Chapter 100: Building Aggro

“You have become a Summoner Level 1: Capable of absorbing the souls of the dead, and can temporarily store them within their own mana-core. Able to place those souls into new, rank-G vessels, under level-five. All Passives and Spells will be lost and no stats may be carried over from their previous form.”

“You have learned Overpowering Aura Level 1: The caster sends their own mana into the enemy’s mind and deals Arcane-damage directly to their lifeforce. Only effective on targets that are more than ten levels lower than the caster. Must be in physical contact to activate. Damage is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs one mana per second.”

Michael had not only acquired the Profession he desired, but he also gained a relatively useful Arcane spell. He didn’t bother learning it before, because he literally couldn’t. It was an ability that was pointless at first, but later on, it could become extremely powerful.

After tossing the corpse away, he yelled “Yes! Come and feed me, you little green cockroaches! Hahahaha~!” Sarah sighed at him, then began slashing apart the incoming flying enemies that strangely seemed to all be aiming towards him.

Not only was the Nephilim much larger than any of the Feline Dwarves, he was also standing on the middle of the southern ramparts. However, more than anything else, was the fact that he was using ‘Taunt’ and simply relying on his ‘Guardian’s Constitution.’

Even when the huge Hellhounds managed to climb up the walls to the far left, they didn’t attack the Musketeers that were shooting at them. The seven large rottweilers, with crimson flames erupting from their fur, headed straight towards Michael.

Two of them were riddled with bullets, one was decapitated by Sarah, and the other three actually made it to him. Each was a level-ten, rank-F magical-beast, but they mainly focused on Agility and Strength, so they had relatively low HP.
When one bit down onto his left calf, it sent scorching hot flames out of its mouth and he screamed “Holy fucking bitch-tits! Ow-ow, ouch!” Another jumped around behind him, and latched onto his left forearm, in an attempt to seal his attacking ability.

The last one jumped towards his throat, but was punched in the face by his gauntlet-covered hand. Its snout was crushed, then its skull, and finally he managed to launch the rest of the incredibly light-weight body, towards Sarah, who bisected it: for the entertainment value.

Then he shoved his left index-finger through the forehead of the dog that was latched onto his right arm. After that, he kicked his leg upwards and caused the last Hellhound to lose its grip, before smacking it with the side of his sword, sending the pulverized remains into group of incoming Imps.

He only received a single point of damage from the entire ordeal, and that was from the magical attack. Michael yelled “My OP-ness is starting to get pretty fucking hardcore!” but then a giant javelin smacked into his breastplate and sent his body flying off the southern ramparts, over the courtyard, and smacking into the middle of the northern inner-wall.

A massive ‘-169’ appeared above his head the moment he was struck, followed by ‘-35’ as he impacted the stone, and ‘-13’ when he fell down seven meters: crashing into the concrete floor. He was ‘internally bleeding,’ ‘poisoned,’ ‘stunned,’ ‘crippled’ and ‘paralyzed.’ Both of his angelic wings were completely crushed and barely even attached to his body any longer.

However, several Healers that were stationed near the northern wall, began removing the debuffs and rapidly regenerating his dwindling HP. As he unsteadily stood upright, he turned to them and yelled “Thanks!” before he teleported onto the southern ramparts again.

Michael gazed out at the gigantic High-Orc, who was at least six meters tall and covered from head to toe in crimson scaled armor. There were two pitch-black, ram-like horns coming out of the sides of the monster’s scarlet-plate helmet. Even from a kilometer away, the attack still managed to deal over a hundred damage from pure kinetic energy.

Yet, seeing that the ‘tiny’ man was still alive after receiving his throw, Simon roared “Ryan! Bring me that one’s corpse, so I may add it to my collection!” as he pointed towards the Nephilim. After hearing that order, a two-meter tall, lanky man, covered in bright-pink leather armor, began using the giant wasp-like wings on his back to fly.

“Ryan the Executioner, Level-15 Green-Elf Incubus Reaper, Rank-E, Super-Elite,” was written above the creature’s head. His appearance was similar to a Human, with short elven-ears, a long serpentine tail, and dark-green skin.

Seeing that one of the strongest enemies was soaring towards them, many of the people who were on the southern ramparts actually received ‘feared’ and ‘terrified’ debuffs. However, Michael yelled “Stop being such pussies! Well, you are mini-nekomimi, but that’s beside the point! Focus on killing the small-fries and I’ll take care of this ugly motherfucker!”

That particular Green-Elf Incubus was actually fairly attractive, though it mostly used its six points of ‘Charisma’ to ‘Intimidate’ enemies. Fortunately, since Michael also had six points of ‘Charisma,’ he was able to remove the debuffs, using his ‘Enthrall’ spell: which reached level three at that moment.

Ryan was carrying a huge scythe in his hands, which appeared to have been made out of purple flesh. On the top was the head of a ‘beautiful’ Ogress, who had long platinum hair, and erupting from her mouth was a huge curved, crimson blade. The staff seemed to be a squirming worm-like creature, which was attached to the woman’s neck, and within its body was a vaguely visible spine.

The Nephilim shouted “Why the fucking cunt would anyone wanna use something like that?!” However, he could immediately tell that it was definitely Rare and possibly Epic, though the rest of the enemy’s equipment didn’t seem too impressive.

When it came to magical-beasts, becoming Elites or higher required first acquiring large amounts of extra stats from devouring mana-cores of their rank. Humanoids on the other hand, typically needed to keep training their various spells and passives, while staying at the same rank for decent amount of time.

Thus, they would normally have much lower stats than their magical-beast counterparts. Equipment was the big equalizer between the two, since both sides would obviously learn a massive amount of skills over the years.

Ryan scowled at the irritating dove-winged man, while asking “Why have you come to aid these pitiful creatures, Nephilim? Tis obvious that they all shall perish-” Before he even had a chance to finish speaking, Michael threw his Arcane Siegeblade at the Incubus.

The giant whirling sword was easily avoided by the Super-Elite, however, the tiny glowing ball did manage to hit its target. With a smile on his face, he shouted “Gotcha Bitch!” That flying man was already so incredibly light and airborne, so he had no way to defend against an Arcane Pull with twenty-seven Strength behind it.

As the man was being yanked forward, by his long blonde hair, a huge blade smacked him on the back of the head. While there was very little physical damage or pain, he was in-tune with his body enough to realize that nearly a third of his Health had disappeared.

Even though he had considerable magical-defenses on his Uncommon armor, a ‘-101’ still appeared above his head. He roared, while swinging that ominous scythe towards the Nephilim, as he continued to pick-up speed.

However, Michael just aimed the back of his left hand towards the oncoming attack and activated his blindingly bright shield of light. The beautiful Ogress’ crimson eyes glared at him, while screaming “Die you fucking piece of shit!”

He yelled “What the actual fuck!? It even talks! Gah, that would be so annoying!” as he nonchalantly deflected the attack. The man was a Super-Elite, so his Defense and Attack Rating were triple what his ‘base-stats’ would normally indicate. That was one of the ways that magical-beasts and humanoids could be balanced as well.

Thus, with Michael’s five Rares and one Epic, he wasn’t actually weaker than the enemy. His Agility was far lower, but his Tanking stats were much higher, and the only advantage that Ryan had was that he could fly.

The moment that the Nephilim grabbed hold of that Green-Elf Incubus, the fight was already over. He slammed the man’s relatively large, but lanky body against the stone rampart, and then stabbed his giant blade into the back of his neck.

It was a deadly-strike, and dealt over three-hundred points of damage; plus, his head was cleanly separated from his body. Michael let out a deafening battle-cry of victory: “Pwned~, Bitches~!”

88 thoughts on “Chapter 100: Building Aggro

  1. Maybe it was said in the comments here… but didn’t the elite mechanism for humanoids was said to work only when a humanoid took the mana core of a dead lover? or was that just bs? cause I’m pretty sure I remember reading it as so

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  2. Found the story, read throuth 80 chapters in one night, fell asleep in my chair, woke up, showered, sat in chair again, insta-slept again, woke up and went back to reading, a wasted day well spent. Thanks.

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  3. I remember when I read your immortal soul. It was an awesome adventure, but you stopped writing it for a bit. That’s when I found this gem. Back then there were only about thirty chapters, up to the undead invasion.

    I didn’t visit it since then, but once you began uploading it to RRL I remembered it again and boy was I delighted to read up to chapter 100 in two days. Very good fiction, interesting and funny. I imagine it is much better than what I write, so keep up the good work, I enjoy each new chapter you post.

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  4. Just wanna say how I stumbled upon this story yesterday in the morning and literally spent the entire day to catch up with the newest chapters.

    This is as of today my favorite story I’m currently following.

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  5. As I said above, I’m a HUGE gatherer/grinder. In one of the first few days I would have ground at least a hundred cores to eat. And then eat them all just before allowing something to kill me to save on pain. Then repeat. I would be a low level, but insanely strong in comparison 🙂 I may have waited until after I gained some clothing, though…

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    • Another thing. Is it just me, or does a single stat point make a HUGE difference? Because their stats are so ‘low’, but they’re capable of some pretty superhuman feats…

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      • yep, ‘normal’ human strength can only reach around 3-5. Also, it’s relative to the size of the person. For example, a giant monster with 5 strength, will still be way stronger than a pixie with 5 strength rofl.


    • Completely pointless, and you would probably become an elite before then, and the exp requirements would double :P. I made up these rules beforehand, and didn’t want to contradict myself later-on, so I didn’t let the MC do something quite that ridiculous. Anyway, aside from that, it’s pointless.

      It’d be better to just wait until later to eat mana-cores, when they actually give you lots of stats :P. Of course, it’s also possible that the Goddesses could directly intervene and take away the gained stat points, just because you aren’t supposed to do that lol. Or you might not receive the stats in the first place.


      • Unfortunately, all of the things you just stated aren’t known by your readers (with all the ‘if’s’, ‘or’s’, and ‘might’s’).

        When I read a story like this (most notably ‘The Gamer’, and the like), I have a big tendency to think about what I would do in the situation, no matter how impossible. After all, that’s the point of fantasy.

        As for the first one, with xp requirements doubling… So? I would get a TON more stats from the cores, lol. A level 5 world boss would be beastly 🙂 I know the rabbits only gave a .2 and .5 boost, but think about what 100 of them would give, considering how much a single point is worth.

        And which goddess would take the points away besides Chaos (who doesn’t really need a reason to do so, if it’s on a whim).? If it’s already set up to work the way it does with the living beings eating them for stat increases, then at worst after eating a ton of them he would get some kind of warning message to stop. Or get told that he can only eat 10/25/50/100 of a specific type. Or maybe a certain number of them total. But in that case, there would conveniently (or not so conveniently) be a way or item to yak up the ones you’ve already eaten, because that’s the way mmo’s usually work. Even if it would take a bunch of ‘favor’ to so so.

        The only downside I can see are the skills that say ‘can only be used on things X levels lower’, or ‘can only be used on something within X levels of you’. Those skills would become incredibly pointless. I’m not sure if your story has explained how to become an ‘elite’ or higher rank, other than the core eating evolutions. At least, that’s how I read it so far. If I’m forgetting something, I apologize. If not, can you try to shed some light on it a bit for us? Because I remember the mc eating a bunch of cores with only the pain as an issue.

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      • Oooooh! I just thought of a stopgap… Arcana (or ‘insert random goddess here’) could change the way they work, and make you need to survive the whole pain experience to gain the stats. That way he can’t just eat a bunch, die, then get away from said pain. Though it could be circumvented by a healer keeping you alive through the gut churning pain while you beg them to let you die 😛

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      • Yeah, there are ways around it, but regardless of what ‘could’ be possible… If it was ‘me,’ I wouldn’t keep mindlessly shoveling mana-cores down my throat lol. Since I based the MC’s thought processes on what ‘I’ would do in such circumstances, well, that’s how the story has been progressing so far lol. Also, it’s pretty obvious that the Goddesses are manipulating him quite a bit :P.


      • And please don’t flip again because of a difference of opinion, or me asking for more info.

        P.S. This really needs an ‘edit’ feature, lol.

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      • I usually don’t get too pissed off, unless people keep saying the same thing over and over again lol. Btw, last time, I wasn’t specifically directing my rage at you, it was just a general rant about how people complain too much and it distracts me from writing the damn story for them :P.


      • …”Since I based the MC’s thought processes on what ‘I’ would do in such circumstances”

        Does this mean you’re a sado-masochistic person with a limitless sex drive? Because in this story’s situation, I may have turned that way 😛 Just not quite so quickly.
        P.S. Just attempting to be funny 🙂 I may have succeeded, may have failed… But I still used this to waste an extra minute or three.

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      • Well, like you said, it’s ‘fantasy’ lol. In some ways I might be a little crazier than the MC, and in others, he’s a whole lot more ridiculous, but the basis is on a ‘What would I do?’ situation. Apparently, I would do a lot of weird, stupid, crazy shit in a situation where I’m basically Immortal lol.


    • Nope lol… of course, if they were close enough to the BG before it happened, after they’re done with the vendors, they could ask to be sent back to their original positions. Then it would be possible to fast-travel there quickly and go loot the battleground rofl. Of course, in that situation, it would no-longer be a battleground, they would no longer be allied with the people who they helped, and it would also be possible for them to get attacked while trying to ‘steal’ the spoils of war.


      • Unlike your MC. The 300 movies MC doesn’t immortal or OP ness. Oh well, we can replace that with immoral and stupidity. Muahahahaha. Fear for me mortal for I …………..(please fill it)

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      • Well, he isn’t quite as stupid as he may seem lol. From the very beginning, he was suspicious of the ‘Immortality’ and didn’t completely trust it :P. Why do you think he picked a Profession like Summoning? In the event that the Goddesses didn’t feel like bringing him back to life anymore, it’s important to have a backup plan lol.

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      • Hahahaha, I know that the mc is smart. And he is not the hero we want, but the hero that we need. Oh well, we need many Web novel with unusual mc.

        BTW, did you have any original Web novel that you recommend? I only follow forgotten conqueror, the dragon gwaning it’s tail and hero wars

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      • Haven’t had time to read any recently… been too busy writing to even catch up on all the translations. Speaking of which, holy shit do the ppl who do Ark translate fast lol. they’re already on volume 3 of the sequel rofl.


      • When did they say that? I don’t remember that particular detail. In an earlier chapter, they made it sound like weapons wielded by enemies weren’t considered ‘drops’. Am I forgetting some of it?

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      • Well, I guess they might be able to grab something and hold onto it? The bag gets disabled, but assuming that they grab onto a mana-core, they ‘might’ be able to take it with them… or the system might teleport them away, without the item in hand lol.


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