Chapter 108: New Residents

“Kelsey, Level-1 Human Skeleton, Rank-G,” and “Roycerus, Level-1 Human Skeleton, Rank-G,” had just be reborn… as undead. Given that they couldn’t physically speak, Michael wasn’t able to communicate with them verbally.

Fortunately, he was able to ‘Whisper’ them, if he really wanted to talk. Before any of that though, he was getting space-sick and wanted to leave that strange cubic room.

Michael reached out his hands and grabbed the rib-cages of both disoriented skeletons, and attempted to use Astral-Step to carry all three of them at the same time. The result was fairly obvious: He couldn’t even activate the spell.

Thus, he yelled “Let me take you out of this place!” as he continued trying to imprison them. After a few seconds, he shouted “If you don’t stop resisting, I’ll tear your souls out and pick two replacements!”

Once they ‘heard’ that telepathic threat, they obediently vanished into thin air. Then he quickly teleported into his living-room, and heard the sound of a beautiful angelic harp being played: Along with a high-pitched and out of key voice, singing “Meow~ meow-meow~, nyah~, nya-nya-nya~, nyah~, meow~!”

When he saw the frowning High-Elf, and the overly-enthusiastic black-haired cat-girl, he grimaced. “No! Stop that! Bad kitty! I don’t give a damn if you refuse to use people words, but learn how to stop being tone-deaf first!” It was something that Talia had wanted to say, but obviously wouldn’t. Michael didn’t even seem to care that the little-girl started crying obnoxiously loud, after being cruely scolded.

Talia stared at his glove, pants and shoes for a few moments, before asking “How did you get those… Epic Quality items?” She knew that Bosses could drop them, but it was hard for her to believe that he had managed to actually kill one.

However, before he could even respond, Jasmine stood-up off of the floor and explained “Mikey is super-duper strong, nyah~! When he enters his OP-mode, huge fluffy wings grow out of his back, and a shiny golden halo floats above his head, his eyes turn golden too! Meow~, he’s really handsome when he’s all sparkly, but the best part is his shiny silver hair… Mew~, he flew down into a huge~ army of ugly green monsters, like woosh~! Then he swung around his giant sword of awesomeness! Hehehehehe~, those dirty poopy-heads kept kaploding all over him, but he just kept singing and dancing~, and killing! Hahahahaha~, there was so much blood, and guts, and death! Grah!”

At that point, her cheerful smile had turned into sinister sneer, as her yellow eyes turned orange and her voice became surprisingly deep: “As countless explosions were surrounding him, rawl~, he plunged into their ranks… Using the bodies of his enemies as meat-shields, and tricking their own leaders into enraging, grawl~! The gigantic Boss slaughtered thousands of his own soldiers, hahahaha~! Then he went with the black one, all the way back, into their tender~ flank, and massacred everyone!”

Michael grabbed his Arcane Orb with his right hand and pitched it as hard as he could, into the little-girl’s left temple. There was no magical damage, and it quickly bounced back into his palm, but her body was flung across the room, into the wall.

A few ribs and an arm were broken, but under the effects of the Player-Home, they healed instantly. However, when she stood-up as if nothing had ever happened, her eyes were yellow again.

She tilted her head to the side and asked “Nyah~, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah~! So, after the big Boss-Battle, we were all taken to this weird place, filled with awesome robots! Mikey bought a bunch of cool stuff from them! Like, all of those amazing transforming ultra-powerful gears, meow~! Then, and then… Mikey did a bad thing to Mahou Shoujo Kuro-chan… He said not to copy him, cause it wouldn’t feel good and I would die! But, but, even though he put his pee-pee in her pooter, and lots of nasty goop was flooding out, even though she kept screaming, he wouldn’t stop breaking her coochie~!”

Talia gagged a few times, before glaring at Michael, “You actually did such things in front of this child?! Ah, wait, is what she said true? You fought in some sort of battle and were summoned by the Goddesses to be rewarded for your achievements?”

He replied “Wait, doesn’t pooter mean ass? Cause I definitely didn’t do that, we were just having ‘regular’ sex… Well, she did shove her tail up my ass, and there was a ton of blood, but it wasn’t nearly as gory or painful as it used to be. Anyway~, yeah, I bought the Epics from these crazy-overpowered Vendors. Hmmm~, I got a whole set of gear for that adorable bitch, plus a Legendary weapon and some other stuff. Well, it’s only level-ten shit, so it’s not that amazing. Although, it seems like the stats on Epics are three times that of Rares, and Legendaries are three times better than Epics. At least, that’s what it seems like, but I have no idea what the actual formula is for that kinda nonsense.”

Then he pointed towards a door on the northern side of the room, “Oi, Crazy-Cat, you can put your backpack and other shit in there. From now on, that place belongs to you, so ya have to take care of it, okay?”

Jasmine saluted him, and said “Yes sir! Nyah~, it’s so~ huge~! Hmmm~, it’s a good thing I packed up all my stuffs~…” as she skipped happily into her new room.

Talia was still playing the harp, as she wondered “If I became his Companion… Would I be able to ‘buy’ a full set of Epic Quality equipment?”

Michael told her “I only have two spots left, and one of them is going to a giant lizard-girl. Well, don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think you would be willing to do… Ah, I’m not talking about sex. It’s just that, you don’t really strike me as the type who would ‘fit-in.’ I mean, you probably don’t even masturbate, and if you can’t kill people, how the hell would you be able to DPS for me?”

She shouted “I have ‘killed’ before… I’ve even been part of a hunting expedition, which successfully defeated a Boss! Just because I’ve vowed never to ‘murder,’ doesn’t mean that I can’t fight in a battlefield… I’m sure that I wouldn’t enjoy it, the way that you people seem to, but I can certainly carry my own weight!”

After a few seconds, he smirked, “Well~, maybe you will be number six? Who knows~? Hehehehe~, but for now, it’s time to introduce the two newest members of our weird-ass community!”

A pair of nearly identical Human Skeletons appeared before him; one of them was named Kelsey and the other was Roycerus. Talia grimaced, “You… what have you done? Creating mindless golems is one thing, but this… You’ve actually trapped souls within those corpses?”

Michael sighed dramatically, as the two undead newborns began unsteadily trying to grow accustomed to their new forms. Their original bodies were hastily created for the sole purpose of becoming disposable soldiers; even if they had managed to survive or escape, within a few months, they would have died from old age. Their minds were less than three days old, yet, they had a stronger survival instinct than any of those other souls.

They clattered their jaws occasionally, and continuously looked around at everything. He proudly explained “I’m a Summoner; this is what I do. Besides, I didn’t force or trick them… If you ever go upstairs, be careful of the black-orb. Inside of there, is where I keep my rapidly growing collection of random souls. I mean, you can go in there if you want, but I have no idea how to get out, aside from teleportation. Anyway~, I’m pretty sure that at the highest levels of this Profession, I’ll be able to do all kinds of crazy shit. Like, I’ll probably be able to completely resurrect a person with nothing but their soul; essentially, what the Goddesses have been doing for me… So basically, isn’t this the same Profession that they have? Or at least, it’s probably the one that Arcana specializes in.”

Talia suddenly realized something rather significant: “Are you an Otherworlder? I though that it was just a legend… No, everything makes much more sense to me now. Every century or so, there are rumors of undying Humans, but they usually disappear before any real investigation can be done. No wonder the Grand-Matriarch was so intent on finding you…”

While she was talking, Kelsey walked over to the back door and managed to open it. Since it was the middle of the day, as soon as she took a few steps outside, her bones burst into flames and she died. Michael shouted “Oi, what the fuck are you idiots doing!? Do you have any goddamn idea how much time and effort it took to make those things?!”

However, after it was nothing but dust, a mana-core suddenly appeared, floating in the middle of his living-room. From that, a Human Skeleton was rapidly being recreated, but he quickly ran over to the door and closed it.

When he saw the reforming body, with the soul still attached, he muttered “Huh, so I guess this means that as long as one of the ‘Residents’ dies within my territory, they’ll be respawned here? Hmmm~, wait a second, damn it!”

A message appeared: “Resident number fourteen, Kelsey, has died. Automatic Respawn is in progress… deducting one silver from the Player’s account. Restoration Complete.”

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    • There have been triple releases and even quadruple releases in the past, but I’ve really been slacking in my writing speed so I can’t afford to do that for a while lol. Unless I manage to pull ahead of the current chapters by 30, then I won’t do more than 2 in a day… regardless of cliffhangers lol.


  1. Thanks for your efforts in writing this series!

    It’s great having a genuinely OP mc do what he likes… These battlegrounds are the coolest addition I’ve seen yet!

    Question, what are you planning to have set bonuses be? Or are there no low level sets for the mc at all yet?

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    • Rather than set bonuses, I’ve decided to go with achievements? Like how Sarah got a title/passive/spell for collecting and wearing all the pieces of her set, while being at the appropriate level :). Thus, even after you move on from the set, you still get the rewards from collecting it back when it was hard to collect? lol


      • Ah, that reminds me of something I’ve played before! Vindictus~

        I wonder how crazy the titles will get, considering these are all ‘nooby’ things… haha.

        Can’t wait for MC to punch open a mountain or something~

        Seriously, loving this dude. Please, keep it up!

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      • On the subject of strength/stats in general…

        I remember ‘3’ strength being called something like ‘strong but still within the range of human’. Would ‘6’ be exactly double the strength of ‘3’ or is it a sort of logarithmic scaling?

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      • No idea what that word means, but maybe? lol It depends on the person or creature’s body though. 3 Strength on a Human, is pretty good. A giant Dragon with 3 Strength, would probably be a lot ‘stronger’ because they have more leverage and a larger frame. However, their attack rating from strength would still be 15, so… yeah, it’s unlikely that a giant dragon would only have 3 strength rofl. Also, most creatures aren’t created equal either. Some of them are born with way higher stats than others, but almost all of them start at lvl 0 and unranked.


      • Logarithmic as in, as you get more of it there is less of an absolute difference in effectiveness. Like the difference from 3 to 4 being smaller than 2 to 3, and so on.

        A dragon with 3 strength. Rofl, reminds me of the ice dragon from Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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      • Lmao, yeah, certain aspects balance out. If a six-foot tall Human man with a large, muscular build weighed 250 pounds with 3 Strength/Vitality/Endurance and 3 Agility; they would still weigh the same if they had 3000 of each. But, if they had 300 Agility and 3 Strength/Vitality/Endurance(That would never happen btw lol) then they would essentially be weightless without even using any kind of spells. They might have a weight, but it would be similar to a speck of dust lol and given their size, they would be super buoyant and probably float around unless they had some kinda technique to counter-act their situation. Like, it’d be hard for Sarah to even walk in her gear, if she didn’t have the boots. Every step would have enough force to make her fly up into the air lol. Well, that also has to do with her Strength being absurdly high for her physical stature.

        Stats from gear and base stats are different as well rofl.


  2. TY for chapter

    > I can draw/paint your characters for you, just describe in detail how you want each character portrayed (clothes, hair style/color, ect). Please put all the info in one place and I’ll post the pic when i’m done, may take a while (few weeks to months), i’m starting school in a few days.

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  3. I didn’t notice it before but I can see that your random tags keep increasing. lol.
    Also, won’t Michael have to buy Kitty a workbench for her profession? Also one for Sarah too if there is one?
    Thanks for the chapter~


  4. thanks for the chapter ..
    your story and your MC is unique and it’s awesome in its own way, that’s why keep up the good work 😀
    – – – –
    just that i’m kinda worried the story will be messed up for me when other players came to this world
    since i want him to be the only player ..
    that’s why so long as that didn’t/won’t happen then CHEERS!! BANZAI!!

    just hoping it won’t happen as it would be the sign for me and my friends to stop reading..
    cause for me having other players in this world aside from the MC will just mess the fun/awesome feeling i had every time i read this story..
    i don’t know about others but for us the story is awesome as it is,
    no need for other annoying players the MC being the only player is enough ..

    above all else thanks again as this doesn’t disappoint but give good vibes in it’s own way :))

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