Chapter 98: The Crazy Cat-Girl

“Nyah~, the waiting is the scariest part… so~ boring~.” A short and stout woman with pitch-black hair and cat-ears on the top of her head, was sitting on a metal chair, while cleaning her silver and white, flintlock pistols.

Her skin was tanned, because she was constantly exposed to the artificial lighting while performing her normal job: farming. Of course, the girl’s actual profession was Gunsmithing, but before the war started, it was more of a hobby.

“Hehehehe~, don’t worry little babies, Mama’s finally gonna let you play soon, meow~.” The girl with vertically slit pupils and yellow irises, was in a small room within the southern wall of Fort Resilience.

A name was written above her head, “Jasmine the Heretic, Level-5 Feline Dwarf Gunslinger, Rank-G.” The table that she was using, had a myriad of tools that were necessary to create ammunition for her single-shot pistols.

Compared to her tiny hands, the barrels may have seemed long and the caliber might have appeared wide. However, if one were to use ‘Scan,’ they would see: “7mm Flintlock Pistol: Increases the wielder’s Dexterity and Agility by one point; raises Attack Rating by ten. Baseline maximum effective range is 100 meters. Created by Jasmine Jade. Uncommon Quality, requires level-three to use.” Their shapes were similar to silver cannons, and the handles were created with polished white wood.

She turned her head to the left and glanced out the small porthole, muttering “Don’t worry Daddy~, we’re gonna kill lots and lots of those nasty green monsters for you…” The woman was completely naked and there were hundreds of terrible scars littering her body; even her left breast had been amputated and there was only a small, bald stump, instead of a long fluffy cat-tail. However, her face and hands were surprisingly untouched and seemed to be in pristine condition.

As she was looking out the tiny window, she yelled “Nyah!? So bright!” while watching two beams of light descended onto the grassy field. After a moment, there were two people standing there; one was a giant ‘Human’ who was wearing a lot of glowing equipment and holding an unreasonably large sword in his right hand, while the other was a strange girl with obsidian skin.

Jasmine purred quietly for a few seconds, then a golden halo appeared above the man’s head, and two giant dove-like wings erupted from his back. Even from so far away, she could hear him screaming “Shit, fuck, cunt, bitch-whore-cock! When it leveled-up, it said that the pain would be reduced! Why does it still hurt so much?! Arg~!”

Then the woman wearing tiger-fur shouted “Shut the hell up! Stop being such a fucking pussy! What’s the point in using those shitty wings anyway?! It’s not like you’ll ever be able to fly!”

He yelled “Obviously because they look awesome! Ow, ugh, wah~! Ah, okay, I think I’m fine now!” At that moment, the various cannoneers and musketeers stationed along the top of the southern, stone wall, were waiting for orders on how they should treat the two of them.

However, as if he had read their minds, the Nephilim turned around and waved at the various people who were pointing their weapons at him. “Oi, don’t waste your ammo on us, we’re on your side! Even if you shoot, it’ll just-ow! Fuck you, asshole!” While he was shouting, someone fired a small caliber metal ball, which struck his left cheek, but he didn’t even receive one point of damage.

Jasmine quickly closed her window while giggling, then muttered “Nyah~, his face is so strong~. Mn, it looks like those ugly monsters are moving meow~.”

The reason that the Dwarven forts were so difficult to siege, was that there were nearly a hundred tiny portholes on each wall; each of them had some sort of marksman stationed and able to accurately hit targets from a distance or up close. However, if the enemy did manage to make it over or inside of the walls, there weren’t very many Warriors who could fight them off.

Michael glared at the little girl who shot him, and then vanished, reappearing inside of her room and smacking the back of his head on the ceiling. He yelled “Ow, shit, seriously, fucking tiny-ass cat-bastards!”

Immediately after that, Sarah sprinted towards the wall, Shadow-Stepping next to him. Jasmine screamed “Nyah~, monsters! No, no, go away~! Wah~, Mommy, Daddy~, save me!” as she fired her other pistol at the man’s nose, while crying loudly.

He screamed “Oi, cut that shit out!” while blocking the attack with the back of his gauntlet. Strangely, instead of deflecting the metal ball, a circular shield made out of Light aura devoured it completely and even gave him a few points of Mana.

The Dark-Goblin glared at the terrified woman, before turning to the Nephilim and asking “How old is this crazy cunt? She’s actin like a fucking brat, but she can’t be that young…”

Michael glanced over the horribly scarred cat-dwarf’s body; he channeled mana into his voice and said “Hey, stop freaking out and talk to me. Do you remember a girl named Elina Jacobs? Ya would’ve gone to some sketchy Priestess Convent with her like, more than ten years ago…”

Hearing that name, Jasmine instantly calmed down, and tilted her head in confusion. She asked “Nyah~, I know Little Lina, we’re bestest friends, ever! But… I haven’t seen her in a while. Are you her friend too?”

Sarah snickered, “Yup, this bitch is definitely a fuckin retar-”

The Nephilim abruptly shouted “Oi! You can’t say that word anymore, it isn’t politically correct… Hahahaha~, I’m just kidding! Well, it isn’t really an accurate description of her mental condition though. Hmmm~, from what I can tell, she’s probably experienced a bunch of traumas and regressed to a childlike state… maybe?”

She glared at him for a moment, before shoving her sword into his left, golden eye. There was no ‘Friendly-Fire’ barrier to protect him, because the attack wasn’t powerful enough to do any lethal damage. Fortunately, he managed to close his eyelid fast enough to keep from being blinded.

Then he finally answered the little cat-girl’s question: “Yeah, Elina’s my third Companion… Do you wanna be the fourth?”

Sarah immediately complained “Why the fucking hell would you want this simple bitch to join us?”

At that moment, a volley of twenty cannons fired at the same time, bombarding the vanguard of rankless and nearly unarmored Goblins. Watching that, Michael laughed hysterically, “They’re literally cannon-fodder!”

Watching scores of the tiny green men and women be blown to pieces, Jasmine clapped her hands together several times, while giggling. She yelled “Yay~, oh, meow~, they’re so pretty when they splode!”

He muttered “Looks like we better head up to the ramparts…” Then he asked again, “Oi, if you become my Companion, you’ll be able to see Elina again. Do you want that?”

The little girl looked at him, while smiling absentmindedly, and nodded her head. She started jumping up and down on her chair, yelling “Yeah~, do-it do-it, nyah~!”

“Would you like to accept ‘Jasmine Jade’ as your fourth Companion? Warning: You may only have a maximum of six Companions.”

Michael said “Yeah, isn’t that obvious? She’s an adorable tiny cat-girl with a mental disability and the ex-girlfriend of my Healer… but most importantly, she’s a motherfucking Gunslinger. Also, she seems to be a nudist, so she’ll probably fit in pretty easily.” Both of their bodies were suddenly enveloped in a blinding light, then the woman’s status-screen popped-up in front of him.

[Companion Information

Name: Jasmine
Titles: The Heretic
Level: 5
Experience: 15/50
Age: Adult
Race: Feline Dwarf
Rank: G
Class: Gunslinger
Specialization: Ranged Damage Dealer
Profession: Gunsmith Level 4]


Health: 10/10
Mana: 10/10
Stamina: 5/5
Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 10

Strength: 1
Vitality: 1
Endurance: 1
Dexterity: 4(+2)
Agility: 3(+2)
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 2
Perception: 3
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 5
Luck: 7
Aura: 1.5

Attack Power: 5(+11/11)
Defense Rating: .5]


Blessing of Good Health Level 2: Resists Level-2 infectious diseases, illnesses and curses. Effectiveness will automatically double at the expense of mana, when exposed to Level-3 or higher infectious diseases, illnesses or curses.

Light Affinity Level 3: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight. Increases damage done to enemies of the Darkness Affinity by 30%.

Chaos Affinity Level 2: Mana, Health and Stamina regeneration increase while in combat. Increases damage done to enemies of the Nature Affinity by 20%.

Divine Protection of Chaos Level 1: Chaos is a very fickle Goddess and may or may not decide to take possession over your body when you are in dire need of ‘salvation.’ When under the influence of the Chaos Goddess, all stats increase by 100000%, but various side-effects may occur afterwards. Warning: Chaos is unpredictable and extremely volatile. Allowing her to possess your body is not advised unless there are no allies in the vicinity of 100 miles.

Pistol Mastery Level 2: Increases damage with all types of pistols, by 10%.]


Scan Level 7: Identifies the object and gives detailed information. Only effective on items below the Epic quality and within forty levels of the caster.

Identification Level 7: Shows the target’s current Health, Mana, Stamina, Name, Title, Age, Profession, Class, Level, Rank, Race and Specialization. It is also possible to examine the target’s recent activities. Only effective on targets that are within thirty levels of the caster.

Sundering Beam Level 2: Fires a powerful laser, which deals damage against enemies of the Darkness Affinity and can reduce the Defense Rating of enemies that do not have the Light Affinity. Damage and Defense Rating reduction is based on the Aura stat. Range is dependent on the Agility stat. Costs two mana points.

Caustic Bullet Level 1: Sacrifices the caster’s life-force to add a toxic effect to their next round. Damage is based on the Aura stat. Range is depended on the Agility stat. Costs one point of Health.

Blood Bullet Level 1: Sacrifices the caster’s life-force to create one projectile, out of hardened, chaotic blood, which curses the enemy upon contact. Possible curses include: Hallucination, Fear, Paralysis, Arousal, Paranoia, Hate, Fury, Silence and Dyslexia. Damage is based on the Aura stat. Range is depended on the Agility stat. Costs one point of Health.]

69 thoughts on “Chapter 98: The Crazy Cat-Girl

  1. oh well , there we go , a chaos companion , i wonder what kinda quests chaos will give him , probably to slaughter 10k goblins or something ridiculous like that
    also there is a quick solution to the wind companion problem, altho the morality is questionable haha , just kill the elf inside his player home , with his arcane dmg she probably wont even notice , he gets a high rank core and can feed the dino ~

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    • the player home is actually very very abuseable if he has a way to insta-kill someone , because the HP regen will do crap about dmg that exceeds the max hp , just like how he got rekt by lux and chaos , he can infinitely farm death-titles , corpses and mana cores if he finds a person crazy enough to agree to getting killed 100 times in a row by his arcane greatsword , feed the corpses to the turtle for gold , he could even take out the skeletons before that for necromancy and just feed the rest and use the cores to furnish his house or just eat them for stats and jump into the poison bath for a “quick” end , or find some lava somewhere

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  2. ITS A good thing Mic didnt choose chaos or he would have slaughtered the entire battlefield n then complained about an hurting asshole after gettin his control back from possession


  3. It’s kind of sad, but as long as she’s happy…

    And, at first I really didn’t like the idea that there might eventually be other players… but now… I just imagine some random guy with a balanced “normal” party ready to fight on a battlefield… then Michael and the Merry Assholes appears out of nowhere, with a teleporting assassin mutant killing everyone, a healer cat-angel cowering in a corner and casting heals randomly, a cat-dwarf also shooting randomly with various callibers, while a size-shifting fox sprouts man-eating trees all over the battlefield and a mid-sized dinausor alchemist throw vials of the four elements which may or may not have the desired effect. And, of course, let’s not forget the pointlessly winged tall man with an absurdly large sword who appears to be cursed in a way that only allows him to speak in vulgar insults. Aaaaah… Did I read right or did Michael actually thought he could pass on the Chaos affinity?

    Oh. And Michael must so thing this while fighting here: (Kinda old but still gold… pun intended)

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  4. Thanks for the chapter but i feel if you keep adding more main characters most chapters will be interactions and very little plot or story. and can’t wait for MC to become more TANKY-opp

    Liked by 1 person

    • There isn’t much plot, and I never really intended for there to be a plot rofl. But yeah, I’m trying to get the team put together now(on 122 atm) so that they can all start power-leveling as a group. Otherwise, they would each be doing independent actions, and it would take forever for anything significant to happen roflmao.


      • can’t wait its killing me (indirectly of boredom(not accusing you of murder)) now i got to find some other thing to read surprisingly hard once you read all the good shit

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    • It might, but not for a long time… doesn’t mean that the number of characters can’t increase though. It’s just that, I can’t keep track of the stats/spells/passives/equipment of more than 7 characters… 7 is my limit at the moment lol.


  5. I bet she did that herself since she’s of the Chaos affinity.
    Although killing isn’t stopped, rape and slavery is, so I doubt she was abused like a prostitute, unless she is one and that’s her thing, but like the author said, the MC likes ’em innocent so I don’t think he’d have a whore as a companion.
    Plus she has a child-like mentality, probably trauma from having her parents killed in front of her or something.
    I’d still rather the MC be of Chaos.
    It seems more fun.
    Besides, nature seems to get it’s power from ‘Innocence’ and if anyone dares to say the MC is innocent, you might just possibly be a redne-Retard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The most compelling reason for the MC to pick Chaos is probably for some kinda demonic transformation? I’d totally pick it for the transformations lol; I mean, he already has the one from being a Nephilim(A race which people hate) so if he was also of the Chaos Affinity, ppl would hate him even more :P. Yeah, I wouldn’t make a prostitute or sex slave one of the main characters, cause I wouldn’t even read a story like that in the first place(how the fuck would I write one?) lol.


      • Who the fuck doesn’t want to transform into something bad-ass?! With a Chaos transformation he’d probably grow horns, fangs, claws, or some other shit like his wings turning into a fucking kaleidoscope of colors, or the whites of his eyes turning black.
        That’d be a pretty bad-ass transformation.
        In all honesty the nature affinity doesn’t really suit the MC very much, and would probably even give him debuffs for all the shit he does, that is most likely insane and in the definition very chaotic.( Sucking a worm tail that enjoys to give wormjobs, immediately after it fucked your ass) <–Yes MC, that's you.
        I'm not too big a fan of prostitutes/sex slaves as companions either.
        Kinda put off by it in stories about fantasies and magic.
        Why the fuck would an MC in a story pick a hooker/ sex slave as his partner? Especially in reincarnation stories, where the MC's are normally OPAF. You're strong as fuck, reincarnated, and can fulfill your fantasies with Elves, Demons, Demi-humans, and other fantacy like characters, but you pick the probably diseased hookers and/or sex slave. It's weird.

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      • True, and I’m pretty sure Sarah used her ‘Devouring Shadow’ to clean everything first… hell, he probably immediately teleported into the nuclear shower and then took a slime-bath, after that catastrophic anal event. I just didn’t feel like going into too much detail about it all roflmao. Otherwise there would be a whole chapter of just him freaking out every time something disgusting like that happens. There are at least 2 things that he can’t deal with afterall, rofl.

        Transformations are OP, and basically all ‘divine’ gear can ttansform to a certain extent. I mean, atm, his current attire is essentially just boxers and a tank-top, but even Rare gear can transform into a rubbery Arcane armor. The silver glove transforms into a bulky silver gauntlet, and even sends out chains of light to wrap around the rest of his upper arm and shoulder. Not to mention the fact that it’s a fucking shield as well lol.

        I feel like, Nature would be cool too, it’s just that, Chaos gear would be more his style. It’s almost 100% certain that he will pick Chaos, but who knows? Shit happens sometimes. Maybe Naturae will make him an offer he can’t refuse. Or maybe Chaos will just piss him off too fucking much lol.


      • Yeah who knows(lol you)?
        Chaos may just rape his corpse in front of him a little too much and piss him off.
        What are Chaos’s Daughters? Does she have one?
        The other goddesses seem to be from Naturae.
        Do the elves lose the Innocent title and blessings if they marry someone and conceive a child? That seems pretty innocent, i guess, and natural, since the the primal instincts of all species is reproduction to further the species, which is a natural thing.

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    • Yeah you forgot though… You don’t have to be enslaved in order to be improsoned… And depending on your view of “sex” it’s still perfectly possible to be sexually humiliated, such as the mutilation of your sexual organs, and sadists getting off on your pain, can’t really be called sex. I’m not sure about the definition, but I think that as long as it’s just someone abusing your holes with things other than a body part, especially if it’s only causing pain can’t really be called rape or sex, sexual torture sure, but not rape or sex. Just because Mike’s world is a “safe” place where rape and slavery doesn’t happen, doesn’t mean really messed up stuff can’t be done to you.

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      • True, the ‘system’ probably wouldn’t completely stop all forms of fucked up shit… however, that doesn’t mean that Goddesses won’t intervene personally, if someone does something to piss them off. For example, if someone was going around murdering children for no apparent reason, Lux might go out of her way to smite them lol.


  6. So we have five of the companions plotted out, so far? Since apparently the wind goddess wants the t-rex girl to be added? I’m reeeeeally hoping that she acts completely meek and passive, but in battle becomes a berserker with cannibal tendencies 🙂

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    • Well, it’s kinda hard to say that even Sarah is a ‘cannibal,’ cause she would have to eat other Dark-Goblins lol. Thus, unless they managed to find other giant t-rex people who have evolved into something else, it would be kinda hard.

      Yep, Michael is the main tank, Inari is a mystery lol, Sarah is a stealthy melee dps, Elina is a main healer, Jasmine is a mid-ranged physical dps/debuffer, and Alice is probably gonna be a close/mid/long ranged spellcaster with lots of AoE capability. T-rex girl could possibly have rage-issues? Who knows? lol


      • A book series I read (Kate Daniels) has a shapeshifter in it. In the third book, he went into an arena style fight as a 7-10 foot tall (I forget the exact height, it’s been a looong time) ice giant and was suuuuuper meek… After getting hit once, he pounded his opponent into a fence so hard and for so long that he looked like he had been hamburger poured into boots… I like rage issues 😛

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