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I think I’m going to start doing daily HCOP posts again.  Starting with chapter 31 on Sunday, then there will be one a day… At least that’s what I’ll try to do lol.

Weekly HCOP dumps isn’t getting very many views overall, so hopefully this will work better.  Anyway, I’m currently working on chapter 67 and trying to focus on “Hardcore OP-ness” for a while.

I think book 2 will end between chapters 80-90?  That’s about where I had planned from the beginning for book 2 to end.  It was never meant to be super-long like book 1.

There are quite a few things that I’ve been wanting to do, but just haven’t had time lately.  Like going back and editing “Immortal Soul” in order to make it sell-able on Amazon.  I’ve been wanting to do that since last year around this time… I just always kept saying “I’ll just keep going forward, I can do that later.” and now it’s been a year and I still haven’t done it roflmao.  Of course, I did write volume 4 of “Immortal Soul” and… Oh yeah, I still haven’t finished Volume 1 of “Questing“!  There’s probably going to be 12 chapters total, but I wrote/posted 10, then went back to writing volume 4 of “Immortal Soul” :(.

Then there’s the fact that I still have little to no illustrations of anything.  Anyway, I think that volume 4 of “Immortal Soul” will probably end with chapter 10 when I go back and edit everything.  Then volume 5 will start with the Lorelei chapter “Envy“.

A big problem I faced when writing Immortal Soul was just the fact that I was inexperienced.  Nothing ever felt ‘good enough’ and I didn’t really know when to end chapters or end volumes for the most part lol.  I always wanted to just keep going… but now that I go back and look at things from my current point of view, I’m able to be satisfied with certain things.  On the other hand, I can’t tolerate a lot of overused words, spelling/grammatical errors, and well… there are just a lot of problems that I need to fix.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve also wanted to go back and revamp “Harem Reaper” since forever ago.  There are also dozens of stories that I had ‘planned’ but never got around to writing, but for now, I’m going to stick with stuff that people actually know about roflmao.

The Vanilla God” is something that I’ve wanted to write for a really long time.  Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to produce chapters for it very quickly, so I might not post anything for a while.

I’ve always been a fan of the DC and Marvel universes, in the sense that even though all of those different characters were the ‘Main Character’ in their own little town or city, they could still interact with other superheroes or villains from different ‘stories’.  Stephen King does something similar and all of his books are interconnected in one way or another.  There are plenty of other authors who do the same thing as well… it’s not a new concept lol.

Still, back before I ever started writing anything down, I would have dreams.  I’d imagine characters like ‘Michael’ from “Immortal Soul” and subconsciously place them into whatever TV Show I was watching at the time.  Although sometimes it was ‘Azriel’, ‘Uriel’, ‘Sariel’, ‘Helel’ etcetera… The point is that, I ‘created’ a lot of these characters long before I ever started writing stuff down.

Of course, because of copyright laws and obvious other problems, I wouldn’t be able to or even want to place my characters into someone else’s stories now days.  It was just that at the time, I would binge-watch entire series and when I slept eventually, I would dream about the shows I was watching or just watched lol.

Anyway, I’ve always liked stories where there are these ‘overpowered’ characters, who weren’t total douchebags.  That whole ‘power corrupts’ bullshit always pissed me off… Basically, they’re saying that power is inherently evil, so the ‘good guys’ should be weak, pathetic, self-righteous morons, who sacrifice themselves to defeat anyone who tries to become powerful lol.

Even superheroes or people with superpowers in shows, usually have some glaring and horrible weaknesses, just so that people can ‘relate’ to them.  Personally, I’d rather ‘relate’ to some super-overpowered bad-ass, who doesn’t kill kittens or puppies for fun and actually helps people sometimes.  I also have a really hard time ‘relating’ to anyone who would sacrifice themselves and everyone they care about, to save the rest of the world… Seriously, that’s basically what happens in most of those superhero stories.  Because they aren’t willing to ‘kill’ anyone, ever, even a mass-murdering child-rapist, the ‘protagonist’ will basically end up getting everyone he ever knew killed or worse, before he finally realizes “Oh hey, I could have just killed the mass-murdering child-rapist before he raped and murdered my family!”  Then, the antagonist will either be put in prison, because ‘capital punishment’ is wrong… Or, they villain will conveniently kill themselves, or die because of their OP-ness.

Okay, enough ranting for now lol.  I just wanted to let you all know what my ‘plans’ were for the near future.  Writing… more writing… editing… hopefully publishing stuff on Amazon.  That’s about it.

In other news, I really don’t understand Twitter lol.  Not really sure what you’re supposed to do…

23 thoughts on “Daily Posts

  1. Once again it’s all about relatability. That ‘weakness’ or ‘vulnerability’ you mentioned is used as medium to connect the reader to the story. Even if said character is some 10 foot tall alien with 5 arm’s and no eyes from a different planet, as long as there’s some shared aspect, goal, and or commonality a potential bond can be formed. Which then generates interest, which then could lead to a invested reader or readers of said story. It’s definitely overused and many poor writers use it as crutch to gain readership because everyone loves a underdog story.
    To the Teen Wolf( which I haven’t watched) and the whole high school thing being overused(I agree) is pretty much the same as mentioned above(the ‘omg your in high school to! So am I, we’re just alike’ type of thing) coupled with the targeted audience(teens/young adults) it’s meant for and the easy to write settings that a school offers( it’s been done to death but it’s still very versatile and people still eat it up)

    I agree, spend enough time with someone and a bit of you tends to rub off on them and vice versa.(granted Michael of HOPness tends to rub off a lot on others but has yet to change himself even a little which can be a little sad because a reader can’t grow/develop along with the MC) I wasn’t really singling out the profanity so much as the characters can be hard to distinguish between each other because of the dialogue and first person narrative. When comes to the MC companions and gods it’s easy to separate them because you give them a unique way of speaking and subtle variations on how they act. But for the other characters(especially the villains/antagonist) it’s like one voice in different bodies and settings. Also when it come Sarah and her quantity of profanity, I find nothing wrong with it because in my opinion it fits with her character and the way she speaks. Michael on the other hand is the one that needs to be tweaked when it comes to profanity. A lot of times it feels forced and I think he’s having a bought of Tourette’s he can’t control. If it could become more elegant or have a better flow then the amount of profanity is fine.(for adults)

    Lastly about the reddit issue. I don’t visit the site often and I’ve never been to your reddit page but to get -60 karma on Noveltranslation is a impressive feat and I have no clue how it could’ve gotten so bad. I’ve seen trolls deliberately try to piss people off for no reason and say it was their goal and still have better reputation then you. That must of been one Hell of a comment/post you left to enrage such hostility.

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    • HCOP is entirely from the third person though? It never once goes into Michael or any of the other character’s perspectives. Also, while he doesn’t have Tourette’s, he definitely does have a few problems lol. Although, from ‘my’ perspective, Michael barely ever curses. For me it seems unnatural sometimes because he doesn’t curse that much… But hey, everyone’s different.

      Also, HCOP… Well, let’s just say that the ‘actual’ antagonists and protagonists are debatable. Also, the story is ‘mainly’ a comedy. For most of the ‘first book’, there was very little plot development, but that was on purpose. Book 2 though, well, I’m trying to get a little more serious with it. However, book 3 will probably be more like book 1.

      Also, as far as Noveltranslations goes, yep, people are assholes lol.

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      • Sorry about that. It was supposed to be ‘shallow perspective’ instead of ‘first person narrative’. Was thinking about another story but the HOPness was on purpose. Thought it was funny.😉
        I certainly laugh a lot when reading HOPness and the comedy is part of its charm, but mainly ‘comedy’ is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.🎭

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  2. I’m a fan of comics to and it can be frustrating with the reoccurring villains that are caught, imprisoned, then escape to cause chaos and destruction. But if you ever read any Batman(not the first two years when he was in a prototype stage) it highlights core reasons why he restrains from killing and it’s impact/influence it could have on himself and the environment/others.
    Nobody hates you and it’s not because your against slavery or rape. It’s just your MC ‘character(s)’ tend to be a tad abrasive and unrelatable and a lot of readers like to insert themselves into the story either through the MC or side characters. But seeing how most of the side characters tend to adopt the mentality and act like your MC your not left with many options and the antagonist tend to die very quickly or never posed a threat so you can’t even side with them for the fun of it.
    Also a very interesting take you have in the latest chapters of book two(66-68). It’s quite fun to ‘compute’ them😉


    • Yeah, I’ve heard that before, but I have difficulty writing about characters that I don’t like lol. I enjoy reading and writing about characters that have ‘power’, at least to a certain extent. It’s fine if they’re kinda weak at first, but that get’s annoying really fast, especially if they’re constantly abused because of their weakness for no reason other than to cause unnecessary drama… I’m not just talking about Xianxia and Japanese web/light novels. I can’t even count all of the outrageously ridiculous things that happen in popular TV shows, which people complain about for obvious reasons, yet they still keep happening rofl. I’ll give an example: Teen Wolf, a show about some werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Even while people they know are being hunter and murdered every day, they still go to school as if they didn’t have anything more important to do. Not only that, but they’re terrible at fighting, yet instead of just using guns like a normal person(lots of other people have guns in the show), they just have a bunch of silly fight scenes all the time. Also, the ‘good guys’ are always deathly afraid of killing anyone(Even massmurdering monsters), while the ‘bad guys’ are always willing to kill everyone and anyone for no particularly reason(Including their own comrades). I used Teen Wolf as an example, because all of those examples happen in plenty of other shows lol. Anytime the characters are teenagers, most of the show takes place in a school. The Vampire Diaries is similar… At least Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a satire and supposed to be funny, but a lot of these other shows are serious. School is not more important than life, no one should think that it is rofl. This isn’t even an opinion… Besides that, what kind of school would even be able to continue a normal curriculum if people kept dying there every day and night?! It would get shut down for a few weeks every time there was a murder investigation! After a while, it would be permanently shut down, simply because they can’t afford to keep it going anymore!

      Ugh, aside from that rant, people who are close friends or lovers tend to act similar to each other when they’re together. That’s why Michael curses like 10 times more when Sarah’s around, or why he barely curses at all when he’s talking to Arcana or Talia. Although, to be completely honest, Michael curses about 100 times less than me, or a lot of my friends… My parents rarely ever curse, but they still do sometimes, because most people in America do. The people I know from the UK, Indonesia, Canada, just about anywhere also curse a lot. It’s just the way people talk now days. It’s probably a phase and will likely stop eventually, but at the moment, this is our reality lol. Although, when I go through and edit HCOP, I’m going to try and make a separate ‘censored’ version, just for kicks and giggles. I might change more than the profanity, but idk, depends on how much effort I want to put into it. Fortunately, the narrator is extremely… ‘vanilla’ in many ways, so all of the vulgarity and profanity is in the dialogue lol.

      Also, people really do hate me and go out of their way to make sure that anything I post on reddit gets hardcore downvoted. I posted this thing once time about how I was pissed off from reading too many stories, which were awesome, but then about 2 hours(Of my time) into it, the MC starts enslaving and raping people out of nowhere. There was no disclaimer saying “Oh btw, the MC is a piece of shit so don’t read this unless you like reading about children getting gangraped or enslaved for happy fun times.” Anyway, people got super pissed off because of that. Those people use reddit a lot, specifically noveltranslations. Whenever ‘those people’ see something I post, they downvote it into oblivion. Regardless of what it is, they just hate me personally. The moderators are nice though, but I just don’t feel like wasting my time posting things if no one’s even going to see it… besides that, I still have like -60 karma and need to ask the moderators to let me post things every time. Even comments… if they see me comment “I really liked this chapter.” on anything, they’ll downvote it. Anyway, the point is that, it doesn’t even have anything to do with my writing :(. It’s because I made the noobish decision to express my opinion around a bunch of childish cuntbags three months ago and now I’m practically unable to advertise my website on reddit anymore.

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  3. Thank you. I never have enough to read in my enigineering class as royalroad doesnt work on school server. MAbey i sholdnt be reading thios at school though…

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  4. If you want more views and stuff have you considered getting one of those weird chat things, I’ve seen them but dono the name for them. anyway you would get people to come specifically to talk about content n such kinda like with newgate, they have a community that seems to be semi active specifically for the chat. And about the no killing shit, I can seriously relate to that. I can’t tell you how many shows / novels I’ve raged out at because it’s literally the same villain constantly antagonizing them. worst imo is fairy tail, mother fucker blasts people with fire all day and they just walk off like nothing happened to attack them tomorrow.

    And lastly, seriously thanks for all the content, you’re by far my favorite author. If i wasn’t so damn poor I would throw all the money at you.

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      • Think it’s one of those things that just takes time? Honestly I have no clue if it would help or not, or if it would even be worth it because people can be dicks and it will probably need to be modded. either that or something akin to a forum space where people can just speculate about the world n such. Really wish I could be more insightful but it’s really out of my ream of knowledge. Either way I’d say just take everything as you get it, and try not to stress out too much. Maybe get a volunteer editor or something to just do grunt work for you and ease up your workload. Also imo you don’t really need illustrations they’re nice but I’ve always seen them as a bonus kind of thing.

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