My head hurts so hard right now… Well, right now as in, when I wrote this lol.  By the time this is posted, I should still be sleeping :).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your overdose of “Hardcore OP-ness”, because now, you’re going to suffer from a week long withdrawal.  The reason?  I could only write a single fucking chapter today, on my nonexistent break-day!  Ugh, the only thing that’s breaking is my sanity and my cerebral-cortex…

I say that I ‘only’ wrote a single chapter today, but do you realize that I seriously edited 12 chapters in a row?  Then I took those 12 chapters and had to schedule them!  The scheduling alone took me like an hour or so!  FML, this post is basically just me raging about how tired and irritated I am right now lol.  Don’t expect some profound secrets or hidden meanings, I’m simply exhausted and needed to vent my frustration.

I want to write!  I want to write so much… but I don’t have time, because of all the posting and editing, ugh.  It just completely ruins my writing mojo, so I decided to just say “Fuck it!” and post all 12 chapters for the week, on the same day.  This way, I won’t have to answer over 500 comments(not even joking lol) and I hopefully won’t be distracted as much by stupid shit(Like trolling and complaining from certain people, who shall not be named, because I only vaguely remember them.)

I’m hoping that this will allow me to write more than 2 chapters a day, for the next 7 days or so.  I know, right?  No matter what, I’m still gonna end up writing every day lol.  It’s just a matter of whether my mental juices are clogged up and bogged down by editing/posting, :P.

As always with these kinds of posts, I’ll try to promote the “Donations” page.  For those of you who want to ask me for novel suggestions… “Stories That I Follow” is literally the stories that I follow, though I haven’t been able to keep up with a lot of them lately lol.

Goodnight, oyasumi nasai, buenas noches, and thank you for reading :).

32 thoughts on “Break-Week!

  1. When you make another break-week you can think about recruiting some pro bono editors who could do it for you. Just give the eager ones 2 chapters to test edit + 1 unedited chapter with edited version of it as reference/standard. I think/hope you have between your readers 1 OP-fanatic who is eager enough to edit for you. I would be surprised if they haven’t done it until now.

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    • I do have 2, but even if I had 20, I’d still have to go through and check it for errors, so it wouldn’t really change anything lol. In fact, if I had too many editors, it might lead to conflicts rofl.


      • So its basically the mater of trust. When you are ready to trust your editors that their work is free of errors in 99% you can take the checking to readers to find minor errors or there is one “secret of the force my young padavan”. You can find a proofreader to do the checking for you.

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      • Not even about trust lol. There are errors aside from grammar and spelling ya know? Even continuity can be edited by someone else, but not if I haven’t written the continuity yet lol. Sometimes, I go back and read through something, but decide that I wanna change little things for whatever reason. They aren’t errors so much as just not exactly what ‘I’ want… Regardless of how good an editor is, they can’t read my mind lol.


  2. I started this 2 days ago and I’m already here. I also got caught up with immortal soul in a day. These are pretty good things keep going man I love these. Although I like HCOP-Ness better.

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  3. take care and hope you manage to get some relaxation during the week, this novel wont stop being awesome even if you slow down the release short-term in order to improve your health and long-term continuity.

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    • Well, I’m still gonna be writing like 2 chapters or more a day, and technically I still posted all 12 chapters for the week rofl. So it’s not like I really get to take a break, ever lol.


  4. Enjoy the ‘break’.
    Thanks for the chapters.
    While writing you should drink a natural tea or something and eat (pepper)mints to increase brain activity and reduce stress.

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