Chapter 196: Family Values

“Meow-Meow Rocket Boots~! Nyahahaha~!” Jasmine soared through the air, a few meters above the ground, chasing after the gigantic fox. Inari had grown until she was at least the size of a small house and then used ‘Parrot Mastery’ to transform into a gargantuan bright-green cockatoo.

Her left foot grabbed the unconscious Dark-Goblin and she flapped her colossal wings once, sending that enormous frame, soaring into the sky. Ironically, if someone were to use ‘Identification’ on the massive bird, they would have merely been able to see: “Green Cockatoo, Level-0, Unranked.”

She squawked so loudly that it sounded more like a deafening roar; combined with those bright-blue cat-like eyes, she appeared more like a dragon, than a parrot. A flock of geese that was passing by nearly died from terror, as she flew past them at a hundred miles per hour.

There were a few low-level, rank-G Lesser Angels in the distance, who began frantically trying to escape upon witnessing that monstrosity. Farmers and villagers who were in the fields below, stared up in awe and horror, as they fell to their knees and began praying to the Goddess of Nature to protect them.

Jasmine was just barely able to grab-hold of the parrot’s tail-feathers, before her rocket-boots stopped working. Meanwhile, Elina and Alice just gave up and watched their Companions disappear into the distant clouds.

The dragoness asked “When the hell did Inari learn how to turn into a bird? I definitely don’t remember that…”

That angelic cat-girl casually flapped her wings and lowered her body onto Alice’s left shoulder. She muttered “What do we do now? They left us here in this weird Human town… Oh, maybe we could go shopping? I have five-hundred gold; with that much, we could probably buy the whole castle, hehe~.”

As she turned around, the giantess said “Why waste our money buying things? It’s not like these people can keep us from taking whatever we want…”

Elina smacked her snout and scolded “Stealing is bad! What did those parents of yours even teach you?!”

Alice casually answered “Power is everything. The weak are food for the strong. Don’t masturbate with stalagmites. If someone disrespects you, kill them. You shouldn’t have sex with your parents and siblings. Umm, there was probably a few more anecdotal tips, but I can’t really remember them at the moment.”

The angelic cat-girl sighed at her, gently caressing her bright-blue feathery mane and pointing across the street, “Look, there’s an apothecary over there! It’s a place where you can buy all kinds of neat Alchemy ingredients and tools…”

As soon as she heard that, the three-meter tall dragon-girl turned to her left and began taking huge and heavy strides towards that two-story, grey-stone brick, building. There was a large wooden sign above the brown double-doors, which read “Albert’s Apothecary”.

“No wait, stop!” Unfortunately, before Elina was able to warn her, Alice casually pushed open the locked and barred doors. They were not only ripped off their hinges, but the entire frame was completely destroyed as well.

There were a myriad of screams, combined with the sound of breaking glass and a few children crying loudly. The Oracle swiftly glided down from the giant woman’s shoulder and her sandals made ‘clopping’ noises as they smacked against the mostly intact doors.

Alice had to duck down, in order to fit through the newly created ‘archway’. The moment she entered, she sniffed the air a few times and her huge serpentine tongue flickered out.

Elina’s body illuminated the previously dark room, and half a dozen cowering figures were revealed. All of the Humans in that town seemed to have blond hair and blue eyes, so their appearances were relatively similar.

A deathly skinny old man was kneeling down and begging with hands clasped together: “Please, oh great and mighty Goddesses, please don’t harm my family! Y-you may take anything you wish! J-just don’t kill them!” He wore a dark-grey robe and behind him, a middle-aged man and women were wearing similar attire. They were bowing down and too terrified to possibly lift their heads.

Two young girls were whimpering and clearly visible from the dragoness’ point of view: Though they attempted to hide behind some of the potted medicinal plants. The last person was a teenage boy, who was wearing extravagant black and gold vestments. He was the only person who didn’t cower or plead, but he was certainly frightened. However, the reason that he seemed a bit more composed, was because he wasn’t like all of the others. “Ryan, Level-7 Human Darkflame Magi, Rank-F,” was written above the adolescent’s head.

Alice immediately ‘Identified’ him, and complimented “Heh, this kid is actually pretty strong… Hmmm, must have taken a lot of Exp Pots, but it’s still impressive. Ugh, only fourteen and he’s already an Intermediate Alchemist!” Then she started grumbling “I knew that you tiny bastards had it easier…”

Elina sighed dramatically, walking forward and speaking in a ‘heavenly’ voice: “I sincerely apologize for my girlfriend’s behavior… She spent her entire life living in a cave, and she doesn’t really understand how to behave in a ‘civilized’ manner. Umm~, please don’t call us Goddesses; it’s very disrespectful to the true Goddesses. I can repay you for the doors and other damages, so please stop kneeling like that. Ally, be careful!”

The giantess’ tail ‘lightly’ swept back and forth, smashing a hole through the stone wall, before demolishing a display case. Every step she took, shook the entire building, and the floor seemed like it was about to collapse beneath her ridiculous weight.

“Hmmm, Lina, they said we can take whatever we want, right? These alembics are useless… They can barely withstand ten points of Aura. Those plants though, even if their levels are quite low… There’s so much stuff, but I don’t see any bags big enough to fit it all inside. Ah, might as well just take it all.” Alice was breaking fragile and expensive glassware, while testing it out, but finally knelt down and placed her palms on the floor.

In an instant, the entire building disappeared and then the dragoness, angelic cat-girl and that teenage boy began falling downward. Ryan shouted “Ah, my leg~!” as he smacked into the stone foundation and his right knee became inverted.

Elina didn’t even scream, she just sighed, complaining “You’re even more outrageous than Michael sometimes…”
Seventy-five miles to the southwest, on the beautiful silver shores of Patterson Beach, a loud and anguished cry rang-out. After they had fallen from the sky, the child-like Nephilim managed to support the weight of the incredibly light High-Elf, and they glided down onto an uninhabited beach.

“Be gentler, ah, ow~! Wait, I do not believe we should be doing this… It feels immoral, especially when you take ‘that’ form.” Talia was laying on her back and an angelic little boy was very slowly, thrusting into her.

Michael grumbled “Seriously, my dick is three inches right now and you’re bitching about it being too big! If I fingered you in my normal size, it’d count as ‘Friendly Fire’! Ow, ugh, what the hell is your hymen made outta anyway?! It feels like I’m trying to fuck a soap-bottle… not that I’ve ever tried to do that before. Actually, it’s probably just because of the difference in Strength and Endurance right now. Even with your gear off, it’s still a pain in the ass-er, penis? Besides that, you definitely like me way better this way, hehe~!”

The blushing Elven woman had a wry smile on her face, as she looked down into those ‘innocent’ golden eyes. Then she grimaced in pain, and couldn’t help letting out a faint moan of pleasure at the same time. Her blonde hair was no longer in a ponytail and was splayed out around her head. Talia’s hands were caressing those brightly glowing, dove-like wings, giving the angelic boy a strange sensation of being ‘petted’ like a bird.

As the two of them were slowly fornicating on that seemingly peaceful beach, the silver sands began shifting silently. Twenty minutes passed, and Michael asked “I’m not sure if this really matters, but do you care if I cum inside of you?”

“Ah~, all those years ago, you promised me a child… Perhaps now, is not the greatest time for me to become a mother, but it is up to the Goddesses to decide. Ah~, um~, un~, ahn~, it seems as if the pain from before… has completely faded now. Thinking about you impregnating me… somehow enhances the pleasure I am feeling~.” Talia was no longer laying on her back, but carefully riding atop the boy’s body.

The Nephilim was still in a child-like state, yet he deactivated ‘Lightening’ and ‘Cherubic Embrace’. Thus, he appeared similar to a black-haired, tan-skinned Human, with glowing-red irises and incredibly feminine facial features.

Michael snickered as he closed his eyes and watched the scene play out from varying angles, using his astral-form. “This is actually really fucking kinky… Damn, I wish I had an Elf transformation! We could totally do a hardcore ‘mother-son’ porn video! Hahaha~, ah~, wait, can I even cum like this? Oh, yep, I definitely can! Wow, this is probably one of the longest orgasms I’ve ever had…” The moment he had finished ejaculating inside of her, the surprisingly satisfied High-Elven woman let out a long sigh and laid down on top of him. He complained “I can definitely go again like, two or three times at least-”

“No! Miguel, I cannot continue! At least allow me to rest for a few hours to recuperate…” Talia swiftly rolled over onto her back and pulled the tiny Nephilim onto her chest, hugging him tightly. She murmured “I still cannot believe that ‘You’ were actually ‘Him’. If I discover that you deceived me… I promise that I will find a way to destroy you.”

He crawled up to her face and suddenly shoved his tongue into her mouth, telepathically ‘Whispering’ “Even if I don’t ‘truly’ remember what ‘we’ experienced together back then, I know that as long as you stay with me… I will always love you. If you one day decide that you don’t wanna be with ‘us’ any longer, then I’ll probably understand… Okay, that’s a lie; I definitely won’t, and neither will the rest of us. So, don’t ever leave us, cause Sarah will definitely kill you the moment that you do, hahaha~! Oh, and by the way, there’s a big-ass motherfucking crab chillin a few meters below us…”

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