HCOP Book 2, Chapter 77: Another Draw

With such an absurd amount of rocket-propelled birds, there was no way for Iris, Beatrix or Violet to possibly find the ‘Demonic Emperor Penguin Emperor’ within that massive flock. Besides that, they were all exhausted from the battle and were more concerned with the safety of their allies, than trying to exterminate the innumerable pests.

“Aoi, Isabelle, holy shit! What the fuck happened to you guys?!” The fiery six-winged angel floated down from the sky and a gargantuan flame-dragon was rapidly sucked into the ruby at the tip of her staff. A flurry of incendiary rounds were flying towards her body, as she glared to the left and raised her hand. Her arm movement wasn’t faster than the bullets, but her pyrokinesis was. Thirty small explosions rang out, while a nearly transparent crimson circular-shield defended against the attack.

She screamed “You goddamn vampire cuntbags! Burn in hell!” After the short ‘chant’, a dozen beams of condensed neon-orange plasma were fired out of her palm. In less than a second, the three men with assault-rifles and black metallic armor were riddled with smoldering holes in their chests.

Once they were dealt with, she plunged her staff into the ground and created a bubble-like scarlet force-field for five meters in every direction. Then she gently fondled the golden wedding band on her left ring-finger. A syringe with a bright-red liquid inside of it appeared in her right hand, as she knelt down next to the two unconscious and barely alive High Elves.

The most severely injured was Aoi, so she jabbed the needle into the Japanese woman’s left temple and injected the strange substance directly into her brain. It only took a moment, before the Huntress opened her eyes wide and roared in agony. Everything below her chest was totally missing, so when it started rapidly regenerating, the amount of pain she experienced was beyond what most ‘humans’ would have been able to endure.

After that, Iris pulled out a second syringe and flipped the bullet-ridden two-meter tall Indian girl onto her back. She roughly grabbed Isabelle’s face and turned her head to the left side, before delivering the shot rather haphazardly.

‘Health Potions’ came in many shapes and sizes. They were created through either experimentation, or following formulas that Arcana randomly scribbled down in some of her hastily created dungeons. There were all kinds of ways to administer the magical medicine, but the ‘emergency’ version that The Guardians had access to, was most effective when injected as close to the mana-core as possible. It also had the negative side-effect of shortening a person’s lifespan dramatically, so they only used it in extremely dire circumstances. Fortunately, High Elves could normally live for centuries to millennia; at most, the two of them lost thirty or forty years.

Since the two women were wearing ‘Legacy’ equipment, all of the damage that was done to their clothing seemed to disappear as their bodies recovered. Of course, not all of their gear was soul-bound. Their underwear, cellphones and various other items that were destroyed by Cain or bullets, were gone forever.

When the two of them were able to stand on their own, Iris finally lowered her shield, grabbed her staff and soared over to her husband’s side. He swiftly decapitated one of the female assassins, while the other two teleported away in fear.

Cain’s scythe and Butter’s katanas were constantly clashing, but once the giant started shrinking back to his ‘normal’ three-meters, their battle became much more even. The reason for Joseph’s gradual decrease in power was due to the fact that all of the tentacles and demonic beasts that he had been ‘devouring’, stopped spawning. There were still volcanoes erupting, but all of the monsters had either become corpses or fled.

The flock of penguins rocketed off to the north and eventually left the island, diving down into the ocean and swimming towards the Pacific. As for Violet, she didn’t seem too interested in the Seed of Chaos and instead, sprinted over and began assisting her ‘master’.

With both the dark-elven assassin and the gigantic dragon-rat fighting against him, Cain was continually pushed back, until he eventually shouted “Grah! This isn’t over Butter! Everyone, retreat!” He only had a handful of ‘elite’ soldiers still alive, so he knew that the chances of winning were nonexistent. Thus, all seven of them pulled out identical pitch-black glass orbs from their magical storage devices. When they injected a bit of their mana into the globes, each of them vanished, instantly teleporting to the nearest gateway.

Beatrix casually walked over to her sister, Blademaster, Knife-Girl and Hammer-Guy. After making sure that Linda was relatively safe, she joined Luke and Iris, who were standing in front of the collapsed cave-mouth. She whispered “We failed to acquire either of the Seeds, but we also haven’t lost anyone.”

The silver-clad angelic knight sighed, suggesting “Well, since we’re in Antarctica anyway… Why don’t we pay a visit to Azriel?”

Iris complained “Fuck no! Let’s just go home! It’s too damn cold in this shitty hellhole! Ugh, for now we still need to loot all these disgusting monsters and those vamps we killed.”

Butter was panting obnoxiously loud, while he used one of his katanas as a crutch. He grumbled “Oh no, I’m totally fine guys, just ignore the half-dead dark-elf… Agh, I think my MS is acting up! Violet, you should carry me…” A slimy blue serpentine tongue erupted from the rat’s gargantuan mouth and wrapped around Cameron’s waist, tossing his extremely light body onto the back of its head.

As the entire group gathered together, Beatrix looked around and murmured “Doctor Azriel dislikes physically interacting with people, so it would be pointless to go and talk to him in person. However, I have noticed that ever since I arrived here… I’ve felt a strange ‘calling’. It may very well be one of the remaining Seeds… or perhaps a powerful Legacy item.”

Iris interjected “Ah, yeah, when we were heading towards Topeka back then, I totally felt like there was some kinda annoying nagging voice in the back of my mind. I couldn’t really hear or understand it, but I just knew that I had to go into the city. If you’re feeling that, then you should go for it.”

Luke mentioned “While getting a new Seed is important… we still need to head back to base. Cain’s probably going to use our little fight as an excuse to raid us. He might even be able to convince some of the other factions within the Vampire Alliance to help him.”

As they were talking, the three-meter tall minotaur was constantly using his warhammers to destroy the huge boulders that were blocking the entrance. Linda was also using telekinesis to help move the rubble away.

When the cave was finally accessible, Beatrix ordered “Regardless of whether or not I decide to search for the source of this strange sensation, our immediate concern is collecting all of the useful materials from these demonic beasts. Iris and Luke, the two of you should return to your home. Tell Gabriel, Lee, Kelsey and Leblanc to guard the portal room. Doctor Takahashi and Isabelle… both of you need to return and rest. Your injuries were nearly fatal and the side-effects of the Health Potion should start to come into effect soon. Everyone else, assist me… We need to hurry before any powerful magical beasts are attracted here.”

The process of harvesting ‘ingredients’ from thousands of corpses, was obviously a very long and arduous task for the seven of them that remained. Fortunately, they all had plenty of storage devices. It would have been impossible to hold all of the carcasses, but there was enough room for mana-cores, magic crystals, special bones, certain organs, and all of the items that those dead vampires had on their bodies.

After three hours, a gargantuan sea-lion and a flying killer-whale dragon came up from the south, through a valley between two erupting volcanoes. It was then that Beatrix and her group finally went down into the tunnels and returned to Topeka.

When everyone was gone, a pitch-black wisp was still casually floating around the battlefield. Michael asked the illusory woman to his left, “So~, I’m not allowed to ‘interfere’ with those Seeders or whatever the fuck they’re called… but I can kill other shit, right?”

Arcana giggled, whispering “You can exterminate anything and everything else on this planet, if you would like… I would just recommend taking it slow, at least for a few decades. It would be unfortunate if all of those Artifacts and Legacies I placed around this world, were unable to find owners.”

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  1. C’mon Mike, stop hoarding chapters and more postin’.

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