Chapter 101: Training?

The Imps were shocked, the Feline Dwarves cheered, Sarah was fighting five Hellhounds at the same time, and the enemy leader Simon roared “Kill him! All units charge the southern wall and kill that fucking bastard! Now!”

Michael reapplied his ‘Angelic Grace,’ ‘Stat-Boost,’ and ‘Lightening,’ so that they wouldn’t randomly disappear while he was fighting. After his mana recovered a bit, he also buffed the little Goblin-girl, who had managed to kill fiery dogs.

Most of the original twenty-thousand enemies had died, and were only rankless Goblins, but there were still at least two battalions of Orcs and Hobgoblins that hadn’t attacked yet. Captain Shiro and his Super-Elites were managing to hold their own, while defending the eastern wall, but the southwestern spire had become completely overtaken.

As Sarah killed her last Hellhound, she ran over to her Companion, “I’m pretty sure we ain’t gonna win this one…” Whether the Feline Dwarves lived or died was of no consequence to her, so it was normal that she didn’t care.

He muttered “Yup~, can’t really see a way to win this time, hehe~. Ah, well, there is one thing that I haven’t really tried yet… Um~, stay here and try to defend the wall. I’m gonna go find out exactly how Tanky I really am, hahahaha~.”

The little girl complained “After this shit, we should go train a bit more first, instead of fuckin around with Necromancy all day. Ugh, I really don’t give a shit about these bastards, but I can’t stand losing to these ugly cunts!”

Michael held the giant sword in both hands and sprinted off the ten-meter high wall, using his wings to glide, rather than fly. When his bare feet, crushed two Goblins into a meaty green paste, he yelled “Ew, soo~ gross~! The next thing I’m buying is definitely gonna be boots!”

When his Arcane Siegeblade struck against three Goblins, a Hobgoblin and a Hellhound, he noticed something interesting. After the first strike, the enemy was bisected without any resistance, but only received six points of damage, the second and third were the same; however, the fourth had used an iron shield to block, and was hit for over sixty, while the last had its head cut in half for the remainder of the damage.

He muttered “So basically, one strike counts as the whole damage, and if I’m planning on hitting multiple targets, the numbers will be spread out? Interesting, then what if I do this?” After that, he continued to channel his aura into the sword constantly, and swung it out with full force.

That time, his mana actually dropped by a point every time he attacked, but each hit caused the full amount of damage that he could possible do. When a level-one unranked Goblin was struck, its entire body imploded and vanished, without even leaving the equipment behind; then all of that excess energy exploded and blasted away all of the other weaklings that were clustered together.

Michael laughed hysterically, as he received a new skill: “Spatial Distortion Level 1: After over-killing an enemy by ten times their maximum Health through Arcane damage, their body will be converted into pure-mana and can either be absorbed to recharge the caster’s mana, or released in an AoE attack. 100% of the target’s maximum Health can be converted into damage; 10% of the target’s maximum Health can be absorbed as mana.”

He yelled “Oh~! I don’t think you can handle the size of my OP-ness little Goblina~! Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle~, hahahaha~!” as he slashed a female Hobgoblin in half, and then used the flat of his gigantic Arcane Siegeblade onto the head of an unranked Goblin-girl.

Once the woman imploded, the mana and soul were absorbed through the glowing sword and entered his body. With his mana completely restored to full, he started telekinetically throwing his Arcane Orb around randomly.

Amid the constant cannonballs exploding around him, he was causing even more chaos, by fully utilizing both of Spatial Distortion’s aspects at the same time. The most important thing was that rather than a normal spell, it was a ‘mana-recovery’ skill, which was only useful when surrounded by hordes of incredibly weak enemies.

Since he had plenty of mana to spare, he started casting Arcane Bolt and Electrostatic Discharge out randomly, while he was swinging the giant sword around. Those indiscriminate attacks each did at least twelve damage to every enemy they hit; considering that the unranked Goblins only had five HP on average, his kill-count was rapidly increasing.

Michael’s ‘Greatsword Mastery’ reached level-two, and after receiving an unreasonably large amount of attacks, his ‘Guardian’s Constitution’ increased to level-three. Thus, his main-weapon’s damage was raised slightly, and his three Tanking stats were also improved by one point each. However, the three spells that he continuously cast actually gained new effects.

“Electrical Charge Level 3: Temporarily enchants an Arcane weapon, allowing it to deal additional lightning-damage for three attacks. Damage and mana-cost are equivalent to the Aura stat.”

“Electrostatic Discharge Level 2: Releases the stored energy from an Arcane weapon, creating a lightning-bolt to strike two designated targets. Damage and mana-cost are equivalent to the Aura stat.”

“Arcane Bolt Level 3: Launches three orbs of the caster’s aura towards the enemy, homing in on the target’s mana and dealing Arcane-damage. Damage and mana-cost are equivalent to the Aura stat.”

With every level, each of the three spells increased their efficiency greatly, since their mana-cost wasn’t affected. Telekinesis on the other hand, didn’t have any change in the description, even after it reached level-five; although, his actual technique and skill while using the ability, did seem to steadily improve.

Michael’s plan was actually working quite well; even the battalions that had been engaged with Captain Shiro and his Lieutenants, were being ordered to attack the lone Nephilim, who was raging around the battlefield. Since any stray bullets and shrapnel would be negated by ‘Friendly-Fire Prevention,’ he was essentially tricking the enemies into grouping up and being slaughtered by the dozens.

The huge cannon in the only remaining southern spire, was operated by a group of level-fifteen, Elite Cannoneers, who could kill twenty to fifty of the stronger Orcs with every shot. Even the Imps that were left, had all started swarming around the seeming insane Tank, and becoming easy targets for the Musketeers.

Captain Shiro ordered that all of the troops from the other three walls, converge on the south, and focus on massacring as many as possible. He also commanded “Whatever happens, keep healin’ that crazy bastard! If he dies, we’re all screwed!”

It was true that the only reason they weren’t overrun, was because the enemies were being incredibly foolish. The stronger Elites and Super-Elite forces couldn’t even reach Michael, because their allies were blocking their attacks. He was using and abusing the ‘Friendly-Fire’ system as much as possible. All while singing loudly and obnoxiously; it was a song without any rhyme or rhythm, but at least he had a decent melody…

“Loving you~, is like being anally raped by a tentacle~
It feels so good~, but it tears me up inside~
Your love is killing me~, literally~
Fortunately~, we’re immortal, so it’s fine~”

“Goblin pussy so tight, it makes me wanna fight~
That ass is so small, blood came out like a waterfall~
Oh God, that tentacle is bigger than my cock~
But at least I’m solid as a rock~”

Perhaps there was a little bit of rhyme involved, but at least improved his ability to Aggro in the process: “Taunt Level 4: After channeling mana into the vocal cords, the caster loudly curses and swears at the target, forcing them to blindly attack. Can also be used in conjunction with irritating poems or songs that were purposefully created to offend and disturb the caster’s enemies. Effectiveness depends on relative level. Potency is dependent on the Aura and Willpower stats.”

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    • Well, he doesn’t sing until way later, so maybe I’ll make a chapter like that eventually? I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Michael will sing again, and there will be slaughter lol


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