Chapter 106: The MC Is Forgetful

“Fucking hell! You’re so broken right now… Ugh, shit, stop it, why won’t my penis listen to me?! This Charisma nonsense is really pissing me off! You don’t even look any different from before, but all these weird scents, and… I don’t even. I can’t, my brain doesn’t care anymore. We need to have sex like, three or four times, so I can finish whatever I was trying to do before…” Michael was staring at the mesmerizing Dark-Goblin, as she was ‘reading’ her status-screen.

[Companion Information

Name: Sarah
Titles: The Tree-Hater, Of the Eternal Darkness, The Necrophiliac, The Daughter of Umbra, The Shadowy Temptress
Level: 10
Experience: 46/100
Age: Adult
Race: Dark-Goblin
Rank: E
Class: Shadow
Specialization: Stealth, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Necromancer Level 1]


Health: 60/60
Mana: 125/125
Stamina: 30/30
Mana Regen per minute: 250
Health Regen per hour: 60

Strength: 4(+21)
Vitality: 3(+3)
Endurance: 3(+3)
Dexterity: 4(+34)
Agility: 10(+83)
Intelligence: 4(+22)
Wisdom: 3(+22)
Perception: 5(+21)
Charisma: 3(+39)

Willpower: 18(+9)
Luck: 16(+6)
Aura: 15

Attack Rating: 125(+450/150)
Defense Rating: 3(+42)]


Immune System Boost Level 5: Resists Level five infectious diseases and illnesses.

Superior Regeneration Level 3: Organs and bones that have been lost, can be completely regenerated. Recovery speed is dependent on the amount of mana consumed.

Cutaneous Respiration Level 3: Able to absorb oxygen through the skin, as long as it’s properly hydrated. Effectiveness is dependent on Vitality.

Extreme Elasticity Level 1: Skin and muscles become much more flexible, depending on the Agility stat.

Darkness Affinity Level 6: Dark environments increase the speed of health and mana recovery. Increases damage to enemies with Light Affinity by 60%.

Body of Darkness Level 2: Completely breaks down waste in the large intestines and bladder, transforming it into mana, which is used to satiate hunger. When Stamina becomes dangerously low, mana is consumed to slowly replenish it. The Aura stat determines the rate of decomposition.

Umbra’s Blessing of Lust Level 3: Satisfying your carnal desires upon the remains of a man or woman who you’re sexually attracted to, will increase your Aura by three point per level of the corpse. Fornicating violently with a Companion who you’re sexually attracted to, will increase the Aura stat depending on the ferocity and cruelty involved.

Aura of Darkness Level 2: Killing enemies of the Light Attribute will increase the Aura stat by 2% of their level.

Icy Aura Level 1: Raises internal body-heat, while reducing the temperature outside of the skin; frost-damage increases by 10%.

Dagger Mastery Level 5: Increases Attack Rating while wielding knives, short-swords, and daggers by 25%.]



Shadow-Step Level 4: Teleports into the target’s shadow. Range is dependent on Agility. Costs ten mana-points to activate.

Shadow-Cloak Level 3: Creates a shroud of darkness around the caster and all allies within range. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs one mana-point per second.

Devouring Shadow Level 2: The caster uses their aura to envelop organic material in Darkness mana and slowly consume it. Health and Stamina are replenished depending on the quality and quantity of ‘food’ that has been devoured. Can be used on living organisms that have less than 20% of the caster’s Aura stat. Costs two mana per second. Speed of consumption is based on the Aura stat.


Hate-Strike Level 3: Channels Dark-Mana into the caster’s weapons, polluting the enemy’s body and soul with destructive energy. Damage is dependent on the Aura stat. Twice as effective on enemies of the Light affinity. Costs five mana per second.


Frost Nova Level 1: The caster releases their aura in every direction, and freezes or chills all enemies within five meters. Deals one point of frost damage for every point of Aura. Costs ten mana points.]

Sarah grumbled “Shitty Ogre-cunt, why the fuck do these numbers have ta be so Goddess-damn complicated?! Rah~! I can kinda read it, but it feels like my heads gonna explode from lookin at it too hard… Damn it, I don’t wanna think anymore!” When her stats were all in the single-digits, she was already having a difficult time comprehending them, but with all of the mysterious plus signs, and parentheses, the little girl was completely confused.

As she unequipped all of her ‘gear,’ her obsidian skin was covered with a variety of different azure tattoos, which matched the hue of her genitals, lips and irises. Most notable, was the huge elaborate design on her back; it was in the shape of two blue snakes, that constantly moved around, and tried to kill each-other.

Once her clothes had come off, her ridiculous forty-two points of Charisma had dropped down to three. Of course, Michael still thought that she was beautiful. Considering that he wasn’t able to satisfy his desires before the Boss-fight, he didn’t even care that there were eight goddess-like golems staring at them.

All of his clothing had vanished or turned into marks on his skin, and he even unequipped his two weapons, because they were distracting. Just when the two of them were about to start violently copulating, a certain little cat-girl complained “I’m so~ bored, nyah~! I wanna go do something fun, meow~! When are you gonna take me to go see Little Lina~?”

Sarah yelled “Fuck off, ya stupid bitch!” and then Jasmine plopped down onto the ground, next to them.

She grimaced for a few seconds, before crying “Wah~! The ugly monster was mean to me, nyah~! Mikey~! Stop ignoring me~! No~, don’t put your pee-pee in that dirty girl’s coochie~! Meow~, there’s so much pretty purple goo coming out~! Ah~, it’s scary nyah~, why are you doing that~?!”

Michael sighed dramatically, as he looked over at the confused woman, “Listen, if you shut up until we’re done, I’ll buy you a nice rank-F mana-core that you can evolve with, okay? Just give me like… three minutes, maybe four and a half. Oh, and don’t copy what we’re about to do, cause it definitely won’t feel good and you’ll probably die. Remember kids, the cervix is the danger-zone, that’s where the tiny worms of pure hatred are waiting to slither up your dick-hole… Also, as a side-note, anal stimulation can feel amazing if you aren’t using a tentacle, covered in sharp, poisonous barbs. No! Bad kitty, shoo~, go play over there somewhere and stop poking me in the face with your ears! Ah, damn it, gah, there’s cat-hair in my eye~!”

The Goblin-girl screamed “Why are you still talking?! Shut the fuck up!” as her pitch-black aura enveloped the two of them, and made it impossible for the curious cat-girl to approach.

Jasmine complained “No fair~! I wanna play too~! Nya~ hah~ hah~, meow~, mew~, nyah~!” and eventually just tapered off into random noises, as she stood up and dejectedly wandered off into the distance. Of course, the pure-white room was only a square kilometer, and the floor was completely level, so even if she was a hundred miles away, it would have still been easy to see her.

Once Sarah and Michael were finished satisfying their urges, the two of them got up and put their ‘clothes’ back on. The Nephilim looked like he was just wearing jeans, a tank-top, and what seemed like sneakers: all of which were glowing and pure-white. There was a silver glove on his left hand, and a glowing die floating around behind his head. His giant sword and relatively small Arcane Orb were both hovering a few meters above him, and were technically in the ‘equipped’ state.

As the obsidian-skinned girl began making her armor appear, she actually activated all of it. Her skirt had transformed into a thin layer of black cloth, which tightly clung to her legs and even enveloped her tail. On her thighs, shins, and even her waist, there were pieces of thick, but flexible, leather; a belt also appeared, that had several small pockets.

Michael exclaimed “Mahou Shoujo Kuro-chan has finally made her appearance!”

Sarah glared at him, as if he were an idiot, but Jasmine immediately ran over and yelled “Nyah~! It’s so~ cool~! I wanna be a magical-girl too~! Meow~, I would be Mahou Shoujo Pink! Wah~, buy me things too~!”

The cape that had ran down to her ankles before, suddenly split apart into six shadowy tentacles, which were attached to the back of her head. Her silver hair had become completely obscured by those pitch-black tendrils, that weightlessly floated around and never stopped moving. An obsidian skull-mask was covering her face, and only her cold, blue, glowing irises could be seen clearly. Ominous fumes were released from her skeletal mouth with every breath that she exhaled; fortunately, it was designed to only target ‘enemies,’ or her two Companions would have been suffering quite a bit.

Those mesh sleeves had become the same shade as the rest of her equipment, losing their beautiful azure luster and transforming into what looked like ebony bones, clad in an aura of darkness. That corset had changed from cloth, into thin leather, along with the shoulder-pads which were connected to it.

The Shadow of Death appeared in the shape of a tanto, which she sheathed across the back of her new belt; the Dagger of the Undead Serpent, turned into a small snake and coiled around her left skeletal forearm. Then the Shuriken of Frigid Darkness was stored in the form of freezing cold gasses that orbited her body constantly.

Sarah started snickering, before gazing into the terrified cat-girl’s yellow eyes and asking “Why the fuck should we buy you anything? Ya aren’t even level ten yet, so ya can’t wear it anyway. So, how do I look, bastard?”

Michael smiled warmly at her, “You’re definitely a total badass-motherfucker now, but I still think you’re adorable~, hahaha~! Welp, we’ve screwed around in here, literally and metaphorically, for long enough. Send us home please! Whichever one of you is responsible for that…”

70 thoughts on “Chapter 106: The MC Is Forgetful

  1. The cursing become ridiculous and it seem like everytime the MC speak, there always some cursing in the dialog and same also go for Sarah. I’m going lie, it’s becoming very annoying to read. I don’t understand why you make your MC and other characters curse so much? I mean from the beginning of this story, the MC react to thing normally and didn’t feel the need to curse at them but now when he forgot or react to something, he’s just curse at them and it make the dialog feel ridiculous.


    • It’s been like this the entire time lol. Michael and Sarah don’t ‘always’ curse, but they do most of the time. It’s just the way they speak, especially in ‘tense’ situations. To be completely honest, I feel like they don’t curse enough a lot of times… At least, compared to people I know, saying fuck multiple times in a sentence would be rather normal. However, I have OCD so I try to keep from writing the same word multiple times within several paragraphs.


  2. Just read this story in one day and I liked it! The beginning especially pulled me in, seriously good start (As expected of you). However as someone who has everything fresh in his mind atm I need to say that the more recent chapters have been far too focused on the sex, he has hardly got any shit done lately! Well the current battle made up for it but his original mindset has kind of changed as well, I mean in the start he didn’t want anything to do with humanity and just focused on fucking up monsters but now it is kinda like he has sex and works on his house, every so often he will go hunting. I don’t hate it and I am sure you know well better than I do, I just wanted to point it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, he wanted to avoid people cause he knew that as soon as he went to town, he’d be spammed with drama and quests etc. But~, he also realized something rather important. He can’t survive without porn lmfao. Also, why masturbate when you can have sex? Why sleep on fucking dirt and rocks, if you can buy a goddamn house and live with a relatively high level of comfort? Anyway, if he didn’t die so often, he wouldn’t be able to survive in that kinda environment lmfao. Also, the Goddesses obviously didn’t summon him into the world, just to watch him struggle to strangle rabbits to death with his bare hands for years :P.


  3. At this rate, isn’t the MC becoming extremely UP rather than OP? Sarah is both extremely fast and extremely strong, as well as having teleportation techniques like apparently everyone else. It would take no effort whatsoever for her to kill the mc over and over and over, despite him being “tanky.” Meanwhile, The MC is far too slow to possibly hit any competent speed-based enemy. He has a lot of strength, but in a world of glass canons, more strength is only useful for being strong enough to carry his own 600lbs fat ass. The only real “OP” ability he has is his immortality, which isn’t even going to be unique when new players show up. As I see it, once the first speed-based player catches up to him in level and rank, he won’t even have a fighting chance.


    • More like 700+ with the new stats lol, well, when ‘Lightening’ reaches level-10 wouldn’t he be able to reduce his weight by 100% either way? lol Also, weight is important for leverage, and being light is only good if you’re trying to increase your speed or fly :P. Besides that, if Sarah meets an enemy who’s faster than her or can block her teleportation, then wouldn’t she be helplessly killed? On the other hand, the MC is becoming Tanky because without a proper Tank, everyone will just die instantly and the healers won’t even be able to do anything lol. In that fight against the High-Orc, if he wasn’t there, the Boss would have just 1 shot the Dwarf Boss, then went on to kill everyone else one at a time. Being a glass-cannon is fine, as long as you have a Tank… otherwise it would just be like every xianxia ever, and everyone would just die instantly the moment they meet someone stronger than them rofl.


      • Yeah, but he’s not really a tank if Sarah can kill him in 1 hit too. There’s no point in tankyness if you can’t even survive a few hits.


      • If he had a full set of epic tank gear and a legendary tank weapon or shield, then even with her current gear, she wouldn’t be able to deal much damage to him lol.


    • Not everyone curses, the MC and Sarah do it almost nonstop lol. Elina never does, and neither does the Narrator. Michael doesn’t curses the most often when he’s around Sarah, and doesn’t do it nearly as much when he’s talking to Arcana or Elina. Though he still does it lol.


      • It’s shocking how similar my vocabulary is with the mc when I’m angry.
        His cursing isn’t that bad either, has anyone heard what middle schoolers say these days?
        It’s much worse than what he says.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not just middle-schoolers lol I’ve heard people of all ages curse a lot worse 😛 Also, his diction is relatively good compared to most people I know rofl. I based him off of me, so there are times when he speaks ‘weirdly’ lol. Random Japanese, Spanish or other languages pop-up. Also, I laugh way~ too much :P. Especially at my own shitty jokes…


  4. I think you are overusing abusive words. Like cunt and whore. Its alright if needed but michael uses it almost in every sentence. Other than that awesome story. Cant wait for more: )


    • Well, there are beings with the title ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ and the nine Goddesses aren’t necessarily male or female lol. I think I mentioned something about the Elven Gods earlier in the story, and beings like Helel are worshiped as Gods or Goddesses by some people, even if they don’t have a title that says ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ lol.


  5. ………I wonder if they can bye an angelic torture/bondage room for their house…..or would their only be a chaos version?? Id be funny if the chaos one, was more geared towards sex while an angelic version actually had hard core torture devises. He should buy both for his worm goblin lovers room.

    Liked by 1 person

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