Chapter 109: The Instrument of Doom

Michael unequipped his Arcane Orb and Siegeblade, before finally sitting down at that crystalline piano. The skeletons were shambling around the house randomly, since they weren’t allowed to go outside and die pointlessly.

Talia yelled “Be careful! That instrument is incredibly dangerous!” but after he pressed on one of the foot-pedals, he nonchalantly played a few arpeggios. The sound was muffled severely, and the volume had been turned down to a reasonable degree.

He complained “Stop freaking out, for fuck’s sake… It’s just a piano.” When she ‘Scanned’ it again, she noticed that the description had changed dramatically.

It was originally written as: “Sonic Catastrophe Creator: An ancient weapon of mass destruction, which has been cleverly disguised as a beautiful crystalline grand piano. Depending on the Aura stat, level and rank, it is possible to cause hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteor showers, or solar flares. Created by the Goddess of Chaos for her daughter, Aqua. Legendary Quality, no level requirement.”

However, with nothing but the adjustment of a foot-pedal, it had change to: “Aqua’s First Piano: A beautiful, crystalline, grand piano, which once belonged to the Goddess Aqua. For eons, it had been safely kept in the Great Palace of Atlantis, on display for royalty and nobility to view. When a massive earthquake, combined with a terrible hurricane, ten tsunamis and a giant dragon fell from the heavens and destroyed the island, it was lost at the bottom of the ocean.

“It was later discovered by the Grand Mer Empire, and remained with them, until the seafloor split open all over their territory, and millions of demonic-beasts emerged. After several centuries, it was found by Human pirates, who sold it to the Archangel Azazel, who later went insane and was executed for heresy. The High-Elven Dominion managed to purchase the ‘Cursed Instrument’ for one-hundred thousand gold coins, from The Holy Umbra Nation. Millennia passed, before the Dominion was abruptly destroyed by a sea-monster named Goliath the Devourer.

“While playing, it is recommended that the pianist avoids altering the volume-control pedal. Epic Quality, no level requirement.” After reading all of that, Talia couldn’t help but cringe.

Michael unequipped the silver glove on his left hand, as he stood up and walked to the side of the crystal piano. He felt around for a few seconds and found a latch, which allowed him to open the lid up. A surprisingly sweet aroma emanated from the glowing green liquid, which was sloshing around inside in body of the instrument.

He sat back down and began playing a series of seemingly random arpeggio chords in D-minor using his left hand, while swiftly performing a melody with his right. Talia asked “How many years have you been practicing? You’re nearly as proficient as my father…”

After thinking for a few moments, he snickered, and told her “Well, it was around January when I started… so, I don’t know, six months or so? Hmmm~, it’s definitely a lot easier now that my Dexterity is double what it was as a Human. Plus, my hands are bigger as a Nephilim, which helps a bit. The Intelligence seems to influence my ability to remember songs, and my increased Perception allows my already near perfect pitch to reach the next level, hehehe~. Ah~, I’m really loving this world… even if I’ve experienced more disgusting and painful things in the past few days, than the rest of my entire life, but whatever. It’s definitely worth it!”

While he was speaking, a naked cat-girl came skipping out of the guest-room. Her only remaining breast was actually fairly large, and bounced awkwardly, as she ‘sang’ “Nyah~! Mew~, meow~, meow meow~, nyah-nah-nah~!”

Talia frowned, and quickly turned her face away from the horrible sight of that tiny scar-covered body. Jasmine sat next to the Nephilim, as he continued to play along to the harp that was a dozen meters to his right.

Eventually, Michael noticed something strange happening to the green water within the piano; it turned bright blue and bubbles started floating out of it, which emitted large amounts of light. When they popped, it created a sound similar to the note that had just been played.

Seeing that, the cat-girl stood up and jumped a few times while yelling “So~ pretty nyah~! Ah~, I wanna play too~! Teach me how to play~!” With her pressing against his left arm, and using all of her feeble strength to shake his body, his right foot twitched slightly… turning the volume to maximum.

Those two skeletons turned into dust, Jasmine abruptly exploded into a red mist, the High-Elf’s clothes burst into flames, before her flesh melted off, and the strange bright-blue water turned pitch-black. The putrid, inky liquid, began boiling, as it suddenly entered into Michael’s nostrils, mouth, ears and eyes at the same time.

He was alive for a whole ten seconds, before his body burst like a balloon, and all of that oily goop was splattered across the relatively empty living-room. Then it all began entering the piano again, along with the gooey remains of Talia, the powdered undead, and that crimson vapor.

A few seconds of awkward silence passed, before the Nephilim materialized. Michael muttered “What the actual fuck just happened? I guess it isn’t impossible to die in this house if you receive over a thousand damage per second, huh? Actually, I definitely saw like, ten-billion for the skele-cunts… Cat-Girl was like, nine-million, and Blondie was only hit for five thousand or so? Maybe it’s just random? Well, it could be based on Luck or Willpower though…”

He lost two silver as Kelsey and Roycerus were respawning, but when the bright greenish-blue bead appeared, it cost him fifty-one silver. Not only was Talia more expensive, but she also took eight and a half minutes, rather than the ten seconds it required for the first two to resurrect.

Fortunately, the damage seemed to be contained within the living-room, and Elina didn’t even wake up from all the noise. The strange attack hadn’t affected his Ancient Luxian Harp either, so he only lost a few coins in that disastrous ‘accident.’

Michael made sure to turn the volume all the way down and close the piano’s lid, before watching the beautiful High-Elf respawn at a relatively slow pace. The first things to form were obviously the bones; her skeleton was two-meters tall and made out of the same materials as most animals.

After that, came the skin, which looked very strange without a circulatory system, muscles or internal organs. However, from that point on, her body started to regain its normal shape. She was well toned, but very lean, and completely hairless except for her head.

“Damn it, this is making me really horny… Ugh, and Sarah’s still sleeping. Well, I can just use her tail. Hmmm, oh, looks like Blondie is almost done…” The two skeletons were aimlessly wandering around and trying to find something interesting to do, while Michael was talking to himself quietly.

When Talia opened her bright-green eyes, she muttered “Was that all a dream? No… it felt far too real.” before noticing the leering Nephilim. She screamed “Don’t look at me!” as she used her left arm and right hand to cover her genitals.

He snickered, before asking “Did you enjoy your first death?” However, she completely ignored his question and sprinted into her room, before closing the door behind her.

Before he left to go satisfy his sexual urges, Michael released the tiny cat-girl from his fourth Companion-slot. As the Nephilim vanished, Jasmine glanced down at her body, “Nyah~! W-w-what happened to meow!? Oh~, I remember meow… Umu~, no, those mean people can’t hurt me anymore. Un~, maybe I should’ve told Daddy I was gonna go to a friend’s house? Nyah~! I almost forgot! Little Lina’s here! Ahn~, I can smell her~, hehehehe~… but there’s something weird mixed in…”

She quickly ascended the wooden staircase, which led to the second floor. After sniffing the air a few times, she stared at the closed door that had bright light shining underneath.

When Jasmine entered the room, she immediately saw the ethereal, angelic woman, sprawled out on the most magnificent bed that she had ever seen before. Since the horribly scarred little-girl had a fairly high-leveled ‘Identification,’ she was easily able to recognize her ‘best-friend.’

As she slowly walked forwards, tears began falling from her yellow eyes, and her feet were dragging across the ground. Without hesitation, the crying Feline Dwarf crawled onto the fluffy mattress, and nuzzled against Elina’s bosom.

Those huge wings were folded behind the angelic woman’s back, as she laid on her side and unconsciously embraced that unreasonably small, one-meter tall body. She quietly murmured “Mn~, JJ~, you smell so nice~…” while opening her eyes slowly.

However, upon seeing that familiar, whimpering cat-girl, she muttered “Hmmm~, I keep having these weird dreams lately… Evolving, leveling really fast, killing Elites and even a Boss, receiving a book that was written by the Morning Star, fooling around with a strange man, and now my ex-girlfriend is sucking on my nipple.”

Then she noticed a message that she wasn’t awake for: “Blessing of Good Health Level 7: Resists Level-7 infectious diseases, illnesses and curses. Effectiveness will automatically double at the expense of mana, when exposed to Level-8 or higher infectious diseases, illnesses or curses.”

Her cough was gone, and her headache had disappeared, so she was feeling rather energetic. Thus, Elina was forced to realize: “Yep, this is real, Jasmine is really here, and she’s drinking milk from my… wait-wait-wait, why is there milk?! No, I can’t be pregnant, so maybe Angels can always produce milk? Ahn~, no, stop it, I need to get ahold of myself!”

40 thoughts on “Chapter 109: The Instrument of Doom

  1. Yup that ending really hit a number of my fetishes all in a few small paragraphs. Loli cat girl suckling the milk of a larger mature cat girl in a yuri manner is pure brain melting awesome, the only thing better would be if jasmine was a futanari and Elina was pregnant (note this is only in my sick and twisted fetishist view).

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    • LMFAO, well, who knows what the future holds!? Stranger shit has happened over the course of this story so far, and it will definitely get weirder in the future(If that’s even possible?) lol.


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