Chapter 110: A ‘Touching’ Reunion?

“Your booby-juice is so tasty nyah~!” After drinking a few ounces of glowing breast-milk, Jasmine looked up at the angelic woman’s face. “Meow~, when did you get so big, and skinny? Your freckles are gone, and you have fluffy wings! Un~, the last time I saw you~, bad things happened, and I was stupid, nyah~… I should have never… Ow~, my head hurts sometimes, when I try to remember things…”

Elina frowned, “JJ, how did you get here? Never-mind, there’s only one person who could bring you to me… and, he even made you one of our Companions…” She was about to start crying, as she thought about how many absurd things had happened to her in the past few days.

The tiny cat-girl grinned happily, exposing her surprisingly white and straight teeth: which had slightly long canines. She explained “Mikey was so~ cool! Nyah, he was super-scary at first though… Especially that weird tentacle-monster! But, but, but~, they fought this huge army and then we went to this white place, with awesome robots~, and, oh-oh-oh! Then they did naughty stuffs, and we came here, and I met this pretty old lady, and then we all died! It was scary nyah~!”

She nuzzled her face between the two relatively gigantic breasts for a few seconds, while purring loudly, and then continued “Mew~, he said if I became his Companions, I would be able to see you again… I needed to say sorry… for being so stupid~. I was being a baby and my mommy just died, so I said some mean things nyah~… Daddy didn’t know that we were, umm~, ow~, my head hurts~, a-hu-a-hu~. It keeps going thump-thump and, and I don’t remember what I was saying nyah~.”

It wasn’t until then that Elina finally realized that there was something seriously wrong with Jasmine. Not only could she see horrible whip-scars across her back, but even her adorable tail had been removed and was only a slightly furry nub. The angelic woman asked “W-what happened to you, JJ? Who did this to you?!”

If it was a fresh wound, she would have easily been able to fix it with ‘Flash-Heal,’ but scars were different. The Priestess didn’t possess any spells that were strong enough to regenerate lost limbs or restore skin to a pristine condition, and even respawning usually wouldn’t work if the injury was more than a few days old.

Jasmine looked into the Angel’s golden eyes, which were leaking silver tears, and revealed “Bad people nyah~… When we went to Daddy’s mommy’s house, she wasn’t there. Granny got arrested for selling drugs, meow~… but-but then the people she worked for, nyah~! They caught me, and-and, Daddy, they made him do bad things… like, kill people they didn’t like, nyah~. He didn’t wanna do it at first, so they would hurt me, and make him watch…”

At that point, Elina’s body was emitting a ferocious aura, that was causing the room’s temperature to rise dramatically. She grit her teeth tightly, while muttering “Goddess, forgive me…” because she felt true rage for the first time in her entire life. Perhaps it was also due to her reading Helel’s ‘diary,’ but her concept of what it meant to be a Priestess, had skewed slightly. Not only did she learn about barrier spells, but also a variety of deadly magical attacks.

The kitten snuggled up against the furious Angel’s body, “Hehehe~, I knew you still loved me, nyah~… but don’t worry, those bad people are all dead now. Un~, Little Chao-Chao made all the bad people go away. But, she’s really scary though, so you don’t wanna meet her… mew~.”

Hearing that the monsters who mutilated Jasmine were dead already, Elina felt her fury diminish rapidly, until only a sense of helplessness remained. Those scars obviously weren’t just on the outside, but even her mind seemed to be severely damaged.

As she tightly embraced that adorable girl, she sent out a ‘Whisper’ to Michael: “Before I thank you… I need to know ‘why’ you decided to bring JJ here? Don’t you dare say that it was to add her to your steadily growing harem!”

A hysterical laughter resounded in her mind, before he replied “Ya know~, it really has turned into a full-blown harem… Well, Inari is still a fox-kit, but who knows how that’ll turn out eventually? The next target on my list is a giant tyrannosaurus alchemy otaku, and number six might actually end up being the shy blonde Huntress who doesn’t even have a goddamn bow. Hmmm~, but it’s not like, just because they’re beautiful-slash-adorable females, I ‘have’ ta fuck em all, right? Hell, I am a little tempted by that giant lizard-girl though… Like, I could definitely do all kinds of crazy shit with a body that big. But~… don’t ya remember what I told you back then? Not sure if that broken brat can satisfy your desires or not, but I made her a Companion for you. By the way~, you still never gave me that blowjob~…”

Elina smiled, while giggling quietly and running her fingers through Jasmine’s long and wavy, black-hair. She ‘Whispered’ “Thank you, Michael, I… Wait a second! Did you abduct her from her home, without even letting her father know about it?!”

He just snickered obnoxiously, and promptly ‘hung-up’ on her. Normally, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, because even from four-hundred miles away, she could still contact her mother; however, there was a definite distance limit, and the Dwarven Republic was literally thousands of miles away.

After a few seconds, she ‘called’ him again, but he immediately complained “Damn it, I’m trying to masturbate! Well, I wonder if this is technically masturbation? I’m basically just using Sarah’s wormhole as a pocket-pussy… Hahaha~, I’m being ‘sucked’ into a wormhole, hahaha~! Ah, never-mind, you don’t get it… By the way~, I’ve been watching the two of you this whole time. Astral-Projection was definitely created for voyeurism, hehehe~. Hmmm~, can you spread your ass open for me, please?” However, that time, she hung-up on him and tried to forget everything that he just said.

Then she gazed down at the little girl suckling on her left teat, “JJ, you need to be careful around Michael and… um, the evil one, I can’t remember her name for some reason. They’re both depraved perverts, so you can’t let your guard down around them, or they might trick you into doing bad things…”

Jasmine giggled, as she started using her tongue to lap up the milk that was leaking from Elina’s right nipple. The Priestess moaned, before muttering “I really am a hypocrite, ahn~, not so rough~… Ow~! Don’t bite… hey, stop it JJ, Jasmine?! Oh Goddess, please grant me the power to save this child: Flash-Heal!”

The Feline Dwarf’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head, while dark-red blood was dripping out of her ears, nostrils, tear-ducts and mouth profusely. Her jaw was locking up, along with all of her muscles tightening, and finally, she began having a seizure.

Elina cried loudly, as she frantically tried out all of the healing spells that she knew how to cast, including a new one: “Light’s Embrace Level 1: Envelops the target and caster in a warm, comforting illumination, which alleviates mental and physical pain, while restoring small amounts of Health to both the target and caster. Must be in physical contact with the target to activate. Heals one Health per Aura, every second. Costs one mana per second.”

It was an incredibly useful spell, considering how much Michael usually ended up suffering, but unfortunately, it didn’t help the little girl. Her HP wasn’t dropping, since she was being healed constantly by the Player-House, but no matter what the Priestess did, the problem wasn’t being treated.

At that moment, when she finally ran out of mana, a completely naked and extremely aroused Nephilim suddenly appeared. He was kneeling on the bed, behind Jasmine’s back, and immediately placed his right hand onto her head.

“You’re just making the problem worse, now move away so I can try to fix her!” Michael shouted at the frantic cat-girl, as he nearly pushed her off the bed.

Grimacing, he utilized one of his first spells, and sent copious amounts of electricity into the little-girl’s brain. She immediately stopped seizing, and closed her eyes tightly, while biting her already bloody lower-lip.

Elina screamed “Stop hurting her!” as she attempted to push him away, but only received a painful shock, before her body went numb. It was a technique that didn’t require much mana, and wasn’t particularly powerful: even with his twenty-one points of Willpower.

However, since he was such a higher level than Jasmine, and he was even targeting her brain, it was way more than enough to kill her. Fortunately, they were inside of the Player-Home, and that was nearly impossible.

Michael sighed dramatically, as he used his wisp-form to peek inside of her head and stare at the target of his attack: a strange tumor. He complained “I fucking knew that there would be this kinda bullshit… Even if she dies, it won’t fix the problem, and you can’t cure something like this. The problem is that it’s a part of her actual body, so it’ll be healed along with the rest of her brain. Hmmm~, welp, this definitely isn’t working. It’s the same goddamn problem! I can fry it, but the house will automatically regenerate the cancer, along with the healthy tissue. It really doesn’t help that this thing is probably some sort of weird-ass chaotic curse…”

After that, he attempted to use ‘Telekinesis’ to remove it, but that only made the problem worse. Since she was already his Companion, he couldn’t tear her soul out and give her a new body, so he was running out of ideas. Elina quickly regained control of her body, and chased after Michael, who was heading towards his bedroom.

31 thoughts on “Chapter 110: A ‘Touching’ Reunion?

  1. They probably should call her Dad after they cure her chaotic cancer. Something like: “Hi! I’m Mike! You didn’t know me, or maybe you saw me killing that army the other day. So, I basically kidnapped your daughter. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on doing anything to her, though I can’t answer for my cat-bird-pet. Oh. And I cured your crazy offspring from an uncurable disease. Well, I assume it’s uncurable, because you didn’t even detect it with all the crazy ass mago-tech you got down there. And I’m not speaking about magic dildo up your small dwarf ass. Anyway. I’ve got JJ and I won’t plan on letting her go. Why don’t you come and take her back if you can! *Evil laugther*” The he hungs up.

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  2. Also glad to see your stlll around. Saw your post on japtem the other day and was going to read your 5 chapters before sleep. I think I only got like 4-5 hours sleep that night and the next 2 after that…. Loved immortal soul and this even more, keep it up. Would definitely donate if I wasn’t a university student atm.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter and i’m all for making JJ “normal” or at least have her somewhat aware (trying to look for the right word but failing miserably) oh and yuri for the win 😉

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      • Well, The Dwarven Republic has relatively advanced technology and culture, so of course they have illegal drugs as well. Who knows, maybe they’re magical drugs that don’t just make people think that they can fly? lol


      • Now that you mention it, alchemy and potion making in fantasy worlds would have tons of side effects, especially since the best they could extract would be a few oils, other than that they have tons of mixtures of compounds.
        >Magical fantasy world. NOPE. Just poorly made drugs.

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      • Depends, the Elves probably make the best magical drugs lol. Dwarves probably mix like bath salts with crystal meth and then pour it into some ale roflmao.


      • Nah, the dwarves use heavy metals and live underground in their shroom farms.
        The elves, well. They just lick bark, toads, don’t eat meat because of addiction, so they’re all skinny, but tall due to the protein…

        Wow. a realistic “magical” world, without much comedy would be a pretty fun read.

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