Chapter 105: Twinking Is Expensive

After wearing his new pants and socks, Michael complained “Damn it, so basically, if a piece of gear covers more than one area, the price rises as well. Hmmm~, I only have eleven-thousand, eight-hundred FP left. Huh, I’m starting to get the feeling that a full set of Epics is way more expensive and overpowered than I anticipated.”

He walked back over to the Darkness Vendor and yelled “Oi, Sarah, stop jumping around and get yer ass over here!” With her extremely enhanced Agility, she was able to ‘Shadow-Step’ from over thirty-meters away and arrive next to him in an instant.

Then he grabbed the belt that was vaguely covering her nipples and directly tore it off, throwing it onto the ground. She complained, “What the hell are you doing? If you want me to take this shit off, ya could’ve just asked.”

As the girl removed her boots and skirt, he muttered “Epic, level-ten, belt, boots, pants, panties, chest, shoulders, arms, and head gear… cape? Plus a dagger, and… shuriken are cool, so one of those too. It’s gonna be like six-thousand Favor, at least, but that’s fine. There’s no point in getting everything, cause you’ll grow out of it really fast anyway. Dark-V, did you get all that? Make em Epics for the little girl, please? Make sure to ‘Scan’ everything too~.”

Just like how in their neutral form, all of Michael’s platemail equipment seemed to be made out of thin cloth, Sarah’s leather armor was the same. The first item was a pitch-black, long, asymmetrical-skirt.

“Leggings of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases wearer’s Agility and Charisma by ten points, and Luck by five points; raises Defense Rating by twelve points. Suppresses the wearer’s aura by twenty-percent when out of combat. Emits an arousing aroma, which causes enemies to be less likely to attack the wearer when in skirt-mode. Able to cover the wearer’s tail when in leggings-mode. Counts as shin, knee, waist, thigh armor and a belt, can be worn alongside undergarments. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.”

He snickered, as he watched her put on the second article of clothing: “Lingerie of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases the wearer’s Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma by six points; raises Defense Rating by six. Improves the wearer’s training speed in the Darkness Affinity by ten-percent. When unequipped, sexual stimulation is amplified by thirty-percent. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.”

The light-blue lacy thong was quickly hidden behind her skirt, and then she began sliding her feet inside of the two pitch-black socks. “Boots of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases the wearer’s Agility by ten points and Charisma by four; raises Defense Rating by eight. Allows the wearer to walk or run across calm water, up walls, on ceilings, and other similar surfaces. Stiletto-mode improves the wearer’s sexual appeal by ten-percent; combat-mode increases jump-strength by twenty-percent. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.”

Michael muttered “I didn’t realize that you Class-changed from Thief, to Shadow-Slut… Well, I figured it would be more like, dominatrix-style shit, but oh well.” All of her equipment seemed to be geared towards seduction and covert assassination: rather than charging straightforwardly into a battlefield, and slaughtering hundreds or thousands of enemies.

She complained “It’s definitely your fucking fault. I wasn’t even interested in sex before I met you… and killed you. Then you turned me into a horny worm-monster. Ugh, what the hell is this shitty thing?” as she stared at the ‘chest-armor,’ that materialized into her hands.

“Corset of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases wearer’s Agility and Charisma by ten points, and Strength by eight points; raises Defense Rating by twelve points. Reduces the wearer’s aggro generation by thirty-percent. Increases Attack Rating by fifty points, during Battlegrounds. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.” In its neutral state, it was pitch-black, with light-blue lacing around the edges; her breasts were completely covered, because her bust simply wasn’t large enough to create any sort of cleavage.

Since she couldn’t figure out how to wear it properly, she directly unequipped it, causing a glowing azure rose pattern to appear on her sternum. Then she equipped the corset, and it quickly materialized out of her obsidian skin.

“Mantle of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases wearer’s Agility, Intelligence, and Wisdom by seven points; raises Attack Rating by thirty points and deals Darkness damage upon contact with enemies. Can transform into six shadowy tendrils, which can be used as weapons. Increases the potency of curses, poisons and diseases by twenty-percent. Counts as a cloak, hood, and pauldrons; can be worn in conjunction with facial armor. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.”

As she put on the hooded cape, Michael helped her attach the lacy shoulder cloth, to the sides of her corset. Although, once he brought the pieces close together, they seemed to connect into each-other seamlessly.

After that was a ‘mask’ of sorts, to cover her face. “Veil of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases the wearer’s Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower and Defense Rating by six points. Releases an intoxicating aroma in veil-mode, and deadly level-ten necrotic-fever while in skull-mask mode. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.”

He grumbled “Maybe I should buy a bit more gear for myself… My OP-ness is starting to look a lot smaller compared to this bitch.” Knowing that he was feeling inferior to her, the Goblin-girl couldn’t help but smirk behind that thin and lacy piece of cloth.

Sarah made her old wakizashi come out of her right palm and then send it directly into her second bag-slot. Although she was never planning on using it again, it was still a gift from her Goddess, so she wasn’t going to throw it away.

When she unequipped ‘The Shadow of Death,’ it transformed into an azure rose tattoo on her right palm. Immediately afterwards, the last pieces of clothing appeared in her hands; two bright-blue, mesh sleeves, which covered from her fingertips, all the way up her arms, connecting with her mantle.

“Gloves of the Shadowy Temptress: Increases the wearer’s Strength, Agility, Dexterity and Perception by ten points; raises Attack Rating by twenty points and deals frost-damage upon contact with enemies. Increases damage to enemies of the Water Affinity by twenty-percent and reduces damage taken from enemies of the Fire Affinity by ten-percent. Counts as hand, wrist, and elbow armor for both arms. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wear.”

The moment that she wore all seven pieces of equipment, a message appeared: “By purchasing the entire Epic, Level-10, Battleground set, for the Shadow Class while being Level-10, you have unlocked a new title, passive ability, and spell.”

“The Shadowy Temptress: Darkness is cold, but passionate; filled with love and hatred. In order to obtain this set of seductive and cruel armor, you must have been responsible for hundreds or thousands of deaths, and died at least once before. Thus, the Goddess Umbra has bestowed upon you seven points of Luck, Willpower and Aura.”

“Icy Aura Level 1: Raises internal body-heat, while reducing the temperature outside of the skin; frost-damage increases by 10%.”

“Frost Nova Level 1: The caster releases their aura in every direction, and freezes or chills all enemies within five meters. Deals one point of frost damage for every point of Aura. Costs ten mana points.”

Michael started laughing hysterically, as he said “Congratu-fucking-lations! Holy cunt-monkeys, if you weren’t exactly level-ten, you wouldn’t have even gotten the ‘set-bonus.’ Hahaha~, I guess twinking you out was the right decision then… Now that I think about it though, back when there were shit-tons of Players, it was probably really goddamn hard to get so many Favor-points. I mean, we got full credit for killing the giant asshole and a decent amount of his minions and we didn’t have ta share it with anyone else. Well, whatever, it ain’t like we didn’t do most of the work ourselves.”

While he was speaking, two more items appeared in the four-foot tall girl’s hands. One was an obsidian throwing-star, and the other seemed to be a serpentine dagger.

“Shuriken of Frigid Darkness: Increases user’s Dexterity and Perception by six; raises Attack Rating by sixty points and deals frost-damage upon contact with enemies. Teleports back to the user after three seconds. Can cause fear, paralysis, frostbite, weakened immune system and lowered Defense Rating while embedded in the enemy’s body or armor. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia and cannot be used by anyone else. Epic Quality, requires level-ten to wield.” She held it in her left hand for a few moments, before it vanished into her bright-blue left sleeve; it was still equipped, but just hidden within the strange fabric.

“Dagger of the Undead Serpent: Increases the wielder’s Agility by ten and Dexterity by eight; raises Attack Rating by one-hundred and twenty. Injects the enemy with a level-ten neurotoxin, which deals ten damage per second, for three minutes, unless cured. If the enemy dies from the poison, their corpse will reanimate after seven days, as long as their mana-core remains undisturbed. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia, and can only be wielded by her. Epic Quality, requires level­-ten.”

Michael sighed dramatically, “That moment when you realize just how shitty you are at math… We only have thirteen-hundred fucking Favor left.”

14 thoughts on “Chapter 105: Twinking Is Expensive

  1. I really feel like these excessive item descriptions are a bit pointless becouse tomorrow I will forget them anyways. Also I understand that you would show the stats of diffrent characters after they have a change in equipment but to show all the skills including the skill descriptions seems a bit excessive aswell becouse they are only getting bigger and bigger since the amount of abilitys grow aswell. If I were to write this story I would just show off the abilitys names without the descriptions when you show off the stats wich saves alot of time and space. You could perhaps even just put the ability descriptions in the info-dump to get a clear overview if the readers forgot what a certain ability does, If theres a new ability it’s understandable if theres an explanation what it does but if you explain all the abilitys every time something small changes you will eventually end up with a story about nothing but ability descriptions of self explanatory skills since if the characters get 10 more skills/abilitys just showing off the stat screen with the abilitys the way it is now will take up the space of an entire chapter lol.

    Example of what I described above (without ability descriptions):

    [Companion Information]

    Name: Sarah
    Titles: The Tree-Hater, Of the Eternal Darkness, The Necrophiliac, The Daughter of Umbra, The Shadowy Temptress
    Level: 10
    Experience: 46/100
    Age: Adult
    Race: Dark-Goblin
    Rank: E
    Class: Shadow
    Specialization: Stealth, Melee Damage Dealer
    Profession: Necromancer Level 1]


    Health: 60/60
    Mana: 125/125
    Stamina: 30/30
    Mana Regen per minute: 250
    Health Regen per hour: 60

    Strength: 4(+21)
    Vitality: 3(+3)
    Endurance: 3(+3)
    Dexterity: 4(+34)
    Agility: 10(+83)
    Intelligence: 4(+22)
    Wisdom: 3(+22)
    Perception: 5(+21)
    Charisma: 3(+39)

    Willpower: 18(+9)
    Luck: 16(+6)
    Aura: 15

    Attack Rating: 125(+450/150)
    Defense Rating: 3(+42)]


    Immune System Boost Level 5
    Superior Regeneration Level 3
    Cutaneous Respiration Level 3
    Extreme Elasticity Level 1
    Darkness Affinity Level 6
    Body of Darkness Level 2
    Umbra’s Blessing of Lust Level 3
    Aura of Darkness Level 2
    Icy Aura Level 1
    Dagger Mastery Level 5


    Shadow-Step Level 4
    Shadow-Cloak Level 3
    Devouring Shadow Level 2

    Hate-Strike Level 3

    Frost Nova Level 1

    It might not seem like much of a diffrence but it does save space in the chapters and its unnecessary to describe abilitys such as shadow step every chapter since the name of the abilitys describes the ability itself.

    Also just my own preference but it has a clear overview when the gear stats are shown off like this perhaps you think so aswell?
    Gloves of the Shadowy Temptress
    Strength, Agility, Dexterity and Perception +10
    Attack rating +20
    Deals frost damage upon contact
    Increased damage against water affinity opponents +20%
    Decreased damage recieved from fire affinity opponents -10%

    Hope this helps a bit to have a clearer? overview of things. After reading chapter 105 and 106 I experienced it as reading the same abilitys over for the ****th time thats why to me its seems better to me if it is described like this since it leaves more space for the story to develop. Most ability’s are self-explanatory after all so it seems useless to me to keep describing them at every small change.

    Anyways (lol) thanks for the chapters looking forward to the next ones!

    Liked by 1 person

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