Chapter 241: Hardcore Parenting

A nine-meter tall humanoid dragon golem was stomping around in a sea of lava. Alice roared loudly and swatted the airborne Imps that were swarming around her enormous, stone body.

She had chosen a fairly overpowered fortress, which was literally surrounded by a moat of molten rock. Thus, the only way for the enemies to approach was by air, or to have ‘Gargantuan Flame Ogres’ and ‘Colossal Magma Scorpions’ carry over large amounts of land troops.

Even as her relatively weak pseudo-body was destroyed, the dragoness simply dove down into the lava-lake and peacefully relaxed. Once her mana had regenerated to full, she would keep training the skill.

“Lava-Golem Level 2: The caster creates an armor of rock around their body and heats it until the material is completely malleable. Then they use themselves as a temporary mana-core and use Water, Fire and Earth Manipulation to control the massive ephemeral creature. Mana-costs can be reduced dramatically depending on the environment and how strenuous the golem’s tasks are. Strength, Vitality and Endurance are equivalent to 110% of the caster’s Intelligence stat. Agility is equivalent to 55% of the caster’s Wisdom stat. Costs 100 mana to cast and 10 mana per second to maintain.”

Alice had trouble dealing with the ‘Gargantuan Flame Ogres’ and ‘Colossal Magma Scorpions’, which were the same size as her gigantic molten ‘armor’. However, she was still able to kill their passengers fairly easily and there was very little risk to her own life.

As she was submerged below the lava for the fifth time, a voice suddenly entered into her mind: “Oh hey~, just wanted ta let ya know that I ‘procured’ the last few ingredients… I dropped em off in the lab. Listen, I know you’re probably gonna spend your last week hardcore-leveling your Alchemy, but you should seriously spend as much time as possible with your family. I don’t just mean Michael and your other Companions; don’t forget about your mother, father, or the daughter who you decided to keep, hehe~. You’re a mommy now, so act like one and take care of the little brat for a few fucking seconds every day. It’s not like you have ta put a diaper on a Lamia… Anyway, this is gonna be my last message to you; everything that happens from now on is up to you to figure out on your own. I love you Ally, and I’ll see you soon.”

The dragoness sighed, floating around in the magma for a few seconds, before creating a new golem and allowing the skill to reach level-three.



At the same moment that everyone else arrived in their respective Battlegrounds, Michael made his appearance in his own. It was essentially an enormous underground desert, with an overbearing crystalline sun high in the sky.

To the north was a relatively small limestone structure called Fort Geb, which looked like a pyramid. There were portholes for guns and cannons to be fired out of, but the main feature of that ‘Killing Field’ were the thousands of magical-beasts living beneath the orange ocean of blazing hot sand.

In fact, the army of Goblins, Orcs and Ogres hadn’t even been able to make it into firing range, because they were bogged down by endless attacks from powerful monsters. Gigantic scorpions, worms, lizards, snakes, cockroaches, spiders and even vicious flocks of Lesser Wyverns would attack in waves.

The moment that Michael appeared in the middle of the desert, two giant red claws latched onto his ankles. Then a huge stinger plunged into his lower-back, causing him to scream “Holy fuck-monkeys~! Ow-shit-cunt-bitch-grah~!”

Obviously, that outburst made the little baby he was holding in his left hand, stop feeding off of his nipple and start crying loudly. “Giant Scorpion, Level-16, Rank-E, Elite,” wasn’t exactly able to ‘kill’ the naked Nephilim, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t ‘hurt’ him.

He roared “Goddamn it!” as he leaped away from the ground, breaking free of the magical-beast’s grasp. While he was airborne, Rachael stopped whining and opened her crimson eyes wide, looking around in amazement.

“Ga-oo~, agaga~…” She made some incomprehensible verbalizations, with a happy smile on her face and slithered up Michael’s left arm. Regardless of her infantile state, her Intelligence was already at two-points and her Strength was high enough that she could have likely survived on her own, in a low-leveled environment. Thus, it wasn’t difficult for her to crawl onto her father’s right shoulder.

The reason why they weren’t falling, was because he was using ‘Telekinesis’ to hover a few dozen meters away from the ground. He couldn’t travel very quickly while holding up roughly one-hundred kilograms, but it also didn’t require too much mana.

However, once his ‘gear’ was all equipped except for his siegeblade, his weight increased dramatically. When Rachael saw the shiny armor she shouted “Ah-goo~!” and then crawled up onto his head and grabbed onto one of the glowing marbles that was orbiting like a halo.

He snickered, activating ‘Lightening’ and ‘Cherubic Embrace’ at the same time. The curious baby immediately became distracted by those fluffy white wings and the delicious-smelling golden blood that was dripping down the back of his pure-white t-shirt.

Michael muttered “Hehe~, you definitely take after your mother… Geez, be careful.” When she was trying to climb down his ‘Arcane Breastplate’, she slipped and started falling downward.

Of course, it was unlikely that she would have suffered much damage, even if she had hit the ground, but there were plenty of dangerous magical-beasts lurking around. Also, the Nephilim was worried about stray-bullets, considering that she wasn’t ‘technically’ on the side of The Dwarven Republic.

Before he even had to telekinetically catch her, the little Lamia latched onto his left pant-leg and swiftly crawled up to his lower-back. She instinctively began lapping up the dripping golden blood and giggling loudly.

Unlike her seven ‘siblings’, she was relatively weak and born without a mana-core. Michael suspected that it was the reason she was the only one who managed to gain a soul, though he didn’t quite understand how or why.

As she was basking in his powerful aura and drinking his mana-rich blood, a tiny crystalline bead was forming in the center of her brain. Rachael crawled back up to his shoulder and started gnawing on his left earlobe, but she wasn’t able to chew through his ridiculously high Defense Rating once he equipped his armor.

The Nephilim casually floated over towards the hordes of Goblins and Orcs, whispering “Daddy has to kill a bunch of people now, so be a good girl and don’t cry.” Those seven glowing marbles orbited around his right wrist, as he started charging each of them with copious amounts of electricity.

Then he used his left hand thumb and index finger to cover the tiny bronze-skinned Lamia’s elven ears. A moment later, arcs of chain-lightning began continuously firing out of those little balls.

At first, she tried to squirm free, but then she just stared at the beautiful streaks of pure-white electricity. Some of the more powerful Ogre marksmen, fired giant arrows towards the mysterious angelic enemy; when the projectiles came closer, those seven beads spread out and created an enormous disk of condensed Arcane aura.

Upon impact, those wooden arrows broke apart into huge splinters and sprayed off towards the sides. Michael snickered, removing his finger and thumb from her ears and asking “Do you like Daddy’s new toy? Hehehe~, hmmm, I wonder if this is possible?” His old Arcane Orb appeared in his right hand, but it wasn’t glowing. Then he muttered “Remove the Soulbinding and transfer it to my daughter Rachael.”

“Are you certain that you wish to transfer ownership of this item?” Once he verified it, he handed the rubbery ball to the little Lamia. She curiously grabbed it with both of her ridiculously small hands; she was almost unable to hold it within her arms, because the overall size was about the same as her torso.

“Ga~! Gagago~! Iyah~…” Rachael was only level-zero, so she couldn’t technically use it yet, but at least she could play with it like a ‘normal’ toy. While the adorable baby on his shoulder was distracted, Michael telekinetically threw that giant glowing disk down towards a heavily armored Ogre Knight.

Even though the huge plate-mail covered man attempted to block the strike with his large steel kite-shield, it was useless. Seven separate ‘Electrical Charges’ exploded into his body at the same time and dozens of lightning arcs sprayed from his flash-fried corpse, striking the Priestesses and Druids whom he was trying to protect.

When the glowing disk struck an unarmored and fairly weak target, it would easily pass through them: decapitating, bisecting or dismembering anyone in its path. As she watched that horrible and grotesque scene, the innocent little Lamia giggled happily.

Michael sighed, murmuring “Rachael, pretty soon you’re gonna be able to meet your other five mommies… Ugh, Elina’s probably going to be pissed that I let you see this kinda shit though, heh-heh~.”

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  1. I don’t know how to name the national organization protecting children in English but the kind of “Parenting” that Michael does would be defined as Pathologic not Hardcore 😛

    Let the children have “normal” childhood!

    But who will define normal…

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  2. My sleeping schedule has been completely ruined, so congratulations on the 10-12 hour early release… but I won’t be posting chapter 142 until tomorrow, lol. Well, I have no idea exactly ‘when’ tomorrow? Hmmm, anyway, I should be going to sleep soon(Something I say right before I get distracted by reading and writing for 4-6 hours and end up feeling like I’m gonna go blind rofl.)


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