HCOP Book 2, Chapter 78: Experimentation

“Oh yeah~, that reminds me! What exactly ‘are’ Legacies anyway? I get what Artifacts are, but I just can’t really understand what the difference between my gear and the stuff that those guys have is?” Michael transformed from a wisp, into an actual physical body. It was one of Sarah’s Ghouls, and six-inches shorter than his Nephilim form.

A white t-shirt and black boxers appeared, but when he tried to equip his shoes and pants, they literally burned his undead flesh. Thus, he was forced to use Jasmine’s pink shoes, Talia’s leather jacket, and that was about it.

Fortunately, his ghoulish body didn’t seem to be bothered by the frigid temperatures at all. Arcana hovered to his left, touching her illusory toes against the frozen blood and gore. Then she manifested herself in a corporeal form. She appeared as a beautiful porcelain-skinned elven woman, who had pitch-black eyes and she was cloaked in a shimmering, nearly transparent, crystalline robe. The two of them were almost the same exact height, so she didn’t need to look up or down to see his face.

After remaining silent for a minute, she finally answered “Legacies are Soulbound items… Not necessarily equipment, but everything will be useful to the Players once they arrive in my world. Although, even if they do not come to Arcana, they may still be able to use them wherever they end up ‘next’. However, you do not need to worry about searching for them yourself. Legacies provide great benefits for Players under level ten and give a competitive advantage to those who have achieved great things in this life. They are Rare to Legendary in quality, but they have little to no stat bonuses. Some may possess remarkable additional effects, which would be impossible for a typical ‘Noob’ to accomplish with their own power… Of course, there are likely many Artifacts that you might be interested in. Unlike the others, you are able to utilize your Soul Realm and take physical objects from this universe, into mine.”

As the two of them walked around, Michael asked “Wait a second, since your game rules don’t really exist here… Doesn’t that mean I can just pump loads of mana into this crappy corpse and evolve it however I want?”

She smirked, whispering “You can try… Though I doubt that you will have much success. Without ‘my’ assistance, it may be rather difficult to accomplish such a feat. It is not that I doubt your ‘power’ or potential… I merely believe that you are far too inexperienced and evolution is not nearly as simple as it was in Arcana. As long as you have no attachment to that Ghoul, your inevitable catastrophic failure should not discourage you too much.”

Almost immediately after she finished talking, all of the Chaotic mana in the area began violently churning around Michael’s body. Then it extended out farther, until even the volcanic smog in the sky was swirling around.

The pale-skinned Ghoul snickered as he watched thousands of mutilated demonic carcasses fly up into the air and start drawing closer to him. Everything from fifty-meter long gigantic octopus tentacles, to microscopic parasitic spiderlings were being lifted off and out of the ground, while those approaching, colossal magical beasts were terrified by the sudden change. That killer-whale dragon and enormous sea-lion began frantically trying to flee, but they were caught up in the horrific mana-storm.

Arcana turned into a pitch-black wisp and was sucked into the center of Michael’s back. Then a singularity opened up behind his shoulders, in between two illusory obsidian wings. Every time they flapped, the wind-speed became much faster.

Eventually the frozen dirty and ancient rocks were torn up out of the ground and the entire island quaked more violently than ever before. Those distant mountains and volcanoes were ripped apart, as the molten lava turned into magical serpentine beasts and seemed to soar towards the hovering Ghoul.

Michael was laughing hysterically, floating upwards into the very center of that vortex in the sky. When he noticed that there were asteroids and meteors ripping through the atmosphere, he actually complained “Hey Kana, isn’t this cape of yours a bit too OP?!”

It was then that he shouted “Oh shit!” and everything suddenly converged upon his body at the same time. The demonic blood and gore wrapped around him like an enormous cocoon, as all of that air, smoke and smog was sucked inside, making it swell up like a balloon. Then millions of tons of rocks and minerals bombarded that meaty prison, transforming into an enormous stone sphere.

That ball immediately fell down into the crater below and was engulfed in a sea of lava. Before it could even settle or harden, hundreds of rather large meteors and asteroids crashed into the surface. The amount of force was equivalent to dozens of small nuclear blasts, along with a few bigger ones. However, even the energy from those explosions was absorbed into that two-kilometer wide molten orb that was still ‘growing’ every second.

After several hours, Alexander Island was totally gone. Even Arcana’s gateway had been devoured by that constantly expanding spherical monstrosity. Fortunately, it did seem to become dormant once it was totally submerged under the frigid ocean water.


“Miguel, cease this foolishness at once!” Within a dark and dreary basement, Michael was sitting on an office chair, with a bright-blue kitten on his lap and a snow-white dove nuzzled up against his left cheek. He was smiling wryly as he watched a video of Talia performing nude yoga on the huge screen of his brand-new Azriel-Tech computer. Three months had passed since his little experiment ended inconclusively.

A small fennec fox barked a few times and chomped down onto his unprotected feet. His body was no longer in the form of a child, but his ‘usual’ Nephilim appearance. His wavy black hair had grown down to his shoulders, while those crimson irises were glowing constantly.

Aside from black boxers and a white t-shirt, he wasn’t wearing anything else. There was a tiny seven-inch tall, green dryad sitting cross-legged on the top of his head, complaining “Miguel, why must you feel the urge to share our intimate and personal experiences with complete strangers?!”

“Seriously Talia, it’s not a big deal~… Besides, if we’re going to live here, we need to make money, right? Well, there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of porn every now and then.” Michael snickered, reaching up with his left hand and gently caressing her smooth, skin-like bark.

Elina grumbled “I’m pretty sure we don’t actually ‘need’ to expose our bodies for millions of random people to see… But, regardless of whether we wanted it or not, ‘someone’ leaked a bunch of videos and pictures of us onto the internet already.”

Her golden eyes were glaring at the azure kitten that was scratching at those black boxers. The little white fox hopped up onto the Nephilim’s lap and started wrestling with the crazy cat.

Michael muttered “Seriously, I don’t know whether I’m getting turned on by this video or the two of you rubbing against my dick, but I really need to masturbate… It’s been like a whole hour since the last time I came.”

A bronze-scaled metallic serpent slithered out of his shirt and chuckled, before commenting “Mike, you’re definitely a sex-addict… I think you need to get some professional help, and I’m not talking about a prostitute.”

He yelled “For fuck’s sake Ally, you aren’t allowed to judge me! Actually, aren’t you just as much of a nymphomaniac as I am?! Wait, is nymphomania only a female thing? That seems kinda sexist… Well, am I even a man anymore, technically?”

At that moment, extremely soft footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs. There was a five-foot tall, obsidian-skinned girl with curved elven ears, silver hair, bright-blue irises and purple-sclera. She was wearing a skull-mask, with six shadowy tendrils whipping around behind her head, and her whole body was covered with pitch-black leather and elastic cloth. She had a wakizashi sheathed across her back, and was holding a dead human baby in her left hand by the legs. It was less than three months old and had a piece of glass sticking through its head.

Michael shouted “Goddamn it Sarah! What did I tell you about bringing corpses and carcasses into our room!?”

She screamed “Shut your whore-mouth bitch! Fuck! This ain’t for you anyway! It’s a present for the pussy-cunt over there!”

“Ah! Sarah! What happened!?” The little dove transformed into a beautiful angelic cat-girl and soared over. She immediately held the dead infant against her chest and cradled it in her arms, while starting to channel copious amounts of ‘Light’ mana into its tiny body.

The Nephilim stood up, causing Jasmine and Inari to fall off of his lap and roll under the computer-desk. Then he ran over and scolded “Elly, stop~! Ugh, even if you bring it back to life, what the fuck do you think is gonna happen?! We’ll either have to take care of it, or give it away to somebody else! What’s the point!? It’s already dead, just leave it that way! Besides that, it doesn’t even have a soul anymore!”


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  1. Well, I just finished re-reading everything, and now that I am re-caught up, the last few chapters made much more sense ( I had kinda forgotten everyone’s names). And now, to get three hours of sleep.

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