Chapter 242: It Takes a Harem, to Raise a Lamia

Almost immediately after Captain Shiro spoke her name, the angelic cat-girl appeared from a beam of blinding light. The brightly glowing ‘Battlestaff’ in her hands, was swiftly plunged into the temple of a hideously deformed orcish Berserker.

She flapped her huge wings and that impossibly beautiful woman, soared up into the air. Elina shouted “Stay away from JJ!” as she watched Jasmine being impaled by a few jagged spears.

The vertical eye on her forehead opened, and the entire southern rampart was bathed in a terrifying golden radiance. It only lasted for a few seconds, but every ally was completely healed, while all the enemies were annihilated. The weaker ones were scorched until only ashes remained, while the strongest Ogres and Stone Orcs had their internal organs cooked from the inside out: Their blood boiled and eventually exploded from every orifice and even their pores.

After that, Elina focused more on healing the injured, rather than just going on a rampage with her ‘Solar Flare’. Once she was injured, Jasmine returned to her original demeanor and cheerfully waved at her girlfriend, yelling “Nyah~, thanksies Lina~! Meow~, how did you finish your BG so fast?!”
What happened after that was a long drawn-out defensive battle. The majority of the enemies weren’t very powerful, merely low level, rank-less Demi-Goblins and Demi-Orcs.

The Rock Golems and other ‘Elite’ troops were still guarding that castle in the distance. However, Alexander, Aria and Nataly were all becoming extremely impatient and had almost given up, when the two cat-girls miraculously appeared.

Even though they seemed fairly powerful, the three Raid Bosses were confident in capturing them. If they couldn’t kill or imprison Michael, they figured that the best revenge would be to take away the women that he most-likely loved or at least was having sex with.

A horn sounded, calling back all of their remaining forces, in an attempt to lure Jasmine and Elina into a sealing formation. Unfortunately, the moment that the army retreated, the Battleground ended and the two kittens were swept up into a beam of blinding light.


Arcane: 250
Neutral: 27900
Light: 3000
Darkness: 1000
Chaos: 0
Nature: 0
Fire: 1000
Wind: 200
Earth: 200
Water: 0]

Once all of the individual battles were settled, everyone ‘queued’ for the upcoming conflict at Fort Reliance. However, while they were waiting for it to start, all eight of them were teleported back into their living room.

When Jasmine and Elina arrived, they sniffed the air simultaneously and discovered that someone was in the kitchen. The little girl shouted “Nyah~, sketti!” as she unequipped all of her clothing and weapons, sprinting towards the delicious smell.

“JJ~, how can you have so much energy?” The angelic woman’s undergarments suddenly vanished, revealing some silver plumage and golden nipples, but she didn’t remove her transparent gown.

When the two hungry kittens entered the kitchen, Sarah was sitting in one of the chairs, drinking a glass of Alice’s special ‘Blood-Wine’. Talia was cooking spaghetti and ‘calamari’ sauce, while wearing a yellow floral sundress, instead of her ‘gear’.

A naked, light-brown skinned fox-girl, with seven bright-green tails, was sitting across from the ‘meditating’ Death-Elf. As Elina and Jasmine sat down next to each-other, on the southern side of the table, a three-meter tall, orange-scaled dragoness walked through the huge archway.

Alice snickered, “Oh sweet! I made it back in time to watch the show, hahaha~! Michael hasn’t ‘Whispered’ any of you yet, right?”

Talia turned around and glared at the ‘grinning’ dragon-woman, while Inari barked a few times and smiled innocently. There weren’t any chairs at the table that could fit a three-meter tall giantess, so she simply sat on part of the counter that wasn’t being used.

Elina finally asked “What did he do this time?” She had an ominous premonition that he had found a way to expand his ‘harem’ even larger.

The Huntress sighed, muttering “Miguel has likely…” However, before she could finish speaking, her brows furrowed and she stared at the Nephilim who had just walked into the room. There was nothing particularly odd about the fact that he was wearing only a white t-shirt and black boxers, since that was his ‘normal’ home attire; yet, the strange creature that was giggling on his left shoulder, made her frown deeply.

Michael awkwardly laughed for a few moments, before revealing “Surprise~, Alice and I kinda-sorta had a baby after you guys all left… Rachael, say ‘Hi’ to your other five mommies~!”

“Ga-go~, gaga~!” The little bronze-skinned and scaled, elven Lamia blinked a few times; it was obvious that she had no idea what he was talking about, she didn’t recognize her own mother either.

The long silence was eventually broken when Elina jumped out of her chair and excitedly flapped her wings, soaring over to her new ‘daughter’. “Daw~, she’s so~ cute~! Come to Mommy-Lina~!” Rachael stared at the strange angelic woman and her tail suddenly coiled up, turning into a spring, which launched her tiny body into the angelic cat-girl’s warm and loving embrace.

Of course, her true purpose was not to be hugged, but rather, to crawl down into the alluring cleavage and latch onto one of those relatively large golden nipples. Compared to that enormous left breast, the infantile Lamia Fairy seemed ridiculously small.

Elina pulled her mammary out of her loose gown and gently caressed the little girl’s tail and back. Jasmine complained “Nyah~! Mikey~, make a baby with me too~! It’s not fair~! I wanna be a mommy too~!”

Talia grumbled “Perhaps in a few hundred years, when you mature to the mental state of an Adolescent, you would barely be qualified to nurture a child… Miguel, need I remind you of ‘our’ promise?”

Michael sighed dramatically and retorted “Do you have any fucking idea how many times me and Alice had to have sex before she got pregnant? It was literally a whole entire day of nothing but constant internal pussy cum-shots! We even used some kinda weird-ass drugs to make the process go more quickly… Would ‘you’ be able to do that? There’s no point in rushing things and why didn’t you put olive oil in the water?”

The angelic cat-girl shouted “Hey! Don’t curse in front of Rachael!”

Alice giggled, asking “Mike, are you planning on bringing our daughter to the next BG as well?”

Obviously, upon hearing that, even Talia was shocked; Elina yelled “You aren’t taking ‘my’ baby anywhere! How could you make her witness such horrors!? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll grow up and be like Sarah?!”

“Oi, dafuck are ya dragging my name into your bullshit for?!” The little Death-Elf finally opened her eyes and started screaming loudly, while releasing a terrifying aura of Darkness.

Rachael stopped sucking on the giant golden nipple upon being bombarded by that icy and violent mana. She was so scared that she didn’t even cry, simply leaped out of Elina’s arms and hid herself inside of Michael’s t-shirt.

Right when the angelic cat-girl was about to launch a ‘Solar Flare’ at Sarah, Alice casually mentioned “Well, it’s not like we ‘all’ have ta head over there… I mean, the rest of you can watch the kid, while me and Mike go deal with the BG. Either of us could probably deal with it on our own, but we both need to be there to buy shit afterwards.”

Elina reached into Michael’s shirt and pulled the frightened Lamia out, pressing the baby between her breasts. Then she turned around to glare at the obsidian-skinned woman, before saying “I think ‘you’ should go with them… Who knows what you might do to Rachael when they’re gone.”

Sarah growled “You fucking bitch! Do ya really think I’d murder my own brat?! Grah~!” before vanishing into a cloud of Darkness aura. She reappeared behind the angelic woman, wearing all of her equipment in their ‘activated’ state.

The tiny obsidian hand easily tore through that thin gown, stabbing into Elina’s lower-back and grabbing hold of a relatively small, but precious organ. After yanking out the cat-girl’s right ovary, she immediately removed her skull-mask and threw the golden-blood covered, glowing-white object into her mouth.

It wasn’t until she took a few bites, that her victim felt an agonizingly painful sensation and screamed out for a moment. However, the wound healed up almost instantaneously and even the clothing regenerated rapidly. Sarah snickered, yelling “Thanks for the fucking meal, Cunt!” before Shadow-Stepping into the basement.

Michael and Alice were laughing hysterically, while the vixen glared at the whimpering cat-girl, yipping and yelping. Talia gazed into Elina’s teary golden eyes and told her “Inari is correct… You should not have said that. While she may be quite ‘cold’, it is unlikely that Sarah would harm her own child. It is far more likely that the gata-loca would use her for target practice, or allow her to ‘play’ with her umm… ‘throwing weapon’. Even more than Jasmine, Miguel was the one who arbitrarily brought her to a battlefield. Meanwhile, her ‘birth-mother’ does not seem to care what happens to her own daughter!”

“It’s not that I don’t care… Just look how tiny she is; could I even hold her like that? I’d probably end up crushing her by accident. Besides, she’s like less than a day old; she doesn’t even recognize me as her parent.” Alice was staring at Rachael, but all she could think about was the list of ingredients that she needed to buy from the vendors and the myriad of incredibly difficult potions she had to concoct.

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    • Lmao, well, they’re all ‘immortal’ in the sense that their souls can’t really be destroyed. Unless someone banished her soul from the universe, I doubt Michael would just let her stay dead :P. Of course, if they had a way to capture, imprison and hide her soul, then maybe? Either way, it’d be pretty difficult…

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  1. Is this around the time when I’m supposed to post the chapter now? It’s a mystery… Anyway, I feel like none of them are responsible enough to raise a ‘normal’ child… fortunately, Rachael could probably survive on her own if she had to roflmao.

    Also, for anyone who is interested “South Park: The Stick of Truth” is on sale until the 29th. It’s like 75% off lol. I bought it yesterday and have been playing it every now and then. it’s kinda like watching a marathon of hilarious South Park episodes, where you’re the main character and interacting with all the ridiculous characters… The graphics look like the cartoon, but the gameplay is pretty awesome imo. I usually don’t like those kinds of games, where you attack and then they attack, kinda like pokemon or Final Fantasy(Not sure if Final Fantasy is even like that anymore roflmao). Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know, in case you wanted to buy the game, but were waiting for it to go on sale(Like I was for a whole year lulz).

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