max level and he can still use it to make him be all angelic and weightless regardless of what other form he’s in at that moment.


      • Oh, I might be getting this wrong but didn’t he had a transformation that made him bigger. I don’t mean the 4 arm one. Like didn’t he try to transform so he gets bigger to fuck the big dragon properly?

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      • Yeah, Darkening makes him demonic, Asura’s Embrace makes him grow 2 extra arms, Lightening makes him angelic and weightless, Angelic Grace gives him 2 wings, Cherubic Embrace gives him 4 lol. Luxian Innocence makes him look like a child :P.


  2. So he time travels some time after these current events (AKA Shota fucking) but obviously not to long after since he hasn’t changed. At which point it takes him at least a year to learn or relearn some civility and stays with her who knows how long. (but long enough to make her a shotacon) What I wonder is dud he get transported back or did he have to live the whole fifty years?

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  3. What the fuck just happened? That was a confusing chapter to say the least. Maybe he split somehow and has an “innocent” side out there. That would be cool. Maybe they merge together and he wouldn’t be so “fuck-shitballs-cunt-whoresauce” all the time. Pretty much the only thing I dislike. I get he’s supposed to be crazy zany psycho guy. There’s just too much of that though. Oh well.


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