Chapter 107: The MC Is a Hoarder

As three beams of blinding light descended upon Michael’s roof, three people suddenly materialized in his living-room. One was a Nephilim wearing a white tank-top and jeans, the other was a tiny cat-girl who had horrible color-coordination, and the third was a four-foot tall monster.

Coincidentally, there had already been someone else in the room at the moment they appeared. When Talia saw that seemingly undead, obsidian woman, she immediately activated her max-level ‘Identification.’

She still made a quiet “Meep.” noise when they materialized, but quickly managed to calm herself down. Her own Willpower was high enough to resist the influence of Sarah’s terrifying Charisma. Of course, the level difference was also fairly high, so she wouldn’t be terrified like a certain Gunslinger was.

Michael yelled “Shit-cunt! I forgot to buy that rank-F mana-core… Well, whatever, it’s not a big deal. Hmmm, before anything else, I need to go ‘store’ these souls. Oi, Crazy Cat-Girl, the bathrooms over there… Ugh, hurry up damn it! Don’t get piss on my floor! Greenie! Throw this brat into the nuclear shower! Unless you wanna have ta clean up her mess?” as he grabbed Jasmine’s backpack and threw her into the High-Elf’s arms.

Talia complained “I’m not your maid! Anyway, where did you go? Did you kidnap this girl?! More importantly, that… no, fine, I’ll go take care of this child.” Her ‘Scan’ quickly covered both the Dark-Goblin and Nephilim, revealing something that she refused to believe. Not only did they have an absurd amount of Epics, Sarah even had a Legendary weapon sheathed behind her back. When she saw the damage that it could deal, she felt as if her mind had become numb.

It wasn’t that the Huntress was a particularly greedy person, but anyone who is able to get ahold of such amazing equipment… Well, she had made her decision to stick around for a bit longer. Even if her mission had been mostly accomplished, it was still a bit dangerous to try returning home on her own.

There were flintlock-pistols holstered on Jasmine’s sides, which slightly concerned the High-Elf. Considering how childish that Feline Dwarf was acting, she thought it was incredibly dangerous for her to have any kind of weapon. However, with a quick ‘Identification,’ she realized that her actual age was twenty-nine, and also read some fairly disturbing information about that ‘innocent’ cat-girl. Jasmine complained “Wah~, put me down nyah~! I can walk on my own~! Meow~!” while trying to squirm out of the woman’s incredibly powerful grip.

Once the two of them had entered the bathroom, Michael checked his contacts and saw that Elina was sleeping. Then he turned to Sarah, “Go downstairs and pick-up your skull-fuckers; bring em upstairs, I’ll wait for you in that crazy-ass room with the glass door.” before vanishing into thin air.

She yelled “Don’t order me around, asshole!” as she Shadow-Stepped into the basement. Her body was so incredibly light, that without the seemingly adhesive properties of her boots, she wouldn’t have been able to stay grounded.

For such a small frame, having twenty-five Strength was simply absurd; rather than sprinting, it was more like she was soaring with each stride. Even if she was a ‘glass-cannon,’ her speed was high enough to make-up for that. Of course, if she was caught by an unavoidable magical attack, like ‘Arcane Bolt,’ then there wouldn’t have been much she could do.

After reaching the two skeletons, she sighed dramatically, because they couldn’t even run. Thus, she simply commanded “Go find Michael!” before testing the limits to her new stats.

Jumping at full-power directly upwards, she reached a height of one-hundred meters, before she finally stopped soaring; then she activated ‘Shadow-Step’ to its maximum distance of ninety-three meters. Traveling upwards, into the dark and freezing clouds above her, before utilizing it again, to teleport down.

However, she noticed something that she had never needed to worry about before: Stamina consumption. Her normal teleportation distance wasn’t usually her ‘maximum,’ and she didn’t have the possibility of utilizing the spell three or four times in quick succession.

Sarah shouted “Arg! What the hell is this bullshit?!” as she Shadow-Stepped a seventh time, and nearly blacked-out. Even though she was falling towards the frozen ground, she wasn’t particularly worried about it. With forty-five Defense Rating, it was difficult to receive any damage, given how small her momentum was: even at terminal velocity.

Yet, when she landed, her body collapsed and she lost consciousness. Around that time, Michael was standing next to the giant, pitch-black orb, and using his Arcane Siegeblade to prevent himself from being sucked inside. He heard a loud shrieking noise, accompanied by a “Wah~, so scary~ nyah~!” and a few seconds later, the two skeletons entered the room on their own.

He muttered “Dafuck is that bitch doing down there? She’s sleeping… ugh, whatever, I don’t care anymore. Okay~, go into the mysterious sphere of doom my little boners~.” It wasn’t as if the two golems were Soulbound to Sarah, so they essentially listened to whoever was exerting their aura on them at the time.

Of course, even if he didn’t tell them to, they were still getting sucked into the orb either way. Once they were inside, he closed and locked the door, before entering as well.

There were five tiny green wisps floating around in the cubic white-room, along with a Nephilim and two Human Skeletons. He didn’t bother with activating his wings or ‘Lightening,’ because he could simply ‘Astral-Step’ if he needed to move.

Michael wondered “What the hell am I gonna do with all these bastards?” as nearly twenty-thousand wisps erupted from his forehead. Some of them were bigger than others, and every single one had a name. However, not all of them had levels, Classes, or Professions.

A huge grin emerged on his face, as he noticed the one named ‘Simon the Impaler.’ It wasn’t just the souls of enemies either; even those fifty-odd Feline Dwarves who died had been absorbed into his mana-core in an attempt to raise his Summoning level. Unfortunately, it seemed that aside from unlocking the Profession, he needed to actually insert those souls into vessels, if he wanted to become better at the job.

As he was floating around randomly, he shouted “Oi, are any of you bitches awake?! I ain’t gonna try to convince ya, cause there’s no fucking point! If you wanna be resurrected, then first come, first served! Doesn’t matter if ya were a douche-bag High-Orc general, a random Goblin granny, or an adorable cat-girl in your previous life; I honestly don’t give a shit!”

His mana surged outwards, along with his voice, and managed to envelop the entire space for a few moments. Similar to the Necropolis assisted Darkness, his Arcane aura was dramatically amplified within that strange gravity-less room.

In an instant, almost all of the wisps had transformed into illusory humanoid forms. Aside from the giant High-Orc, there were a handful of Ogres, close to a thousand Imps and so many Goblins, Hobgoblins and regular Orcs that he complained “Ugh, maybe I should’ve just picked two at random?”

It was fairly obvious, but Simon and his closest subordinates weren’t interested in the offer, and immediately went back into hibernation. After that, the majority of souls had also returned to wisp form, leaving behind a few thousand which frantically charged towards the two vessels.

Michael started laughing hysterically as he wondered “Isn’t this kinda like what happens when a bunch of sperm cells are trying to reach the egg first?” Even though they weren’t physical beings, the ones with the strongest innate willpower and desire for life were able to actually push the others out of the way.

None of them seemed to be able to communicate, though they could apparently understand his words or intentions to a certain extent. In the end, the victors were surprisingly two unranked, level-zero, Classless, and Profession-less former-Goblins.

Once they had reached the mana-cores, they weren’t able to enter on their own, but they viciously fought against the constant tide of desperate souls. After ten minutes of holding their position, Michael yelled “Alright, time’s up! The winner of shitty-skeleton number one~, is Kelsey! The second winner is umm~, I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing this right… Royceuris? No-no, that can’t be it… Roy Sirus? Fuck it, you’re just Roy from now on! Congratulations on your new undead existences!” as he used his aura to force everyone into a wisp-state.

Then, it wasn’t actually that complicated. First, he sucked the two green orbs into his forehead; after that, he just grabbed the proper skull and forced it inside. The moment he created a new ‘life,’ Michael received a notification: “Summoner Level 2: Capable of absorbing the souls of the dead, and can temporarily store them within their own mana-core. Able to place those souls into new, rank-G vessels, under level-ten. All Passives and Spells will be lost and no stats may be carried over from their previous form.”

9 thoughts on “Chapter 107: The MC Is a Hoarder

  1. It sounds pretty absurd that they lose all their spells. I can get base-stats, but spells and skills? Aren’t they just getting their entire brain bleached, then? What about their memories, their personalities?

    Learning spells isn’t just about getting a level up from the goddesses, it’s also about having comprehension in the field.
    The same issue always bothered me with amnesiac characters, whom forgot basically everything, other than language. Forgot how to use the toilet, how to cloth themselves…But they can do math, writing and have enough social skills to know what “common sense” is.
    Seems pretty selective, but I guess this IS a game-world. You sneaky bastard. y;

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  2. thanks for the chapter ..
    your story and your MC is unique and it’s awesome in its own way, that’s why keep up the good work 😀
    – – – –
    just that i’m kinda worried the story will be messed up for me when other players came to this world
    since i want him to be the only player ..
    that’s why so long as that didn’t/won’t happen then CHEERS!! BANZAI!!

    just hoping it won’t happen as it would be the sign for me and my friends to stop reading..
    cause for me having other players in this world aside from the MC will just mess the fun/awesome feeling i had every time i read this story..
    i don’t know about others but for us the story is awesome as it is,
    no need for other annoying players the MC being the only player is enough ..

    above all else thanks again as this doesn’t disappoint but give good vibes in it’s own way :))

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