Chapter 99: The First ‘Real’ Battleground

“Sweet~, Chaos Affinity acquired! As soon as I get that giant lizard-girl, and make her evolve twice, I’ll be able to finish that fucking Quest!” Michael wasn’t particularly surprised that Jasmine ended up being ‘Chaotic,’ but even if she wasn’t, he still would have chosen her as a Companion.

If she said no, he would have tried to shove her into his extra-dimensional prison, to keep her from getting killed in the siege. The little Feline Dwarf started singing to herself, “Reloading~, reloading~, I’m reloading my pistols~, meow~ meow~, nya~…” as she was sitting on the metal chair and rocking her body back and forth.

Sarah glared at the Nephilim, “You aren’t allowed to fuck her.” Before he could respond, she vanished in a puff of black smoke, and he noticed that there was a small bed in the corner of the room, which had a set of multi-colored clothing on it.

Then Jasmine yelled “Pew-pew-pew~! Hahahaha~, his head went ‘pop!’ Nyah~, die for me little green monsters~!” In that confined space, her pistols were making deafeningly loud noises as they fired out the window.

Michael snickered, “Okay~ then… I’m gonna go play around out there, so have fun~.” Sending his wisp outside, he noticed the obsidian-skinned Goblin-girl, utilizing her Shadow-Cloak and sprinting at fifty miles per hour, through the hordes of oncoming cannon-fodder.

The true enemies were at the back of the battlefield, waiting for the Feline Dwarves to run out of ammo, before they would go in for the kill. Unfortunately, their real leader definitely wasn’t weak: “Simon the Impaler, Level-21 High-Orc Hell Knight, Rank-E, Boss.”

He complained “Oh for fuck’s sake… I should’ve brought the other two with me! Ugh, we’re gonna die so many times…” After a few seconds, he yelled “Oi, Sarah, stop it, go back to the walls, we need to take it slow this time! Even if you make it to the enemy, your shitty Attack Rating isn’t high enough to hurt him! His weaker subordinates could probably kick your ass as well… Go back to the top of the walls!” as his astral form flew next to her face.

She ‘Whispered’ “Fine, I’m not a fuckin idiot; I was just gonna try ta pick off some of the slightly stronger bastards, but I won’t bother if it’s pointless.” It took them less than a minute to make it onto the ramparts, next to the constantly firing cannons, then she came out of stealth and he teleported.

A burly, five-foot tall man, with white hair, fur and beard, ran over to them and shouted “Who are you and why have ya come here?!” He was wearing thick bronze armor, with a blunderbuss in his hands, and there were several axe or warhammer wielding men and women following behind him: along with a High-Priest of Light and a Priestess of Fire.

Michael smirked, as he read “Captain Shiro, Level-19 Feline Dwarf Shotgunner, Rank-E, Boss.” His Companions were all Elites and Super-Elites as well, so it was clear that both sides were actually fairly balanced.

Sarah yelled “Why the fuck do ya think we came here?!” Hearing the way that she completely disrespected their leader, a few of the Lieutenants wanted to kill the arrogant Goblin.

However, Captain Shiro just started laughing heartily, before saying “Well, if ya bastards were enemies, then ya wouldn’t have been able ta get past the barrier that’s set-up around this place. It can’t block ya from physically flying or climbing inside, but teleport’n is a different story… I can see that yer both rather odd-lookin creatures, but at a time like this, I don’t give a damn about any uh that shit. I can assume that the two uh you came ta help, right?”

The Nephilim snickered, then revealed “Yeppers~, I think it was Lux who sent us? I mean, she was the one who told me to help the Dwarves, and we did come down in a beam of light, but it wasn’t really specified on the Battlegrounds list… Would be awesome if it ended up being neutral, and then let us pick what kinda Favor we wanted. We’re basically just mercenaries who get paid by the Goddesses. Anyway~, I’m glad that you guys seem to have some decent Healers, cause it’d be kinda hard for me to kill their leader without a bit of help.”

A muscular, blonde woman with a double-sided battle-axe in her hands, started laughing hysterically, along with many of the others, at that ridiculous statement. Then she glared at him, with her crimson cat-like eyes, yelling “You think you’re a match for that monster?! Hahahaha~, such an overconfident birdy!”

Captain Shiro sighed loudly, though it was difficult to hear over the cannon-fire, then he explained “Winning this fight, just means that we can thin-out their forces enough, so they can’t make it past the farm, into the city. Maybe you can’t see it from here, but that ugly bastard has a whole army of Elites, and that’s just what they’re showin us. I’m sure they’ve got hundreds of Assassins, waiting until our barrier runs outta power eventually. Today, they’re just gonna keep sended waves of these little bastards at us, and tomorrow… they’ll probably send even more. We can’t receive supplies as long as the shields are up, so there ain’t much we can do, except hope that their leader doesn’t make a move.”

Sarah scowled, “So you pussies are just waitin ta die? Hmph, well I’m gonna kill as many of these fuckers as I can; as long as we slaughter enough of them, it should make our reward worthwhile.”

Michael started laughing hysterically, and told her “We’ll probably get a bunch more Favor if we win though. Hmmm~, I bet killing that Boss would give us enough Favor to buy a level-twenty Epic… Although, since it’ll most likely be from Lux, I doubt that you’ll be able to get anything for yourself either way, hahaha~. Don’t worry, after this we can go play around with the Undead-”

At that moment, there was a deafening roar that shook the stone walls violently: “Ragh~! First Battalion, attack the eastern wall! Second Battalion, tear down that fucking southwestern spire! Release all Hellhounds and send out the Imps! Grah~!”

A massive javelin soared above the battlefield, and crashed into the massive southeastern spire, tearing through the magical barrier. It wasn’t enough to cause the tower to collapse, but the problem was that the attack didn’t end there; after a few seconds, that huge, throbbing, purple pole, began melting into the stone.

The highly corrosive liquid was rapidly dissolving everything that it touched, including anyone who was unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. However, the greatest loss was to the gigantic cannon that was placed near the top, and hadn’t even been used yet.

Captain Shiro shouted “Damn it all! They must’ve realized we were just stalling for time! If the two of you wanna help, then fine! Defend the southern ramparts and kill as many of those bastards as possible! Carla and Jason, go to the east; everybody else, come with me to the southwestern spire!”

The First and Second Battalions were completely comprised of several thousand rank-G Orcs; each of them ranging from level five to ten: A few hundred rank-F Hobgoblins were also mixed in. There were Archers, Mages, Warriors, and even Chaos Cultists who mainly focused on Healing. Rather than utilizing any sort of siege equipment to scale or destroy the ten-meter tall walls, the melee would simply attempt to climb them, while the ranged would obviously fire their bows towards the enemy Cannoneers and Musketeers.

Michael walked over to the relatively short stone railing, and looked down at the oncoming waves of Hellhounds and then upwards to the swarm of imps. Occasionally, rather than metal balls, beams of light, orbs of fire, globs of poison, streams of super-cooled liquid, and even illusory Arcane attacks would fly towards the ground and sky.

Then a green-skinned male Imp, swooped down towards him, and tried to stab him in the chest. However, the tip of that rusty iron weapon disintegrated upon contact, with his glowing breastplate.

He reached out and grabbed the creature’s throat with his left hand, staring into its six, pitch-black, compound eyes and sighing dramatically. Sarah asked “Why the fuck aren’t you killin it?”

The moment she finished speaking, Michael whispered to the little boy “It’s okay kid… I’ll take you away from this terrible life.” as he channeled mana into the child’s relatively small head. He screamed in pain for a few moments, before his minuscule HP dropped to zero.

A tiny green wisp escaped from the Imp’s forehead and swiftly entered into the Nephilim’s left, golden eye. Then a notification popped-up: “You have satisfied one of the conditions in order to become a Summoner; would you like to change your Profession?”

29 thoughts on “Chapter 99: The First ‘Real’ Battleground

  1. It’s been almost 100 chapters in, great story but…. For fck’s sake, you overuse “laughing hysterically” way to fcking much. Don’t you any variations?! At this point it’s overused to the point, the intensity of the word has auto translated to “snicker softly” in my head.


    • I don’t use it very often. Also, I alternate with ‘maniacally’, ‘obnoxiously’, and simply ‘Hahahahaha~!’… If they snicker softly, I’d write “He snickered softly,” :P. I’m sorry that my descriptive details are offensive to you lol.

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