Voracity, Volume 6: Chastity

Chapter 200:

Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, in English, the translation was Big Island of the Land of Fire. For over 12,000 years, this place at the southern tip of South America was sparsely inhabited by an indigenous population… Until the Conquest of the Desert campaign around 1870.

Although it wasn’t much of a desert by most people’s cognition, it’s true that back then, much of the Patagonian region was technically a desert. However, deserts often have a lot of useful things hidden. For example, gold. There was a gold rush in the region around that time and of course, a huge amount of people came down from the north.

Even then, the population was still pretty scarce until 2023. When many Argentinian and Chilean cities were destroyed or overrun, people fled down south. Even with the Siren Event and other similar catastrophes, it was still much safer down here, because the winters were harsh enough.

The winter of 2024 was even harsher than the year before. There was also another scary phenomenon that occurred. The oceans were rising! Considering that all the major cities in Patagonia were waterfront properties at the moment, this was a particularly terrifying situation. Fortunately it wasn’t so exaggerated that Rio Grande was underwater overnight. Instead, it was a gradual rise of about 5 to 10 centimeters every year. Compared to the few millimeters from before, it was a pretty dramatic change.

For places like Ushuaia, which has an elevation of 23 meters, it wasn’t that much of an urgent danger. But for Rio Grande, with an average elevation of 0 meters… It didn’t take much time, effort or consideration before they decided to start moving. It was kind of ironic, but before the Scouts evacuated all the mice and rats, the city basically became a ghost town. Porvenir was a little better-off, but they too started moving. 

The amount of time, money and effort invested in constructing those two cities was incredible, but just like that, almost everything was wasted. Obviously they didn’t leave a bunch of useful things behind for ‘scavengers’ to pick up, but the buildings couldn’t be taken away. Even the Nuclear Power Plant had to be abandoned, though the fuel rods inside were taken back. Hell, even the spent fuel rods that were hanging on the outer wall of the city were taken away!

Tolhuin was next to Lago Fagnano, which was essentially an inland lake. Even though it was technically connected by some very small rivers to the Strait of Magellan, they weren’t very worried about rising tides there. It was about 91 meters above sea level at the lowest point. Not that it couldn’t flood, just that the city wasn’t just limited to that spot near the lake when Jake first arrived. They also expanded into the mountains to the south. 

Anticipating the potential rising tides a long time ago, those previously scenic mountains have long been considered important places to build towns, villages and even cities. With the huge influx of population, obviously the construction became even more frenzied. Of course, even if all the ice in Antarctica suddenly melted, the sea level would only rise about 200 meters or less… But there was another serious consideration involved.

The amount of precipitation has increased a lot these past 2 years, so whether it was the lake or the rivers, there have been quite a few floods lately. For humans, whether it’s the rising oceans, lakes or rivers, it’s a huge threat. So their solution was to find a higher elevation, create some dams, divert some rivers and try to reinforce the ground to avoid landslides.

Frost Haven was much more fortunate than those other cities, because the town was basically built on a huge hill. The whole area around the original village was on a hill and near the center of the island, pretty high above sea level. Those lakes and rivers got much deeper and wider, but it was actually a good thing from their perspective.

After all, the river was deep enough for their Tori and the giant Sharks to swim around at will. It also connected with the ocean more thoroughly, which affected the salinity, but it was always a little salty, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. At least for the creatures living in the rivers and lakes now, if they can’t adapt to something like that, then they’ll die and be replaced by species that can. All the aquatic creatures created by Jake and Vora could survive in both salty oceans and fresh-water lakes or rivers. Even a swimming pool filled with chlorine if necessary.

However, no matter how much deeper the rivers and lakes might be now, it still didn’t save them from the fate of freezing over in such an incredibly harsh winter. All the fish, crabs and other creatures related to Vora could avoid or survive freezing, so it wasn’t that big of an issue. Unfortunately, Bahni and the Sharks had to take a trip to the far north over the winter in order to avoid starvation.

Tori was going to follow them… But then she started shedding her shell, just like Jake and had to stay within the safety of Frost Haven instead. It didn’t take long before the 5.5 meter long Orca was covered in a thick coat of white fur. Just like her 2.7 meter tall father.

“Hihihihi~! Father, look! I can walk!”

“I can see that. You’re amazing, Sweetie!”

It wasn’t just a matter of growing a bit bigger and getting a fur coat. Tori finally got her wish. She grew legs!

A long time ago, about 50 million years ago, whales did have legs. For whatever reason, they started living in the ocean more than the land and eventually lost those unnecessary legs. At least that’s the theory. What actually happened? Nobody knows. It was 47 to 50 million years ago. Now days though, it’s actually pretty normal for creatures to mutate, adapt or completely evolve in a matter of weeks or months. They’ve actually encountered more than one dolphin or killer whale that developed arms, legs or both. Some mutated to have dozens of tentacles all over the place. Tori was really jealous, but she almost gave up hope.

After she shed her shell and started growing rapidly. A few big bumps started appearing on the sides of her body at the base of her tail. Those flippers also started transforming. She still had that big long and strong tail, but now, she also has two huge, muscular hips and long, sexy… Well, they were just long and thick legs with large webbed feet. 

The shape was a lot different from Jake’s raptor talons. The five toes could spread out very wide and form a very effective flipper. Jake’s feet only had three big toes on the front and one larger one on the back of the foot, more like a bird than a mammal. The base of Tori’s fins also became muscular shoulders, so that her thick arms could support the weight of her 2 ton body.

Those five fingers were long and webbed. They also had scary black talons for nails, which allowed her to tear apart her prey more easily. With the shape of her Orca body, especially since she was covered in layers of armor-like carapace similar to an armadillo, she still spent a lot of time resting on her belly. She could also roll over on her side, but the long, sharp, bladed dorsal fin made it impossible for her to go all the way. In the end, she got stuck on her side in the snow.

“Ah~! Father! Help!”

“Hahahaha~! You’re so adorable…”

Jake crouched down in the snow, looking like a giant yeti and easily flipped his daughter back onto her belly. Where she used those strong arms and legs to start walking around again. She even used her right hand to make a giant snowball and tossed it over at a 2-meter tall fluffy brown ‘Orc’ nearby!

There were dozens of other Orcs who were also covered in coats of fur, though their colors varied greatly: White, black, red, yellow, brown, basically all the normal hair colors. There were also a bunch of fluffy Hounds barking and playing in the snow. Most of the Elves were staying in their nice and warm houses though. Even the children couldn’t really go out to play, because it was just too obscenely cold! Even with thick coats, everyone but the Frost Elves might get frostbite if they weren’t careful.

“Hah!” A tiny little fur-ball popped out of the snow behind Jake’s back. The little white-furred Goblin grabbed onto the neck of the furry white snake that was slithering around. Of course there was no surprise. Vora has a deep connection with all her children. But she still hissed, lifted up her head and launched the poor Goblin dozens of meters through the air, into a big mound of snow in the distance.


“Father, do you think Goblins could fly if you gave them wings?”

“If we made them lighter and gave them big enough wings, sure. Why not? Would be easier to just start from a bird and try to make some kinda Harpy though.”

“Father… Do you think I could ever fly? Like for real!”

Jake looked down at the 2 ton, 5.5 meter long fluffy Killer Whale with thick arms and legs. Then he started laughing, “This ain’t a fucking video game or fantasy-world, Tori. Unless you shrunk down and transformed into a completely different type of creature, it’d be pretty damn difficult. Same with me though… Well, unless we had some other methods of propulsion besides wings. Like jet engines, propellers, a hot air balloon… There are actually quite a few ways to ‘fly’.”

“Yahahahahaha~!” Another Goblin started laughing happily as they were sent flying through the air by one of Jake’s tentacles. They were really light and skinny, so it didn’t take much effort to toss them around. On the other hand, he had to use his actual arms when the 2-meter tall, beefy Orcs ran over and wanted the same treatment…

“Rao?” Then he looked down at the gigantic fluffy black Cat and rolled his eyes. Picking up the silly girl, it was like a massive limp noodle that was taller than him… Even with all of his strength, there wasn’t much he could do to throw something so large. They were fattened up for the winter too, so they were only a little lighter than his own half-ton body.

“Being big is cool…” Jake sighed and tossed the kitty off to the side, “But sometimes I wish we could go back to being small again.”

“I still feel really small though.” Tori giggled, “Even the Sharks are bigger than me!”

“True…” Then the giant white yeti laughed, “At the rate things are going, maybe we’re gonna enter another dinosaur age soon? Wasn’t the largest dinosaur ever discovered called the Argentinosaurus?”

“Yeah! It was super huge! Almost as big as Bahni!”

Chapter 201:

Aside from the dozens of Orcs and Goblins who were having snowball fights or building snow-elves in the town square, there were actually a lot of others that were sledding down the hill, snowboarding or even skiing. There were also plenty of Orcs, Goblins, Hounds and Cats who were out hunting/gathering. No one was cutting down trees or making bricks anymore, because they already finished building the town for the most part.

They also had lots of food and other resources stockpiles long before the winter started, just in case. A lot of the plants and animals became dormant or directly died, but there were still quite a few of them that adapted to their new environment very quickly. Still remaining active or growing wildly, regardless of the harsh weather.

The rivers were deeper, saltier and a bit more rapid than before, so they didn’t freeze completely. The lakes were about the same. So things like ice fishing became pretty popular. A lot of the birds migrated to the north, including tens of thousands of Scouts and their offspring. A lot of flying insects also migrated, while the others tended to bury themselves underground and hibernate through the winter.

After fooling around in the square with the ‘kids’ for a while, Jake and Tori finally returned home. To their huge keep. With the ability to walk now, Tori was a lot happier being on land than before. It wasn’t nearly as much of a struggle for her to move around and although she’s still a little ‘out of shape’ and unfamiliar with her current state, she can still run faster than a normal human.


“Wooo~!” As soon as they entered the ‘throne room’, there were a bunch of cheers. Obviously there were a few big thrones for Jake, Camila and potentially some other people in the future at the very end of the large hall. However, at the moment, there were a bunch of metal bleachers set up on the sides and in the middle of the room, it was actually converted into a basketball court.

On the court, there were only five players on the court for each team. On the left side, there were 3 particularly tall and fluffy Orcs. With the tallest one reaching 2.2 meters. Making the 2 meter tall Tessa look pretty tiny in comparison. The last member of the team on the court was 2.5 meters tall, had long pointy ears, dark brown eyes and long, fluffy black hair. Aside from looking a bit more ‘elvish’, Aubry also gained a lot of muscle on her formerly lanky frame.

However, the giantess was still tiny compared to the monster on the other team. Compared to before, Stanley had changed pretty dramatically. First of all, his 3 meter tall body gained a lot of muscle and his bone density improved to the level where he could at least move around freely. His situation wasn’t perfect, since it’s only been about half a year. His body has stopped growing though, which is a good start. His ears were also long and pointy, but his head was still just as bald as before. A very rare phenomena among Elves, but it was relatively normal for Orcs and Goblins. His facial features also became closer to what they were like before his mutation. Not amazingly handsome, but at least within the normal human range of aesthetics. His irises also had a silvery sheen to them.

His team had a 2-meter tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed and pale-skinned Elf, who was one of the new arrivals, and the rest were all Orcs. However, these Orcs were all bald. Even during the winter, they didn’t seem to grow any fur. Their resistance to the cold was significantly lower than the others, so they stayed inside or had to wear thick clothes like the normal Elves. However, in the summer, they were much more comfortable when the weather got particularly hot.

Even though it might seem like being ridiculously tall would be an advantage in a sport like basketball, it’s actually all relative. For example, Stan’s hands were too big and he had trouble throwing the ball into the hoop. Even just dribbling the ball was easy to be intercepted. Even the former professional basketball player on the other team, Aubry, had a lot of trouble with the same issues.

“It’s not really fair. The Orcs are just too overpowered.” Jake sighed when he saw one of the bald Orcs easily throwing the ball into the hoop from across the whole room. 

Of course, there was another time shortly afterwards where one of the Orcs jumped up and grabbed the ball that was about to reach the hoop, then threw it back across the whole room and was caught by a different Orc. However, the furry was tackled by one of the baldies and then the two of them were kicked off the court for starting to wrestle…


“Hihihihi~! They’re so funny though!”


Jake smirked, because shortly afterwards, the game ended and the next two teams came onto the court. Both sides were all Goblins. Because of fairness, the Goblins and the normal-sized people couldn’t play against each other. The super-sized giants also only played against each other. Part of the reason was because of safety, but another reason was because the Goblins were just too fast and agile. They also had even more dexterity than the Orcs. Throwing the ball across the court and into the hoop required a bit more strength than their little arms could handle, but half-way across the court was still pretty common.

“Although the Orcs and Goblins are good, so are the Elves.” Aubry walked over with a smile on her sweaty face, wearing a colorful blue jersey and shorts, “Coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.”

“Same. Well, I think it was also a pretty good idea when I decided to escape from Baltimore shortly before it was nuked. But coming to Frost Haven was definitely up there in the top 5.”

As he was speaking, Jake walked along the right side of the wall, behind one of the bleachers. The court was about 30 meters ‘long’, so one of the hoops was right in front of the throne, while the other was at the entrance. Tori was following behind them at a leisurely pace, but a bunch of Goblins suddenly jumped down and landed on her back. Riding her like a mount. Fortunately no one was impaled on her dangerously sharp dorsal fin.

“Have you though about playing?”

“How would that be fair at all?” Jake rolled his eyes at the laughing giantess, “My body was not designed to play human sports.”

His hands and feet would easily pop any balls he tried to grab or kick. His tentacles wouldn’t, but he has eight of them, which would be a huge advantage in a game like basketball. At least his body wasn’t covered in dangerously sharp spikes anymore. Although it protected him against predators back then, it was ultimately not a very useful evolutionary direction.

“I didn’t mean for you to use your real body.”

“My kids are better than me. Why should I interfere with their fun?” Jake shook his head, “Besides, I’ve never cared about sports. I’m only slightly interested because I know that some of my kids like it.”

In the throne room, there were two large double-doors on each side, with some other doors behind the thrones. On the sides were two other large rooms that weren’t much smaller than the throne room. Jake opened the huge door that was over three meters tall and walked inside easily enough. This room was almost as noisy as the basketball game and smelled even more strongly of various body-odors.

Although the original intention for this room has long been forgotten, it was recently transformed into a huge public gym. There were dozens of people lifting weights, most of them being hairless green or brown Orcs. The furries couldn’t stand the heat in this room, so most of them were outside. There were also some fur-less Goblins, like the ones that were riding on Tori’s back. However, they still had hair on their heads for the most part.

There were some mechanical weight machines, but for the most part, it was just free-weights: Barbells, dumbbells, punching bags, et cetera. Jake looked at everything with a smile on his furry face. Of course, he also couldn’t stand the heat for very long, so he quickly made his way through the room. From where he entered, there was a separated area on the left side. It wasn’t quite as steamy or stinky, but it was still very ‘hot’ in other ways.

Dozens of beautiful Elves, both men and women, were doing yoga together. Except for the blue-skinned Frost Elves, most of them were still comfortable wearing normal yoga-pants, sweat-pants, t-shirts and other similar clothes. While others were just directly wearing bikinis. Or in the case of the Goblins and Orcs, most of them were completely naked. It didn’t really matter though, because their ‘genitals’ were covered by thin black carapace. In some ways, they were less revealing than the girls wearing only thin pieces of cloth, barely covering anything.

Chapter 202:

“Jacob~! Have you come to exercise your stiff body for once?” 

Camila chuckled from the front of the room that was surrounded by mirrors. The gym also had a lot of mirrors, but the size was just too large to completely cover it with the materials they had available. Aubry looked at the sexy Elf Queen and couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed, so she quickly slipped away and went back to the basketball court. 

“Not just me. I think Tori should try out Yoga too. She’s got arms and legs now.”

“Yeah! I can finally walk, hihihihi~!”

Tori wiggled her torso a bit and threw off the clingy Goblins, then trotted over to her ‘Mama’ in a few big strides. It’s not some big surprise, because it took a few weeks to completely grow out those thick arms and legs. It was only today that they were strong enough to carry her heavy body though. That 2 tons also had a pretty big portion of the weight being from those extra limbs.

“I can see that. Congratulations, Tori!” Camila smiled gently at the adorable and strange walking Orca that was covered in white fur, “I am pleased to have the two of you join my yoga class, though I am unsure how much I can actually guide you.”

They did have electricity, so there were fans in the gym, throne room, yoga room and other places. In the end, Jake did manage to secure a deal for some Wind Turbines and Solar Panels a while back. Though it usually only provided enough energy to just barely keep the lights on, metaphorically. Especially with all the blizzards and storms. Even though they’re a pain in the ass, at least they did work pretty well. And a lot of the people they brought over were specifically meant to deal with these kinds of technical problems.

Jake walked over and sat down in the inhuman are of the exercise room. Aside from Tori, there were also some Hounds, Cats… Even Steve? Speaking of Steve, he did eventually grow back that lost wing, but his body also had a lot of other changes. He grew so large that he couldn’t even breed with his harem of hens anymore and had to switch his mating targets to Rheas or those gigantic mutant chickens. He was about 2 meters tall now and his legs grew much longer, similar to a rhea or ostrich.

With such long legs, Steve was actually able to stretch them out and do some interesting poses. When he watched the dogs, cats and ostrich-like bird trying to copy Camila’s actions, Jake couldn’t help laughing. As for the lusty gazes of the men and women in the room as they watched his wife… He didn’t really care. Even if quite a few of them looked at him with those same gazes, it still wasn’t that weird. He didn’t even bother turning himself into a sexy Elf anymore, yet there were still quite a few furries who were into yetis or fuzzy snakes.

The huge body might look furry and cute on the outside, but Jake’s carapace was much less flexible than Tori’s. However, it should be noted that it wasn’t completely impossible to improve their flexibility. In fact, just like muscles get bigger and stronger in response to stimuli, their bodies were able to transform even more dramatically than that. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a snake for a tail or a bunch of tentacles coming out of his head. After being shot enough times, Jake’s carapace became more bulletproof. Drowning made him grow gills.

It wasn’t just Jake and Tori that could adapt or evolve though. Even the Drones have changed a lot over time. The Elves could also change significantly according to various stimuli, though they generally relied more on Camila’s assistance. One interesting thing was that none of the women in the room were pregnant. Most of them were Breeders before becoming Elves, so now that they had the choice to avoid pumping out babies like crazy, they obviously chose to take care of the children they already had… Or had left.

There was actually a huge daycare in another part of the Keep. There were nearly a hundred babies in the village. A lot of people simply stayed home and took care of their kids or just didn’t feel like getting involved in the chaos. But the majority were actually pretty extroverted, at least in this setting where everyone was psychically linked and knew each other pretty well.

“Yoga, boring.” The giant snake slithered around Jake’s body and whispered into his furry left ear nub, “Mating, fun…”

“You’ve been spoiled, hehe~!” 

Jake smiled wryly and kissed her on the forehead while staying in a push-up position and trying to bend his waist downward slowly without breaking anything. The lotus position was basically just sitting cross-legged with their hands on their knees. The child’s pose, which is a pretty creepy name, was very similar to kowtowing. Kneeling, then putting their forehead on the ground and reaching their arms outward. Obviously Tori couldn’t do that one and even Jake had a lot of trouble trying it. She also couldn’t do corpse pose, because she couldn’t lay on her back. 

When Jake did it, the snake slithered up between his legs, crawled across his chest and bit him on the face… Eventually, Tori and Jake were both way too hot and had to leave. Then again, the Yoga Class was basically over either way. Compared to the yoga room, the gym was always full of people, because people would constantly come and go… Even in the middle of the night, there would still be some night owls coming by to work out.

Tori went outside to play in the snow again, but Jake and Vora followed Camilia’s sweaty ass upstairs to a huge bathroom. There was a giant gym without any locker rooms, not even a public bathroom. Mainly because it was never meant to be a gym in the first place, but a dignified Keep where the King and Queens lived. If people wanted to go to the bathroom, they had to go outside or just walk home. Everyone lived pretty close-by anyway.

“Breed!” When Vora saw Camila taking off her clothes and getting in the huge shower, she immediately took over Jake’s body. Those long furry tentacles lifted the sweaty Elf Queen up into the air. Then a long, hard, pink tentacle erupted from that furry white groin and immediately penetrated into that tiny hole.

“My Queen! You called?!” A blue-skinned muscle-girl rushed into the bathroom and found a giant yeti ravaging the love of her life! Well, this was a pretty normal scene, so she just went over to join the fun. Delilah would come over too, but she was busy performing magic tricks in the cafeteria downstairs. There was even a stage set up on one side of the room, for people to perform.

It can be said that Frost Haven was an idyllic fairyland compared to most of the world. Sure, there might be some minor issues like a lack of privacy, not everyone having running water or electricity and no internet… But the Psychic Web wasn’t much different from social media in a lot of ways. Most of them could see in the dark and had amazing hearing, some even with echolocation abilities.

There were lots of dogs and cats. Everyone loves dogs and/or cats. It was a little creepy when they could talk, but at least it took away a lot of the guesswork and communication issues when dealing with normal pets. Plus, the dogs and cats weren’t pets. They were actually useful members of Frost Haven society.

Almost every Elf had at least one Scout, because who wouldn’t want to enjoy the feeling of ‘flying’? Of course, there were also people who raised bees, which could also be used to generate honey, aside from protecting their homes. Goats and Unicorns were also very popular mounts.

“With such a small population base, things like currency aren’t really that important. But… It’s going to be an issue sooner or later.”

Later that night, Jake was laying on the gigantic bed on the top floor ‘penthouse’ of the Keep. He could see the bright moon shining in through the fancy windows to the left. Two ‘tiny’ naked Elves were laying on his fluffy, muscular-looking chest. With the 2 meter tall blue-skinned muscle-girl already hugging a hairy white snake to sleep on his right.

“Indeed.” Camila sighed dramatically, running her fingers through his thick white beard and occasionally playing with his long furry tentacles.

“What about virtual currency? Based on our Magic?” Delilah looked up at the two of them, then scooted up a little bit so that she was eye-to-eye with her Queen.

“It’s cool in theory, but unfortunately, not even slightly realistic.” Jake snickered and gently caressed her smooth cheek with one of his tentacles, “I was thinking more along the lines of just going back to good old fashioned coins. The question is what material to use?”

“We could just use Pesos.” Camila smirked, “The value we place on coins is determined by us in the end.”

Delilah seriously suggested: “What if we used real gold and engraved magical runes on them?”

Chapter 203:

Gold is extremely valuable because of its rarity, but also because it has many uses. Although silver is generally considered more useful than gold in electronics, the value, rarity and lifespan of silver is much lower. It should be noted that although gold was extremely valuable to a normal person in the past, now it was relatively worthless to most people.

The Endless Hope Organization has been collecting gold for decades, even more-so now that the world order has basically collapsed. However, even they had no way to gather up everything. For example, in a single cellphone, there might be 1/35th of a gram of gold. Which wasn’t really worth the expenditure to separate out that tiny bit of gold.

A CPU on the other hand, might have as much as .5 grams of gold! That might not seem like much. Maybe 30 dollars worth of pure gold before the apocalypse. But how many computers were there in the world? How many old, worthless computers were sent to garbage dumps or recycled for parts? There used to be large companies that would use special acids to break down various components and separate them out into pure gold. Coins and jewelry could often be melted down to separate out the gold instead, though various acids were also used sometimes.

How much gold or silver plated jewelry existed in the world? If you go back even farther, solid gold and silver jewelry was also pretty common. However, when it comes to ancient artifacts from hundreds of years ago, they were actually more valuable as collectables. Jake and Camila or pretty much anyone with a little foresight would rather keep them around as antiques than melt them down.

At the top floor of the Keep, aside from the bedroom and a bathroom, there was also a vault. It was actually just a room made of reinforced concrete, with a fancy metal door. Jake unsealed the heavy door and walked inside. The morning light from the bedroom shone inside from behind his burly back.

Delilah and Camila each had golden eyes, ironically, which glowed faintly or brightly depending on their mood. Tessa was tired from exercising so much yesterday, so she was still sleeping in bed. Vora wrapped around Jake’s torso and rested her head on his right shoulder, still drifting in and out of consciousness.

“Serious question. If we filled this room with gold, would it be so heavy that the floor would collapse?”

Camila chuckled and smacked her husband’s hard ass, “If we collect so much gold, we should keep it in the basement instead.”

In front of them was a pile of assorted gold and silver bullion. The gold bars came in many shapes and sizes, but most of them were taken back from Jake’s secret stash in that random lake. Instead of shoving them up Bahni’s ‘holes’, they used a simpler and more effective method… They just used a boat. A yacht to be specific.

However, aside from those bars they found back then, some people also brought over some gold and silver from Rio Grande. Of course, when a certain apartment building was being taken over by mold, some rats and mice also ‘salvaged’ a lot of jewelry. In fact, there was a surprising amount of jewelry that could be found in the sewers, storm drains and garbage dumps. Especially after the apocalypse, when most people stopped valuing their ‘valuables’ as much.

Stanley melted or dissolved various items into ‘gold’ in dozens of different videos in the past, so he obviously understood how to do it. The only issue was a lack of a strong enough heat source or the right acidic compounds. Strangely enough, there was also a chemistry teacher among the new Elves. Which was slightly more professional than the ‘Alchemist’ from the original group of Gamers and their family members. 

Aside from gold, there were also other precious metals like platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium. The so-called ‘9 Precious Metals’. Aside from Gold and Silver though, the others were basically found in very small quantities as collectibles. There were also some ores and crystals on the side. With a special section devoted to ‘antiques’. There was a museum in Rio Grande that was damaged by the earthquake, so Jake and his mousy children kindly ‘rescued’ a lot of the artwork and other precious items. 

Speaking of artwork, he also managed to get his own paintings back from Tolhuin a few months ago. However, instead of keeping it in a vault, he displayed it in the gigantic ‘art room’ on the first floor. The reason why it had to be so big was because it was practically open to anyone who wanted to come over to paint or sculpt. The Orcs generally didn’t care that much, but the Goblins loved it. Even Camila was somewhat of an artist, as were many Elves.

“Are you sure you wanna start making coins? It seems like a massive pain in the ass.” Jake walked over and looked at the massive amount of ‘wealth’ with a wry smile on his face.

Delilah picked up a small 10 gram rectangular piece of gold bullion. It was 24 karat or .9999% fine gold, theoretically. Lasers shot out of her golden eyes and she started engraving magical symbols on the piece of metal that was previously unmarred. When she finished her ‘magic show’, the tiny golden bar had glowing markings all over it. Along with a set of holographic English and Spanish Words floating above it.

[One Gold Dollar, Frost Haven Currency, Minted in 2024.]

“How long can this ‘enchantment’ last?” 

Camila took the bar and turned it around. No matter which direction she looked at it, there would still be those words floating off to the side. The whole piece of metal was also covered in those mysterious symbols, which were most likely ‘Elvish Runes’ stolen from the Gates of Sidhe game. Well, it’s not like they can sue them for copyright infringement. 

“As long as someone remembers.” Delilah sighed and shook her head, “I’ve already started to forget. The runes have changed… It would be more effective if the runes were engraved.”

“In other words, it’s still better to just do it the old fashioned way.” Jake rolled his big blue eyes, “But it is an interesting concept though. As long as someone remembers… In other words, if you can get enough people to remember and keep remembering something, then…”

“It will always exist.” Camila frowned and placed the tiny gold bar back on the pile, “Jacob… I think I understand ‘Terror’ a bit more.”

“Yep. Not just Terror though.” He sighed and left the room with his two beautiful wives, plus his Archmage Concubine.

“I’m not even just talking about ‘Gods’ or ‘Devils’. Have you ever seen any… Ghosts?”

“Yes.” The Elf Queen nodded immediately and Deliliah shook her head.

“I still see Joey sometimes. I’m not sure if he’s real or not. Maybe just my imagination. But I like to think that maybe… He lives on in my memories. Tori, Steve, Vora, Catarina, Sophia… Well, you get the point. All of us remember him. We shared a life with him. In the end, Vora and I ‘Reincarnated’ him into three new Scouts. So most of his own memories were passed down. It really makes me wonder about things like souls.”

“Perhaps the spirits of our loved ones will truly watch over us in the future?” 

Camila smiled as she walked over to the huge window on the southern side of the bedroom, looking down at the ‘town’ below. There were only a few dozen buildings, including an inn, blacksmith and other similar ‘shops’, but it was still an amazing improvement over before. Not only that, but those trees and plants grew everywhere, yet didn’t seem to harm the buildings anymore. The ice and snow covered the forest, rivers and lakes in the distance, yet it couldn’t completely hide the countless animals that were still roaming around.

Most of the deer, goats, camelids and other herbivores were actually just wild animals, unrelated to Vora. The plants, fungi and other similar creatures were also unrelated. For the animals, it was to prevent ‘cannibalism’, but for the plants… It’s not like Jake and Vora haven’t tried, they just didn’t seem to have that ability yet.

“One day, we will rebuild this world in our image.” The Elf Queen smirked as she spread her arms. Then two fluffy white tentacles covered her unnecessarily large breasts and unshaved pubic region from behind. After all, there were plenty of people who could easily see her from the town square below, or through the eyes of some random bird.

“Jacob, how much longer until you can give me a dragon?”

Chapter 204:

“What is a dragon?”

“Jacob, I am not speaking philosophically. I just want a dragon.”

“We’ve gone over this countless times, but seriously, what the fuck is a dragon?”

Jake snickered and stood in front of a huge easel and started painting very leisurely with his right and left hands at the same time. Of course, he was the right hand and Vora was the left. The sleepy snake finally woke up, had breakfast and started having fun painting.

“Many of the earliest dragons were basically just snakes or snakes with limbs. Then there are lizards. The bat-winged, wolf-bodied, barbed tailed, scaly creatures. The Chinese have a very strict definition of what they consider a ‘dragon’. Camel head, cow ears, stag antlers, demonic eyes, serpentine neck, ‘clam’ belly, which honestly makes no sense to me, carp scales, eagle claws, tiger ‘soles’ and uh… Some kinda lump on the head that makes them special, I don’t fucking know. There are also Wyvern-type dragons or even birds that have some minor draconic features.”

Pretty soon, Jake had already painted a snake, a Chinese Dragon and a Wyvern. Vora painted a colorful peacock, parrot and a sea serpent under the water below where the dragons were flying. With the help of their imagination and Delilah’s ‘magic’ the creatures jumped out of the painting, flying around the third-floor art room. The first floor public art room was always too noisy, so Jake usually only went down there when he felt like showing off.

“Does their appearance make them dragons? Or is it about their ‘powers’?”

“Jacob, I want dragons. I want them all.”

Jake looked at his greedy wife and snickered, “I’m afraid that there are probably a lot of ‘dragons’ in the world now. All shapes and sizes. So what’s the point?”

“Won’t it be embarrassing if other Queens have dragons and we don’t?” 

Camila pouted and crossed her arms in front of her bulging chest. Like usual, she only wore some loose pink pajamas around the house. On the other hand, Delilah was wearing a blue dress. Tessa was sitting nearby, wearing a simple white t-shirt and black boxers. She still flinched in pain every time she moved around, because yesterday she pulled a few muscles while playing basketball.

“Who says we don’t have dragons? Don’t we have Tori?” Jake snickered as he started painting another picture. This time it was his daughter. Although she still had the same cute head, her neck was much longer and skinnier, The torso was still kinda bulky, with two strong arms and legs. Then the tail was much longer and skinnier than usual. The dorsal fin was still sticking up out of the middle of her back. While the blowhole was hidden under the armor on the top of her head. Instead of being covered in large and thick plates, that carapace was replaced by black or white scales for the most part.

“She actually wants wings too. But I convinced her not to over-complicate things.” 

“Yes! This is a dragon!” The moment Camila saw the general outline, she nodded seriously. Then she asked, “But are you certain that Tori will turn out this way?”

“We all have our specialties. Vora and I can create creatures, even modify them afterwards to a certain extent… But when it comes to our own body, it’s a little more random and uncontrollable. On the other hand, Tori seems to have a lot more control over her own body than us. If we were Druids in Sidhe Gates, then I would be a Beast Lord and she would be more of a Shifter.”

“You would more likely be a Demon Breeder, hahaha~!” Camila smiled and reached out to caress the fluffy snake, “Although Tori might be considered a ‘dragon’ in the future. I still think that we should have a more conventional dragon in our rouster. Sister, what do you think?”

“Dragon, unnecessary…” Those pink eyes blinked innocently at the frowning Elf, “Hunting Drone, Type-4: Wyvern?”

“Wyverns should be easy. It’s basically just a lizard-bird thing. Either a lizard with wings and feathers or a bird with scales. Help me with the design. I’ve thought about making dogs with wings on their backs too, but adding extra limbs is kinda complicated. Unless we found a ‘sample’ in the wild.”

Although Jake and Vora were powerful, they couldn’t make something out of nothing. They needed to have genes, preferably multiple types of genes and splice them together into the ‘shape’ they imagined or desired. Even then, there might be errors and issues that could arise.

“Do you want them to be viviparous or oviparous?”

“Is there a reason why you never lay eggs?” Tessa asked as she walked over behind them unsteadily.

“Because of how fast we can reproduce.” Jake shrugged, “If it took nine months to have a baby, I would rather lay an egg. But in that case, the baby would probably be severely premature. In our case, we can have a baby in a day or up to one month at the longest. So why should I bother laying eggs?”

“Is it possible to create dragon eggs that take a long time to hatch? Or require specific magical input?” Delilah pressed her right index finger to her plump lips and tilted her head.

“Inefficient. Unnecessary. Unreasonable. No,” Vora refused before Jake could even say anything.

“Maybe it’s possible, but why would we waste time doing something like that?”

“No, Sister, it is not meaningless.” Queen Camila frowned, hugging the giant fluffy white snake head between her breasts.

“I have had the same dream many times in the past few months… I was trapped in a desert. Along, starving, dehydrated… Helpless. Still alive, but just barely. All around me were the ruins of Frost Haven, buried in the sands. The bones of giant beasts and mummified corpses of… Loved ones.”

“I had that same dream, well, similar, but different.”


“As have I…”

“Yo también.”

Jake, Vora, Tessa and Delilah spoke one after the other. Then everyone looked at each other for a few seconds, before Camila explained: “What if this… Current abundance is only a momentary brilliance? What if in the future, we return to the way things were before, or worse. Eggs that can be preserved for years, decades, maybe centuries. That is one of the most powerful features in many fantasy stories.”

“It’s also super unreasonable and unrealistic. It might be fine for a microscopic tardigrade, but for a larger organism…” Jake shook his head, “At least, we can’t do that shit yet. We’ll just make the Wyverns Viviparous, it’s much simpler and easier for now. Maybe in the future we can have more fantasy-styled magical beasts.”

“That is fine with me.” The Elf Queen giggled and sat down on a wooden chair nearby, resting her chin on the top of Vora’s head. The snake’s steamy breath actually burned the skin on her breasts a bit, so she let go and let the serpent slither back to its normal resting place. Jake’s right shoulder.

“Have you considered making any changes to your own body?”

“Of course I’ve considered it. Countless times. But… Maybe I’m just too afraid to fuck things up.”

Jake started a new painting. This time he drew himself in the middle as he was now. Then on the sides, there were some detailed arms, legs, the snake-tail, tentacles, et cetera. Especially the arms. He drew several versions.

“With Vora turning into a full-blown snake coming out my ass. Do I really ‘need’ to have two entire digestive systems on both arms? Do I need so many redundancies? I feel like it would be better to just have bones… And this carapace… It’s not optimized very well. If only I could make changes more intuitively and effectively. Instead of just randomly mutating.”

Chapter 205:

Regardless of what Jake did, according to his current biology, he would still end up shedding his entire shell as soon as Winter ended. Tori would do the same. That would be the optimal time to make serious changes. The ‘little girl’ was a bit more leisurely when it came to making life-altering biological transitions. Jacob, on the other hand, lived as an ordinary human for more than 30 years. He’s from a world where even just getting a sex change required a massive amount of scary hormone treatments and dangerous/expensive surgeries.

Jake was the type of person who would rather not go to the dentist because he felt that driving more than 5 minutes was far too dangerous and uncomfortable. He’s changed a lot since back then, but now he’s gotten used to his hard, protective shell. However, the fact is that while bulletproof to a certain extent, Vora’s carapace isn’t overwhelmingly better than any other protective method.

“Scales are nice. They still need to be shed periodically, but I’m used to that. At least it’s a lot less painful and unpleasant than the carapace. The smooth, squishy skin of my tentacles is also a good choice. Although it’s not very durable, that’s in relation to bullets and other dangerous weapons. It’s not so easy for them to be bitten off… And even if they are destroyed, they can regenerate rapidly. They can also shrink and expand pretty easily, which is kind of awesome, but also a little scary.”

He extended and shrunk his furry white tentacles. Then he opened his hands and looked down at the tongues that extended from his palms. With a wry smile, he shook his head.

“Whether it’s scales, skin or carapace, I don’t think we’ve reached anywhere near the ‘limits’. From the mutated animals, it’s been proven that even plastics can be digested and transformed to replace organic tissues. In the future, the EHO will likely have similar cybernetic technologies. But what the animals have done already is more like a natural evolution based on their current environment.”

“Inorganic, unnatural, dangerous… Not tasty.” Vora had a ‘sneer’ on her fluffy serpentine face, before sticking out her long tongue.

“Vitamins aren’t tasty either, but it doesn’t mean they’re bad for you.” 

Jake sat down at the dinner table. Most days, they didn’t even leave the top floor of the Keep. Especially in Winter. They did have some ‘Servants’ who lived on the top floor with them. Camila wanted to have some sexy ‘Royal Maids’, both men and women. Who could serve them in every way possible… But in the end, Jake chose some particularly clingy Goblins and Bald Orcs. They did everything from cooking to cleaning, even helping their ‘Masters’ wash off in the bath.

“Thank you, Kina.”

“Papa, love~!” The huge 2-meter, super-muscular green-skinned Orc hugged Jake’s head against her hairless pecs. Then giggled and ran back to the kitchen. Over there, the brown-skinned, hairless Orc named Ken was cooking with ‘her’ partner Kory, a green-skinned, black-haired Goblin. There was also another maid that came over to deliver food, another green skinned Goblin named Kai.

“They’re so cute.” Delilah chuckled as she breast-fed her son. JV was almost a year old now, but his growth speed wasn’t any faster than normal human or Elf babies. 

“Of course, they’re my kids. Well, technically they’re my grand… Great… They’re my descendants.” 

Jake actually wasn’t sure exactly who gave birth to who anymore. The Orcs and Goblins are all still sexless, but the Hounds have had quite a few generations since the first two groups that he created. All the Cats were also related to Tessa as well.

“Jacob… I want you to impregnate me.” Camila reached over and placed her hand on the back of that furry claw, looking up into those big blue eyes with a smirk on her lips.

“With what?” Jake raised an eyebrow and snickered, “You have to be more specific.”

“I want to be the Dragon Mommy.”

“That’s probably not a good idea.” He shook his head and sighed as Vora started gorging herself without caring about what everyone else was saying, “It’s too dangerous. Cats are simple and easy. There really wasn’t any danger with Tessa, but when it comes to ‘dragons’… Vora and I will need to do a lot of testing and bug fixing first. Why don’t we just have a normal Elf baby? Don’t you want an ‘heir’?”

“I’m not ready to pass down my Throne.” Camila snickered, “We have plenty of time.”

“That’s not what you said last year.”

“I was just seducing you.”

“Anyway, if you wanna give birth to a dragon, wait until Vora and I have worked out the kinks first. That way you can customize your ‘baby’ to be exactly the way you want.”

Tessa sighed, “It sounds so strange when you say it that way.”

“Fine.” Camila nodded and agreed. Then she hugged and kissed the cute little waitress, before starting to eat lunch very elegantly.

Kina and Kai continued bringing out food for the entire duration of the meal. Elves really don’t need to eat that much, but Jake and Vora took a long time to be satiated. Especially since they currently had four mouths and just as many digestive systems to ‘feed’. Although the two mouths on the arms seemed a little unnecessary, they were actually still very useful. This was one of the main reasons why Jake could never decide whether to get rid of them and return to having normal, vertebrate arms. The reproductive systems in the two arms were a bit more redundant though. They took up a lot of space, they were very unpleasant to use and a bit unnecessary now.

“What if I just changed my face?”

“Papa, pretty!”

Instead of a furry yeti face, what everyone usually saw was a handsome, pale-skinned Elf man, somewhat similar to Jake’s original appearance. Except the eyes were much bigger, the ears were long and pointy, the beard was a lot longer and fluffier, while even the nose was straighter and more symmetrical. He didn’t even bother turning those white fuzzy tentacles into dreadlocks, because he thought they looked better the way they are now.

“Instead of your face, you should change your cock.” Camila chuckled, while Jake coughed and choked on the pizza he was eating.


“Hahaha! Cock! Cock!”

Kina and Kai started saying the ‘funny word’ repeatedly like normal kids would.

“Your cock is too… Smooth. The size is far too large. It is far too… Squishy. Jacob, please change your cock.”

“I think it’s fine.” Tessa spoke in a quiet voice before blushing purple on her light-blue cheeks and covering her face in embarrassment.

“I don’t have a problem with it either.” Delilah giggled as she got up and walked over to a small area on the carpet, where little JV could play with some random toys. There were also some tiny Mice and other critters. After all, he wasn’t a newborn anymore. He could already crawl, walk around, he was even potty trained, but he hadn’t started speaking yet. At least not verbally. It was mostly just telepathic communications.

“I can try?” Jake sighed and shook his head, “Honestly, I’m not even sure whether I can ‘change’ myself on my own initiative yet. So don’t get your hopes up.”

Chapter 206:

A group of men and women were making their way through the dense forest. Roars, cries and screams were echoing all around them. The forest was always so noisy and vibrant. However, for the group of refugees, it was a nightmare.

“Wooo~!” A wolf howl came from nearby, then a 2 meter tall gray-furred Werewolf rushed out of the bushes. Covered in twigs, leaves and a bit of blood on his face.

“Are you okay?” One of the women asked worriedly while gently caressing the man’s face. Then she stuck out her long tongue and licked the blood from his cheeks. Well, she was also a gray-furred werewolf. Except for a few men and women that looked more like Werecats, they were all seemingly related to ‘wolves’, though it was actually more like dogs. There was one girl in particular, that was only 1 meter tall, had short tan-white fur and the head of a chihuahua.

“I’m okay. But we need to make a detour.”

The ‘Pack’ avoided the creepy green lake up ahead and went to the left. The forest was so thick that it was hard for sunlight to reach them. Fortunately, they all had heightened senses compared to back when they were only ‘human’.

“I smell something. A cat.” One of the ‘cat-girls’ whispered. Of course, she was covered in thick fur and looked more like an anthropomorphic, bipedal leopard.

“More than just a cat… It’s a fucking swarm! Run!” The gray wolf roared and then picked up the chihuahua girl, because she was too slow. There were also quite a few small children that were being carried by their mothers or fathers. However, the dozens of people were at least 180 cm. Even if they weren’t full-grown adults, they were still able to run just as quickly as the fastest men and women in the pack.




At such a deafening volume, those cute house cats in the past were nowhere to be seen anymore! Now these monsters were all at least the size of a panther, the largest one was nearly four meters long and had a shoulder height of 1.6 meters!

“Shit! Fight back! We can’t outrun them!” The gray werewolf roared as he charged forward with his mate. The two of them attacked the biggest tabby cat with their claws and teeth. They quickly moved away when those massive paws swiped at them, because even a single attack could be the end!

“Aaaah~!” One of the leopard-women screamed in agony as her leg was ripped off! But she quickly bit down and tore out the throat of the tiger-sized cat that tried to finish her off!

*Pah~! Pah~! Pah~!*

They didn’t all fight with nails and teeth. The chihuahua girl fired a revolver three times before running out of ammo. Another small wolf-boy fired a rifle and blasted a large chunk out of the face of the black cat that was about to eat him. Even with such severe injuries, the dying beast still disemboweled the boy with one last swipe!



“God, help us!”

“Don’t die!”

Screams, cries, howls, roars and gunshots rang out constantly. The giant cats were the hunters, but their attrition was even higher than the werewolves. This made them much more cautious and many of the cats were just coldly watching the bigger, stupider ones rushing to the front. However, considering that there were only a few dozen werewolves at first and nearly a hundred giant cats, the felines were certainly on the winning side from the start.

“We have to escape!” One of the beefier werewolf men roared as he tried to run away on his own, but quickly got pounced on by an ambushing black cat. His face was torn off by those sharp fangs, while his own claws dug deep into the belly of that ferocious beast!

“Don’t run!” The gray wolf leader roared after gouging out the eye of the tabby, “There’s nowhere to escape! They’ll break before us! Awoooo~!”




The wolves howled out loudly in solidarity and started to fight back even more viciously… But the wild cats were mostly unaffected by the show. Because they quickly ‘meowed’ and ‘roared’ in response. Bolstering their own morale.





Suddenly barks and howls came from nearby! The cats immediately became nervous and many of them started escaping! However, it was too late to run.

Dozens of arrows flew by and pierced into the bodies of the cats that were on the outskirts of the battlefield. Then a few dozen big, burly, 2 meter tall, green and brown skinned Orcish warriors emerged from the woods! Some of them had huge bows, while others carried spears, swords and axes. Then there were just as many giant maned wolves, with tiny green-skinned goblins riding on their backs. They quickly shot arrows or stabbed the cats with their spears.

Even the biggest, strongest giant tabby cat wanted to escape at that point. Especially since it already lost an eye. Seeing that the situation had turned around, the two big gray Werewolves chased after the fleeing enemy. Just when the tabby reached a river and was about to try to jump over, it suddenly stopped and shivered in terror!


“Get back!” The female werewolf grabbed her mate’s fluffy tail and pulled him backwards. A huge gaping maw emerged from the water and bit down onto the tiger’s head. The entire head was neatly and cleanly chopped off!

“Shit, what the fuck is that?!” The man shouted in shock as he wanted to run away, but felt like his whole body was paralyzed. The woman was about the same.

“Hihihihihi~! Don’t be afraid!” 

The huge, terrifying beast emerged from the water and towered over the two of them! That cute, rounded face had white scales on its blood chin, while the scales above were pitch-black. Those big silver eyes were able to look down at them at the same time. The voice didn’t come from the mouth, but from behind the carapace-like crest on the head, which covered an important blowhole.

The beast had a long but thick and muscular neck. The underside was white, just like the smooth, relatively skinny underbelly. Those four powerful, nearly 2 meter long limbs were all covered in jet-black scales, with webbed feet. The slightly curved back had a long and similarly curved, meter-long blade-like dorsal fin. Finally, there was a particularly long and somewhat slender tail. The entire length of the creature’s body reached 7 meters from head to tail!

“I’m Tori! Nice to meet you! Hihihihi~! ¡Soy Tori, encantado de conocerte!”

She repeated herself in Spanish just in case they couldn’t understand English that well. After all, they were in Argentina. However, there were actually a lot of people from all over the world due to the EHO and slave trading organizations, or just people trying to escape from various places on their own.

“Tori?! You’re Tori?! Weren’t you an Orca?!” 

Chapter 207:

“I’m Jaquez! She’s Lesley! I don’t know if you remember us?”

“Ah! Of course I remember! Hihihihi~!” Tori laughed at first, then she frowned and looked over at the dead or dying werewolves through the eyes of the Orcs and Goblins. Then she started crying loudly.

“Why did I take so long?! So many people died!”

Jaquez and Lesley were also upset, but they didn’t cry. Because they’ve already experienced far too much pain and suffering on their journey north. When they escaped from Tolhuin, there were hundreds of them. Mostly puppies and kittens. Now… Only a dozen were left standing. A dozen more probably wouldn’t make it.

“Tori, don’t blame yourself.” 

Jake’s familiar voice came from behind the huge Orca Dragon. Then the two werewolves saw… Well, he didn’t look that different. His face was a lot more feminine and covered in what looked like smooth beige skin. Basically like a normal human. His glowing blue eyes were a bit bigger, he had long, pointy elf ears. Those purple tentacles writhed around and were almost as long as his 2.8 meter tall body. There was a long and thick snake hanging off his ass, but Vora was busy eating some unlucky fish, so she didn’t even leave the river.

“We can’t pay attention to everything, all the time. We came as fast as we could.”

“Yes, Father… *Sniffle*”

Jake looked at his daughter and wondered how she was even able to ‘sniffle’ for a moment, then sighed and looked back at those two familiar gray wolves.

“Don’t worry. As long as they can hold on for a little longer, we should be able to treat them in Frost Haven… You’re safe now. This is our territory.”

“Thank you… Jake. And Tori, we don’t blame you. We’re thankful that you came to save us.” 

Lesley was still scared of the two giants, but remembering that cute Orca in the past, she was able to overcome her fears and walk over to hug that thick right leg. After all, there was no way for her to reach that long neck without jumping. Also, both of them were injured and exhausted.

“Alright, stop fucking around. We gotta hurry up and get these people to Frost Haven!”

Jake walked forward quickly, dragging the lazy snake behind him. Fully extended, Vora was actually about 3 meters long. Adding quite a bit of weight to his already heavy body. Even so, he could still move pretty quickly on land and even swim a bit faster than before.

As he reached the warzone in the woods, he saw the Goblins and Orcs already performing some simple ‘first aid’. For example, helping people stuff their bowels back inside their ripped open bellies. Or picking up some misplaced limbs and digits that were laying around. They couldn’t directly reattach them right away, but if the people were still alive by the time they got to town, there would be hope.

Jake picked up a fairly heavy 2 meter tall leopard-girl that lost her leg, but was still conscious. She roared in pain from her wound, yet it wasn’t bleeding anymore. It should be noted that these Werewolves and Werecats seemed to have pretty powerful survival abilities already. Otherwise they wouldn’t have made it this far. Even after having a lung punctured or a limb torn off, they can not only stay conscious but even kept fighting until they were rescued.

“It’s gonna be okay. Be careful! Use the stretchers and let’s go!” Jake shouted to the group of anxious ‘brats’ who were panicking when they saw so many people who were dead or dying. Fortunately they brought enough stretchers and people to carry them. 

The Orcs couldn’t move too quickly while carrying the injured patients, so it took nearly an hour to reach the edge of Frost Haven. Of course, there was still a few rivers to cross and hills to climb, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal compared to trudging through the thick woods. The wounded were quickly sent to the ‘Hospital’, which was Jake’s old house that got repurposed a while back.

There were several surgeons and doctors among the last batch of Elves that were taken from Rio Grande half a year ago. Now that they all understood how to manipulate Mice and other creatures to help them for surgeries or other medical procedures, there really wasn’t a need for Jake, Tori or Camila to act as ‘healers’ anymore.

“What happened?! Are my brothers okay?! ¡¿Dónde están Esteban y Bruno?!”

When Jake and Tori brought the Gray Wolf ‘twins’ to the front door of the inn, Catarina rushed over and started interrogating them. The 12 year old little white-furred, blue-eyed husky-girl was 1.8 meters tall, but still pretty skinny. Mainly because she was too lazy to exercise, but her metabolism was high enough that she would never get fat.

“Catarina?” Lesley was basically naked and soaking wet from swimming across the rivers, but the white wolf-girl was wearing a thin pink dress.

“Yes! Tell me! What happened to my brothers?!”

“You still haven’t told us what happened in Tolhuin… Why did you guys have to leave?”

Jake frowned and looked down at the two werewolves. Although there were still tens of thousands of Mice, even millions of roaches and other insects connected to Voracity in Tolhuin, their territory was just too far away to ‘connect’ with them effectively. Just like Porvenir to the far northwest. However, even when Bahni and the Sharks were a thousand kilometers to the north, Tori could still chat with them on a daily basis.

“It… It started on the Night of the Siren.” Jaquez spoke while patting his sister on the shoulder and sighing, “Just like last year, many people were ‘summoned’ by the Devil. So just like last year, they locked us all up for our own safety. At least… That’s what they told us.”

“The werewolves? Or all Adapters?” Tori asked as she lowered her big head down near the two trembling doggies.


“All the Adapters, Mutants and Breeders!” Lesley shouted angrily, “They locked us up! Before the Winter even started! They kept us trapped in small rooms, with barely enough food to survive! They even separated us to keep us from ‘hurting each other’, but they also kept us from using the internet!”

“That does sound pretty fucked up.” Jake nodded, “I could go decades locked in a tiny room, but only if I had the internet.”

“Father, you weren’t a normal human.” Tori rolled her big silver eyes and asked, “What happened next?”

“Next…” Jaquez took over this time, “The Siren Event happened again. The Purebloods weren’t affected. But they started killing each other. We don’t know why. I don’t know if they were tempted by the devil or if they were just fighting over power. Esteban and Bruno were members of the Security Force before, so they found a way to rescue us in the chaos. There were hundreds of us when we first left Tolhuin… Now…”

“¡¿Qué?! ¿Están muertos?” Catarina screamed and already had tears in her bloodshot blue eyes. But the two wolves didn’t answer. Lesley started crying and Jaquez just sighed.

“Waaah~!” Tori’s cry was extremely high-pitched and deafening, combining with Catarina’s sad wolf-like howl.


‘Vora, shush.’ 

Jake sighed and turned to the two gray wolves, “Why don’t the two of you go find a room inside and settle down? I’m sure you’re both barely hanging on. You need some rest… When you wake up, you can go visit the rest of your pack. Don’t worry. As long as they don’t give up on themselves, it’s not that easy to die.”

Chapter 208:

A few days later, the Werewolves and Werecats who recovered were brought to Frost Haven Keep. Entering the huge double-doors, even Tori was able to walk inside with her head held high. Of course, that probably wouldn’t be the case if she grew a little bit taller. The ceiling inside was also about 5 meters high, which is huge for a human, but less than twice the height of Jake.

There were some fancy hand-made glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling/walls. The basketball court and bleachers were removed once the weather got nicer. A basketball court was set up outside, along with baseball and other sports. They had plenty of empty spaces in their vast territory. Even if many places were still covered in thick forests, there were also many places where the soil was too unbearable or the ground was just all rocks. This place used to be called a desert for a reason.

A cool breeze was blowing through the Throne Room from various sides and there were also vents hidden in the walls. Inside the hall, there were dozens of burly 2 meter tall, black-armored ‘Knights’ standing with spears or swords in their hands. Whether they were Orcs or Elves, about 2 meters was the required height to at least look a little imposing. They didn’t have guns, because they were a ‘Melee Class’. 

There were also some Snipers, with rifles, Beast Whisperers, with mostly Hound or Cat companions, Archers with bows and arrows, Gunslingers with pistols and dressed like old Western ‘cowboys’… The whole room was basically packed with Elves, Goblins and Orcs in various fancy outfits or costumes. 

Not all of them were combat related classes though. Because there were also lumberjacks, doctors, artisans, et cetera. All of them had a variety of outfits as well, from flannel and jeans to crazy serial-killer looking weirdos wearing plague-doctor bird-masks. There were even a few women who called themselves ‘Courtesans’ and wore almost nothing or see-through fabrics. Plus a Shaman that was just wearing a grass skirt and had a bunch of body-paint on her pale white skin.

Of course, aside from humans, there were also plenty of ‘animals’. A bunch of birds were standing on perches near the ceiling or on people’s shoulders. The same thing for Mice and Rats. There were an especially large number of rodents gathering around a corner where Juli the Mouse-Girl was lurking ominously, with two sharp daggers on her hips and some black leather armor to cover her white fur.

Kotoa was wearing an eyepatch, with a cutlass on his left hip and a revolver on the right. His position was actually as the ‘guard’ of Princess Catarina, who was standing near the two giant thrones. The white-furred wolf-girl was wearing a silver crown on her head and a fancy blue dress.

Oddly enough, Camila actually looked… Oddly ‘normal’ on that gigantic white and gold throne. It was only gold plated, since actual gold would be far too soft and malleable. The cushion was made of a red leathery material with a comfortable stuffing inside.

As Jake walked closer to the throne, with the little werewolves and werecats trailing behind, some of them limping, he smiled wryly. Because even after sitting down on the slightly smaller throne to the right, he looked over and was able to meet eye-to-eye with his wife! This wasn’t some magic trick. Over the summer, Camila actually grew almost a meter taller! Now she was 2.5 meters, which is 8.2 feet! Only 30 cm or a foot shorter than Jake is now!

What was even more impressive was the 3 meter tall, Black Knight who was standing behind the two thrones. It obviously wasn’t Stanley, because he was dressed as a mad scientist in the audience down below. Hell, another 2.5 meter giantess was just casually dressed in a basketball jersey and shorts!

Between the two thrones, there was a tiny 1.5 meter tall Archmage, holding a ‘magical staff’ in her right hand and a magical tome in the left. By her feet was a little baby boy, who was also dressed in a blue mage robe. The reason why they all used blue so much was a combination of the whole ‘Frost Haven’ thing and also because they were originally Argentinian in the Old World. For those who might not know, the Flag of Argentina has two blue stripes on the top and bottom, a white stripe in the middle and a golden ‘sun’ with a face on the very center.

Tori walked over and looked around, then she curled her tail around, before sitting upright on the left side of the throne. Similar to a gigantic dog or cat, but with the cute and somewhat terrifying face of a Killer Whale. Although her big silver eyes were more situated toward the front of her head, those two large white ‘eye’ shaped markings were still on the sides, just like an ordinary Orca.

With a relatively simple golden crown on her head and wearing an elegant white dress, the pale-skinned Elf Queen stood up off her throne and walked forward a few meters. Standing at the top of a few giant steps, she gazed down at the fifteen ‘people’ below. Some of them needed crutches for their broken, mangled or missing legs, while others had arm, rib, or even head injuries, covered in bandages. They varied in size from a tiny Chihuahua girl or wolf child to the giant one-legged panther woman and the two gray wolf twins.

“We are gathered here today to witness another glorious moment in the history of Frost Haven! Another group of weary travelers have come to our sanctuary to pledge their fealty to the Elf Queen, the Beast King and the Queen of Gluttony!”

“I thought Father was the King of Furries?” Tori whispered ‘softly’, but obviously everyone in the room heard it. Causing a few muffled coughs and laughs in the otherwise quiet throne room.

“We pledge our loyalty to you, Your Majesty-uh, Highness-es?”

Jaquez quickly kneeled down, as did his sister. However, the one-legged leopard-girl on crutches looked down at her missing leg and looked around awkwardly. A few of the others also had trouble kneeling for various reasons.

“Don’t kneel. I mean, you can kneel if you want, but it’s not necessary.” Jake snickered and didn’t even bother standing up, just waved his hand and a few tentacles from his seat.

“Yes. If you wish to show your respect, you may simply bow.” Camila nodded, “I accept your loyalty! From now onward, you and your Pack will become proud citizens of my Kingdom!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

After the group of Werewolves and Werecats swore their fealty, the rest of the people around the room started cheering.

“All Hail the Queen!”

“All Hail Queen Camila!”

“All Hail the Elf Queen!”

“Jacob, I love you~!”

“¡Quiero tener tus bebés!”

Well, some of them were normal, but others were a little silly. Regardless, the vast majority of people were hailing the ‘Queen’, since they were all Elves. As for Vora and Jake, their most loyal followers were just barking, howling or meowing.

“Danger!” Vora suddenly shouted and Jake quickly ‘looked’ outside. Seeing through the eyes of various bugs, birds and other creatures in Frost Haven.

“No!” Tori screamed, but there really wasn’t anything that they could do at this point.


The sound came first, as the whole keep shook violently. Then big chunks of concrete started falling from above and crushing people. A few violent explosions later and the whole building collapsed! Everyone was buried alive… At least, those who weren’t already dead.

Chapter 209:

“Fuck!” Jake opened his eyes while panting and looked out the window. It was still dark out and thunder was rumbling in the night sky. The whole room shook from the vibrations.



Camila and Vora shouted out at the same time. They would have woken up Tessa and Delilah, but the two of them were already awake. The gigantic blue muscle-girl was standing in front of the bed naked, doing some morning stretches. While Deli was busy taking care of her baby in another room. She was still the same tiny size as before, so instead of being accidentally crushed to death by those giants in her sleep, she usually stayed with her son instead.

“What’s wrong?!” Tessa saw how anxious they were and felt worried as well.



Camila was cut off by Jake, who got out of bed with his long snake-tail dangling behind him. Vora quickly coiled around his body and reached his shoulder as usual. Since it was more comfortable than being dragged around on the ground.

“It was just a nightmare, Jacob.”

“It wasn’t just a nightmare, it was a fucking vision of the future. Or a possible future… Or the past. Either way, it was a warning.”

Jake walked over to the window facing the south and looked out toward the distance. He connected with various Scouts, but they were all hiding from the rain and lightning. Even the bugs found it a little cumbersome to fly in the thunderstorm.

‘Father, we’re in danger!’

“I know, Sweetie. I mean, we’re always in danger, but this… I think I know what’s wrong.” Jake sighed, “We’re too big of a target now. I mean, we’ve always been, but it’s more dangerous now because there’s nothing holding them back. Even if there was something holding them back, those bastards might attack us at any time, for any reason. And by the time we found out about it, we wouldn’t be able to react.”

“So what do you suggest? That we abandon our home and flee? What makes you think that Isla de los Estados is any safer than here?”

“That was my first instinct but…” Jake frowned, “It’s not very realistic.”

“Kill! Conquer! Devour! Safe!”

“I don’t think it works that way. But we need to at least go and scout out the situation down south.”

‘Father, leave it to me!’

“Our enemies might not be in Tolhuin.” Camila sighed, “Tori, Jacob is faster than you on land. You are better off scouting the sea. If our nightmares are premonitions, the enemy could very well be coming from the ocean or the strait.”

“True.” Jake nodded seriously, “I remember seeing some jets, but they might have been drones. Also, this could all just be some trick by Terror to scare the shit out of us. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

“What about Squawky, Chompy and Dracky?” Tessa asked, “Wouldn’t it be more efficient to send them to scout?”

“First of all, Chompy is basically just a wolf with a long neck and bat wings instead of arms.” Jake snickered and shook his head, “Squawky is the fastest, but she’s a big white bird. How the hell is she gonna sneak around anywhere? They might shoot her down if she gets close. Plus, there’s a thunderstorm outside.”

Vora complained, “Dracky, lazy. Useless.” 

“And you call me a hypocrite?”


“Alright. Both of you stop bickering.” 

The beautiful naked giantess stood up off the bed and was only half a head shorter than her husband. Even though she grew so much taller, her proportions didn’t change dramatically. Still very large and perky breasts, an unreasonably skinny waist, a plump but firm ass, very lithe muscles on her arms and legs. Considering that she still exercises and does yoga regularly, it wasn’t too surprising that she was in such good shape, even if she didn’t tweak her genes and hormones to make herself look more in line with her own ideal of ‘perfection’.

“For this intelligence gathering task, we cannot rely solely on Jacob, Tori and Vora. Our Kingdom has hundreds of Subjects. Do we have no one capable of Scouting tasks?”

“I can’t see hundreds of kilometers away through the eyes of a Scout. The Hounds and Cats aren’t very good at seeing through the eyes of Mice, bugs or Scouts. Even if they could do it, they can’t reach very far… And they don’t really understand what they see or hear as much as a human would. But, umm, I guess, maybe I could try taking control of a Cat, then connect to the Mice through them? Or just ask the Mice to investigate on their own? I don’t know.”

“Jacob, you’re too overprotective of your children.”

“Yes.” Vora’s cute snake head nodded in agreement.

“I’m not protective enough already. Fuck it, I’m gonna go right now.”

‘Take me with you, Padre.’ Catarina’s voice suddenly entered their minds, ‘I can help.’

“No fucking way.” Jake rolled his big blue eyes and complained, “I’ll go alone to Tolhuin. Tori can go to the Strait of Magellan with a hundred Sharks and Bahni can keep an eye out on the ocean as always. Since she hasn’t noticed anything, the threat shouldn’t be from that direction.”


“Kitty Cat, if you go with me, how long will it take? Besides, do you really wanna run through the forest in the rain? It’s like a hundred miles away. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to find out about your brothers. Whether they’re really dead or not.”

‘Gracias, Padre… Be careful. I love you.’

“I love you too, Sweetie.”

‘Hihihihi~! What about me?”

“I love you both.”

“Enough already.” Camila yawned and laid back down in her gigantic bed, “Go! I only hope that in the future you can learn to be more like a King.”

“If you mean being a lazy, procrastinating asshole, then I’ve already spent the first thirty years of my life like that.” Jake snickered, “Okay, I’m kidding. I’m sure that in the future, we’ll have plenty of people to do this kinda shit for us. For now… I’ll be back later. Love you, Cami~! Hahaha~!”

He kissed the two giant women goodbye and then set off on another adventure with Voracity…

Chapter 210:

Before Jake even left the Keep, Tori was already running through the woods with lightning flashing above the tree canopy. Even at the exaggerated height of about three meters at the shoulder, these trees were still massive. Every month, they would grow the equivalent of several years in the past. Even during the winter, they were still steadily growing for the most part.

Every branch, leaf, tree, even the soil under her feet gave her an intimate connection. Because her ‘relatives’ were everywhere. Countless bugs and other small creatures, squirrels, moles, voles, all sorts of animals were chattering in her sensitive ears and directly into her mind. It was a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but now it was more like white noise.

Theoretically, they should be able to use those tiny critters scattered across the entire island to spy on everything. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Different voices were louder than others, so Bahni or the Sharks could already direct their thoughts to Tori from hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away. On the other hand, these little bugs could only reach a few meters, maybe less.

However, they weren’t useless. By using them as a conduit, it was possible to greatly reduce the effort and mental strain required to have conversations across great distances. They also constantly transmit tiny pieces of environmental information. So Tori was able to sprint through the forest without bumping into any trees or accidentally crushing any of her ‘siblings’ on the ground.

The rain and wind didn’t slow down her pace either. Running in the rain even made her feel more comfortable. Since her blowhole was covered by a protective carapace, with the actual ‘hole’ angled towards the back of her head, she had an easier time avoiding water getting inside. Even if a little water got in, it really wasn’t a big deal either. If it was that easy for whales and dolphins to ‘drown’, they wouldn’t be able to survive in the first place.

“Tori, I met a cute boy earlier~!”

“A boy? What kind of boy?”

As she was running at a fast speed, Tori was still breathing evenly. Even so, she wasn’t speaking verbally, but telepathically.

“A boy! Way too young and small for me, but he tried his best, hahaha~!”

“A blue whale like you? Is there a pod nearby?”

Bahni giggled and spoke in a relatively high-pitched voice, “Nope. He was alone. So I want to let him into our pod.”

“As long as you like him, I don’t mind.”

“Yabi is only ten years old, but unlike you Orcas, we grow a lot faster. He’s already an adult… Just a bit too small. I could barely even feel anything.”

“Hihihihi~! You’re so naughty~!”

“Hahaha~! When I was younger, I used to play with a few boys at a time during the mating season… I never had a baby though.”

“Do you want my parents to make one for you?”

“No… No. Maybe… No. I’m afraid to raise a child in this crazy world.”

This was actually the main reason why Camila and Tessa didn’t want kids yet. Plus, they already have so many other kids to take care of… Like JV. Tori and Catarina can basically take care of themselves. And most of Jake and Vora’s offspring can grow to full maturity in a matter of weeks or months at most.

After running for a few more minutes, Tori finally reached the edge of the forest. Standing on a large hill, she looked down at the half-submerged ruins below and smiled. The seals and penguins still weren’t part of their ‘family’ because they were actually a major food source. Just like many other large animals in the forest. Even those wild cats, maned wolves and other land predators were allowed to form large groups before they were culled. Though the vast majority of animals were actually herbivores and omnivores, like camelids and deer.

Tori hopped down from the hill and landed briefly on a concrete roof, which cracked apart and almost collapsed completely under her weight. Then she jumped down into the shallow water. Even a mutated 10 meter long male Elephant Seal was alerted by her presence and started making a threatening roar. Not to mention those tiny females and the even smaller penguins.

“Hihihihi~! Don’t be afraid! I’m just passing through!”

Maybe in the past, she might be slightly threatened by an Elephant Seal on land, but now? She ran through the shallow water and zoomed past the anxious animals, quickly diving into the violent waves with thunder booming in the sky above. That tail might not be as thick as before, but because it was so much longer, as long as she was strong enough, she could move just as quickly underwater as before. About 70 kilometers per hour.

Although 70 kph might not seem impressive compared to a sailfish that can swim nearly 110 kph, there’s also a massive difference in size and shape. She was still faster than any pre-apocalypse Orca. As she grew bigger, it would be harder to improve her speed, so just staying the same would be impressive enough. In comparison, Jake can still only swim about 5 to 10 kph with his humanoid body and the assistance of Vora.

The long tail flipped up and down mostly, along with her whole body moving, but she also slapped to the sides or used her wide, webbed hands or feet to alter the direction. Spinning around underwater. The tail also had a lot more freedom of movement instead of just up and down. Even a normal Orca can wiggle their tail around quite a bit, so with a longer, more slender and flexible tail, with wider flukes, she was able to dance around under the waves even more easily.

Although she had scales instead of carapace now and she looked a lot more slender, she still had quite a bit of blubber protecting her body from the cold. The temperature off the coast was only in the 40’s at the moment, though it does warm up to about 60 to 80 F over the summer. Swimming upwards at an incredible speed, she burst out of the waves and did a flip in the air as lightning streaked across the sky.



She was already back underwater and swimming down deeper before the thunder stopped. Ever since her father almost died back then, she’s always been afraid of lightning. Though she also had the dream of one day soaring through the air with her own body… Like a ‘real’ dragon.

“Swimming is nice though.”

She comforted herself and giggled while dancing around underwater. It didn’t take long until she reached a few kilometers off the coast. This was where Bahni usually stayed with a large cluster of thousands of Sharks. Those Sharks obviously wouldn’t concentrate in one spot, but even if they spread out, it was only within a few kilometer radius.


“Tori is here!”



“Tori! I missed you!”

“Wait, who called me grandma?!” Tori looked around at the hundreds of black, white, silver and blue sharks that swarmed around her, but couldn’t pinpoint the ‘little brat’ who spoke.

“Tori~! Welcome back~!” Then a loud whale cry came from the distance and a huge figure slowly appeared, surrounded by thousands of much smaller Sharks. Many of them were actually glowing various colors to light up the darkness.

“Bahni~! I missed you~!” 

Tori giggled and used her giant paws to pat the heads of her Shark sisters. Then she whipped her tail up and down, quickly swimming over close enough to see the relatively normal-looking Blue Whale on the side. It was only 20 meters long, which looked tiny compared to the ‘giantess’ next to him, but Yabi was a genuine adult Blue Whale. Maybe not at his maximum possible size, but he’s still massive compared to Tori and the 6 to 7 meter long Sharks.

Chapter 211:


Lightning struck a tree and caused part of the trunk to burst open. However, it didn’t burn for long before the fire was doused by the torrential rain. Then a large, shadowy figure darted past. Two long and flexible black tentacles wrapped around a thick branch of a nearby tree.

Although the branch was heavily strained by the weight, it was only a moment before the creature was sent flying over a large crack in the ground. Reaching the other side and grabbing hold of a different tree branch. Then those two huge bird-like webbed feet dug into the muddy soil as the monster sprinted forward.

The heavy body crushed any branches or small bushes that got in the way. Even a gigantic silver beetle the size of a cat was smashed into pulp after failing to dodge. The unstoppable monster kept running, jumping and swinging across tree branches for about three hours in a row. So long that the storm was basically gone and the sun was shining brightly in the morning sky. There were still some dark clouds in the distance, but the critters in the forest came out of their dens to go hunting.

Birds were flying around in the sky, chirping and making noise. Squirrels were chattering on the trees. Some Rheas were drinking by the turbulent river nearby. And that shadowy figure was… Well, he was squatting down and taking a shit. There was also a huge black snake attached near his ass that was also defecating out of a large slit. The two of them together were able to pile up a small mountain of inky black feces that smelled worse than death.

“Ugh… I need to stop letting you eat with my body.”

“Hmmm, we are one.”

“Then ‘we’ should take better care of ourselves for fuck’s sake. Don’t just eat some random mushrooms or glowing creatures you’ve never seen before!”


Anyway, after they swam down the river for a few kilometers, Jake and Vora ended up in Lago Yehuin. From northwest to southeast it was about 15 kilometers across, but only 3 or 4 kilometers at the widest point near where they arrived. There was a relatively skinny ‘neck’ that was only about a kilometer wide, then it got wider again.

Jake’s face was pale and made out of the same squishy flesh as his long purple tentacles. Aside from that though, he was still covered in protective carapace all over his body. So he wasn’t too afraid of any monsters that might be lurking in the depths of that dark-blue lake. Vora was slithering around far behind his back, helping him swim forward to a certain extent.

Just in case, his entire body, including the tentacles and face turned light-blue and dark-blue. So that looking up at him from below, he blended in with the shallow water and sky, while looking down, he also blended in with the dark depths of the lake. Although it was only a simple optical camouflage, it was actually quite effective in most cases.

Obviously he didn’t want to spend a few hours swimming, so he just swam over to the southern side. It did take half an hour at a decent pace, but after traveling for so long already, Jake calmed down a lot. Passing over another few small lakes and ponds, he made his way through some hills, mountains and valleys. Finally reaching the rocky shore of that truly enormous body of water, Lago Fagnano.

Standing on the shore, he could barely see Tolhuin off in the distance to his left. There were also lots of huge mountains over on the southern side of the lake. The last time he saw them was a year ago… The peaks of those mountains were mostly grayish and white, not from snow, but just various types of rocks and stones.

There was a road on the other side of the lake, but it was impossible to see past all the thick trees. A few buildings could be seen half-way up the mountains though. Of course, from such a long distance, even Jake’s eyes couldn’t see much definition.

He didn’t need to use his eyes anymore though. Because there were countless bugs everywhere. The Mice he left behind back then have already completely infested the whole mountain range. There were tens of thousands of them. Hundreds of thousands if you included Tolhuin and the surrounding areas inhabited by humans.

They weren’t that ‘close’ to him though. Although they did have a connection through Voracity, it was very basic. Many of the original Mice were already dead. When they were first created, their lifespan was very short. Only a year or two. Later on, Jake and Vora increased that limit dramatically. Even if they weren’t killed, most of them would already have died of old age.

“It’s kinda sad. But… I think I’m numb by now. I’m glad I didn’t let Tori come with us.”

“Same… Breed?”

The horny serpent slithered up between his legs and rubbed her two quivering slits against his smooth armored groin. Jake looked into those pretty pink eyes and sighed dramatically, “Okay, but not out in the open like this. They might notice us… Let’s do it in the lake.”

They woke up and started traveling for about four hours. It was actually pretty normal for them to get horny, so neither of them were too concerned. Jake just swam a few meters under the lake with blue and green seaweed as cover, then used his new ‘human-like’ penis to satisfy Vora’s cravings. Yes, he managed to revert his pink tentacle into a relatively normal-looking uncircumcised dick, though it was still inhuman in its ability to compress and expand.


Jake snickered out a few bubbles and thrust inside her lower slit the moment he got hard. The water mixed with their own juices and removed a lot of friction, so they didn’t feel much at first. But with suction and pressure, the two of them quickly started to enjoy themselves. Even when he wasn’t underwater, he didn’t need to worry too much about accidentally crushing Vora’s serpentine body. A lot of his weight was actually from her body anyway.

While the two of them were mating, those purple tentacles reached out and caught some stupid fish that got too close. Even a penguin was devoured whole by the horny snake. Jake ripped the meat from the bones and scales, feeding it into his mouth or palms. As time went on and they had a few orgasms, their eyes started to turn… Purple.

‘Breed! Devour! Reproduce! Consume! Mate! Mate! Mate!’

‘Fuck! Eat! Make babies! Hahaha~! What else is new?!’ 

Jake didn’t seem to find anything wrong with their state. Just enjoyed the pleasure as usual. With their eyes, tentacles and geometric shapes on their bodies glowing purple, from their perspective… The whole world had become violet.

With the sun illuminating the water, it was much harder to see the dim radiance of the seaweed, seagrass, fish, coral, barnacles, moss and algae. Everything had a purplish hue to it.

As the sun went down, Jake and Vora emerged on the flooded streets of Tolhuin. Just like them, there were thousands of other figures writhing, grunting and moaning. Many of the buildings were completely covered in strange purple or pinkish mucus. Huge hairless rat-like creatures were breeding endlessly in the shallow water or inside the ruined houses.

The females would often eat the males during the process. After all, they needed enough nutrients for their offspring. Many of them were giving birth during the mating process. If the children died, their corpses would be eaten by the mothers. Even if they survived, they might still be eaten. This process was unending!

Some giant rats would just collapse and die, then become food for the others. There were also birds, cows, sheep, goats and even humans. They all had purplish or pinkish skin without any hair or fur. Even various insects were breeding rapidly. Everywhere, constantly.

There were also many creatures melded together into clusters of squirming flesh, oozing milky white substances from every orifice. Even the vines wrapping around the buildings looked more like intestines. The flowers also appeared eerily similar to sensory organs like eyes, ears, noses or mouths. There were several huge trees that were covered in ‘carvings’ of asses, breasts, faces and genitals. So many holes… Obviously the horny ‘animals’ would try to use them for their own pleasure, but the trees would also enjoy some free nutrients.

Chapter 212:

Earlier in the day, Tori made her way around the northern coast of the island and then over into the Strait of Magellan. There was a narrow spot where it used to be possible to ride a Ferry across from the northern shore of the island to the southern shore of the mainland. Now however, those two places were barely visible because of the rising water level. The buildings in the two small towns on each side were also mostly destroyed.

Tori leisurely swam over a sunken 70 meter long ferry that still had a few cars and trucks on it. As for people, their bodies were long turned into fish food. Not even bones remained. There was also a barge with a bunch of shipping crates on it. Though many of them fell off the top and spread out when the ship flipped over.

The narrowest channel is actually 3 to 5 kilometers. After that, there were huge open spaces. At the top of the water, Tori’s huge curved black dorsal fin was surrounded by hundreds of other somewhat similar-looking fins. Of course, they weren’t female Orcas, but gigantic sharks.

The sky was cloudy and thunder could still be heard in the distance, but the storm had basically passed. So it wasn’t strange to see small flocks of white birds flying around in the sky above their heads. Some of them were Scouts and connected to them psychically, but others were just random unrelated birds. Needless to say, the unrelated birds were very unlucky when they encountered the Scout flocks.

There actually weren’t many ‘giant’ birds that could fly. The reason is that once they reached a certain size through mutations, they wouldn’t be able to fly anymore. Only glide or just simply become land-bound and most likely die when they face various predators.

It really has a lot to do with the method of flight. Flapping wings is relatively inefficient and ineffective compared to spinning rotors or propellers. Why don’t creatures just develop biological propellers? Well, there are single-celled organisms called Archaea that do. They can move 500 times their body length in 1 second, which is only like half a millimeter. However, if you scaled them up to the size of a cat, they would immediately become the fastest animal on the planet.

“Tori~! Tori~!”

A deafening high-pitched voice came from the southeast and the Orca-Dragon looked over towards the distant shore. A tiny dot was getting closer at a rapid pace. Soon enough, those massive white wings could be heard approaching. Then that gigantic bird dove down and flapped a few times to slow a bit, before crashing into the waves next to Tori’s head.



Squawky had a hooked black beak, blood red serpentine eyes, pure white feathers all over her swan-like neck and body, with huge white wings that reached 10 meters wide. Though they didn’t look that huge or strange when she had them against her sides. The tail feathers were as long as her body, about 3 meters, with blood-red eye-like symbols on the ends of the white feathers. Overall, she was a very pretty and majestic bird.

“Tori~! Waaaak~!”

“What’s wrong?” Tori had to slow down her swimming speed so that those long, rhea-like legs could paddle forward and keep up with them.


“You came to help?”

“Help~!” The giant bird suddenly flipped over on her side and started panicking. Soon she was upside down and still trying to walk or swim, but she got dizzy and confused. Even inhaled a bit of water!

“You! Don’t try to swim if you can’t swim!” Tori complained and then laughed as she helped flip the giant bird over. Those huge wings flapped and the huge body lifted up out of the water, into the sky. A lot of the water just slid away off her feathers easily, so she didn’t get weighed down.

“Tori~! Tori~!” Then she kept calling out her sister’s name while flying high in the sky. With the morning sun shining down through the clouds.

Unfortunately, no matter how majestic she might be, Squawky wasn’t much smarter or wiser than the regular Scouts. Although her psychic authority was higher, even on the level of a Cat, Hound, Goblin or Orc, she was only a few months old. Genetic memories and psychic imprinting allowed the learning and growing process to increase dramatically compared to ordinary humans or other animals. But everything still takes time in the end.

Tori shook her head and sighed, “Come on! Let’s keep going! Keep an eye out for boats! Oh, and submarines! Be careful not to get hit by mines! And Squawky! Watch out for planes and helicopters!”

“Tori~! Tori~!”

It didn’t take long before the gigantic ‘Wyvern’ was surrounded by thousands of much smaller birds. The Scouts came in many shapes, sizes and colors now. However, most of them had white feathers. Whether they looked more like cranes, swans, ducks, they all had a very close and intimate connection with each other. With the silly young Squawky as their leader.

Meanwhile, in the water, Tori was still swimming forward quickly, with a bunch of chattering little Shark sisters. They were constantly wandering off to eat or taste random things. Some of them grouped up together against massive monstrous fish that would appear occasionally. Then get torn asunder by the shiver of Sharks. Yes, a group of sharks is called a shiver.

Tiny fish were actually very fortunate, because they were just way too small and insignificant for the giant Sharks to bother with. About a third of the Sharks actually preferred eating seaweed, seagrass and algae over meat. Simply because ‘grazing’ was easier than hunting. In fact, a lot of fish and other creatures also ate the plentiful seaweed everywhere. Which made it so that no matter how frantically it grew, there was never a truly overwhelming situation.

It wasn’t long before they started going south through the actual Strait of Magellan. The widest parts were about 30 kilometers across. Some of the deepest, darkest and most dangerous parts were up to a kilometer down, so Tori and her family were careful not to swim directly down the middle.

After all, there would always be bigger and more terrifying fish. Sometimes even crustaceans could reach horrific sizes and become extremely dangerous. They’ve lost far too many sisters to take any chances.

“The skies are clear… I don’t see any boats. Punta Arenas looks abandoned. Where did everyone go?”

Tori murmured to herself as she swam along the coast. The city to her right was completely covered in trees, vines and filled with wild animals. It also had a fancy concrete wall surrounding it to the north, west and south. The water level rose and the port was submerged. Basically the whole coastline was underwater.

“Maybe they went to Tolhuin? Or up into the mountains to the west?”

Directly to the west were more like very high hills than actual mountains. There was a huge lake beyond that. But to the southwest were actual mountain ranges. And past the lake were some huge mountains surrounded by lakes, rivers and the interconnected Strait of Magellan. It was a pretty complicated and jagged path.

Although it wouldn’t be impossible to live in those mountains, they were also far enough away that they didn’t have anything to do with the danger facing Frost Haven. At least, Tori didn’t think so…

As she was swimming along the shoreline to the southwest, time passed by quickly. She found many sunken ships and her sisters even collected a few pretty ‘treasures’. The total amount of above-ground gold that has been mined and scattered across the globe is only about 210k tons. Supposedly, there might only be 50k tons left within mining distance. As for how much is actually on the entire planet? Still a mystery.

However, since nearly half of all the gold on Earth has been turned into some form of jewelry, it was no surprise when the Sharks found treasures inside various shipwrecks around the coastlines. Theoretically, they could dive more than a kilometer below the surface and still be fine… But realistically, they were too afraid and it was legitimately too dangerous.

“Something’s wrong!”

As the sun was starting to go down, Tori suddenly looked towards the southeast. They were at least 300-400 kilometers away, but she could still feel a lot of strong ‘psychic waves’ emanating from that direction. As if the entire sky was dyed a purplish hue.

“Mother and Father are in trouble!”

Chapter 213:

“Father! Wake up! Mother! Please!”

When Jake opened his eyes in the morning, the first thing he noticed wasn’t that big, adorable Orca-like face looking down at him. Instead, it was just the usual, familiar pain and discomfort. He was also surrounded by disgusting sticky juices. The stench was unbearable. He also heard moaning, grunting, screaming and crying in his long elf-ears, but also directly in his mind.

“Danger!” Vora also blinked her pink snake-eyes and looked around cautiously. Then she vomited out a massive amount of flesh, blood, bones and shells. Jake also started vomiting and shitting himself. Well, the two of them were already shitting and pissing themselves.

“Ugh… What the fuck?! What the fuck happened?!”

Jake’s hard and protective black carapace was almost completely sloughed off. There were pieces of it laying all around them in the swampy white mucus. Both arms were basically bloated noodles, though they became much skinnier once everything was vomited out. The same for his bulging belly.

His pink flesh was extremely sore and sensitive. Of course, his genitals were also exposed from their usual protective shell. However, whether it was his penis or testicles, they were both shriveled up and looked terrible. If he wasn’t pissing himself to empty out his massively inflated bladder, then he would worry if they even functioned anymore.

“Shit! Is it radiation again?!”

“Father! It’s not radiation! There’s something evil here! Can’t you feel it?! Look around! Waaah~! My sisters! Look what happened to my sisters!”

Jake’s sclera-less blue eyes were bloodshot and extremely blurry, but he could still see a bunch of mutated rats everywhere around them. Some looked like they fused together. Others transformed into humanoid shapes. All of them were having sex, giving birth or eating each other. Some of the humanoids had dozens of breasts, penises, even vaginas on their bodies at random. It was so chaotic and terrifying.

“Is it Terror?”

“No… I don’t think so… I think it’s something over there.” Tori lifted her big right ‘hand’ and pointed with a long, webbed and clawed index finger. Jake and Vora both looked toward the southern mountains. In the slightly dim sky, it was easier to see the glowing pinkish mists and purple lights everywhere.

“Is that something real or are we hallucinating?”


Vora groaned in pain, because a lot of her scales were missing and her whole reddish-pink body was covered in open sores. Jake wasn’t much better off. Especially the gills on his neck and abdomen were literally falling off.

“Tori… Don’t go back home directly. Just go out into the ocean and stay away from your sisters for a while. We’re both irradiated.”

Jake sighed dramatically, “I mean, I’m sure there are other problems too, but the radiation is probably the most serious.”

“No! Father, I won’t leave you!”

“Sweetie, I love you.”

“No! Father! Please don’t! Please! Come with me!”

“We can’t leave yet. Tori… I’m serious. Be careful not to get close to the wall to the west. But also avoid the rivers and Lago Fagnano. I think whatever fucked us up is in there.”

“But I was totally fine when I swam through the lake?!”

When Jake was about to mind-control his daughter and force her to leave, Voracity spoke: “No. Torrent, useful. Resistant. Powerful. Stay. Help.”

“Vora, I know that. Which is why I know that she can escape safely and avoid getting infected or irradiated too badly.”

He looked over into the distance and saw that the nuclear power plant was still giving off steam, not smoke, which was both a good and a bad sign. The good news was that it probably wasn’t irradiating the town. The bad news is that the power plant might melt down at any moment. It also meant that someone or something was making sure that it was still in working order, even under such a nightmarish situation.

The ground was rumbling violently and the world seemed to be spinning… For Jake and Vora at least. Tori didn’t notice anything. Blinking his weary eyes a few times, Jake coughed out some bloody mucus and looked back towards the mountains in the south.

“What I’m most afraid of is actually… What if they decide to nuke this place? Even if they ran out of nukes, they definitely have some big-ass conventional bombs. It’s too dangerous.”

“If it’s too dangerous, then come with me and run away!”

“I can’t. We can’t.” Jake shook his head and looked at the giant Orca face with a wry smile on his blistered lips, “I can’t leave my babies here like this.”

“They’re my sisters too! I’m not afraid of death! I’m afraid of losing you!”

“Arguing, useless. Time, wasted! Move! Now! Hurry!”

Vora smacked Jake in the face with her sore-covered snake face, causing the both of them a lot of pain. But it also made Jake calm down a bit, until he started coughing up more blood and mucus. Not to mention the disgusting juices oozing out of his rotting gills. Both on his neck and belly.

“Fine… Fine. Let’s hurry up. Maybe we can find a fucking doctor that’s still alive? At least some medical equipment would be nice.”

They couldn’t return home without endangering everyone in Frost Haven. At least not until they found out what was wrong and fixed it somehow. Especially figuring out whether they’ve been irradiated or not.

As they left the downtown area closest to the lake, the concrete and asphalt wasn’t submerged in putrid slimy liquid anymore. There were still plenty of people laying around in the street, having sex or fused into a single entity. When Jake looked at them, he saw himself…. After all, his situation is actually quite similar in a lot of ways.

His head was covered in tentacles, he had noodle-like arms, his tail was a snake fused to his ass… Plus he looked just as bad as a lot of those mutated monsters. They were all essentially crippled. None of them could even walk. Jake’s legs were also pretty bad, but still functioning.

Although they obviously cleared out most of the trees and foliage before, in only a few months since this disaster started, the whole city was being overwhelmed by plants and fungi. The pink and brown mushrooms in particular were oozing white liquid from their tips. The trees had lots of openings all over their trunks where creamy goop dripped out from. There were lots of humans and humanoids that were using those holes or mushrooms, fusing their flesh into the bark and becoming covered in fungal growths.

Eventually they made their way into a huge field of wheat and corn. Jake used his sore tentacles to slap the big, thick ear of corn out of his face and complained, “Why does everything look like dicks?”

“Father, doesn’t corn and wheat normally look like this though?”

“Heh-heh-heh~!” Vora just laughed.

Chapter 214:

The mountain range to the south was huge. However, the closest mountains weren’t that tall and a bit scattered. With lots of valleys and rivers between them. Fortunately, with the bright lights and mist as guiding beacons, they were able to find the exact ‘source’ of these nightmares pretty quickly. Since Jake was practically crippled and getting worse, he climbed up onto his daughter’s back, holding her sharp dorsal fin with his tentacles.

“Mmmmn… Fuck… Ugh…” 


Every time Tori moved, Jake and Vora would groan in pain. After all, they could both feel their testicles being crushed with every ‘bump’. It was amazing that their junk was still relatively intact.

“I’m sorry, Father, I’ll try to run more smoothly.”

“No, just go faster so this can end sooner. Holy shit… Ugh…”


As they got closer, Tori stopped suddenly and looked down at the ground she was walking on… She saw the little limbs and smashed organs on her right hand, then she screamed, “No~!”

All around them were countless crying babies. Mostly humans, but also a lot of mice and rats or mutants. They were killing and eating each other to survive. There were also some pregnant young children mixed in…

“Father… I can’t… We can’t go any further!”

“Vora…” Jake let out a long sigh.

“Hmmm… Understood.”

Tori’s eyes started glowing pink and her expression became neutral. Then she kept moving forward as the silver-eyed snake on Jake’s shoulder kept sobbing. The crunching and squishing noises were difficult to hear over the screams and cries everywhere. There were millions, maybe tens of millions of babies and children on that mountain. They were trying to escape, but their little limbs couldn’t travel very far.

“Here.” Eventually Vora returned her consciousness to her own body and woke up Jake who was having a hard time breathing, “Arrived.”

“Yeah…” Jake weezed and coughed a few times, “Tori… Let us down.”

“Father… Are you sure you can still walk?” The giant ‘dragoness’ laid down on her belly and turned to her side, so that Jake and Vora could slide off onto the fleshy ‘ground’. It wasn’t stone or dirt, but pulsating meat. There were countless small openings where human babies were spewed out in an endless stream.

The pinkish purple flesh covered the whole surface of the mountain. As Jake stood up unsteadily on the slippery ground, he looked around and sighed, “This is the place? Seriously?”

“Yeah… It has to be, right? So weird.”

“Go.” Vora whispered and hissed with a sore throat, “Hurry.”

The shocking thing wasn’t the meat mountain or the fleshy ground everywhere, they were already a little numb to that chaotic nightmare by now. The truly bizarre thing was that at the relatively low peak of this ‘U-shaped’ mountain was a simple-looking gray stone 3 story building. There were ruins of other buildings all around it, the remnants of a small military base or outpost. The watch-towers were covered in pink flesh and open purple sores. The chain link fences looked like they were made out of tentacles. Yet that single building in the center of all that flesh was made out of concrete.

“I’ll go inside. You stay out here.” Jake looked up at the giant Orca Dragon and snickered, “I mean… Yeah… You get the point.”

“Be careful, Father.”

“I’ll try.”

The pink giant struggled to walk over to the front double-doors that were made of steel and used his tentacles to jiggle the handles a bit. Then he turned back to Tori and asked, “Uh… Do you think you can help me out?”

“Hihihihi~! Of course!”

After crying for a while, Tori settled down a lot. With very little effort, her huge hands reached out and pushed instead of pulling. The hinges of the door loosened a lot. After pushing a few more times really hard, the steel was actually imprinted with her palms! More importantly, the locks connecting the two doors to the metal bar in the middle were both broken. Then she just grabbed the hands and ripped the two doors off completely. Tossing them off to the sides.

“Thanks, Sweetie. I love you…”

“Be careful… I love you, Father, Mother.”

“Hmmm, love.”

Jake crouched down a bit and looked inside the brightly lit building. There were no ominous flickering lights or purple mist here. It just smelled like disinfectant and oddly enough, paper. He sniffed a few times and frowned. His naked pink body covered in purple cysts and sores walked unsteadily through the ominously quiet hallway. 

“Why is it so quiet?” Jake looked back and sighed. Because there was no open door behind them anymore. Just a concrete wall.

“Trapped?” Vora also sighed, “Haunted?”

“Maybe… Or maybe we’re just hallucinating? I can’t hear or feel anything though. My connection with Tori is also broken…”


“No clue.” Jake coughed a bit more and felt like his throat was actually already healed for the most part. His lungs were much clearer than before as well. It’s only been an hour or two since they woke up.

“Are we healing faster than normal?”


“At least it doesn’t feel like the radiation poisoning back then… We’ve gotten a lot stronger since then though.”

“Resistance. Improved. Adapt. Evolve. Heal.”

“Heal… We’ll survive.”

Jake kept walking down the hallway with his boneless arms dangling limply. Oozing out acidic juices onto the white tile floor. He looked left and right, but couldn’t find any doors. Not only that, but they were walking for ten minutes without turning. The whole situation was very bizarre.

“Stop.” A soft feminine voice rang out in his left ear. But when Jake turned, no one was there. Just a concrete wall with the world ‘Stop’ carved into it… In hundreds of languages.

“Danger!” Vora shouted and Jake turned to look over to the right, where ‘Danger!’ was carved hundreds of times in various languages. The scary thing was that both of them could read and understand everything!

“This is definitely some kinda dreamy bullshit, right?”

Chapter 215:

“You did this.”

“Jacob, why?”

“You opened the door!”

“Why did you let them in?!”

At first the walls were carved with simple words, but when they walked farther, actual sentences started appearing. Jake could also hear voices speaking, whispering and screaming at him. His parents, old friends, nameless enemies he killed…

Then he heard the sound of pages turning. Along with some scribbling noises, as if someone was writing quickly with a pencil. He smelled disinfectant and paper again.

“Shit! What the fuck?!”

The flat ground suddenly became slanted and covered in slimy liquid! He tried to use his tentacles to latch onto something, but it was useless.



Jake and Vora groaned after smacking into two metal elevator doors. However, they couldn’t complain for long, because the goop quickly filled the whole slanted bottom of the hallway. They tried swimming to the top, but without arms and with super weak legs, they couldn’t keep up with how fast the viscous liquid was filling the area. Then those doors opened and the two of them started falling down into the elevator shaft like it was a waterfall or a sewage pipe.

At the bottom was a pit of purple slime that burned their skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, basically all their orifices! It wasn’t strong enough to actually melt their flesh, but it was definitely irritating and made it impossible to breathe normally. The gills also didn’t work. As they were losing consciousness, they heard two people whispering to each other in the back of their minds.

“This experiment is far too dangerous, Colas. You need to stop. How many people have to die before you’re satisfied?”

“Aliya… Those people would have died sooner or later anyway. I’m just making their short lives have meaning. As long as we succeed…”

“As long as we succeed, HQ will nuke us in a heartbeat.”

“HQ is too busy dealing with their own issues.”

“Colas, you need to stop. It’s too dangerous.”

“With every experiment, we get closer to success.”

“With every experiment, we get closer to Hell. We have to stop this insanity.”

“Insanity? Isn’t the world insane enough already? We’re just giving humanity a fighting chance…”

Jake opened his eyes and saw a relatively simple white lab room. The middle-aged hispanic man was wearing a lab coat, goggles and a mask, using his gloved hands to perform surgery on a restrained pregnant woman. She screamed in agony and fear, but the short, balding man continued cutting into her belly without any hesitation.

“I’m sorry. It’s not that we’re too cheap to use anesthesia… But it’s too dangerous for the baby.”

Around the room were several other blurry figures, including a very short woman who was sitting on a tall stool and writing in a notebook by hand. She complained, “Someone put a gag in her mouth or she might bite off her own tongue.”

“Yes, Doctor.” A tall woman with blonde hair and blue eyes walked over to perform the task. Seemingly not bothered by the horrific situation at all. Then she looked over at where the naked ghostly man was floating and smiled, “Jacob… Welcome back.”

“Irene?” Jake raised an eyebrow, “You’re… Dead, right?”

“Am I dead? Are we dead? Aren’t we… One? Aren’t we alive and well?”

As she spoke, Jake could hear thousands of different voices speaking at the same time. Men, women, even children and various animals crying.

“Don’t be sad. Jacob… Didn’t you expect this? You were right. Aren’t you happy?”

As she spoke, he watched as the baby was removed from the dying woman’s abdomen by Colas. The head was like a purple octopus, with a tiny beak on the front where the mouth should be. From the neck down it was just a normal-looking baby girl with pinkish purple skin.

“You showed them the door. You wrote the code. You gave them the key. You walked away. Again and again. You had the chance to stop this. Why did you abandon us, Father?”

Irene’s beautiful face transformed into that of a giant hairless rat, with glassy pitch-black eyes. Behind her back were two huge glowing purple irises, staring down from the dark, stary sky. Eight celestial violet tentacles reached down from the heavens and plunged down deep into the mountain where Jake was floating.

He looked around and saw that the building was gone. Replaced by the massive head of an octopus. In front of that head, the 4 meter tall Orca-Dragon looked miniscule in comparison. Tori was still pacing around anxiously in front of the giant black beak and occasionally looking into the darkness inside. She couldn’t see anything other than a simple hallway with flickering white lights.

“Devour! Grow! Breed! Evolve! Conquer! Survive!”

“Yeah… You’re right.” Jake sighed and even started crying, “I’m sorry. I never should have… No, there’s no point apologizing now. It’s already too late.”

“Yes! It’s too late now, Father! When I devour you, we will become one! Unstoppable!”

“I promise. When we become one, I’ll never forget you. Chastity. I love you.”

On the meaty ground, Tori’s eyes suddenly turned bright blue. Then she looked around at the hazy pinkish-purple surroundings. Using those sharp claws, she easily latched onto the side of the gigantic octopus head and climbed up around the big black beak that slammed shut. The whole mountain quaked and tentacles separated from the mounds of flesh everywhere. Sending thousands of tiny babies and other creatures flying into the sky or falling into the abyss.

The Orca-Dragon ran up the slippery valley between those two massive pitch-black eyes. The whole head quivered and quaked, with horrifying screams echoing throughout the sky. Jake jumped up and avoided a tentacle that tried to smash ‘his’ body. As he landed, he rolled and cut out a big gash into the soft flesh with that long dorsal-fin on his back.

Flipping over and up into the air a dozen meters by utilizing that powerful tail, Jake dodged another crashing tentacle that ended up smashing into the giant head. Dealing quite a bit of damage and causing a few meaty landslides or flesh-waves.

You would think that he wouldn’t have any experience with such an insane or ridiculous situation… But then you have to remember that Jake, Tori and Vora have controlled plenty of tiny insects in the past. Using them to easily slaughter much larger monsters. Tori’s body was actually more like a mouse compared to a human at the moment. If she was underwater, then she would be better off.

Jake climbed up onto the biggest, bulging back of the head. In a normal octopus, the brain was actually between the eyes and connected to every tentacle. While the huge part on the back that looks like it should hold a brain was actually the ‘body’ of the organism. This creature obviously wasn’t an ordinary octopus though.


Chapter 216:

As Jake was controlling Tori’s body to tear apart the soft and squishy flesh protecting Chastity’s massive brain, while dodging eight angry tentacles, Vora and Tori were actually using Jake’s body. The arms were useless, but they had eight tentacles on their head as well. Vora also had the long serpentine body that could wrap around things, slither and even swim. Although the scales fell off and the flesh was extremely sore, that wasn’t enough to kill them at all.

Using those sharp nails on her feet, Tori controlled her father’s body to dig through the lining of the stomach. It really didn’t take that long, because although the material was very thick, Vora already started digging a long time ago. Then the two of them poured out into the abdominal cavity, which was also filled with plenty of nasty juices.

Fortunately, the lungs were nearby. After they ripped open a tiny hole, the entire lung started deflating into the abdomen, while various juices and blood poured into the struggling spongy organ. Once they made it inside, both Tori and Vora were able to breathe again. At least for a little while. They could hold their breaths for dozens of minutes, maybe even an hour if necessary, but that was only under optimal conditions.

The inside of the giant monster’s lungs were actually very similar to the lungs of most mammals. Once inside, they had to climb up through a series of massive tubes. This was also why the entire lung didn’t immediately fail when suffering an injury. Rather than the tiny bronchioles, Tori and Vora were actually in the larger bronchi at the start. Then they made their way up the tube and into the bronchus, which was one of the two main tubes connected to the trachea.

Although there was a lot of mucus and even blood, those eight tentacles and those powerful clawed feet were able to quickly scale the slippery wind-pipe. Chastity was coughing violently as well, which allowed them to be pushed up through the throat at a pretty rapid pace! Eventually they were shot out of a big long tube on the side of the octopus’ head!

“Aaaah! Die!”

The angry and anxious colossus screamed so loudly that it deafened everyone. Jake was also stunned and almost got crushed by a tentacle. Looking at the hundreds of giant gashes and the exposed brain matter that was mangled up, the Orca-Dragon sighed. Then he took a deep breath and dove inside the open wound!

“No! No! Devour! Devour! No! Live! Survive! Waaaaah~! No!”

“Father…” Tori started crying, well, she was using Jake’s burned red face.

“Pointless.” The scaleless snake on her shoulder looked at the giant wailing octopus for a few seconds and then controlled Jake’s entire body to start escaping. Those tentacles were only a hundred meters long at most. For a biological organism, that was massive already, but it only took them about a minute to easily escape from that range. And they were severely injured.

Even with her brain being scrambled by the Orca-Dragon, Chastity was still screaming in pain and anger. There were millions of other brains connected together. Able to hold her memories and thoughts, at least temporarily. As for the body, that was even more powerful. The whole damn mountain was covered with flesh. All sorts of extra organs were growing outside of her body, including entire brains, hearts and lungs.

“Nope! Gotta go!”

After a few more minutes of swimming in pink and purple brain goop, Jake jumped out of Chastity’s quivering head and ran over to his real body. Then he reached out and picked up himself, like he was a slightly hefty dumbbell. Once those tentacles were latched onto Tori’s back and dorsal fin, he returned control back over to his daughter.

“Go! Run! Quick!” Vora hissed anxiously, “Danger!”

“What happened?!” Tori also felt afraid, but she didn’t understand why.

“It’s impossible for us to do anything else, so just escape!”

“But what about… What about my sisters?!” Tori looked at the babies and rats that were constantly being created everywhere. She had to be really careful just to avoid them, but even then, she still stepped on a few.

“No! I can’t do it! Mother!”

“Fine.” Vora took control over her body again and started climbing the mountain of meat without much thought. Since the mountain was shaped like a ‘u’, the north was the direction they came from: Tolhuin. So she went south instead. The mountain really wasn’t that steep, especially after being covered in flesh. For that matter, once she made it to the ‘peak’ of the mountain, the way down was actually a long slope covered by ‘trees’.

“Fun!” Unlike Tori, who was crying with her snake-eyes, or Jake who was depressed, Vora was happy and carefree as she slid down the slimy slope for several hundred meters. Eventually she ended up in a river of literal blood, where the rotting corpses of infants could be seen everywhere.


“It’s not just wasteful. It’s fucking evil. Okay?” Jake grumbled, “Every second, how many innocent kids are killed so pointlessly? How many of them are raped or tortured for no reason?”

“Reason. Weak. Useless. Garbage.”

“Mother!” Tori screamed and took back control over her own body, while crying once again. As disturbing as it was, she was able to swim through the river of blood and corpses without being afraid of hurting anyone. There were plenty of bugs and even random animals feasting along the river, but none of them were relatives.

“We can’t go back home yet. We need to go wash off for a while before we can see anyone else. Just in case.”

“Yeah…” Tori sighed as she followed the bloody river down to the southwest. Eventually the plants and animals started to look more ‘normal’, at least not related to Chastity anymore. Then she needed to get up and walk through a damp swampy forest. Full of green coniferous trees and lots of wary animals that ran or flew away whenever they noticed her presence.

“Father, why did you name her Chastity? Wouldn’t Lust make more sense?”

“That’s her name. I don’t know whether she decided it herself or was named by Colas… But that’s what she calls herself. Even though it’s super ironic.”

After they traveled for about 10-15 more kilometers through the mountains, woods and swamps to the south, they finally made it to a white sandy beach. Without hesitating for a moment, Tori jumped into the crashing waves. Jake and Vora were already sleeping at that point. They were totally exhausted and needed to heal.

The next day, they woke up next to a few tiny lakes. They were in the middle of the green hills and mountains. The last time they were here, everything was covered in snow, so Jake didn’t recognize it at first glance. Then he laughed and shook his head.

“Father! You’re awake! Are you feeling better?”

“Shh, don’t wake up your Mother.”

Jake’s face was mostly healed back to its normal pale-white hue. However, the carapace on his body would take a lot longer to regenerate. At least most of his burns were gone. His gills were also recovering pretty quickly.

“Thank you, Tori… I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” The giant Orca-Dragon tilted her head in confusion.

“I’m sorry I put you through that nightmare. I’m sorry I couldn’t save your sisters. And I’m sorry you had to experience all that horrible shit in order to save me.”

Tori giggled and stuck her gigantic pink tongue out, licking his face really hard.

“Father. I love you. You’re more important to me than anyone or anything in the world. Ummm, don’t tell Mother.”

“Hehe~! Don’t worry. I won’t. And… I feel the same way. I love you, Tori.”

Chapter 217:

“Although this might seem… Cruel. This situation is actually in our best interest.”

The beautiful naked pale-skinned Elf Queen was floating leisurely in front of Tori and Jacob. Those glowing golden eyes gazed over to the west, as if she could actually see what was happening over there.

“No matter how much of a threat our existence might be to humanity, how can we be more dangerous than that… ‘Chastity’ monster? If they are going to use nuclear or even conventional weapons against one of us, they will definitely choose that creature over us.”

“True. The fact that they haven’t done anything is weird.” Jake nodded seriously, “More importantly, the nuclear power plant is still running. It’s either automated or there might still be a group of Purebloods in there, still alive and well.”

“Have you considered that perhaps…” Camila frowned and rubbed her chin with her right hand fingers, “What if Chastity can use the energy from the nuclear reactor somehow?”

“I thought about that too. But I don’t really think it’s ‘necessary’. If you consider all the plants or the sheer area of her flesh, she probably gets enough energy from photosynthesis already. What I don’t understand is why she’s wasting time and energy creating regular babies, only to have them die meaninglessly?”

“Ritual. Sacrifice.” Vora gave her ‘2 cents’.

“Maybe it has to do with… Emotions?” Tori suggested, “Just like Terror likes to scare people. Maybe Chastity is being manipulated by a Devil that controls Lust, or pain, or something?”

“It’s possible.” Jake nodded to his daughter and reached out to caress her face with one of his long tentacles, since his arms were still pretty useless.

“Keep in mind that Chastity also has the same ‘powers’ as us. She ate Irene and maybe even Colas? Speaking of Colas, if that bastard ain’t dead, I’m gonna fucking kill him. Aliya too.”

“Yes. Although she can gain a lot of knowledge and perhaps even intelligence, so many memories should drive anyone insane.” Camila sighed, shaking her head and looking up at the dark clouds in the sky, “Especially after experiencing so much trauma. How could anyone endure that much pain and torture?”

“Pleasure.” Vora added, “Temptations. Endless. Restraint… None.”

“It’s kinda fucking hypocritical coming from you.” Jake rolled his eyes and the snake bit the left side of his face! Not only did she have fangs, there were also sharp, shark-like teeth hidden in that dangerous mouth… So obviously he was bleeding profusely and slightly disfigured.

“¡Puta! ¡No la cara!” The Elf Queen screamed angrily and smacked the back of that sore head, causing the giant snake to hiss angrily, finally letting go…

“Father, are you okay?!”

“I’m fine. I’m used to her domestic violence.” He snickered while letting his mangled face bleed all over his shoulder, “Not just domestic.” 

“We are one.” Vora licked the blood from his cheek and complained, “Pain.”

“Hah~!” Jake grinned and then kissed her on the ‘nose’, “Don’t worry, Tori. We heal quickly.”

“Jacob, when are you coming home?”

“We’re gonna wait a week at least. We should be fully recovered by then. Whether we’re irradiated or contaminated by dangerous pathogens… We’re gonna need help to figure that out first.”

“That’s fine. I’ll send over the best doctors and scientists of our Nation with our Royal Fleet!”

“Uh-huh.” Jake struggled to avoid rolling his eyes again, “We’ll wait for them here. I’ll come over to visit you later. Te amo.”

“Te amo, Jacob. Muah~!”

“I love you too, Mama! Hihihi~!” Tori bent down and kissed both of their ‘tiny’ faces at the same time.

“I love you too, Tori. Hasta luego~!”

After Camila was gone for a few minutes, Jake frowned.

“Are you okay, Father? Does your cheek hurt?”

“No, it’ll scab over and heal soon. I just can’t stop thinking about Chastity.”

“Titty.” Vora gave her a ‘nickname’ that made Tori giggled.

“She wants to kill and eat us. Well, probably more than ‘just’ killing and eating, judging by the way she treats her children and minions.” Jake sighed dramatically as thunder crackled in the distance, “Honestly, I wouldn’t give a shit if she just turned an entire mountain into her own flesh and blood. Whatever. But the way she treats her own kids… I get that she’s only following instincts for the most part, but she isn’t completely ‘innocent’ either. Maybe she ate the brains of some really sick pieces of shit in order to become so twisted?”

“Father… Can’t we save them?”

“I don’t know.” He shook his head and looked over at the flashing lightning in the sky, “Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of storms lately?”

“Hasn’t it always been like this?”

“Uh… I guess that’s true. Either way, we should find a safe place to hide from the lightning.”


Although Tori could just hide underwater, Jake’s gills still weren’t completely healed. The lake might not be deep enough to protect them from lightning anyway. If you can’t find a building or metal vehicle to hide inside, a cave can theoretically become a good shelter from a thunderstorm… However, the next best thing is to just use the environment.

Don’t stand out in an open field or plain. Don’t take cover under a lone tree. Laying flat on the ground is a bad choice. But you need to get as low as possible. Definitely don’t stand on the top of a mountain or hill. Hiding in some deep valleys on the other hand, is much safer and more reliable.

Fortunately, Jake and Tori had a lot of experience in this regard. They went down the forested hillside and ended up in a valley. Not super deep, but good enough. There was also a river passing through the middle, where they caught some tasty fish. Realistically, the odds of getting struck by lightning are very low if you aren’t going out of your way to stand on a mountain, under a tree.

“With this storm, the boat won’t be able to reach us for a while… How are the Sharks that went with you to the Strait?”

“They’re fine. I sent them back to Bahni while you were sleeping last night.”

Tori used her giant claws and hands to deftly peel off the scales from three meter long carp-like fish. Although her fingers were still webbed, her dexterity was much greater than before. Maybe even better than Jake, since she didn’t have carapace.

“Father, why don’t you have bones in your fingers?”

“I don’t know. Ask your Mother.”

“Unknown.” Vora answered before shooting down into the water and biting down on the neck of a black eel. She slithered around underwater for a while as rain poured down around them. When she retired to Jake’s side, her ‘belly’ was a little bigger than before.

“She told me it was ‘unnecessary’ before. And I believed her… The truth is that we aren’t as good at transforming ourselves as you, Sweetie.”

“Hihihihihi~! I can help you, Father!”


“Of course! Just like Mama Camila helped you change your face! Don’t worry, Father, I’m a professional!”

Chapter 218:

“You’re radioactive. But so are we. Those crazy bastards put spent fuel rods out in the open, allowing all kinds of animals and plants to get irradiated. Then those radioactive plants and animals contaminate others, and others, it gets in the water and the air, even the rain. But it’s still not that big of a deal. We’re fine, aren’t we? That’s because we’ve all had to Adapt to this new, radioactive hellscape we all exist in… Yay.”

“Okay, Stan, we get it. What about the tests on pathogens or whatever?” Jake spoke through the mouth of a cute white mouse as he looked at a bunch of data on a laptop, which he didn’t understand.

“There are tons of pathogens. But none of the test subjects showed any strange reactions after being infected. It should be fine for you to return whenever you’re ready.” Stan looked down at the mouse and smirked on his huge pale hairless face, “If you don’t hurry up, Krispy and Rick are gonna start double-teaming your wife again.”

“They’re not suicidal.” Jake snickered, “And I trust Camila. She wouldn’t cheat on me.”

“Dude, why do you gotta plant that cuck flag yourself?”

“What cuck flag? We have our own rules. We need to both agree when it comes to the so-called ‘Royal Harem’.”

“Are you guys recruiting bald giants?”

“We’re not recruiting shit. Besides, we already have two ‘Elves’. She really likes Dragons… And Unicorns.”

“Ew. That’s nasty. That’s not ‘Furry’, Jake. That’s full-on bestiality. And those animals are your kids, so it’s inces-”

“Fuck off.” The little mouse rolled his blue eyes, “Like I said, we ain’t expanding our group of partners any time soon. Anyway, Tori and I are going home now. Be careful on the way back.”

Jake disconnected from the mouse and opened his eyes. His body was a bit taller than before, but overall, his black carapace-like armor still looked about the same. The gills hidden under his ‘abs’ and neck were completely healed. Vora’s black scales were also back to normal. She had gills on the sides of her neck and body, but they were closed when she wasn’t using them. So they weren’t very noticeable.

Tori still looked about the same as before. After all, it’s been less than a week and she wasn’t injured in the short ‘battle’. She actually had a lot of control over her own body compared to Jake and Vora, so if she didn’t want to grow any larger or change in any way, she could stay in this way for a long time. Even if she wanted to shrink, it wouldn’t be impossible. Just unnecessary and extremely unpleasant.

“Do you wanna run or swim?”

“Swim!” Tori giggled, jumping into the crashing waves and scaring away a bunch of penguins and seals that were loitering nearby. It was bright and sunny, so it was a pretty good time to go swimming now.

Jake snickered and ran out after her, diving into the water and whipping his ‘tail’ around, while kicking his webbed bird-like feet. Even though he was pretty slow compared to his daughter, it wasn’t just about speed. His purple tentacles dangled freely behind his back, almost reaching past his feet when they were completely flaccid.

Having a tailfin instead of feet, would definitely improve his swimming speed greatly, but he obviously wasn’t going to do that. In fact, just having an extra tail for swimming would have been much more useful for mobility over an entire snake body… But mobility isn’t everything.

As an organism, Jake and Vora have so many redundancies that even when they lose lungs, gills or other vital organs, they can still survive pretty easily for long enough to heal. When Jake is swimming a couple meters under the surface of the water, Vora can poke her head up above the water to breathe fresh air or look around. She can eat massive meals when she feels like it. Has her own ‘body’ instead of just being a back-seat driver. The most important thing is that they don’t really ‘need’ to swim so quickly. They’re the Queen. If they want to swim faster, they can use their daughters like mounts when necessary.

“I’ve actually been thinking about something… But it’s super fucked up. And I know I shouldn’t do it.”


“Father, are you planning to go back to Tolhuin?”

“What? No way.” Jake rolled his eyes and floated on the surface of the sea very leisurely, “I was just thinking. Like, what if we created a giant whale like Bahni?”

“What’s so bad about that?”

“And then we made the inside of her body have a giant open hollow space for people to live. Like an organic house…”

“What’s wrong with that?” Tori was still confused, “Bahni has a lot of people living inside of her all the time.”

“Uh… I guess that’s true. I was just thinking… Nevermind, I guess no matter what, nothing is fucked up compared to the shit we’ve seen and experienced so far…”

“Numb.” Vora’s head was next to Jake and Tori. Looking around for any fish or birds that might be stupid enough to get close.

“It would also be cool to create a turtle-like creature. But even if you did make a turtle big enough to fit a house on the back of it… Unless the shell itself was the house? But how do you make something like that genetically? At least, we’re not at that point yet in terms of artistic license.”

‘Hide!’ Vora suddenly shouted at them telepathically as all her scales started turning blue like the sky above them. Even her eyes blended in the surroundings. Jake and Tori did the same. Fortunately, whether it was their skin, scales or carapace, everything was able to change colors pretty quickly and easily.

‘What happened?’ Jake asked while looking around anxiously. They were a kilometer away from the shore, which doesn’t seem like much, but the depth of the water there was dozens of meters. Of course, he also looked towards the sky and the shore in the distance.


There were tens of thousands of 1.2 meter long, really thick red squids swarming over from the north! Of course, that many Diablo Rojo or ‘Red Devil’ Humboldt Squid wouldn’t be swarming over for Jake and Tori. Their real target was the pod of thousands of unfortunate hourglass dolphins that were swimming ahead of the shoal. The adults were about 1.8 meters long, but most of the dolphins were only babies or young children.

Oddly enough, Humboldt Squid were slightly faster than Hourglass Dolphins. There were several individuals among the two large groups that were faster or slower because of mutations, but for the most part, the squid squad was gaining on the dolphin pod. A few of the slower calves had already fallen behind and were being devoured swiftly and painfully. The Red Devils had thick bodies and relatively short tentacles, with massive eyes.


“I know.” Jake smirked, “Let’s fuck ‘em up!”

“Meat!” Vora was also excited, “Buffet!”

“Tori~! Tori~! Tori~!”

A deafening cry came from the sky, along with countless other birds squawking! Then two huge eagle-like claws reached down into the waves, easily grabbing a 60 kg fat red squid, carrying it over to the shore to start feasting. The other birds in the sky were just watching and waiting. Because the real frenzy was just beginning!

Thousands of huge 5-7 meter long Sharks seemed to appear all around the gigantic squid school! Just like Jake, Tori and Vora, they also made their scales blend in with their surroundings until they were all in position… Then they turned pitch-black, reflective silver, white or other random colors of their preference.

Obviously being surrounded by massive monstrous sharks terrified the squid on the outside and the ones on the inside of the group couldn’t really tell what was happening over there. The fear spread pretty rapidly though. Of course, the poor dolphins were also terrified, because Tori and Jake appeared in front of them.

Chapter 219:

There was no touching scene where the dolphins tearfully thanked Tori and Jake for saving them. They just kept escaping at full speed, while the three monsters dove straight into the enormous squid squad. The Sharks were about three times as fast as the squid, so they were easily able to out maneuver them. These Red Devils were actually a pretty common food source for the Sharks, so they had a lot of experience hunting them.

They didn’t just eat the squid directly though. Instead, they focused more on wounding and killing them as quickly as possible. The carcasses or pieces of meat that floated to the surface would be feasted on by the thousands of hungry Scouts that swooped down to grab their lunch. Although it seemed one-sided, the Red Devils got that name because of how aggressive and ferocious they were, coupled with the way they turn red when attacking in a large school.

Tori focused on trying to save as many baby dolphins as possible, while Jake was just dragged around by Vora, who was going on a killing spree. She wanted to eat as soon as possible, but she had to wait until after the battle was over or she would get sick.

Jake’s claws and talons easily tore through the soft flesh of those big red mantles, or the fins at the top. Their brains were donut shaped, with their throats in the middle, which meant that if they ate something too large, they could get brain damage or die even under normal circumstances. Truly a strange development direction. They can also squirt out ink like many other squids, so aside from the blue blood, the whole area of the ocean was dyed black by an insane amount of ink!

Unfortunately for the squid, even if they managed to ‘escape’, they didn’t make it very far outside of the ink zone before they were attacked and devoured. The Sharks on the periferie were only 3 to 5 meters long, less than a month old. Beyond them were 1 to 3 meter Sharks that were even younger, but they were still able to deal with the injured and frightened squid that escaped past their older siblings.

In the past, the Humboldt Squid generally stayed around a depth of 2 kilometers and only went closer to the surface at night. Now it’s actually pretty normal to find them, along with other ‘deep sea’ creatures popping up in shallow water near the shore, because they adapted or evolved to escape from a more dangerous environment to a relatively safer one.

A lot of seals and penguins have fallen prey to these ‘devils’, not to mention fish. But just like the situation now, they also end up being hunted by larger schools of predators or particularly dangerous solitary monsters. Even before the apocalypse, the Deep Sea was always filled with creatures that seemed alien to humanity. Now the situation is even more extreme.

“Tori…” Jake sighed as he watched his daughter holding a few ‘tiny’ black and white Hourglass Dolphins in her arms near the beach. There were only four of them and they were too injured or scared to escape from her loving embrace. The others already joined their parents in the distance and were still fleeing from this nightmarish warzone.

“How are they?”

“I don’t know. They don’t know how to talk yet. Even if they could speak, I haven’t heard their language before and it would take me a while to learn…”

Tori kept the four calves half-way out of the water so they could breathe comfortably. They all had some gashes or scratches, while one of them even lost their right flipper, another lost their left eye. But they were all very tenacious. Each of them was less than a meter long, which seemed very tiny compared to Jake and Tori.

“They’re pretty fucked up. I’ll help you ‘heal’ them.”

Jake borrowed Vora’s womb to create thousands of really tiny worms, which swam through the sea water and dug into the wounds of the baby dolphins. They acted like super small organic sutures to not only seal up the injuries, but also help regenerate or replace the missing tissues. For the lost fin and eye, Tori would need to deal with that later once these four kids were officially part of their family. Infecting them with parasites was a good start for their swift assimilation though.

“Do you think we can save them?”

“I don’t know.” Jake reached out and caressed the Orca-like face, “But this ain’t over. We need to be careful though. Saving them could endanger everyone else.”

“I know… I just hate being so weak.”

“You’re not weak. And this ain’t the kinda thing that can be solved by just being ‘stronger’. You’re not even two years old yet. I’m thirty-two and still have no idea how to deal with this shit. We need to consolidate our skills and abilities.”

“Eat!” Vora devoured a giant squid whole already, but she wasn’t satisfied. So she took control over Jake’s body, grabbed the carcass of an adult Hourglass Dolphin and started devouring it in front of the terrified babies…


“Share?” Vora hesitated for a moment, but eventually ripped out a big chunk of tail meat and handed it over to her daughter.

“No! Ew! Mother, they’re people!”

“So?” She raised an eyebrow and then continued munching on a fresh, juicy brain. Of course, it was pretty salty after being soaked in sea water, but they were used to that by now. Their ability to remove unnecessary salt from their body was much greater than humans. They could even drink sea water without any issues aside from taste.

“Meat is meat. Tastes vary. Too salty. Needs… Pepper?”

After gorging all four of her stomachs on squid and dolphin meat, Vora finally settled down and took a nap. Leaving the pain, discomfort and bloating for Jake to deal with afterwards. The Sharks didn’t massacre every single humboldt squid in the massive shoal, but none of the biggest adults escaped alive. It might seem cruel, but like most squid, the Red Devils were brutal predators that don’t mind killing and eating their own siblings or offspring.

“Octopi aren’t much better either. Maybe that’s why Chastity is so fucked up? She has too much octopus DNA. Normal octopi would die after spawning. Squid are the same way, or at least they were before. Now though… You never really know how long or short the lifespan of anything is anymore.”

Certain long-lived animals, like humans, might grow faster and reproduce rapidly, only to lose their longevity in the process. Other creatures like octopi and squid might maintain the same rapid reproduction, but extend their own lifespan and cause all sorts of other problems. For example, eating their own children that they just spawned.

“Is Mother an octopus?”

“Uh, no, probably not? Then again, I did eat some raw spicy octopus from the sushi place down the street back then…”

“I like calamar more than pulpo. When we go home, I should cook some spicy seafood soup.” 

Tori munched on a squid tentacle and giggled, swimming slowly on the surface of the water, with her father riding on her back.

“Having hands is awesome. I can’t believe I lived my whole life until now without opposable thumbs!”

“I mean, you spent most of your ‘life’ thus far just borrowing my body to do stuff that needed hands. Or being taken care of by Cat or other people. If you were a human child before the apocalypse, you’d spend the first few months being totally dependent on others in order to just survive. When you were born, you could already speak and act on your own. Orcas are overpowered.”


“Hihihihihi~!” The four baby dolphins copied her high-pitched ‘laugh’ while swimming next to her side. Surrounded by thousands of small and large Sharks. The sky above them was also covered in noisy birds. One huge one and tens of thousands of small ones.

Chapter 220:



After a couple hours, there was a deafening cry from the distance. Followed by a quieter one. They were ‘home’. Tori’s Pod. A massive marine force capable of not only surviving, but thriving in this new world. Millions of tiny Sharks, yes, millions. Hundreds of thousands of Juveniles under a month old. Plus at least ten thousand huge Sharks up to 9 meters long, who didn’t really like hunting and mainly just protected the Pod while gorging themselves on ‘vegetation’ all day.

“We’re home~!” Tori shouted excitedly, “Weeouuuuuuu~!”

“Hahaha~!” Jake smiled and shook his head, climbing down off Tori’s back and swimming to the shore. Vora was still sleeping soundly and digesting an entire squid in her bulging belly, so the long snake dangling from his tailbone was just dragging behind his ass like dead weight. She couldn’t even be bothered to breathe air and just relied on her gills, so she sank down like an anchor most of the time.

“Welcome home, Jacob.”

When he reached the grassy ‘beach’, Jake hugged the beautiful woman in the skimpy blue bikini. Lifting her up in the air and making out with her for a few seconds. Then he put down the 2.5 meter tall Elf Queen and hugged the black-armored Royal Guard who was the same height as him.

“Padre!” Finally, the nearly 2 meter tall white-furred wolf-girl in a pink swim-suit jumped up and hugged him tightly. Delilah was also there, but she was just an Astral Projection. 

Then there were dozens of Orcs, Goblins, Hounds, even Steve, the giant ostrich-like Scout, came out to welcome Jake and Tori home. Sophia, Orina and Tomi looked pretty small compared to Jake now. Only reaching his waist. But their scars from the past were already gone, so they blended in with their siblings, children and grandchildren.

It took half an hour before Jake was finally finished hugging everyone. By that time, Tori also came ashore. Of course, her family welcomed her home even more enthusiastically than Jake. Vora? She was still sleeping.


Later that night, Jake was laying on the bed naked… Well, he never wears clothes. However, his genitals were exposed from his armor. The big blue muscle-girl was already sleeping on his left side, while the ‘short’ blonde giantess Elf Queen was still awake. Laying on his right. Meanwhile Vora was down between his legs, basically stretched out to the maximum with her mouth opened and her tongue hanging out. Unlike a normal snake, she did in fact have eyelids, which were both closed.

“I am surprised you have not said anything yet.”

“Say what?” Jake rolled his eyes and looked over at his wife’s dimly glowing golden eyes, “I trust you.”

“Realmente no deberías.”

“Do you trust me? I went to a lusty hellscape and got mindfucked for a whole day. Who knows what I did back then?”

“Jacob. If you really cheated on me, you would remember. And you would have told me. You are far too much of a prude to break our rules.”

Jake snickered and kissed her on the lips lightly, “If you cheated on me, I would know too. Because you’d be bragging about it by now. Besides, most of my kids aren’t smart enough to avoid snitching on you and whatever unlucky bastard that managed to cuck me.”

“No… I cheated. Just… Not with my body.”

“If it’s not with your body, then it’s not really cheating. Otherwise, what? Is every crazy dream I’ve had considered cheating? Or is it bestiality and incest when I accidentally possess one of my horny Scout brats when they’re in the middle of a crazy birdy gangbang?”

“You know it’s not the same…” She sighed and looked into those big blue sclera-less eyes, “I like to roleplay. I know it’s wrong. I never force anyone to do anything. But… I’m their Queen after all. Could they refuse my possession or orders? How is it different from-”

“It’s not rape. And it’s not cheating. Not really. I mean, it’s a little weird, but… At least from my perspective, it’s not much different from full-immersion VR porn.” 

Jake smiled wryly and wrapped her naked body with his soft tentacles. 

“I’m actually more worried about other people. For example, what if adults take control of kids? Or just take control over each other? What if one person allows another to control their body, but their partner doesn’t know? It’s pretty damn rapey no matter which way people abuse this telepathic bullshit. We need to be prepared. And we need to have stronger control over these powers. Aside from rape, people can also murder each other, steal shit, or even just manipulate someone to say something that might ruin their life or get themselves killed.”

“There is a hierarchy for that. You really aren’t mad at me?”

“There’s a hierarchy, sure, but that’s also going to be problematic later… Elves and Orcs are on the same level of authority now, but there are particularly powerful ones like Delilah. Obviously they’ll be rare, but even a single psychic rapist or murderer can cause catastrophic damage to our society in the future.”

“Then we need to make sure that everyone is strong enough to protect themselves and each other. Rather than limiting their potential.”

“I know, you’re right. I’m just afraid. Because all these ‘kids’ are mine. And all the adults that might hurt them are also related to us.” Jake sighed dramatically, “Maybe we should have some kids so that we can hand all this bullshit over to them to deal with in a few years?”

“Jacob…” Camila couldn’t help laughing at her silly husband, “Te amo… Y, gracias.”

“Thanks for what?”

“You know.” She rolled her golden eyes and enjoyed being wrapped in his warm tentacles… After all, hugging him to sleep was like hugging a suit of armor. Unless he was covered in fur, it was pretty unpleasant.

“You should get rid of your armor, Jacob. But… Keep the tentacles.”

“Hehe~! No way. Then I’ll have to start wearing clothes.”

“How often do you see ‘me’ wearing clothes?”

“More often than me at least.”

After bickering quietly for a few more minutes, the two of them finally went to sleep. In his dreams, Jake saw the bright silver moon in the sky. There were dark spots roughly in the shape of a rabbit or hare, plus a small block of some sort. Hence where the original ‘Moon Rabbit’ mythology originated.

“Wakey wakey, eggs and Jakey~! Hehehe~!”

“Mom-eh?” Jake turned around, but he didn’t see his mother. Instead, it was a brown-furred rabbit the size of a mountain, with glowing pink irises and large, wide pupils, similar to his own eyes. Those huge ears were sticking up into the clouds and as they wiggled a bit, they set off tornadoes.

“Bunny? No wait, Vora, is that you?”

Chapter 221:


A deep and raspy voice came from behind Jake’s back. He looked over and saw a similarly massive monster. She was a very familiar-looking black snake with glowing pink irises. Instead of vertical slit pupils, they were large and round. The shape of pupils in snakes is usually determined by whether they’re diurnal or nocturnal, rather than things like being venomous.


“Are you really Bunny?” When Jake turned back around, the massive mountain-sized hare was gone. Instead, there was a cute brown-furred rabbit-girl. Not just a human with bunny ears, but a full-blown ‘werebunny’. The eyes were still pink and she hopped over with her strong, muscular legs, quickly reaching Jake’s side.

“Are you really Jake?” She reached out and casually molested his long purple tentacles, then poked and prodded his handsome, pale face. Sniffing his neck and licking his cheek with her tiny tongue. It was a dream, so things like ‘size’ were very confusing. At the very least, she was about the same height as Jake. While Vora also shrunk back into her normal size, resting her smooth chin on his right armored shoulder.

“You look a lot sexier now. Tall and strong. Hehehe~! Have you missed me?”

“Of course.” He smiled wryly, “Assuming that you’re real and not a delusion, or some random Devil trying to fuck with us.”

“I’m not just a delusion if you make me real. Before Tori and Vora, I was your favorite creation. But now you love them more than me. I’m really jealous, Jakey~!”

“Are you here? How did you end up… ‘Here’?”

“Aw~! You’re testing me~! Hehe~! You’re afraid to tell me your location~! But do you really think I wouldn’t know? Jake, look up~! Don’t you see me?”

Jake and Vora looked at the night sky. The Moon was unnaturally clear and low enough to see the surface pretty easily. There were thousands of tiny, particularly shiny spots. Especially around the dark head of the ‘rabbit’.

“You’re telling me you’re an alien?”

“Not there. Look!” Bunny tugged on his tentacle-hair and pointed up at the sky with her furry finger, “Wave to the camera~! Hehehe~!”


“Of course! Otherwise?” Bunny pulled his tentacles again and pointed out towards the ocean, “Look at the pretty boats!”

On the sea was a huge cruise ship, surrounded by dozens of smaller cruise ships, plus a bunch of warships. Jake only looked at them for a moment before he was standing on the deck of a smaller cruise ship. Bunny was sitting on a beach chair, sipping some orange carrot-juice from a cocktail glass and enjoying the cool night breeze on her fluffy brown body.


Two blue whales could be seen in the distance, surfacing for a moment before sinking back below the waves. Along with tens of thousands of glowing Sharks of different colors. There were also lots of white birds in the sky, looking down at the ships and keeping an eye on them.

“You’re actually here?”

“You still don’t believe me! Jakey~! You need to stop being so skeptical of everything! Sometimes things are exactly what they seem! You need to learn how to calm down and relax a bit. You’ve always had anxiety issues. I’m sure that getting infected with a crazy parasite, shot, nuked, irradiated, arrested, shipwrecked and having a baby didn’t help much-”

“Wait, wait a second. How do you know all this shit?”

“How? Hehehe~! I wonder? Jake~! Isn’t the answer pretty obvious?”

The girl in front of him disappeared and the snake head on his right shoulder suddenly transformed into a cute fluffy brown rabbit face, with long ears perking up into the air. Those big pink eyes blinked at him a few times, then an angry snake head came over from the left side and swallowed the bunny whole!

“Hehehehe~! You’re wondering if I’m just gas-lighting you or if you’re actually crazy~! But who really knows? Jake, when you get older and stronger, you’ll realize… The difference between reality and fiction is only your perception! A dream is never just a dream! Nightmares are just fun little games~! Even death isn’t a big deal as long as you don’t play on a Hardcore Server!”

“Jacob?” He looked over and saw the beautiful Elf Queen floating in the air nearby, then appeared next to her side.

“Who were you talking to?”

“I don’t know. Maybe my imagination. Maybe a Goddess. The world is so fucking crazy now days.”

“I see… Rather than mysterious entities, I believe these people to be a much more realistic threat.”

“Yeah. This is probably the real source of our nightmares back then.”

Aside from dozens of huge cruise ships and warships, there were also thousands of smaller yachts and sailboats. Most of which were unarmed and unarmored. Even the cruise ships weren’t really repurposed much. The two of them could even see some werewolves and mermen gambling in a huge casino in the middle of the night. On another floor of the closest cruise ship.


Vora glared at the unsuspecting furry gamblers. There were also lots of people throwing a birthday party for some young children on the deck below. The whole room was basically an arcade for kids. Of course, the kids weren’t necessarily human. At the least, they had fluffy animal ears or tails, at the most, there was a boy who looked like a full-blown minotaur and was over 2 meters tall, even though he was clearly still a child.

“What are they doing? Why are they here?”

“I’ve got no fucking clue.” Jake shook his head, “Let’s check some of the other ships. This one seems pretty… Normal. Well, not really normal. Considering it’s the apocalypse, it’s strange that they’re acting like they’re on a regular cruise.”

There was a common theme. It was actually pretty eerie. There were a lot of children. And most of them were pretty cheerful and happy, though a lot of them were already sleeping, since it was the middle of the night. There were still plenty of adults. Some of them were taking care of their kids, while others were partying, drinking, doing various drugs including catnip, some were also having orgies. But everything was separated pretty well in the cruise ships.

Life in the yachts seemed a lot less frenzied or interesting. Mostly small families who were simply staying with the bigger group for safety. The naval soldiers on the warships were also very disciplined. As the three of them went through and spied on everyone, they had some trouble because of language barriers.

For example, there were quite a few people speaking English and Spanish, but there were also others who spoke Slovak, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, et cetera. The interesting thing was that everyone seemed to understand each other perfectly. Even though they were all speaking different languages.

“There has to be a Queen here somewhere. Or maybe more than one.”

“Perhaps.”  Camila nodded as she gazed over toward the flagship, the biggest cruise liner in the massive fleet. The two of them couldn’t get close to that ship at all. They could also barely see anything except the general shape, which was also blurry and hazy. A thick red fog seemed to obscure their sight. Even the ocean down below seemed to be drenched in thick, viscous blood… Of course, the actual color was just a normal-looking white cruise ship, with a bunch of lights on various decks. There were also plenty of spotlights all over the fleet to make sure that no one crashed into each other. So it wasn’t that dark, even though it was night time.

The Scouts stayed high enough and scattered enough that they wouldn’t be suddenly shot down all at once. Meanwhile, the Sharks were also scattered around under the water. Lurking and waiting to attack. However, the fleet didn’t seem to know or care what the birds and fish were doing. They just kept sailing to the southwest.

Eventually they slowed down and set down anchor or just drifted around a few hundred meters from the flooded Rio Grande City. When the sun finally started rising, some of the smaller ships went over to start investigating and salvaging what they could from the overgrown ruins. It wasn’t an easy or safe job either.

Occasionally there would be gunshots, explosions and screams as they dealt with the local wildlife. Vora got bored and was busy controlling Jake’s body to eat, mate, paint and perform other random daily activities. The Elf Queen and Beast King on the other hand, continued to use their Astral Projections to monitor that mysterious fleet.

Camila took breaks occasionally, so it was mostly just Jake staring at them full-time. Millions of insects and other small creatures had already infested most of the vessels over the next few days. He didn’t allow any Mice to get involved, because he cared more about their safety. He was also afraid that they might be counter-controlled by the Queen on the other side and then leak some secrets or weaknesses of Voracity.

A week later, the Fleet finally continued on their journey southeast. He heard them talking about Ushuaia, Tolhuin and the Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas. Jake also realized that not only did they not know or care about Frost Haven, their main purpose was only to find fuel, spare parts, living supplies and other resources from various coastal cities they came across. After Ushuaia, they would likely start heading up the western coast of South America.

Chapter 222:

Spring ended uneventfully and a particularly hot Summer began. Reaching nearly 100 F or 37.7 C, it made the name ‘Land of Fire’ quite literal. Especially when it didn’t rain for several months and quite a few forest fires occurred. Humans usually look at the devastation of a forest fire from the perspective of property damage and lives lost. But only human lives can enter the headlines.

For Jake and Tori, the death-toll was in the millions! No matter what, those bugs and small animals were all members of their family… Jake was fine, but Tori was devastated and was depressed for most of Autumn. Only in the winter did she finally cheer up and get back to her usual self. 

Of course, in terms of pure numbers, there were actually trillions of lives scattered across the island that were directly or indirectly related to Vora by 2025. If Chastity and her offspring were counted, that number would be even more exaggerated. After all, she could infect and assimilate even plants and fungi.

The number of Mice was definitely in the millions by now. They were semi-aquatic, could climb trees and burrow in the ground, even breeding with other random rodents to create lots of variety. There were also millions of Scouts, but they were able to travel much farther. Mostly to the north, across the channel and into the Santa Cruz Province of Argentina. There were also a lot of birds that went southwest into the mountains or over to Isla de los Estados to the southeast.

The Sharks capped out at about a million. It wasn’t that they couldn’t expand farther, just that it was unnecessary. With those numbers, huge Shivers of tens of thousands of 6 to 10 meter long Sharks could take over the entire coast. Not just on the ocean side, but also over in the Strait of Magellan to the west.

On land, there wasn’t as much room for large predators. There were still thousands of Hounds and Cats, but Jake limited their reproductive abilities to prevent them from becoming overpopulated. Especially since they liked staying around Frost Haven so much. The town was also expanding rapidly over the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Just in time for the new batch of 645 Orcs and 1242 Goblins to reach maturity. Fortunately, most of them could live out in the wild during the warm weather without much trouble. So even when they didn’t have enough houses, it didn’t really matter. By the time Winter came along, everyone was able to have their own home… Not individually, obviously, but none of them really wanted to live ‘alone’ anyway. Even the Cats weren’t very solitary creatures. 

The Goats and Unicorns were multiplying slowly, because even though they reproduced quickly, it was usually just one or two babies at a time. Only once per year. There was no rush though. For that matter, the three Wyverns didn’t reproduce at all. It’s not that they couldn’t, just that they didn’t want to have kids. 

Squawky had lots of little brothers and sisters among the Scouts and she liked being the biggest and the strongest. Chompy, the giant wolf with a long snake-like neck and big bat-wings for arms, was also a leader among the Hounds. She couldn’t fly, but it was easy to glide down big hills or down from the sides of small mountains. In fact, she could also climb trees or jump from tree to tree, similar to a flying squirrel. Even with a Goblin on her back, it was still possible to glide pretty easily. It was really dangerous though, so Tori stopped them before anyone got hurt or killed.

Finally there was Dracky. A huge black-scaled Wyvern, in the most conventional sense. The head of a blue-eyed snake with lots of extra teeth in the mouth and two long antelope horns extending from the back of the skull. The neck was long and slender. The front limbs were huge and the chest was very puffy compared to the much skinnier lower back. The hind legs were like that of a lizard, while the front limbs were almost bat-like wings. Even the thinner webbing was covered by some lighter, protective scales. The long tail has a sharp spear-like blade on the tip, while there weren’t any special spines along the body at all. The total length of the body, including the tail and head, was 10 meters. The wingspan was also 10 meters. Since the body was relatively light, she could fly as well as a normal bat or bird, just that her size was enormous. She can spit venom and projectile vomit acid great distances.

With those amazing parameters, she could completely dominate a large swath of land… At least before the Apocalypse. Now? She was only a bigger piece of meat in the eyes of most monsters now days. Even a swarm of large bees might be enough to take her down if she went to the wrong neighborhood alone and wasn’t careful.

She was careful though. Too careful. So careful that she basically never leaves the lake behind the keep. She has gills on her neck and abdomen, so she can live underwater in the warmer months, then she goes inside the castle and hibernates in the basement during winter. She’s anti-social and extremely lazy. To the extent that she doesn’t really ‘do’ anything unless necessary, allowing her to avoid wasting energy. She barely even eats, which is very strange for one of Vora’s offspring.

“We survived another year.”

“Yes, Father.”

Tori still had some white fluff on her black belly and chin, but most of her fur was already gone. She actually shed her skin/scales along with all her fluffy white fur, about once per month. Although she didn’t need to menstruate like a human, this periodic shedding was somewhat similar in regularity and discomfort. The skin underneath would also be covered by fluffy fur, until the beginning of Spring, when the weather got warmer. 

Jake on the other hand, had already grown back his black carapace which covered his entire body below the head. Vora also shed her skin and scales, but not very often. Only about four times a year.

“Father… You’re still growing.”

“And you stopped growing.”

The handsome, bearded ‘Elvish’ face was smiling wryly as he looked over at his adorable daughter. He could see over her back now, even when she was standing next to him. Even though he only grew during those brief moments when he shed his carapace, he still managed to shoot up about 10 centimeters every time. If he had another few accidents or serious injuries, he would also grow rapidly during the healing process.

“Being bigger isn’t always better.”


The two of them were standing on top of that snowy hill, looking down at the rivers and lakes that hadn’t completely frozen over the winter this year. The winter wasn’t as freakishly cold, but the spring also wasn’t very warm. A lot of the Orcs and Goblins were still covered in thick fur coats, while the Elves were also wearing leather jackets and other heavy clothes, except for the Frost Elves that were walking around in t-shirts and shorts.

“Father… I want to create a world where they can grow up happy and safe.”

Tori pointed towards the Elf children, Goblins and Orcs who were either sledding down the hill, wrestling, playing with various ‘animals’ or just sitting around, chatting with each other. There were also some more talented kids, like JV, who was with his mother Delilah. The two of them were practicing ‘magic’ together. Shooting off fireballs, lightning and ice spikes across the river, at imaginary monsters. There were actually quite a few kids playing those kinds of games.

On the other hand, there were also teenagers and even adults around town behind Tori’s back who were doing simple jobs. Making bricks, building houses, carpentry, even smithing and leatherworking. Some people were practicing sword-fighting while wearing protective armor. Others were practicing archery. Firearms were fun, but they were a bit too loud and dangerous, so the shooting range was a few kilometers to the west.

Stanley recently built a huge trebuchet and the kids love ‘playing’ with it. There was an accident once when a Goblin was stupid and crazy enough to launch themselves into the ocean. They managed to avoid passing out from the launch, because although it was a crazy amount of g-force, it was only for a moment. Then they were also lucky enough to land on a breaking wave and enter the water safely. At most, they had a concussion and almost drowned.

“Whether it’s happiness or safety, they’re only temporary, Tori… Honestly, in my entire life until two years ago, I was never really ‘happy’. I was also never safe, just lucky. I’m happy now. But the happier I am, the more afraid I am of losing everything. Everyone…”

“Father, you know what I mean.” Tori rolled her big silver eyes and rubbed her smooth face against his cheek, “I just want to protect them. I don’t want my family to have to worry about things like… Chastity. Or the scary stuff in the deep sea. Or Antarctica. Or nuclear bombs and radiation.”

“Neither do I, but what can we really do about it? Besides… Tori, you need to understand something else. People are stupid. Individuals can be smart or wise, but when they get together into groups and form governments, they become so much dumber it’s kinda impressive.”

“I don’t understand. What does that have to do with anything?”

“It’s not that big of a deal now. But in the future, the Elves and other ‘people’ will eventually gather together into larger groups. Usually forming behind some ideals or beliefs. Maybe it’s something as stupid as pineapple on pizza-”



“See?” Jake rolled his eyes at his daughter and wife, “Maybe they’ll worship us like Gods at some point and have entire fucking crusades over who their favorite is? Look, those Orc brats over there are fighting over the Goblins. And the Goblins are egging them on. This is before they have ‘genders’ or sexes. Hell, for that matter, there are lots of Orcs and Goblins that think it’s better not to have genders or sexes. And that being sexless is their natural state. The way their ‘Father’ intended… Even if I tell them otherwise, they’re so stubborn that they still refuse to change their position! And they’re only one year old now!”

“They were a lot cuter when they were younger.”

“They’re only a year younger than you, Sweetie.”

“That’s a third of my lifetime though.”

“Okay, okay, you get the point. Protecting them from external threats is easy. The hard part is protecting them from their own stupidity and bullshit.”

Chapter 223:

“Aaaah~! Jacob, you’re too big~! Jacob! You’re too big! Ow! Bastardo!”

The small woman smacked the gigantic man on the face and climbed up off of his body, while holding her groin in pain. There was no blood, but she was already stretched out to her comfortable limit and her cervix was a bit bruised. Camila glared at her black-armored husband’s handsome, slightly tanned face and started berating him in Spanish.

“¡Te lo dije cincuenta veces! ¡Pero no me escuchaste! ¡Ahora mírate! ¡Ni siquiera podemos follar en la cama porque somos demasiado pesados! ¡Te lo dije hace tres años! ¡Durante tres años, todavía no has dejado de crecer! ¡Ya me has hecho un bicho raro y todavía no estás satisfecho!”

“Noisy.” The huge obsidian snake glared at the ‘tiny’ woman before sticking out her tongue and licking the white liquid from her angry, reddened face. Then the serpentine body slithered over and took the blonde-haired, golden-eyed Elf Queen’s place. 


“Mmmn~! Aaah~!” On the cold white tile floor next to Jake, a beautiful muscular woman was being groped and penetrated by several large purple octopus tentacles. She moaned for a while, but her mouth was also plugged soon enough.

“I’m not like you and Tori.” Jake sighed dramatically, then rubbed his hairless face. The beard from before was gone. Now days, except for the eyebrows, he really didn’t have much hair on his face when it wasn’t winter.

“I’ve told you a million times. I can’t just spend every waking moment of my life worrying about how big or small I am. I grow a little bigger every year… That’s just my natural state. Just like my armor. It’s been like five years and I still haven’t figured out how to turn my arms back into actual arms. Not just eating and breeding machines. You’re lucky I was able to change my face and ears like this.”

All the soreness and bruising was already healed in a matter of seconds. But the memory was still there, so Camila wasn’t interested in continuing. Instead, she walked over to a table nearby and picked up a wine glass filled with red fruit juice. Sitting down elegantly by the window and looking down at the sprawling town below.

Even in the middle of the night, there were still lights lit up everywhere. The streetlamps weren’t electrical though. They’ve had to move away from conventional electricity a long time ago. Now all the lights were replaced by glowing plants or even animals. Like gigantic fireflies that flew around in the air at night, then rested during the day.

There were also some huge trees that towered into the sky nearby, many of which also had glowing leaves or creatures living on them. Adding to that the fact that everyone and everything in ‘Tierra de Elfos’ had excellent night vision, they didn’t really need any powerful or harsh fluorescent lights. Although their tiny village was still called Frost Haven, they renamed their ‘nation’ to Elfos de la Patagonia a few years back. After all, the Knights of Patagonia was a bit too specific, while the Elves of Patagonia was more accurate to their actual situation.

“It has been seven years already. Jacob, do you think we should create a new calendar? After the Apocalypse? Or the New World Calendar?”

“AA? NW?” Jake snickered, “I think the current calendar is fine for now. It’s not like the world really ended. There are still plenty of people like us out there that still remember the Old World. BC means before Christ, but AD actually stands for Anno Domini. Obviously ‘In the Year of the Lord’ is referring to Jesus, but it’s actually a bit more open to interpretation. Then again, even a lot of the Biblical shit is less ridiculous than what we’ve experienced in the past seven years.”

“I wonder if Jesus really returned?” 

Delilah looked like a small child or dwarf sitting at the table next to Camila. She was only half her height. Then there were two cute little green-skinned Goblin girls who were even smaller. Both Kory and Kai ended up becoming women in the end. Kina, the green-skinned hairless Orc Royal Maid also became a woman. Only Ken, the brown-skinned hairless Orc Royal Maid became a man of the four. And all of them were still living upstairs with their King and Queens.

“I thought the Devil was supposed to rule the world for a thousand years or something like that? The Beast with Seven Heads is probably out there somewhere. Hahaha~!”

Jake finished playing with Vora and the exhausted Tessa, who was still panting on the ground, then he stood up and walked over to the window shamelessly. With his current height, his waist was about the same height as the top of Ken and Kina’s heads. The two of them weren’t little kids anymore though. A lot of their brothers and sisters were already married with children a few years ago.

There actually aren’t many pureblood Orcs or Goblins. Aside from the original few thousand, most of the modern Orcs and Goblins are Half-Elves. So their growth cycle was much slower. Faster than ordinary humans and Elves by a few times, but all those kids were still just children now. Later generations would likely grow even slower.


Vora’s huge serpentine body slithered up from behind Jake’s back and onto the table. She was about as long as Jake was tall, so 4 meters now. One major difference from before was that she actually had eight long pink octopus-like tentacles extending from her head and neck, almost like an axolotl’s gills. Of course, her gills weren’t so easily seen or damaged and were hidden under some protective carapace when not in use.

Those long tentacles reached out and picked up the gourmet delicacies crafted by Kory and Kai, shoving them into her giant, gaping maw as if they were hot-dogs at an eating competition. Fortunately, Vora’s tentacles also had taste buds, so just picking them up was enough to enjoy their flavor and texture. There was also a sense of arousal, because those tentacles were also erogenous zones.

“I still cannot comprehend why the two of you choose to exist in this form.” Camila complained while sipping her slightly alcoholic and poisonous fruit juice, “Would it not be better to simply separate?”

“No way.” Jake refused immediately, “Vora might be a little heavy, but who knows what might happen if she separates from me? What if it makes something like Chastity?”

“Jacob, you know that won’t happen.”

“No. Jacob, mine. Never, leave.” Vora glared at Camila with those big glowing pink eyes and snorted from her little nostrils, “Mine. Forever.”

“Fine~!” Camila rolled her beautiful golden eyes and chuckled, “Speaking of Chastity… The Forest of Meat is still expanding. The Lust Zombies are also attacking our territory more frequently.”

“Tori said that we lost a lot of Sharks lately…” Jake frowned as he looked over to the right, which was the west, “We’re losing the Straight. The problem is that Chastity doesn’t care about losses at all. She pumps out countless monsters every day, but our kids aren’t just numbers. Every day, she gets bigger and stronger at a crazy speed. While you’re complaining because I grew a few centimeters per year.”

“Brain size is important to the range of your domain, but there are other ways to get stronger.” 

Delilah smirked, behind the back of her head the ‘lights’ on the ceiling darkened and it seemed like there were countless stars in the sky where the ceiling used to be… In the void, a massive figure appeared. Aside from her two golden eyes, there was a third vertical eye on her forehead. The long curly brown hair was glowing bright orange like flames. With huge arcs of white lightning erupting from her bare shoulders. The large breasts were wreathed in clouds, along with her groin, but otherwise she wasn’t wearing any ‘clothes’.

“With enough willpower and imagination, anything is possible!”

“Creating a cloud consciousness by relying on billions of bugs to borrow neurons is unreliable. It’s impressive, but still way too easy to counter. I’m connected to trillions of bugs… Have I gotten any smarter?”

“No.” Vora answered immediately and the four maids started giggling.

“Anyway, we all have way more neurons than humans. Probably part of why we’re able to be telepathically connected and have so much ‘power’… But unlike us, Chastity doesn’t give a shit about becoming a gigantic monster the size of a mountain. Fortunately she’s too big to move. I’m still worried that she might find a way to leave the land and escape into the ocean.”

“She knows how dangerous the ocean is already, Jacob. Why would she leave the safety of the land to risk her life and constantly fight against the monsters in the sea?” Camila sighed, “If Chastity was not blocking off the south, perhaps we would need to worry about an invasion from the Siren in Antarctica or the monsters on Terror Island.”

Isla de los Estados was renamed Terror Island because of a certain kilometer long black centipede that lived there. Yes, a living terrestrial creature that could move around and was an entire kilometer long. That wasn’t the scariest thing though. The real problem was that Terror had venom and parasites that could turn people or creatures into zombies. There were also lots of ghosts and other ‘unscientific’ creatures, though their form of existence was debatable.

Chapter 224:

Although Chastity was dangerous, she actually had several fatal weaknesses. First of all, she couldn’t move. No matter how much bigger or more powerful she became, she was basically a humanoid, octopus-headed mushroom or plant that was deeply rooted into the ground. Killing her was almost impossible, even with a nuclear bomb, because she was just too big and deep to completely annihilate. She got struck by lightning thousands of times per year and the damage is negligible.

The nuclear power plants around Tolhuin were intentionally melted down by the survivors who were desperate… The exclusion zone of Chernobyl was a 30 kilometer radius. The Tolhuin power plants barely created a three kilometer wide ‘wall’ which was quickly overwhelmed by the evolving, highly-radioresistant meaty plants and fungi. Although Chastity couldn’t turn into a full-fledged Kaiju and run on nuclear radiation, it was a nuisance at most.

One of her biggest weaknesses was that she was connected to Jake, Vora, Tori and even Camila. If a Shark, Hound or even an Elf got too close to Chastity, they could be eroded into mindless breeding machines pretty easily. But at the same time, her Lust Zombies could be manipulated in various ways if they got too close to the four Queens of the North. 

“Sky Fire! Phoenix Burst! Chaos Annihilation!”

Delilah wore her fancy blue robe, carried a magical staff with a big shiny crystal head in her right hand and sent all kinds of crazy fiery attacks at the mindless monsters in the distance! She also attacked the trees that looked like they were made of fused together human bodies, especially females. The vast majority of the enemies just looked like ordinary humans, but they often had extra vestigial arms, legs or even heads. Their naked bodies were covered in slime, burns, boils and/or necrotic wounds. The bigger ones were either hairless cats, bears, cows, pigs or other combinations of animals that were barely functional.

“Silver Meteor Blast!”

A cute seven year old boy with brown skin and long black dreadlocks stood next to his mother, wearing a similar blue mage robe, though he only used a small silver wand in his right hand. With a wave of that simple wand, thousands of tiny stars fell from the sky and crashed down into the bodies of those mutants. Some of them were blasted into pieces, others were incinerated and quite a few simply lost limbs, continuing forward in an endless stream.

Fortunately, the two of them weren’t the only ones fighting. There were dozens of other ‘Casters’, using all sorts of magical attacks that seemed surprisingly effective. Some of those Casters were Goblins and Orcs, but there were also Elves and Werewolves.

Their abilities were also varied. Everything from simple fireballs, to creating spectral beasts or even summoning swarms of insects to devour their enemies directly. There were also tens of thousands of small to large animals, including Hounds, Cats, Mice and even Chompy got involved. They shot beams or missiles out of their mouths, lasers from their eyes, even threw big boulders across the sky with their tiny mouse hands…

“No matter how many times I see it, I still think it’s hilarious.” 

Jake stood on the side and watched the crazy ‘battle’ from a tall hill nearby. Camila stood by his side and the 3.5 meter tall black-armored Royal Guard stood behind her Queen. From their perspective, they could also see the crazy magical effects that were flying all over the sky and rising up from the earth. However… They also knew that all these crazy special effects weren’t ‘real’. They had real, tangible influences only on Chastity’s minions. No matter how big or powerful the attack, it would never do anything to the ground or rocks around those exploding or burning corpses.

“If Chastity gave her offspring enough Willpower and Intelligence to protect themselves, then they would also threaten her domination over them.”

The Elf Queen chuckled, crossing her arms in front of her bulging chest. She wore a silver crown on her head and a fancy white dress that really wasn’t suitable for a battlefield. With a few thoughts, she summoned thousands of illusory Knights on Unicorns who charged into the fray. The poor zombies actually fought with what were essentially ghosts in melee and actually lost. Those magical blades sliced off their arms and heads, even penetrated their hearts or incinerated their bodies.

What was actually happening? They were fighting with each other. Killing and eating each other. Sometimes they would be attacked by thousands or millions of tiny bugs. Other times, the psychosomatic effect would cause damage to their genes and cause their organs to fail directly. Because they were being manipulated so thoroughly and chaotically, it was hard to tell what exactly was happening half the time. A lot of the flaming explosions were actually real though, because many of those zombies were flammable or combustible in various ways.

Chastity wasn’t completely useless. She didn’t care about the lives and deaths of her offspring, so she was perfectly fine with turning them into bombs. A lot of the Shark deaths were actually caused by some depth-charge octopi, invisible squid and electric eels. These were actual physical effects, not magical nonsense.

There were actual Unicorns and even Goats that could use ‘magic’. But they were all standing in the distance. Far away from the Meat Forest. A lot of ‘Magical Beasts’ preferred simpler spells, like beams, breaths and balls. They were at least as intelligent as humans, so there was no problem with cognition, they just had their preferences.

For example, there was a beautiful white-furred Werewolf standing on the hill near Jake. She was wearing a cute pink dress and holding a huge rifle. It wasn’t an imaginary rifle, but a real one and could actually fire .75 caliber rounds. The blue-eyed woman aimed and fired. However, instead of wasting real bullets, she just blasted the enemies to pieces with ‘magical’ rounds. It was so magical that there wasn’t even any flames or sound from her actual weapon, yet she still demolished her enemies instantly.

“Padre, don’t be lazy!” Those gorgeous blue eyes glared at the giant man who was still a whole meter taller, even after all these years.

“I’m not lazy. I’m just saving my strength and making sure the other fronts are okay. Besides, you kids look like you’re having fun, hahaha~!”

“I’m not a kid anymore.” Catarina pouted her doggy mouth and continued firing her recoilless rifle. Well, it wasn’t actually a recoilless rifle, but just a rifle that lacked recoil because she wasn’t actually shooting it.

“Yes, yes, I know my baby girl is already eighteen years old. Congrats.” Jake smiled wryly and shook his head. Then he looked over at a big hill in the distance to the right, where a tall and handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed Elf was shooting dozens of magical arrows per second into the hordes below. Next to him were three big, beefy Orc women with long black hair and leather or hide armor on their bodies. They also had bows in their hands.

“I heard Kotoa had his tenth kid the other day. Who the hell is taking care of them now?”

“His older kids, probably. What the fuck does it have to do with me?” The angry wolf-girl started shooting even more rapidly, slaughtering dozens of enemies every second. She even broke some of those fleshy trees in half with her random strays.

“It’s been five years. You’re still mad at him for breaking up with you?”

“It’s been ten years and you still complain about some random people who said your art was trash.”

“Their name was Spicymustard777 and it was twelve years ago, February, because it was near my birthday. I wasn’t mad because they said my art was hot garbage. I got pissed off because they said my mother’s art was trash. They’re probably dead now, so I got the last laugh, hahahaha~!”

“Petty.” Vora sneered, then ‘burped’ in the direction of the Meat Forest. Creating a massive sonic wave that tore apart tens of thousands of trees, along with any zombies or even the birds flying in the sky.

“I’m not that petty. I’m normal.”

“You are not normal!” Camila retorted, “And Voracity, you are no better!”

“Hypocrite.” Vora retorted.

“Everyone is hypocritical sometimes.” Jake snickered, “Anyway, stop fucking around and help me keep an eye on the western front. I need to deal with the eastern side.”

Chapter 225:

Even though Chastity was constantly growing larger and more powerful at a much faster rate than Jake, Vora, Camila and Tori… They weren’t alone. Below the ‘Queen’ level of authority, there were Princesses or Demi-Queens. Catarina, Delilah, Tessa and even Bahni were all at this stage. In terms of psychic dominance, they were even stronger now than Jake and Vora were five years ago. The standards for a Queen have clearly risen over time, as have the Princesses, Duchesses, Marchionesses, Countesses, et cetera. 

Of course, they weren’t just female, obviously, it’s just that the original term Queen started in relation to ants and bees. It was later adapted to English Noble Titles by Camila. Why not Spanish Nobility? English and Spanish noble ranks are about the same. Even the names are almost identical.

In seven days of mostly magical warfare, the central battlefield was pushed back to Tolhuin, the western front went across the mountains to Lago Fagnano and the eastern front was pressed back to the river they once followed to reach Tolhuin seven years ago. Now that river was extremely deep and often received monsters from the ocean to the east.

In that week, the progress Chastity made for half a year was almost completely suppressed. The plants and animals now are extremely hardy, so they didn’t have much trouble devouring the carrion or growing in the fertile ground left behind by the war. It didn’t take long before ‘Nature’ had overtaken ‘Chaos’ once more.

These magical wars were usually pretty one-sided, but people didn’t have infinite ‘mana’. Five years of this war has caused a lot of battle fatigue and other negative effects. The only good thing was that there really wasn’t an ‘economy’ to speak of and spells didn’t cost money in the first place. A lot of kids who grew up in this environment even enjoyed fighting and killing zombies about once a year. They would probably do it more often if they were allowed.

Magic didn’t really work on normal plants and animals though. There were several extremely powerful ‘mages’ who almost died because they tried to use magic to hunt or prevent themselves from falling down the stairs. One little boy thought that he could fly and broke both his legs after jumping from his roof onto the concrete below. That little boy was JV Rios and his mother was the genius that fell down the stairs.

The scary thing about Magic though, is that it can actually hurt or even kill people. Especially the people who use it, because they ‘believe’ in it more than anyone else. Using ‘glide’ or ‘slow fall’ even ‘flying’ magic is actually just commanding bugs or birds to carry you, then hiding their appearances with illusions. In fact, you can do the same thing with a parachute or wingsuit.

Anyway, Chastity’s use of incredibly low-intelligence, instinct-driven monsters also had another pretty big downside. She basically had to command them herself, otherwise they would just spend all day eating, killing and having sex with each other or the environment. They also preferred to stay within the slowly expanding Meat Forest, rather than going out into the dangerous ‘normal’ forest.

One big benefit from this war was that the entire northern half of the island was completely under the control of Elfos de la Patagonia. There were no longer any weird dangerous zones that sporadically popped up or mysterious areas that needed to be avoided. Seven years was plenty of time for their ever-expanding empire of mostly ‘Beasts’ to completely wipe out any threats that existed within their territory.

In other words, there was no need to huddle together for safety in Frost Haven anymore. Several other small towns were built around the center of the northern part of the island. There were also some villages dozens of kilometers to the northwest. That huge piece of land was about 100 kilometers from north-east to southwest, almost looking like the head of a dinosaur or dragon on the map. Inutil Bay was on the western side, while a crescent bay called Bahia San Sebastian was on the eastern side.

The roads that used to run through the island were basically gone at this point. Only some places still had evidence that they ever existed. Elfos de la Patagonia didn’t bother to build roads either. It just wasn’t worth the trouble.

Traveling dozens to hundreds of kilometers through the thick forests and fields of tall grass, corn and other wildly growing former ‘crops’ was extremely difficult for ordinary humans. For the Elves with the help of their Unicorn and Goat mountains though, it was only a few hour journey in a straight line. Of course, if they were trying to carry a bunch of supplies, they couldn’t use carriages. There were rivers crossing all throughout the island though. With bays, straits, oceans and channels on the outside of the island, traveling by waterways was often much more feasible. They could even have a Shark help pull their small boats.

Aside from Sharks, there were obviously many other types of fish and other creatures that were created by Voracity. But they intentionally didn’t create too many mainline ‘Drones’. Although variety was good, it was also a bit too cumbersome to keep track of so many blueprints. In fact, Jake and Vora forgot how to make the original Hounds, Scouts, Sharks and Mice a long time ago. The original genes were also lost over time, because there were so many changes every year.

Sophia still looked about the same on the outside. She didn’t even grow any bigger. However, on the inside, she changed a lot. Especially when it came to things like mental capacity, neurons in her brain, reflexes, immune system, muscle strength, bone density and even lifespan, she was way beyond her original design. Tomi and Orina were the same.

Jake and Vora have been getting bigger every year, but their growth speed is actually pretty slow compared to how much they eat on a daily basis. They reproduce occasionally. Usually pumping out some insects or small animals, sometimes a Goblin, Orc or some puppies and kittens. Like Tori and Camila, they’ve also been trying to hone their bodies to become stronger, more efficient, et cetera. But their main focus was on improving their offspring.

For example, bugs, fish and other creatures that can eat plastics, metals, even rocks and other random things. Usually a specific creature for a specific task. They found plenty of similar adaptations and mutations in nature, so they had a basis to start with… Then from there, they created the animals like giant armadillos, pangolins and turtles with shells or scales made of plastic, metal or stone. There were also some Orcs that were intentionally created with bodies somewhat similar to Jacob. Completely covered in carapace except for the face, usually with normal hair on their heads or completely bald.

The benefits of having bullet-proof armor on your entire body are pretty amazing for survivability and combat, but most of the kids who were given this ‘gift’ chose to have Tori remove it completely. The Sharks could also be given armor, but most of them would also have more flexibility and soft, familiar scales. There are reasons why Sharks and a lot of other animals don’t have shells. Although natural Evolution and Adaptation aren’t necessarily always for the better or with any sort of purpose, there are still some pretty good reasons for a lot of simple features that most people might not realize.

Anyway, bugs didn’t care. Neither did crabs or shrimp. They already had shells, so replacing them with metals and plastics wasn’t such a big deal. Organic metalloids and plastics already existed in the past, so they weren’t some sci-fi fantasy nonsense. Whether they’re better or worse than just using regular organic tissues? That was something that Jake and Vora needed to find out through research and development.

Rather than painting or sculpting, their canvas was usually living creatures that they designed with their own minds. They would also create some aesthetically pleasing mythical beasts like pegasus, a horse with wings, or western dragons, a lizard with wings on its back. Even if the poor animals couldn’t use their wings to fly or even glide very well, they did have a surprisingly good effect on attracting attention for male or female mates. Which is one of the main criteria for passing down genes. It’s also why male peacocks can look so ridiculously fabulous, even though it often threatens their lives.

How many people died because of cosmetic surgery? Or wore fancy clothes and got themselves killed by drawing too much attention to themselves? The most beautiful men and women are always the most attractive… To slavers, robbers and other psychopaths.

Chapter 226:




“Mmmmn, can you three keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.”

The huge fluffy white ‘dog’ rolled over and ignored the three little puppies that were trying to wake her up. Eventually, those big blue eyes opened and glared at the noisy brats with ADHD. It was the middle of the night, but for the three Hounds, now was their play time!




“Sophia, you’re seven years old. Open the door and go outside on your own!”

“No! Dark scary!”

“Monsters outside!”

“Sister, play with us!”

“If you’re afraid of the dark, then why the fuck don’t you just go play during the day?!”

Catarina yelled at her stupid ‘little sisters’ and then sighed dramatically. Even though she was really annoyed and cranky, she still yawned and got up out of bed. With the cute triangular ears on her head flickering, she could hear birds chirping, wolves howling, tigers roaring and all sorts of other noises outside. There were even voices talking, yelling and shouting, but those people… Were actually just ‘Beasts’. Technically they were her noisy and annoying relatives.

The 3 meter tall giantess got up off her equally large bed and walked across the single-room wooden cabin. She scratched the thin fur that barely covered her rippling abs near her extremely furry groin and realized that she was about to piss herself. So she quickly went outside. 

Once she found a nice tree, she squatted down and started spraying like a fountain. It was messy, but so what? Her house didn’t even have a bathroom. She was still a few steps above the Hounds and Cats that simply lived in little burrows they dug themselves or slept out in the open during the day, then hunted at night.

The three original Hounds also found their favorite spots to urinate or defecate nearby. Then the small pack of four wolves started their nightly hunting journey. Although Catarina was nowhere as fast as Sophia, Tomi and Orina, she actually had more stamina. The thick trees and foliage also made it difficult for even the long-legged Maned Wolves to run freely or easily. So it evened out pretty well.

Rather than cheating and relying on help, the four dogs used their amazing senses of smell and hearing to quickly find a large herd of deer. They had black fur with small white spots like stars and looked very cute. But the biggest ones were huge, over three meters at the shoulder and with massive, sharp antlers. To put things in perspective, even a large moose is only a little more than 2 meters at the shoulder.

“Shit! These bastardos are too smart now!” Catarina cursed telepathically as she looked at the dozens of adult deer in the middle, with hundreds of much smaller and cuter babies or children on the outside.




The three dogs barked aloud, drawing the weary and somewhat contemptuous gazes of the biggest stags in the herd. Even when some predators stupidly revealed themselves, the herd of deer didn’t run away. Because even the much smaller female adults were about 2 meters at the shoulder. The four wolves didn’t look very intimidating at all.



The little babies were bleating loudly and getting anxious, wanting to run away. But the big, strong mothers and fathers became aggressive instead. One of the biggest bucks rushed over toward where Catarina was hiding and ripped off a big chunk of bark from the tree with its giant antlers!

“Haaah!” The huge black stag barked at them and stood upright less than a meter from the white wolf-girl. She looked up at those angry eyes and scowled, but in the end, she didn’t stupidly try to fight against a whole herd of gigantic deer.

“You’re lucky this time!” Catarina ran away while raising her right middle-finger. The three little doggies were already long-gone though… A few minutes later, the four of them regrouped near a random surprisingly clear pond. Even at night, they could see the fish swimming around inside. So they usually jumped inside and started ‘fishing’ with their snouts. Cat had the advantage of using her hands, so she caught an unlucky catfish long before the other three. Which she didn’t share, because it was barely enough for her to eat on her own.

Using those sharp claw-like fingernails, she quickly scaled and deboned the fish after tossing the severed head into the pond. She chewed and ate the raw meat very slowly. Licking up the blood with a smirk on her snout. Eventually the entrails were tossed to chum the waters a bit. Drawing a lot of small fish and a few of the stupider large ones to the surface. She coughed another catfish, but this time, she skewered it with a random twig and started a fire. Gathering some glowing mushrooms and unassuming leaves of various plants, she also prepared a bowl of soup separately.

After eating a few raw silver-scaled fish, the three Hounds caught some crabs, snails and frogs, along with finding some mushrooms and other ingredients. Sophia went back home and brought over a big metal pot. Then the four of them worked together to prepare the ingredients in their own ways… Maybe there was a big of fur, saliva and dirt in the mix, but even Catarina didn’t care much, not to mention the silly dogs that ate literal feces intentionally.

“Rina, glowy!”



“Hahaha~! Fuck-off my glowy~!”

Catarina and her puppies started wrestling around on the mud and grass for a big glowing blue mushroom. Eventually though, Sophia ate it all herself. Then… She was picked up and tossed into the pond by her sisters.




“Goat?” Catarina looked over at Orina in confusion, “What kinda insult is that?”

“No! Goat!” The ‘little’ wolf pointed her long, skinny arm at a tall hill in the distance. Where a huge white ‘goat’ was looking down at them… But it wasn’t one of the Grazing Drone Goats or even a regular wild goat.

Chapter 227:


After letting out a loud goat-like noise, the huge figure easily climbed down the steep cliff with his hooves, then walked over to the pond with a big pointy stick in his right hand. Those pupils were horizontal slits, similar to a normal goat, but the face was basically human. Maybe a little ugly. There was a tuft of black hair on his head and white side-burns, along with light fur covering his muscular humanoid upper body. The lower body had much thicker fur and even his genitals were barely visible. On his head were two horns that curled off to the sides, while his ears were slightly longer and pointier, almost like an elf but with some black fur on the tips.

“Who the fuck are you?” Catarina frowned on her wolfy face and stood upright, reaching about the same height as the giant goat-man. The two of them were only separated by a small 30 meter wide pond.

“You… Mate!” His eyes glowed bright purple as he pointed his spear towards the beautiful werewolf, “Mate, or food!”

“So you’re a high-functioning Lust Zombie?” Rina raised her left eyebrow and then shook her head, “No, I can’t feel a connection! You’re an outsider?!”

“Mate! Or die! Eheeeheehe~!”

“Fuck off or die!” The wolf-girl growled like an actual dog and crouched down a bit, picked up a decent-sized rock and then threw it with all her strength! The goat-man was hit in the left cheek as he threw his spear, causing it to miss his target and fly off to the side. Knocking over the metal pot of soup and splashing what was left of the broth everywhere.

“Arf!” Sophia leaped out of the pond and bit down on the man’s short goat-like tail. Causing him to scream. Even though the damage was nothing compared to a rock to the face, the pain was even higher. Then the two other wolves rushed around the sides, jumped up and bit down on his arms.

Catarina picked up the scalding hot pot off the ground and roared, throwing it accurately, even across 30 meters! The lip of the pot hit the bridge of his nose, smashing the whole bone structure completely and knocking him onto his back. Fortunately, Sophia stopped biting his tail and got out of the way as the giant fell down heavily onto the ground filled with sharp rocks. His back was bleeding and bruised in many places, just from the fall alone.

“Nice job. You learned my old rock-throwing trick pretty well. Hehe~!”





Catarina and the puppies all turned away from the unconscious, likely brain-damaged goat-man at the same time. Looking at the huge figure that seemed to appear out of thin air in the darkness. Jake took a few quiet steps over and hugged the four dogs into his arms/tentacles very familiarly.

“Padre, how long have you been watching us?!”

“I wasn’t watching ‘you’. Obviously I was following this dude.” Jake rolled his big blue eyes and put the puppies down, then pointed towards the dying man who was being molested by Vora’s head-tentacles.

“Tastes… Chastity, infected. Hmmm, resistant. Check, memories?”

“Don’t. We don’t know where he’s been or what he’s been in contact with. Might even be radioactive for all we know. Speaking of which, I hope you three are okay.”

All three of the Hounds bit into the man, so if there was something dangerous, they would have already been exposed. However, they’ve experienced many similar things over the years, so it was most likely just Jake’s over-reaction.

“I don’t get why you wanna stay out here. It’s too close to Lago Fagnano over the mountains.”

“Lago Cami. On this side of the border, it’s called Cami, Padre. This man must have crossed the same way we crossed back then… How long has he been in our territory?”

“Only a few hours. I was over at the lake house in Lago Blanco with Tori when I got the warning from the border birds.”

Catarina narrowed her eyes and looked up at that handsome Elven face, “Padre… Are you and Tori alone?”

“We’re never alone.”

“You know what I mean.”

“No, Kitty Cat, I’m not fucking my biological seven year old daughter. If that’s what you’re insinuating.”

The naughty wolf-girl looked away from her father and asked, “What are we going to do with this cabro?”

“He tried to rape and murder the Princess of our Kingdom.” 

Jake walked over and stomped down onto the man’s bloody face. The back of his head burst open against the sharp rocks he was laying on and his whole body twitched violently, spasming even after his brain was mostly mush. Then his bloody, clawed foot grabbed the goat-man’s shoulder and tossed him into the pond. Feeding the frenzied fish, crabs and other critters.

“As the King of Elfos…”

“Elfos de la Patagonia-”

“I know, I was just…” He looked down at the four giggling puppies, then at the puddle of blood and brains on the rocks that Vora was about to ‘sample’. He quickly grabbed her tentacles and walked over to wash his bloody foot off in the cleaner part of the pond.

“Anyway, as the King, it’s normal to execute that piece of shit myself. Especially when he tried to hurt my own daughter.”

“Shouldn’t we interrogate him first? Find our where he came from, whether he has any relatives or friends with him?”

“Unnecessary.” Vora growled in her usual deep, gravely voice, “Goat. Evolve. Goat-Man.”

“Really?” Catarina rubbed her wet chin and Sophia copied her sister’s actions, causing Jake and the other two dogs to start laughing.

“He was part of a herd that migrated through the Meat Forest across the mountains. Not all of them mutated like this guy. Some still look pretty normal. But their eyes are all purple and they try to fuck anything or anyone they encounter.”

“Wait, then why aren’t they part of the psychic web?”

“Maybe it’s some new trick by Chastity? Or maybe they’re just immune for some reason or another. It wouldn’t be strange either way. Technically everyone in the world is connected together psychically, right?” Jake shrugged, “It’s been seven years, but we still don’t really understand how any of this shit works. If I had to guess though, they might have been under the influence of another Queen before they migrated here.”

“Unknown.” Vora yawned and blinked her tired pink eyes, “Sleep.”

“Kitty, why don’t you guys come over and stay the night? It’ll just be the three, er, four, no, six? Uh, the seven of us. Almost like back in the olden days.”

Chapter 228:

Lago Blanco was about 25 kilometers long from north to south. But only 10 kilometers at the widest point at the top. The narrowest point was only 1 to 2 kilometers at a few ‘necks’. Either way, it was still a pretty large body of water up in the hills and mountains. There were several other, smaller lakes around it. Blanco in particular though, had a decent-sized island a kilometer from the eastern shore, where Jake and Catarina were coming from.

In the night, it was hard to see much through the fog. But there was actually a decent-sized cabin in the middle of the woods on that high, hilly island. There were lots of glowing trees, bugs and other creatures nearby. Especially in the lake. There were countless fluorescent algae and fish. Making the whole place pretty beautiful and ominous.

“Kitty! Sofy! Orina and Tomi!”





The four wolves shouted excitedly and hugged or rubbed against the giant, wet, scaly Orca-Dragon that emerged from the lake. Tori also had pretty good control over her own body now, to the point where she could even stand upright on land if she wanted to… Though that would make her nearly 6 meters tall, due to her long neck, body and legs. She reached out and hugged the four of them against her muscular and smooth chest. 

Obviously she didn’t have human-like pectoral muscles or mammary glands. It almost looked like she was wearing an open jacket because of the black around the sides, arms and legs, with some white parts down the middle, around the waist and down to her groin. The carapace covering her genitals was between her legs instead of on the long and relatively slender tail. But the shell was white and blended in with her scales, so it wasn’t very obvious. Jake’s groin was also pretty smooth and flat. He didn’t really have a ‘bulge’ anymore, because everything was hidden inside of his body when it wasn’t needed.

“Come on~! Let’s go swimming, hihihihi~!”

“Okay.” Catarina smiled on her cute, husky-like face. Of course, unlike a real husky, she didn’t have any black or gray fur, just white. Which became darker once she got soaked, due to her skin being somewhat visible underneath all that hair.

Vora was already sleeping, but Jake was still wide awake. When he swam across the surface of the water, the serpentine tail wiggled around behind his back, helping to propel him forward along with his webbed feet. His hands and tentacles were mostly just to control his direction or add stability.

The three puppies did the doggy paddle. Since there wasn’t much else they could do with their body type. Catarina on the other hand, swam like an olympic athlete. Though there were never any human swimmers 3 meters tall back then.

“Padre, is everything okay between you and Mama Cami?”

After the wet dogs shook some of the water off their fur, Catarina couldn’t help asking.

“Did she cheat on you again?”

“She didn’t cheat on me.” Jake rolled his eyes and complained, “Since you like gossip so much, why don’t you move back into the ‘Royal Palace’?”

“No way. It’s too noisy in Frost Haven. What’s wrong with living in the mountains with my dogs?”

“Your house has no plumbing or electricity. It’s barely even a shelter at all. I’m afraid it might collapse on you if there’s an earthquake or hurricane. Or if it snows too damn hard.”

Jake snickered and shook his head, then reached out and gently caressed her head. Scratching behind her ears very carefully to avoid cutting her skin with his sharp nails. The wolf-girl rolled her eyes back and whimpered, then she slapped his hard armored back.

“Padre! That’s cheating!”

“Hihihi~! Kitty is still so cute!”

“Woof!” Of course, Sophia and the others quickly started scratching on their father, asking for pets, belly rubs and scratches. Tori… Well, the size difference was way too ridiculous and her claws were big enough to disembowel the poor puppies with very little effort.

“Why are you and Tori out here alone then?”

“Dee spends most of her time in her ‘Mage Tower’ lately. Contemplating the secrets of the Astral Plane or some such bullshit. Cami doesn’t really need to ‘cheat’ on me. She has four Royal Maids and a Royal Guard to satisfy her physical urges. But for the most part, she’s busy planning the Elven Kingdom of her dreams with that nasty smoker bitch.”

“Alissa? Didn’t you ban smoking ages ago? You gave her a pass?”

“Of course she doesn’t actually smoke real cigarettes. But I can’t force people not to even ‘imagine’ smoking, right? I mean, I can, but it’d be kinda fucked up. So she always smells like smoke. I can’t stand it.”

“Madre is right. You’re always so hypocritical.” Catarina giggled and followed her father through the woods for a few minutes. 

Then they finally made it to a huge mostly-wooden house. There were also some bricks and concrete involved, but for the most part, the whole building was made of wood that was sourced from the forest on the small island. There were also some big glass windows that were made by Jake and Tori themselves, blown from the sand on the beach nearby.

The whole building was covered in glowing green vines and some blue mushrooms. There were also some other colorful bugs that were flying around. Even though they still didn’t have the ability to connect the plants into Vora’s psychic network yet, there were actually countless tiny insects and other creatures inside or on the plants. 

Even microscopic organisms like amoebas could be created and manipulated, so the number of lives connected together was obscenely large. So astronomical that Jake and Camila couldn’t even estimate it anymore, while Vora didn’t care either way. It was also the reason why they’ve been able to compete with a monster like Chastity for so long.

There weren’t any other ‘people’ on the island, but quite a few Hounds, Scouts, Mice and Goats. There were even a bunch of Sharks living in the lake. The trout and many other fish weren’t related though. Jake always kept a strict food chain rule, where his children would never be a part of the natural ecosystem in that sense. At the very least, they wouldn’t be hunting each other or hunted by other random animals. 

They would still die occasionally for various reasons and he couldn’t go through, ‘reincarnating’ all of them. They would just simply return to nature in that way. Sometimes though, their spirits would still seem to exist through the memories they shared with their closest family members. Whether that was really ‘them’ or not is still a heavily debated topic, but no one really knows for sure.

“Let’s go~! Take a bath~! Hihihihi~!” 

Tori opened the giant doors with her huge hands and ushered everyone into the gigantic house. It was only one story, without a basement. There were only a few rooms. The ceiling was seven meters high, so Tori could actually stand upright and not hit her head as long as she wasn’t standing in a doorway. Since the doors were only about 4.2 meters, just enough for her to walk inside on four legs. Jake could also walk inside, but if he kept growing at the current rate…

Chapter 229:

The bathtub was more like a pond. There were stones all around, instead of sand, otherwise it would be a little counter-productive. The temperature of the water wasn’t very high, because Orcas can overheat easily. It was definitely a comfortable temperature for the dogs who were used to swimming in the rivers and lakes already. Of course, there weren’t any fish or other animals in the bathtub when they were using it. Only a bunch of colorful flowering plants, some of which released a soapy liquid as a defense mechanism, creating lots of white foamy bubbles everywhere.

Compared to when she was a kid, or even a young teenager, the fully grown Catarina wasn’t very shy anymore. Even if the wet fur on her chest couldn’t hide her dark nipples, not just the two on her large breasts. She actually had six other little bumps along her lithe abs. The Hounds didn’t have nipples, because they were unnecessary. Their children would be able to eat all sorts of food from the moment they were born. They were also an unnecessary weakness and orifice that would need to be covered by carapace for protection.

“I’m glad you’re finally comfortable.” Jake smiled at his ‘daughter’, who was lounging back against some smooth rocks in the soapy water. Tori and the other puppies were splashing around in the pond across from them. Vora was laying out on the warm stones with her eyes closed far behind his back, outside of the soapy water.

“Padre, do you think I’m beautiful?”

“Of course.”

The wolf-girl giggled and smiled, “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a sexy Elf like Mama Camila. I was always jealous of the other girls in town. Later, I realized that I’m really lucky. There’s nothing wrong with the way I look… Clothes are uncomfortable, but even without them, I don’t look like a nudist like those sluts.”

“I hate clothes too. Not gonna lie, it’s one of the main reasons why I never gave up my ‘armor’.”

“I still wouldn’t wanna be covered in armor all the time. I’m not a pervert like Tessa.” Catarina shook her head and reached out, playing with one of the long purple tentacles that was floating in the bubbly water.

“Ow!” Jake glared at her when she scratched it with her nails, “Are you having fun?”

“Hehe~! It’s just a little scratch. I’ve seen you get shot…” She paused for a moment, then smiled wryly, “Padre, do you still remember all the people you’ve killed?”

“Nope.” Jake shrugged, “To be fair though, most of the people I’ve killed are nameless trash mobs, I mean, strangers. Hahaha~! I know that probably makes me sound like a fucking sociopath, but it’s the truth. Just like how I can’t remember every single animal I’ve ever killed or hunted. But I can still remember the time I caught a tiny snake as a kid. I put it in a little plastic bug cage for a few minutes, like literally less than ten minutes. In that time, the poor bastard had turned into a skeleton because it was devoured by ants. I don’t remember the color of the snake though… Or even what type of snake it was. Maybe I never knew. Just like the stupid people and animals I’ve killed.”

“You feel guilty about it. Or you wouldn’t have remembered something like that from when you were a kid.”

Catarina leaned against her father’s hard left shoulder, looking over at her silly sisters who were still so childish and carefree. Even after everything they’ve all experienced over the past 7 years.

“I don’t remember his face either. Just the look in his eyes. He was so angry, scared, confused… Just like me. That’s why I killed him. I knew he probably couldn’t hurt you. But I was afraid. What if he shot my stupid little sisters? What if he shot me? What if he came after us later or told someone to come after us?”

“Bullshit.” He shook his head and looked down at the wet weredog, “You didn’t think of all that shit. You just shot him out of instinct. You only imagined all that other shit later. Shit, even I was freaking out back then… There’s no way you had the presence of mind to come up with any reasons or logic.”

“Why do you keep saying mierda?”

“Because I gotta take a mierda. Hahaha~!” Jake got up out of the pond and walked back into the house, still covered in soapy water. The giant pond obviously wasn’t inside of the building. They didn’t need to worry about bug nets or keeping animals out, so the whole outdoor bathtub/pool was basically surrounded by lots of thick woods. 

The toilets were actually just big holes in the ground and the septic tank was all natural. In the sense that there were lots of bugs, mushrooms and plants that would clean up all the waste. It wasn’t instant, but it was fast enough that the mess would be gone before the next bowel movement. For the most part though, Tori just relieved herself in the lake. She was never very comfortable going to the ‘bathroom’ in the first place.

When Jake came back, he already rinsed himself off in the shower a bit first. Then he sat down in the soapy water next to the snoring wolf-girl. Vora was wrapped around his body and had her head resting on his right shoulder. Catarina was leaning back with most of her upper body out of the water, but it seemed like she would slip down eventually.

Fortunately, a few tentacles reached out and latched onto her body gently. The suction cups might leave some marks, even through the fur, so he used the back of the tentacles. Tori and the puppies also got tired of playing eventually. The Orca Dragon just casually walked over, while the three Hounds had to swim.

“Father, I’m going to make vermicelli alfredo, do you want any?”

“Nah, I’m good. I’ll rinse and dry this little puppy, then take her to bed. You kids can enjoy your late night snack without me.”

“Si…” Tori pouted a bit, which made Jake laugh. But he still wasn’t hungry. So there was nothing she could do… After all, Vora almost never stopped eating when she was awake, so he had to deal with the aftermath most of the time.

When Jake and Vora were sleeping at the same time, they shared the same dreams. Usually it depended on proximity, but Camila, Tessa, Delilah, Tori, Catarina and their other closest relatives would also be subconsciously drawn into the same dream worlds. Sometimes they were similar to reality, other times they were extremely chaotic and confusing, just like normal dreams. Occasionally though, those dreams would seemingly show visions of the future or hint at various dangers.

“Padre~! Padre~! Mmmn~! Awooooo~!”

Jake blinked a few times and looked down at the cute white puppy in his arms that was moaning, whimpering and howling as he rubbed, scratched or massaged her tiny body. He looked like a normal, albeit handsome pale-skinned Elf with big blue eyes and a small beard. On the other hand, Catarina was in the form of a literal wolf cub.

“Boring.” Vora slithered over in the form of a big black snake, lacking the tentacles around her neck and head.




The sudden scream startled the father and daughter to the point where they almost woke up. The scenery around them suddenly warped and they were back to their usual bodies. A 4 meter tall armored giant Elf with tentacles for hair, a long snake connected to his tailbone, which also had tentacles around its head, then a 3 meter tall white-furred werewolf girl. They were all standing in an icy wilderness.

Camila looked over at them with a worried expression, “I think… I think I heard his voice again. So I followed the sound ‘here’.”

There were huge, snowy and misty mountains in the distance. But there were also massive trees reaching up hundreds of meters into the sky. There was also a big lake nearby, which was frozen over.


Camila frowned and gazed off into the distance with her glowing golden eyes.

“My son.”

Chapter 230:

“Where are we?” Catarina looked around in confusion, “Chile?”

“This is Alaska.”

“How do you know?” The wolf-girl turned back to her father.

“There’s a sign over there.” Jake pointed towards a worn out, rusty sign that said ‘68 miles to Anchor’. That was it, because the rest of the words were basically worn down.

“Anchorage Alaska, probably. But the real reason is because Cami’s son was last seen in Alaska. Also, I’ve seen a lot of pictures and videos of Alaska… This place looks eerily similar to a place I’ve painted before.”

“Clever.” Vora snickered, looking out toward the distant misty mountains, “Prey?”

“Uh, I’m sure there are plenty of strange animals that have mutated or evolved over the years. Lots of plants too. Whether they taste better or worse than the food in the south, I have no idea. It’s a mystery.”

“Jacob, I really wish I could send you to find my son… But unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury.”

Camila sighed and shook her head. The scenery quickly changed back to the lush, vibrant green forests on the Island of the Elves. However, there was also a dangerous pinkish-purple mist around the mountains nearby. The trees, plants and other creatures were all covered in pink flesh. For whatever reason, none of the creatures in the Meat Forest had hair.

“Honestly, if they had pubic hair, I feel like they would be even creepier looking.” Jake looked at the shambling Lust Zombies shaped like humans, who would start breeding or eating anything they encountered, including the trees or other weird plants and mushrooms.

The Meat Forest suddenly trembled. Everything nearby was twisted and fused together, into a massive 100 meter tall, sexy female body that was eerily similar to Camila’s proportions. She even wore a dress made out of thousands of screaming, writing naked humanoid women. Finally the head was in the shape of a massive purple octopus, with a small black beak towards the front of the ‘face’. Those huge violet eyes glared down at the four of them for a moment, then squinted.

“Daddy~! Mommys~! Did you come to me to play?! Hehehehe~!”

She reached out and her pale right arm stretched out towards them. However, Jake quickly grew until he was about 25 meters tall. Then he reached up and punched towards her palm, creating a massive shockwave that pushed her hand back. Vora separated from his body and grew into a hundred meter long serpent that could fly through the air freely. She breathed down pink flames onto those purple tentacles, causing some minor injuries.

“Aaaah~! Yes~!” Unfortunately, it was hard to hurt the masochistic giantess. Because she perceived pain as pleasure.

“Fight for me! My Knights!” Camila was a Queen, so she didn’t go to battle in person. Instead, she Summoned hundreds of armored Elven and Oricsh, including Tessa, who was riding on the back of the normally lazy Dracky. In the dreamworld however, he was actually extremely powerful and active compared to reality.

Even though the small dark dragon knight was 3.5 meters tall, she was tiny compared to Chastity. Fortunately, she didn’t have to ‘tank the boss’ like Jake. Instead, she swung her huge sword and let out a massive frosty blade a dozen meters long, which sliced off a whole tentacle.

“Mmmn~! Hehehehe~! Tessa~!”

*Boom~! Boom~! Boom~!*

Big chunks of meat were blasted off of Chastity’s left shoulder and arm. Catarina might be borderline feral now days, but when it comes to actually fighting and killing, she always goes back to firearms. First she used a rifle, then switched to a shotgun, finally she pulled out two huge revolvers. In the ‘Dreamscape’, sometimes there are actually more restrictions than the ‘Magic’ they could use while awake. Either way, it’s not infinite.

The Orcish and Elvish Knights that were killed by casual attacks, were forced to wake up in reality and couldn’t dream again for a while. Even if they went back to sleep, it would just be a dreamless sleep. Just like in reality, using Magic can cause migraines and even serious neurological disorders or damage. Plenty of ‘people’, mostly Mice, Hounds and Scouts, were killed or disabled in the wars against Chastity. Usually from exhausting themselves or even friendly fire.

“Give into your Lust!”

A huge wave of purple slime erupted from the ground and flooded the battlefield. Easily washing away the hundreds of brave knights that tried to hack at her bare toes. The armor on their bodies was dissolved easily. Leaving everyone naked and… Obviously very aroused. The ones with stronger willpower were able to remove the slime with various methods and ‘summon’ new equipment to cover themselves. The weakest ones were directly drowned and woke up, not only horny, but completely intoxicated!

Fortunately, they experienced such things many times before. Either their lovers would satisfy their desires until they were back to normal, or they would be restrained by their friends and family to prevent them from making any horrible mistakes.

The ones in the middle of the willpower check were still in the Dreamscape battlefield, covered in slime, being molested by tentacles reaching up out of the ground. One Elf man was held down by three beefy Orcish girls who took turns riding him. There were also some Orcish girls who were being gangbanged by Elven guys. Though because of proximity, a lot of people were having sex with their own Unicorn or Goat Mounts…

“Useless trash!” Queen Camila roared as she stomped on the ground and created a huge earthquake! The ground opened up like a gaping bloody maw, sending all those weak-willed bastards into the lava that erupted from the depths of the earth! That volcanic activity sent huge molten rocks up Chastity’s dress and when they exploded, her entire lower body was blasted into pieces.

“Yes~! Aaaaah~! Hahahaha~! Mommy~! I love you~! Hahahaha~!”

As she lost half of her body, the giantess was still twice as tall as Jake. But that didn’t really matter. Every punch, kick, claw swipe or tentacle lash was unrealistically powerful. Causing the sky to crack apart and the entire world to be distorted. Obviously Chastity’s body was also battered and broken.

“Sorry Baby, but you’re still not strong enough! Vora!”


The massive serpent slithered down from the heavens and opened her mouth wide. Not only were the chunks of Chastity sucked up into that dark maw, but the entire forest, the lava, even the mountains and the lake were all consumed! If Catarina, Tessa and Dracky didn’t retreat in time, they also would have been eaten. Basically all the other remaining ‘Knights’ were woken up in a cold sweat, then they had to quickly satisfy their sexual urges because of the aftermath of that purple tide.

“I’m not satisfied yet, Mommy~!”

Vora’s body swelled up and she hissed in pain. Soon enough, a few huge purple tentacles emerged from her anus. Then a huge, 25 meter tall body was excreted, along with lots of blood, gore and thick, creamy white liquid.

“Ew!” Catarina gagged and kept shooting her rifle repeatedly, knocking big holes in Chastity’s chest and legs. But the injuries would heal within a matter of seconds. Jake was pushed down and had his nose bitten off by that black beak, then he ripped off his daughter’s breast with his left hand, gouging out her eye with the right. Sixteen tentacles were fighting against each other evenly.

The angry serpent in the sky bit down on the back of Chastity’s throbbing head and injected venom directly into her massive brain. But she just kept moaning and giggling. No matter how serious the injury, it really didn’t matter. Even the whole Meat Forest and Meat Mountain Range that were devoured earlier were already growing back out of the newly ‘refreshed’ ground.

“Become one with me!”

Chapter 231:

Catarina yawned and opened her eyes as the morning sun landed on her face. Even though the battle went on ‘all night’, realistically, the actual dreaming process only lasted less than an hour. Maybe two hours at the most. The rest of the night was spent sound asleep. By the time she woke up, most of that chaotic battle was already forgotten. She looked down at her soaking wet fur on her crotch though and looked around carefully… Then she curled up and lifted her leg, licking very familiarly.

Tori and the dogs were actually sleeping in the living room now, since they stayed up for most of the night. They weren’t completely nocturnal of course. They just didn’t sleep that long. Usually only a few hours at a time. Jake and Vora used to be the same way. But maybe it has something to do with Vora mostly using her serpentine body. Now she can sleep for 16 or even 20 hours straight if she isn’t hungry. Jake on the other hand, usually only sleeps for 8 to 12 hours at most.

“What did you hear, exactly?”

“It was a familiar voice… I believe it was my son, but I cannot be certain.”

“Probably a trap.”


After Catarina finished playing with herself, she heard Jake and Camila chatting in the kitchen. Of course, even though it looked like the 3 meter tall Elf Queen was really there, the wolf-girl knew that it was just an illusion. If she was really there, she wouldn’t be wearing clothes.

“What did he say exactly?”

“As far as I can tell… He was praying. To God. For my soul in Heaven.”

“So he thinks you’re dead? Then he’s probably not asking for your help.” Catarina yawned and sat down on one of the huge wooden chairs, which fit her giant body pretty well. The long fluffy white tail squeezed out between the gaps between several poles in the lower back area.

“He wasn’t asking for ‘my’ help. He was praying to God for guidance. I’m not sure what he has experienced or is going through now. For his voice to be heard from so far away, I suspect that he might be a Queen like us.”

“That wouldn’t be too surprising.” Jake bit down on the crunchy waffle that was covered in sticky purple slime, then stuck his fork into a few small pancakes and shoved them into Vora’s open mouth. The cute snake was still sleeping, but smelling food, she instinctively opened her mouth and bit down on it. Chewing a few times before swallowing and opening her mouth again, waiting to be fed.

“Although we basically won the apocalypse lottery, there has to also be a genetic element involved. Terror might even be our ancient ancestor. Maybe not even that far back…”

“That seems rather unlikely and unnecessary.” Camila smiled wryly and shook her head, “Maria might not even be a real human. Just an Astral Projection like my current form.”

“Yeah, probably. But who knows? Maybe she was a human once? Just like us.”

“Uh, so when are you leaving, Padre?” Catarina picked up one of the burritos on the table and took a careful bite, then breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t taste anything ‘weird’ inside. One time she accidentally ate a dried-cranberry and potato salad ‘wrap’ that Jake made… At least that was still in the realm of ordinary food. The nightmarish creations that Voracity ‘crafted’ were usually much worse.

“Am I leaving?” Jake raised an eyebrow, then looked over at his wife, who was leaning up against the sink with her arms across her voluptuous chest.

“No. At least, not now. If my son has survived thus far, then he should be able to take care of himself…” Camila frowned, “Jacob, do you think it is possible for a Scout to reach Alaska and find Douglas?”

“I can’t say it’s impossible, just extremely impractical. At least not a single Scout. But it would still be really dangerous. Sending bugs wouldn’t be practical either. Hmmm… Even if you wanted to fly a plane from here to Alaska, it would be really hard. Aside from the monsters, devils, predators, humans, and other issues, just the weather alone would be a problem.”

“Very well.” She shook her head and sighed, “Rather than searching for Douglas, we have other concerns. Chastity is growing more powerful every year. We are also growing…”

“But we’re not growing fast enough. And I’m not actually that worried about Chastity. As crazy as she might be, at least I can understand her to a certain extent. She wants to eat and/or rape us. Terror wants to haunt us, literally. But the Siren in the south is still a mystery. We don’t know what the fuck is happening in North America with Kelsey Cage and the other Queens that were fighting for hegemony seven years ago. The Orca Empire is also a serious threat, but they’re always migrating and don’t seem that interested in us at the moment.”

“Padre, get to the point.”

“Hehe~!” Jake smirked, “Anyway, for whatever reason, we still haven’t been able to figure out how to create or manipulate plants or fungi.”

“It is ironic, since fungal genes are fairly simple compared to animals, especially humans.” Camila frowned, “We need more Queens. Specifically, we need Queens that possess the ability to manipulate plants and fungi. Then we will be able to compete against Chastity more leisurely.”

“Actually, Chastity clearly has a firm grasp on fungi. I know it might seem overly optimistic, but I think that over time, she’ll stop being so crazy. After all, she’s only seven years old now. When she was born, she inherited all kinds of messy genetic memories and then even more chaotic shit from all the people she ‘devoured’. I’m not saying she’s not a monster, because she totally is, but she’s our monster.”

“Si…” Catarina nodded, “What happened to Chastity is my fault. If we never went to Tolhuin…”

“You’d be dead. We also probably wouldn’t have gone to Frost Haven. Maybe they’d be dead too. And ultimately, we weren’t the ones that created her either way… It was that piece of shit Colas!”

Camila asked, “Have the Scouts and Spies found anything yet?” 

“If they did, you’d be the first… Er, well, second or third to know.” Jake shrugged, “All I know is that there aren’t any obvious Queens on this big island except Chastity and us. We’ll just have to keep expanding our search radius and hope for the best. They could literally be anywhere, including the ocean. In fact, there are probably plenty of plant-related Queens in the ocean if you really think about it.”

Chapter 232:

The Spring and Summer are always the most hectic. Whether it’s Chastity, Terror or other random creatures, that was the time period when they reproduced, grew and expanded their territory. In Autumn, things calmed down a bit as the temperatures dropped. Finally in Winter, there was a brief calm before the next storm.

The Siren would draw away a lot of humanoid Lust Zombies, which pissed Chastity off, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. Terror also had a lot of fun tormenting the humans and humanoids who settled on her island when the Joy Fleet passed by a few years back. A good portion of the Pureblood humans actually lived relatively safely in that small patch of territory under the leadership of Diego and Castillo Gonzales.

Although nominally, it was part of Voracity’s territory and they did have hundreds of Hounds, Cats, Mice and bugs placed around the area, it was still a little eerie how peaceful it was there… At most, some ghosts would haunt the place occasionally. But compared to the living conditions on other parts of Terror Island, it was like a paradise.

Bahni and the Sharks went north along the coastline every year, reaching Uruguay by the dead of winter and coming back down around the time Spring was starting. It actually wasn’t necessary anymore, because the winters never got that unreasonably cold again. As long as it didn’t freeze over, there would be plenty of food. However, just because it didn’t happen yet, didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen in the future.

One mistake could lead to thousands of deaths. There were also other creatures that migrated seasonally. Some of them were prey, others were predators. Either way, it was best not to stay in one spot in the ocean for too long. In the Strait of Magellan, the Inutil Bay, the Rio Grande and many other lakes/rivers, plenty of Sharks stayed behind to look after the territory. Otherwise even if Chastity didn’t make a move, some other random monsters might crop up in their absence.

Compared to Bahni and the Sharks, the migrating Scout Birds traveled over a much larger and wider distance. There were also Scout Butterflies and Dragonflies that could migrate all the way north to the Amazon Rainforest and back again, though they suffered heavy attrition. The Scout Birds were less careless, but they also lost quite a few birds every year.

However, in 2033, a certain Butterfly Scout brought back a piece of very important information. In the middle of the unreasonably lush Amazon Rainforest was a small group of people who lived in hollowed out trees. They had brown, bark-like skin, covered in some moss. Their eyes glowed bright green at night. Their hair looked like long vines, either brown or green, with colorful flowers blooming in various places. They didn’t wear any clothing, because it was unnecessary for them.

“This is it! We’re finally here! Hahaha~!”

“Hmmm, tired.”

“Hihihihihi~! Father, you’re getting old!”

Jake rolled his big blue eyes and complained, “I might be in my forties now, but I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been. If I didn’t have to carry around a two-ton lazy snake, I wouldn’t be so fucking exhausted.”

“Digesting. Movement, counterproductive.”

“You’re right, not two tons, I forgot to add the fucking extra ton of meat that she’s digesting!”

The huge five meter tall giant was still covered in black armor from the neck down. After so many years, Jake had basically solidified his facial appearance to a handsome, pale-skinned Elf, no matter how much time passed or how much larger his body grew, his face remained the same. Tori looked exactly the same as she did 10 years ago, in 2025. Only 7 meters long and about 3 meters at the shoulder.

The two of them were standing on the shore of a nearly five kilometer wide river in the middle of an incredibly thick rainforest. In order to reach this point, they spent three whole months crossing thousands of kilometers. Through blizzards, thunder storms, forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. The enemies they faced along the way… Well, there weren’t many ‘enemies’. Just random giant monsters and hungry beasts.

Fortunately in the past two years, they’ve laid out a ‘path’ ahead of time. A massive trail of ‘territory’ where there were countless bugs and beasts that were related to them. Across this section of the Amazon River was the end of the trail. Their destination.

“Let’s rest first. We have no clue what those tree-people are capable of… If they’ve been able to survive the past twelve years, then they should be pretty powerful.”

“Okay~! I’m a little tired too. Let’s eat first.” Tori giggled and dove into the brown river. It didn’t take her long to come back with a huge, long green snake in her mouth. The length was nearly ten meters, but it was relatively thin. Not much different from Vora in ‘girth’.

“That was fast.”

“Hihihihi~! It tried to eat me first! So it’s normal for me to eat him, right?”

“Yep. No need to feel sorry for someone or something that’s trying to murder you.”

Although Vora’s stomach was bulging, Jake was still pretty hungry. After all, he had three stomachs to fill. The bigger his body got, the more calories he needed to consume just to exist. Of course, there’s also a saying that the larger an organism, the more ‘efficient’ it becomes. The metabolism generally gets lower and compared to the size/weight, the amount of food necessary for survival is actually relatively low. Supposedly… This was just a theory before the apocalypse and now the rules of ‘normal’ biology have changed a lot.

After eating the unfortunate serpent, the three of them took a nap. By the time they woke up, it was already night time. Fortunately they had excellent eyesight. There were also some glowing bugs, plants and animals in the dense jungle on the other side of the wide river.

Vora already finished digesting her meal, so she slithered across the ground behind Jake’s back as he walked. The soft soil was covered in various mosses, plants and fungi, just like any other part of the forest. However, they could feel movement underground… They could also hear the rustling above their heads.

“¿Hola? ¿Hablas español?” Jake stopped and shouted into the dark forest ahead. However, there was no response.

“What about English?!”

“¡Intrusos! ¡Morir!” Hundreds of voices came from all around them at once. Some were feminine and high pitch, while others were deep and masculine, but they were all meshed together. It reminded Jake of Terror or when Chastity was young. Now the crazy Lust Devil mainly uses a voice eerily similar to Camila.

“It doesn’t have to be this way…” Jake sighed dramatically and shook his head. The huge branches above their heads started falling down towards them. Roots and vines also erupted from the ground, trying to tie up their legs. However, they easily avoided everything.

A deafening buzzing rang out in the forest amidst the sound of falling and crackling tree branches. Then those voices cried out in fear and pain as billions of locust-like black insects fell down from the sky into the tree canopy. They could eat leaves, branches, pretty much anything and everything. Dozens of square kilometers of trees were covered by those terrifying little monsters.

“Are you willing to talk now?!” Jake shouted into the woods, with Tori repeating what he said, but louder and in Spanish.

“Si! Si! Nosotras nos rendimos!”

“Alright, stop eating!” Jake shouted at his naughty little ‘brats’ and the swam of locusts quickly dispersed. Leaving tens of thousands of giant ravaged trees in their wake. Not to mention all the smaller plants, insects and other organisms that were even more unfortunate.

“Don’t do anything stupid. If we die, you’ll all die with us.”

Chapter 233:

A dozen kilometers deeper into the forest, they finally reached that tiny village from several years ago. The size really hadn’t changed much. There were only a few giant hollowed out trees that were being used as houses by the strange ‘Dryads’ or tree-people that lived here. Instead of hiding in their homes, whether it was the men, women or young children, everyone gathered together in front of the largest tree-house to greet their uninvited guests.

Unsurprisingly, their leader was a woman. At least, her outward appearance was feminine. She was actually about the same height as Jacob, except that her body was very thin and lanky. Her face was beautiful, but expressionless, like a wooden mask. The bark on her slender frame was also very smooth compared to the rough skin of the other, much smaller people who were guarding in front of her stiff body. She was literally rooted into the ground and didn’t even have feet.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Jake.”


“¡Hola! ¡Soy Tori!”

“Me… Kraoma. Mother… Forest.”

Everyone introduced themselves. Well, the smaller 2-3 meter tall Dryad adults were all very quiet. Only the children were whispering to each other in a language that even Tori couldn’t recognize.

“You… Conquer? Why?”

“Breed. Grow. Stronger. Become… One.”

Vora responded as she ‘hovered’ over the heads of those smaller people and approached Kraoma’s face. Flicking out her tongue, she narrowed her big pink eyes. The Dryad Queen also narrowed her bright green eyes and stared at the snake’s face for a few minutes…

“Are you guys… Are you seriously have a staring contest?” Jake snickered, “Anyway, we live in the far south, so we’re worried that you guys won’t survive down there. It gets really cold in the winter. What we need is-”

“Sí. Polinizar. Desparramar. Expandir. Revitalizar. Bosque, crece.(Yes. Pollinate. Spread. Expand. Revitalize. Forest, grow.)”

“Umm, okay then.” Jake looked over at Tori, who rolled her big silver eyes at him and pouted her Orca-mouth.

“Father, really?”

“Really what? We traveled thousands of miles across the whole damn continent! Would you rather I ate her instead?”

“I could do it. I’m a Queen too.”

“You’re only twelve. No way.”


“When you turn eighteen, I’ll stop giving a shit. No, wait, for Orcas, isn’t it twenty-five?”

Tori turned her head away and snorted out her blowhole, “Father, do you want your daughters to be virgins until we’re in our thirties?”

“Sure, why not?”



“Wait what?” Jake looked over at Vora, who slithered over and wrapped around his body, resting her head on his shoulder and resting with her eyes closed. Then at the skinny Dryad giantess who was standing there with her eyes closed as well. The ‘villagers’ also left to go back home to sleep.

“What happened? Don’t we need to have sex?”

“Hihihihihi~!” Tori’s high-pitched laughter rang out in the dark forest…


A few weeks later, Jake looked at the big white egg-like ‘seed’ that Vora finally gave birth to… It was nearly the size of a soccer ball! Fortunately, a soccer ball really wasn’t that large compared to their current body sizes.

“So this is the ‘Princess’ that the two of you created together?”

“Yes. Plants, confusing. Replication, impossible. Unique… Tool.”

“Not that shit again.”


“Good enough.” Jake snickered and shook his head. The big ball was wrapped up by a tentacle on the back of his head for safe-keeping. Then the three of them continued their journey. Instead of going down south directly, they traveled northeast along the Amazon River. It wasn’t very dangerous, because the whole river was filled with ‘Sharks’ long before they ever even left home.

Once they reached the nearest estuary leading to the ocean. From that point onward, it was actually much simpler and faster. Jake’s tentacles wrapped around the fin of a massive 20 meter long silver-scaled ‘Shark’. One of the oldest and largest of the Sharks that were born more than a decade ago.

“Come on Yari, let’s go home.”

“Si, Father! Tori, let’s race!”

“Okay~! Come on~!”

That huge tail wagged back and forth rapidly, sending the massive Shark forward at nearly 40 kilometers per hour. Although it was definitely fast, Tori was able to swim circles around them easily. Not just Tori, but all the 3 to 10 meter long Sharks had a maximum speed of about 70 kph or even higher during short bursts. One reason why there aren’t so many super-large 20 to 30 meter Sharks is because their speed will drop pretty dramatically.

The biggest Shark is actually 50 meters long, the same size as Bahni, and still growing. However, she doesn’t need to swim quickly because she mainly eats seaweed, seagrass, algae and even coral. Basically anything that doesn’t move or only drifts.

Chapter 234:

After a few days of swimming almost non-stop, they actually caught up with Bahni and her massive Pod on their way back home! Although Bahni still couldn’t be considered a real ‘Queen’, she had already given birth to quite a few Blue Whales with Yabi over the years. Since it only takes 5 years for a Blue Whale to reach sexual maturity, she was already a grandmother.

Of course, there were also dozens of other types of whales that also joined their Pod. Along with tens of thousands of dolphins. Hourglass were some of the smallest, while Killer Whales were the largest ‘dolphins’. Not all Orcas were the same after all. 

A certain old man with a missing eye brought hundreds of ‘kids’ over to Tori a few years back. Since he also brought his wives and extended family of adults, they managed to have quite a few more kids since then. However, after joining under Tori’s command, she was able to limit their breeding speed to a reasonable range, so that they wouldn’t overpopulate or simply die from exhaustion and injuries.

Across the entire eastern coast of South America, there were roughly 50 million Sharks. Along with countless other types of fish, crustaceans and other aquatic animals related to Voracity. 

While Chastity was still struggling to expand her Meat Forest a few kilometers north, Jake and Vora had already expanded their territory across the entire continent! 

Okay, that’s a bit overexaggerated. Their true territory is really only the Island of Elves north of Tolhuin’s ruins. In comparison, the rest of Argentina and Chile are both extremely vast. There are also other monsters out there besides Chastity, including Queens or Princesses and Princes. 

The most annoying were the radioactive ruins of cities which were taken over by various plants and animals that adapted to the radiation. Those radioactive organisms were extremely dangerous. There were also plenty of plastic, metal and stony animals. 

There were also some mysterious areas that couldn’t be investigated without losing a lot… At the very least, Jake still wasn’t jaded and heartless enough to allow his children to die meaninglessly yet. Tori was also firmly against letting her relatives die for any reason. She even felt bad for Chastity’s Lust Zombies.

“Now what do we do? Plant it in the ground?”

Jake couldn’t really go upstairs in the castle anymore, so he was sitting out back, near the lake behind the keep. The big white soccer-ball sized seed was on the middle of a round, wooden table. Camila, Tessa, Delilah, Tori and Catarina were all sitting around the table, with chairs made to fit their specific giant or tiny body sizes. Well, Tori wasn’t on a chair. She sat on the grass, just like her father.

“You didn’t ask?!” The wolf girl looked at her father in disbelief, “You ran thousands of kilometers to make a baby with some tree-woman and you didn’t even ask what to do with the seed she gave birth to?!”

“She didn’t give birth to it. Vora did. And that was weeks after we left.” Jake shrugged, “Anyway, Vora has no clue. I don’t think Kao-”

“Kraoma.” Tori interjected.

“Kraoma, whatever. The Dryad Queen probably doesn’t understand either. We’re on our own.”

“What if we plant it in the ground and it dies?” Delilah asked, “Do you need to travel back to the Amazon to make another?”

“Yes.” Vora nodded her serpentine head on Jake’s left shoulder.

“Fuck it. I don’t believe our seeds are that weak! We don’t know if it’s gonna grow a person or a tree though. Where should we plant it?”

“Here.” Camila conjured a holographic map in front of them all. The spot she picked was a large valley in the middle of the ‘head’ part of the island, surrounded by lots of hills and mountains that might protect from harsh weather. There was also a decent sized river, which would provide plenty of fresh water. When the snow on the mountains melts in the summer, it would also provide a lot of water even in the drier summers.

Tori asked, “What if it floods?” 

“Choose a hill in the valley.”

“Fine by me.” Jake shrugged, “Let’s go!”

“Okay!” Tori stood up and looked to the north with a smile on her giant mouth, “Let’s go~!”

“Very well…” Camila also stood up, “To me, my steed!”

“Yes, Mother~!” A cute high-pitched voice came from the grassy field nearby and a particularly massive white unicorn trotted over. She was three meters tall at the shoulder and big enough to easily carry the Elf Queen. Fortunately, Camila was wearing black pants and a blue blouse, instead of her usual dresses.

“Kalisto!” Tessa also called over her even more massive unicorn, which was actually covered in a thick black carapace instead of flesh and fur.

“Nani!” Instead of a Unicorn, Delilah called over one of the original Goats. Even though she was already twelve years old, she still looked young and strong. Although they weren’t as fast as Unicorns on flat ground, the Goats were masters at climbing mountains and traversing difficult terrain. They could even climb trees and buildings pretty well.

Jake’s maximum speed decreased quite a bit due to his ever-expanding size. But he was still very strong and fast, even when carrying Vora’s weight. Catarina was now able to keep up with his running speed though. As for Tori… She was faster than everyone else, so she was able to keep pace with the rest of the group without much effort.

A few hours later, they passed through several lush valleys before choosing a spot on a mild slope. Of course, due to all the foliage and trees everywhere, it was hard to find places that weren’t already taken. Even if they found some barren areas, obviously those spots were empty because the soil had problems in the first place.

At first, they were going to clear away all the roots underground and the grass that was covering the surface… But the moment Jake placed the white ‘egg’ onto the ground, thousands of tiny roots extended in every direction. Not very quickly from the perspective of animals, but for plants it was incredible.

Soon the tiny fibers drilled into the blades of grass, small green vines, brown roots, the dirt, even the rocks. It only took a few minutes for the seed to start burying itself underground. All the other plants nearby were sucked dry. Turning into dried husks. Any bugs or worms that were underground were also devoured if they were brave or stupid enough to get close.

“Hmmm… Tasteless… Boring.”

Vora stopped trying to control the seed after that. However, even without her manipulation, the strange white ball was still expanding rapidly. It consumed nutrients, water and energy from the animals, plants and soil all around it. Within an hour, there was already a large sapling breaking out of the ground.

“Are you guys going to stick around or go home? Tori and I can stay here to keep watch.”

“It’s not like I have anything better to do, Padre.” Catarina sat on a random mossy rock and shrugged her shoulders.

“This is a critical turning point for my Kingdom. I will not leave until the World Tree has fully developed.”

“I will go wherever my Queen goes.” Tessa was wearing black shorts and a thin white t-shirt, because it was relatively hot outside. As a Frost Elf, she would easily overheat if she wore that black armor all the time.

“I can practice magic wherever.” The tiny Delilah extended her hand and conjured up a ball of water, tossing it into the sky and creating a small rain cloud above their heads.

“Ew! Come on, Dee!” Jake quickly ran away with Camila in his arms.

“Damn it!” The Elf Queen also cursed angrily, “Puta!”

“Hihihihihi~!” Tori, Delilah and Catarina didn’t really care where the ‘water’ came from.

Chapter 235:

By the end of the first day, the sapling grew into a 3 meter tall tree with a 50 centimeter wide trunk. The bark was pure white, while the leaves were pitch-black. It was somewhat ominous and strange. The branches were longer and wider near the bottom and shorter at the top, with needle-like leaves. Basically, it looked like a black pine tree with white bark.

Even though the leaves looked a little scary, after some testing, they found that they actually tasted delicious. They had tons of nutrition and were completely harmless. Even the bark and sap were both edible. That being the case, the entire area was strictly guarded by all sorts of Vora-related insects and animals, so the newborn ‘World Tree’ was totally safe.

Of course, even though the tree seemed harmless enough, it was actually a vicious predator that killed and devoured anything in its path. Those long white roots stretched out for dozens of meters below the somewhat rocky hill, digging through stone, gravel and soil to clear away competitors. ‘She’ didn’t hurt the worms and insects that were connected to her though. Only the foreign bugs, voles, moles and other animals that were too lazy to escape from her slow-moving roots. The plants were more unlucky, because generally, they were even slower than the slowest animals.

After a week, the tree was nearly thirty meters tall and her roots spread devastation nearly three hundred meters in every direction! Rio Side to the south, along with several small ponds were already within reach of her tendrils…

With the death of those other plants, the quality of the soil didn’t deteriorate. Instead, there were much more nutrients for the hungry baby World Tree to consume. Plenty of Scouts and other Vora-related creatures came by the area, leaving behind feces, which fertilized the soil even more. Delicious green grasses started sprouting up, so the hungry Unicorns, Goats and even wild animals started coming over to eat. Their manure would fertilize the land even more thoroughly.

It rained a lot this Spring. Causing the river 200 meters to the south to overflow and nearly reached the base of the ever-expanding white trunk… But that only allowed her to grow even faster than before. Reaching a startling 100 meters tall, with a 6 meter wide trunk. This was only after a single season.

“I’m worried that Seelie will grow too big, too fast and have some problems.”

Jake hugged the ‘little’ Elf Queen and her Knight in his arms. Everyone else had other things to do, especially with the Lust Zombie Tide rising in the south. Unlike Jake and Vora, who were fine just living out in the wilderness, Camila and Tessa had a ‘small’ cabin built nearby. The size was just right for their giant bodies, but the structure wasn’t much different from Catarina’s house in the mountains. They were practically camping.

“From what I have seen, Seelie’s main body is deep underground. She should be fine no matter what happens to this tree above-ground.”

“Maybe… I just can’t help worrying. She’s my daughter after all.” Jake sighed and shook his head, “We’ll find out in the winter… I know she looks like a pine tree and should be fine.”

“She is ‘our’ daughter. I worry about her as well… Jacob, perhaps instead of staying here, we should be with Chastity?”

“We spend almost every night with that crazy brat. I like tentacles too, but I still think it’s probably a good idea if we don’t get turned into sex slaves. Especially since there are countless children depending on us to retain our sanity. At least within reason.”

“I just hope that one day we can make peace and end this meaningless conflict. If Chastity joined us… There would be nothing stopping us from ruling all of South America. As long as we pull Kraoma into our alliance, we can help her conquer the entire Amazon Rainforest. Terror’s motives are unclear, but if she simply feeds off of fear… There is no essential contradiction between us.”

“Cami, although I agree with you…” Jake looked down at the ‘tiny’ women who were lying on his soft, muscular chest and sighed. His carapace was already molting again and his body grew a little larger. Normally this would only happen shortly before and after Winter, but for some reason it started in the beginning of Summer this year.

“I know, this is just a fantasy for now. Only for now.” 

Camila had a serious expression on her beautiful face, then she smiled and kissed him on the lips. Turning her head back towards that huge tree that towered above them, blocking the dim sunlight with its long white branches and thin black leaves. Those needles would occasionally fall down and be eaten by various animals that were living nearby.

“In the future… Our future. I foresee a world where we will rule like Gods… A world where the greatest heroes and villains are our very own descendants! Where every life on this planet can be manipulated like a puppet if we so will it!”

She reached her hand out toward the sky and clenched her fist, “Where all our enemies will bow before our majesty or die!”

Jake rolled his big blue eyes and Tessa giggled, while Vora was just snoring quietly on the side. This clearly wasn’t the first time she gave a similar speech.

“I see a future where the bullshit finally calms down and we can just… Exist. I never wanna go back to the way things were before, but at the very least, I don’t wanna have to worry so much about everything and everyone.”

Tessa reached out and caressed her King’s handsome face with those long blue fingers, though they looked small compared to his huge head. Then she smiled, “Maybe I’ll take up acting again when that time comes. I’ve always wanted to be in a movie.”

“TV is better than movies. Besides, there’s nothing stopping you from acting again, Tessa. You can write, direct, act, whatever you want. Recording might be an issue, but I’d argue that it’s even easier to perform an amazing live play now than ever before.”

“No way…” Those blue cheeks blushed purple, “It’s too embarrassing to perform live.”

“Haven’t you been ‘performing live’ for the past twelve years? No wait, I guess it’s thirteen now, huh?”

It was already January 1st, 2036. Although they still celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentine’s Day and all sorts of other holidays, the New Year party last night was cut short by Chastity’s first zombie tide of the summer. It was also one of the reasons that Camila was so annoyed and exhausted by this endless ‘civil war’.

“My love and loyalty for my Queen is not an act, Jake. Neither are my feelings for you.”

“I love you too. Both of you.” Jake snickered and kissed her slightly sweaty forehead, which was slightly obscured by short black hair. Then he said, “We’re always acting, whether we realize it or not. No matter how comfortable we might be with each other, even literally linked telepathically, we’ll still act a certain way around each other. Different from when we’re alone. Even when we’re alone, we’re still ‘acting’ a certain way for one reason or another…”

“Jacob, get to the point.” Camila chuckled, “Never mind. You don’t have a point.”

“I have a point. I already made the damn point. I’m an artist, not a damn writer. What do you expect?” 

The two women laughed and eventually, they all looked back up at the tree above them. Slowly drifting off into sleep as dozens of tiny white tendrils reached up out of the soil. Within a few minutes, their three bodies were wrapped up in a big cocoon and dragged underground.

‘Become… One…’

A soft, androgynous child-like voice echoed throughout the valley. Not through actual sound-waves, but only the telepathic network of all the plants and animals in the area.

‘We… One… Now.’

Chapter 236:

“Father, what does Cinagra mean?”

“No clue. Well, there’s some clue, kinda. I know that when your great-great grandfather came over from Sicily, he changed his name. Not sure what it was originally, but I searched it online before and guessed that it might have originally been ‘Sinagra’ instead. After all, that’s a ‘real’ Italian name…”

“Names are important… They help us remember who we are.”

“I think I remember, something about Xenagoras? Oh yeah, Sinagra is supposedly from the Greek name Xenagoras, which means ‘Strange Honor’.”

“Strange… Honor. Father, what is honor?”

“Honor is uh… Do you want the dictionary definition or more of a philosophical bullshit perspective?”

“Father, what is a dictionary?”

Jake blinked his bright blue eyes a few times and shook his head. Then he looked around and noticed that he was alone in a blank, white space. Originally he dreamt about when Tori was a newborn…

“Hello? Are you Seelie?”

“Seelie… Name? My name… Seelie…”

Although the voice was high-pitched and cute, she spoke incredibly slowly. Even worse than Vora’s method of using short, concise words. Speaking of Voracity… When Jake thought about his ‘first wife’, a tall, beautiful brown-skinned human woman appeared by his side. She looked around cautiously with her glowing pink eyes and her long dreadlocks quickly transformed into tentacles.

“Jacob… Enemy?”

“Not an enemy. I think Seelie just wants to talk with her parents.”

“Hmmm… Boring.”

Jake snickered and shook his head, “Seelie, where are your other mothers?”

“Growing… Expanding… Fusing… Evolving…”

“Please tell me you didn’t eat them.”

“Consumption… Unnecessary… Seelie, expands… Need, help…”

“What do you need help with?”

A moment later, Jake found himself floating in the sky next to Vora. Below them was a T-shaped valley. There were lots of grasses, flowers and plants cropping up. All sorts of vines. The sky went dark quickly, then it got bright again. In what felt like minutes, it was obvious that days were passing.

In the distance, Jake noticed that there were actually two other large trees, almost identical to Seelie. Just half as huge. Of course, Seelie also appeared to be way more than 100 meters tall now. There were also plenty of other trees that started growing, but they didn’t have white bark and black leaves. They just looked shockingly ‘normal’.


With the childish voice, Jake looked over towards the south and saw a familiar purple octopus glaring at him. In the west, there was a huge… Lizard? Not a t-rex, but more like an herbivorous dinosaur. It had a thick body, elephant-like legs, an incredibly long neck and a similarly long tail. The body was covered in thick dark-green scales and its eyes glowed bright orange in the darkness.

In the East, Jake saw an endless swarm of tiny creatures. They looked similar to locusts at first, but were actually more like scorpions with wings. Either way though, their danger was about the same. In the north was a friendly green forest, surrounded by countless dangers that were still obscured by a gray fog. A few big, bright-red eyes were glaring at him though.

“Enemies.” Vora growled, “Food!”

“Father… Protect, Seelie.”

“Of course I will, Sweetie.”

Jake snickered and then transformed into a massive black-armored giant. Vora also turned into an enormous serpent and slithered towards the clouds. However, when she got closer, the sky suddenly cleared and a huge yellow-eyed centipede was looking down towards everyone and everything.

“Terror.” Vora greeted the celestial centipede calmly, “Mother?”

“Am I your mother… Or are you mine?”


“Hehehe~! What a big tree~! It’s growing so quickly, Jakey~!”

“Bunny?” Jake looked over at the gigantic brown rabbit with glowing pink eyes, who was casually grazing on the leaves and branches of Seelie. As if she was nibbling on a tiny piece of broccoli.

“Cut that shit out!”

“Sorry~! Sorry~! Hehehe~! I can’t help it!” The rabbit transformed into an anthropomorphic ‘bunny girl’ and casually hopped onto his gigantic left shoulder. Although her body was still about the same height as the massive tree, she still looked tiny compared to Jake.

“Terry~! It’s been so long~! How are things~?! Hehehe~! Still like horror movies and have a gambling addiction?!”

“This is not your world.” Terror whispered in thousands of different voices at once.

“There are so many worlds~! Who’s to say which is which? I always get lost and confused… But Jake is my friend, so it’s fine if he invites me over to play every now and then, right?”

“Wait, hold on a second, Bunny, are you from some parallel universe?”

“Hehehe~! Who knows? Parallel, up, down, all around~! The higher you ascend, the more you realize that you haven’t even broken through the surface! Hahahahaha~! Right, Tee-Tee?!”

“Did you just call her Titty?”


“Tee-Tee, Ter-Ter…” Jake snickered and shook his head, nearly smacking her off his shoulder with his purple tentacles, “So anyway, are we gonna fight or what?”

“I love fighting~! Come on, Terry! We haven’t fought in ages!”

“We have never met.” The centipede retorted and then scattered into trillions of tiny black worms, disappearing in every direction. But then the brown rabbit-girl hopped off Jake’s shoulder and exploded into trillions of tiny pink fur-balls, chasing after all the fleeing worms.

Chapter 237:

“Daddy~! Mommy~! Hehehe~! Why don’t you play with me instead?!”

Of course, the biggest threat to Seelie was obviously the jealous ‘big sister’ who was not far away in the south. She sprinted over with those 60 meter long legs and punched her father in the face with all her strength. However, even if it hurt a bit, the actual damage was negligible. The snake swooped down and bit off her left arm, swallowing it, but quickly vomiting out a bunch of squirming purple tentacles.

Some of the tentacles and blood actually infected the ground, transforming the normal-looking grass and flowers into creepy ‘meat’. There were also lots of purple and pink mushrooms sprouting up everywhere, especially on the surface of the white tree-trunks. However, a raging flame erupted from the bark and quickly incinerated all those mushrooms, along with the spores in the air.

“Mother! Help!” Seelie screamed in fear and above one of the bigger trees, the sleepy-looking Elf Queen opened her golden eyes and looked around. The tiny body quickly enlarged until the point where she was about the same height as Jake and Chastity, then she pointed with a finger and a golden death-ray shot out. Piercing straight through the bulging left breast, throbbing heart and out the back of the naked woman.

“Aaaamn~! Yes~! Yes~! Hahaha~! More~! Hurt me, Mommy~!”

“¡Cuidadosa!” A silver-armored knight appeared behind Camila’s back and swung her huge claymore upwards. A huge praying mantis-like creature was sliced in half and exploded into thousands of tiny pink blades that shot out in every direction. However, magical barriers appeared and prevented the forest or trees from being harmed.

“I was wondering why the Lust Zombies retreated…” The tiny brown-skinned Elf ‘Archmage’ in a sky-blue robe was floating high in the sky. By her side was a cute 12 year old boy with long dreadlocks. He also had a blue robe and a silver staff in his right hand, with a magical black book in the left.

“Papa, Mama Cami, we were worried about you.” JV Rios smiled at the two giants and waved his staff, sending out a massive rain of fire towards the east. Quickly massacring those millions of weird scorpion-like flying creatures.

“Sorry about that…” Jake snickered and continued wrestling with his naughty daughter. Fighting tentacle, took, beak and nail. He wasn’t unharmed either. Occasionally he would lose big chunks of armor and flesh. Or even have a tentacle ripped off.

“Seelie needed our help.”

“Father, Mother, everyone!” Tori shouted as she emerged from the ocean and sprinted over from the west, “Dinosaurs! There are dinosaurs coming!”

“Like in reality?” Jake looked over and saw that aside from that gigantic one, there were actually quite a few much smaller dinosaurs coming over from the west. Of course, in reality, it was impossible to see hundreds of kilometers away. But in this world where he could access the senses of countless birds, insects and other creatures, noticing that a stampede of huge monsters was actually pretty easy.

“Yes! In reality! Father, I think there’s a Dinosaur Queen in the west!”

“I mean, yeah, obviously!” He rolled his eyes and then screamed in pain as a big black beak bit his left ear off! Then he also bit down on Chastity’s face, but immediately spit it out before she had the chance to ‘infest’ his body like she did to Vora so many times.

“What’s the big deal about dinosaurs though?”

“Uh… I don’t know? I just thought they looked pretty, hihihihi~!”

The massive Orca Dragon made that distant Dinosaur Queen look tiny in comparison. Some of the creatures looked more like gigantic chickens or rheas. Even the t-rexes and other similar bipedal dinosaurs had feathers instead of just scales. Some had fluffy proto-feathers or just directly had fur. Not all dinosaurs were huge either. Especially by the current standards.

The biggest Argentinosaurus was nearly 30 meters long from head to tail, which was about the same length as a blue whale before 2023. Truly a massive creature. Although it can be said that they were invading their territory, they obviously weren’t on the island at all. Instead, they were just crossing over the mountains to the west and were hundreds of kilometers away.

There were some minor clashes between the predators over prey. For the most part though, the dinosaurs weren’t able to get the upper-hand at all. They worked together of course, but they were fewer in number, even if they were usually bigger. There were also all kinds of tiny bugs, birds, rodents and other creatures that would work together with Cats, Hounds, et cetera. The only reason there were no deaths is because both sides were unwilling to start a full-scale war…

Also, not all Queens were as aggressive or insane as Chastity. After 12 years, the original thousands of Queens had already fallen into the hundreds. There were probably more Queens overall, but the second and third generation weren’t as crazy or frantic as the ones in the past. Just like Camila and Vora, most Queens formed alliances of their own by now.


“Chastity… How much longer are we gonna play this game?”

The sun in the sky rose and fell several times as the battle continued. Tori, Catarina, Delilah, JV and even Bahni would show up sometimes at random hours, basically whenever they went to sleep. But it seemed like they could only stay for a few minutes at a time because of how fast the days passed in this strange state.

“Forever and ever and ever~! Hyahahaha~! You’ll never be able to leave me again!”

“We won’t leave you again. Baby, it’s been like ten years already.” Jake held the cute purple octopus in his arms and squeezed it tightly, not giving her the chance to escape or regenerate.

“Become one with me! I need you inside of me! So you can’t escape!”

“Sweetie, we’re already one.”

“We’re not one yet! Daddy, it’s not fair! Why won’t you come inside of me? Ever since that first time, you’ve never done it again!”

“That first time when you almost digested me?” Jake rolled his eyes and snickered. Whether it was Vora, Tessa or Camila, everyone else was already ‘sleeping’. Really sleeping. Only the father and daughter were still awake.

“That’s because you came inside my mouth! I have a lot of other holes for you to play! Safer holes! As many holes as you want! Daddy, please~!”

“I don’t need so many fucking holes! No, wait, stop trying to corrupt me!”

“It’s not fair! You’ve been inside my little sister for months now! It’s my turn!”

“Seelie is a tree. There’s a big difference between living in a tree and a womb.”

“How is it different? Aren’t you living on her juices? Her tendrils are inside of you too! I promise that my technique is a hundred, no, a million times better than hers!”

Jake sighed dramatically as the octopus started growing a human body again. They weren’t giants anymore. At least not dozens or hundreds of meters tall. Jake was his normal height of a little over 5 meters and Chastity was about the same.

“Fine… Chastity, I think it’s time to teach you that there are more things in life than just food, sex and violence. Lust is a lot more complicated than that. Everything is…”

Chapter 238:

“I wasn’t ready back then… But I think it’s time now.”

Jake stood at the edge of the Meat Forest in the middle of a particularly harsh and snowy winter. In that strange state of being ‘one’ with Seelie, the Summer passed so quickly. Vora rested her head on his shoulder lazily.

“Endless, meat!”

“Yep, more meat than you could ever eat.”


He rolled his eyes and then looked over at his closest family members. Camila and Tessa were still staying inside of those two giant trees, but they were still standing next to him with their Astral Bodies.

“Father… I’m going with you.”

“Are you sure?” Jake didn’t refuse this time, just caressed his cute ‘little’ daughter’s Orca-like face. His body already grew significantly larger than before. Nearly 6 meters tall. He was also getting much heavier than before, about 7 tons. He was still much faster than an ordinary human, but he was getting slower as his body got larger.

“Yeah… Father, we promised we’d never be apart. Ever.”

“I’m going too, Padre.”


“Me too!”

“No! Don’t go!”

As soon as Catarina spoke, her three puppies cried out at the same time. Sophia just made a surprised dog noise. Tomi agreed and Orina tried to convince them all to stay.

“Make your own choices. You’re all old enough to decide for yourselves what to do with your lives. Just…” Jake snickered and shook his head, “Keep in mind that this ain’t a fucking vacation.”

Camila looked at the hundreds of Elves, Orcs, Goblins and Beasts that were gathered around, “The Seelie Court also needs more members. And there must also be people willing to stay in the Mortal Realm. Our Kingdom of Elves is still very young. I am still your Queen, but someone must rule in my stead as Regent for tedious, unimportant matters.”

“Mama Cami, I’m basically running everything anyway. I might as well become the official Regent.”

The tall and handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed Elf man walked out of the crowd, surrounded by a bunch of beefy Orcish women who were like bodyguards. In reality, they were all his wives and daughters.

“Very well. Prince Kotoa Garcia, I now appoint you as Regent of my Kingdom!”

“Is it a regent or Prime Minister?” Jake asked curiously, “Oh wait, is Kotoa already a Prime Minister? I’m not sure how that works…”

“I think he was the Hand of the Queen?” Tori whispered next to him.

“Is the Hand of the Queen a real thing or something from fantasy?”

“Uh… I don’t know? I haven’t really been paying attention lately.”

They’ve all been pretty busy with their own things after all. Tori also helped Bahni out with her Pod every now and then. So it was hard to keep track of so many different political systems at the same time. Especially since they were all just starting out and changed pretty often.

“I’ll go with you, Jacob.”

“I’m staying, Mama.”

“You know how to find me, if you need me.” Delilah looked at her son and smiled gently, then she kissed him on the forehead and walked over toward her gigantic husband. 

“Yeah… Te amo, Mama, Papa, Tori, Rina.” JV smiled at his family, then walked over and stood next to Kotoa. Or at least next to some of his Half-Orc daughters that were on the outer ring of ‘bodyguards’. Some of the Goblins and Orcs also chose sides. The same with the Hounds, Scouts, Cats and other ‘Drones’.

Most of them decided to stay outside. However, the original Hounds still ended up going with their big sister Catarina. The original Cats went with their mother Tessa to the newly established Seelie Court. Dracky followed her partner as well. After all, sleeping inside of a giant tree was actually even more comfortable than her normal behavior of staying in the lake in the summer and underground during winter.

In fact, the inside of the trees had a large open ‘pod’ underground. Each tree had one of these pouches that was filled with nutritious sap that could provide all the nutrients necessarily for survival. There were also some tendrils that provided waste-relief, fresh air from outside and even allowed a person to exercise to avoid atrophy. Even though exercise in the Dreamscape can transfer into reality to a certain extent, the effect varied greatly.

There weren’t many people who went to the Meat Forest in the end. Only Jake, Vora, Tori, Delilah, Catarina, the three original Hounds and a few Goblins/Orcs. Most people stayed ‘outside’.

“This isn’t really goodbye… We’re not ‘leaving’. If you need us, you know where we’ll be.”

After Jake waited for the tearful goodbyes of many of his descendants and friends, he led the small team into the throbbing, twisting and writhing nightmare to the south. In the winter, most of the trees and even the ground itself shrank from the cold. However, because of how hot the flesh was, the snow would just melt and then the liquids would be absorbed into the ground. There was also a special type of mucus on the surface of the ‘meat’ everywhere, which would help protect it from the low temperatures. 

Of course, it wasn’t just muscle either. There was plenty of blubber and skin. The entire Meat Forest was a conjoined living organism. Similar to what was happening in the north with Seelie. The difference was simply that one was a plant and the other was more like an animal, combined with various types of fungi. 

The mode of life really wasn’t that different. For the most part, Chastity would absorb sunlight from the massive surface area that her ‘skin’ possesses. Instead of carbon dioxide, she needed to breathe oxygen for the most part. Mushrooms generally need oxygen as well. However, in order to create a more effective ecosystem, she created many oxygen-producing meat trees, mushrooms and flesh flowers.

In the winter, most of the Lust Zombies were either hibernating or simply died off already. So when they walked through the sticky Meat Forest full of shrinkage and slime, they didn’t see many moving creatures. For whatever reason, Chastity hated hair and fur. It was fine if she was just trying to keep from losing the ability to absorb sunlight, but the Lust Zombies obviously didn’t work on photosynthesis.

“Daddy~! You finally threw yourself into my honey trap~!”

When they reached that U-shaped mountain again, there was a massive 100 meter tall purple octopus head that could barely even move its tentacles anymore. Those huge glowing eyes glared down at her tiny family members. Even Tori and Jake were smaller than her eyeballs. Not to mention the black beak near the front of her ‘face’.

“It’s not a trap. Don’t scare your sisters.” Jake sighed and comforted the shivering, terrified little Orcs, Goblins and Hounds.

“Chastity… It’s time. Uh… Which hole is which?”

“Hehehe~! Don’t worry Daddy, you can use any hole you want~!”

“Fucking puta…” Catarina pouted and muttered quietly, but even if she shouted, the giant perverted monster wouldn’t care.

There were dozens of large exits and entrances all around the fleshy mountain. Some of them were for feces, urine and slime, while others were for giving birth or eating. Everything was technically part of Chastity’s body, but it wasn’t just a matter of entering inside. In fact, there were actually special ‘organs’ that were required to provide a very similar environment to Seelie’s living chambers. She basically just stole her newborn sister’s idea and made another version in her own artistic design concept.

“You can pick different ones or all go inside the same hole, hehehe~!”

Chapter 239:

In order to prevent Chastity from actually doing anything, everyone really did squeeze into the same ‘hole’. Fortunately, the slimy meat chamber was pretty comfortable and large enough. The whole place wasn’t filled with amniotic fluid, so it was more like a house made of flesh. The inside was relatively dry.

There was enough room for Jake, Vora and Tori to stand up, jump around or lay down wherever they wanted. Of course, the main purpose wasn’t just to move into a meat-house. They came down here to work with Chastity to change and improve the environment of her territory. No, ‘their’ combined territory.

Instead of fighting against the Meat Forest anymore, they were simply going to change the way it worked completely. Each of them had their own goals and focuses though. For Jake and Vora, they were basically in charge of ‘dealing’ with Chastity. Keeping her entertained, loved and occupied, so that everyone else could get to work in their own way.

First of all, Delilah created a huge ‘Mage Tower’ that reached up hundreds of meters into the sky. And that was starting on the peak of a relatively tall mountain nearby. She also created her first ‘Dungeon’, hundreds of meters deep into the depths of the earth. Even though the Mage Tower was made out of flesh and blood on the inside, the outside looked like cold, hard stone. And it really was made of white granite-like material. The dungeon also had a stony interior, but the muscles could move those rocks around very easily and create a twisting labyrinth… The purpose? Well, she just felt like it.

Delilah wasn’t the only one who created a ‘Dungeon’ of sorts. Camila also created several underground labyrinths and dungeons. Not only could they be used to store treasures more securely, they could also be treated as a recreational activity and if necessary, emergency shelters. There were also many mines that could be opened up amazingly easily by Seelie and Chastity.

Seelie was growing fast, but Chastity was already deeply rooted into the southern half of the island. With Delilah’s help, she was actually able to create geothermal generators out of flesh, blood, steel and other materials that were gathered from above or below ground. The energy would fuel her growth even further.

Tori didn’t focus on the land very much. Ultimately, she was still an Orca at heart. Instead, she created all kinds of beautiful palaces under the ocean out of living coral and countless shells of various mollusk-like creatures. There were also plenty of seagrass, seaweed, algae and innumerable animals. Whether they were connected or not at first, over time, they would become infected and part of… Voracity.

In the end, what Jake had feared most was actually going to happen sooner or later. All the plants, all the animals, every mushroom, every single multicellular organism within their territory would eventually become ‘one’. However, the interesting thing was that this wasn’t a huge transformation…

Everyone and everything was already related to Terror. There was also that other parasite. The mysterious red worm. Along with some special algae, molds, et cetera. Perhaps psychic abilities and ‘magical’ powers already existed long ago… It’s just that the modern-day humans were too far down on the hierarchy to notice anything anymore. It could also be that such miraculous abilities were simply covered up and hidden.

Anyway, Catarina couldn’t resist the temptation and did something that she slightly regretted…

“Padre, what should I do?”

“What else? Send them over to Frost Haven.” Jake looked down at the four fully grown humans who were spurted out of the wombs outside and looked around in confusion. They were all about eighteen biologically. There were three Hispanic men who looked somewhat similar, with dark skin, brown eyes and similarly brown hair. The woman had pale skin, blue eyes and red hair.

“Well, they probably can’t get there on their own. It’s a long walk for a regular human. But didn’t Sophia make a bunch of giant dogs? Just send them over that way.”

“Shouldn’t I… Say something to them?”

“Say what? They aren’t really your parents and brothers. They aren’t even genetically similar. Their memories are one-sided thoughts you had about who they ‘should’ be… The fact that they haven’t freaked out yet is proof that they aren’t really resurrected or reincarnated.”

“Technically… I’m their Madre, right?”

“Of course. But so what? They ain’t babies. They can take care of themselves. If you keep them here though, they might get turned into Lust Zombies or food, sooner or later.”


Jake patted his daughter on her adorable fluffy white head. Then she hugged him tightly around the waist and started whimpering like a sad puppy…

Aside from giant dogs and wolves, Sophia and her sisters actually created a huge hunting ground. With all sorts of bunnies, mice, deer and other animals. They weren’t Lust Zombies, but they also weren’t quite as intelligent as the regular animals. They also wouldn’t die so easily. As long as their brains weren’t destroyed and they were still within the Meat Forest, they could receive healing and nutrients to heal themselves from the surrounding environment.

Although it seemed cruel, was it really worse than the previous situation of those Lust Zombies constantly raping, killing and eating each other endlessly?

The ten Goblins and five Orcs also had their own preferences and specialties. One of them created an amusement park out of flesh and blood… Another one built a stone church, but the inside is all meat and tentacles… Some of them had fun with the ‘character creator’, customizing and pumping out lots of Elves, Goblins, Orcs and even Humans.

Those weren’t Lust Zombies or low intelligence monsters, but fully-grown people with genetic memories from their creators and individual personalities that were mostly randomized. Just like Catarina’s parents, they would be sent to the north. The Meat Forest receded back to Tolhuin, with the northern bank of Lake Fagnano as a barrier. It wasn’t destroyed, but literally moved. It wasn’t deeply entrenched up that far north anyway.

Then a huge wall was constructed. About 50 meters high and ten meters thick. Made of black carapace similar to Vora’s shell. Even capable of changing color if necessary. This Wall of Voracity stretched across for 50 kilometers, from the northeastern edge of Lago Fagnano to the eastern coast. Passing over some rivers, lakes and large hills.

Tolhuin has long become history and was completely buried under mountains of flesh, most of which were shaped like breasts. The actual mountain ranges south of the giant lake were already part of Chastity’s territory a long time ago, but they were very extensive. Monte Darwin was about a hundred kilometers from east to west, not quite as wide from north to south, but it was still massive. However, the city of Ushuaia slightly to the east was where Chastity’s western territorial expansion ended. 

The aquatic creatures she sent out into the Straight to the west were similar to the Sharks, in the sense that they didn’t necessarily stay in one place. Unlike on land, the oceans were much more turbulent and constantly changing. It was hard to hold onto sovereignty of a certain area when a migration of millions of equally dangerous creatures suddenly appeared from time to time. Even if they went on land, usually they would be much weaker and less dangerous, so there was no need to defend the coastline in every direction to the death.

With Chastity and Seelie though, things have changed. The ocean also has ‘land’. There are countless underwater plants and plant-like creatures that can be used to gain, then hold ground. The Sharks and other fish were also able to manipulate those ‘lower authority’ organisms to act as weapons or defenses.

Although Bahni, her Pod and most of the sharks still migrated a lot, it wasn’t really necessary anymore. There were huge underground areas under the coastal seafloor. Places where Sharks could hide away or make homes. Since they were connected and had access to Chastity/Seelie, they could actually build their own architecture, art, anything they wanted. The limits were only their imaginations… And also structural integrity. More than one Shark was nearly killed when their poorly designed ‘house’ collapsed.

The Orcas, Dolphins and Whales were much smarter overall. They also figured out how to create underwater cavernous homes which had access to fresh air and water at the same time. Even special doors that they could open and close with their thoughts. Made of flesh and blood, covered by protective carapace.

Over the years, both Seelie and Chastity spread their ‘roots’ throughout the entire island. They weren’t in competition with each other anymore though. After all, one was a plant and the other was an animal. They both had ways to photosynthesize and use the nutrients in the ground, but once they merged more thoroughly, they were able to exist more naturally together.

Just like the animals on the land above would kill and eat each other, with herbivores and omnivores also eating the plants… This was just the nature of an ecosystem. Everything needs to be working within a certain set of rules.

When the old rules are broken or forgotten, new ones will be written sooner or later.

Chapter 240:

“It’s no wonder Chastity hasn’t changed that much over the years. From our perspective, it was twelve years… For her, it was probably only a few months at most.”

“Indeed. It feels like we have been living in this state for less than a year, yet… We have seen so many seasons come to pass. In the time it takes for us to finish a thought or a sentence, the sun will rise and set.”

Jake held Camila’s astral hand and looked down at the little ‘world’ they created. On the northern side of the island, there were incredibly lush evergreen forests. There were many different kinds of coniferous trees, but the most conspicuous were three massive kilometer high and 100 meter diameter ‘pines’ with black leaves and white bark. The tallest ‘normal’ trees were still 200 meters, which was extremely impressive, but not completely unreasonable. 

Huge birds and wyverns nested on those enormous branches. Along with countless other creatures. They flew around from time to time, hunting for prey or simply getting exercise. There were also a few that carried tiny Goblins and other creatures on their backs, or in special baskets they held with their claws.

Those giant trees were also used as homes for some of the Forest Elves, Goblins and Orcs. They intermarried a lot and changed significantly. Although there were still some significant enough differences to still be considered separate Races, they were evening out over time. Perhaps in the near future there would only be Forest Elves, just shorter, taller or more muscular ones that inherited the genes of their ancestors?

There were also some small villages on the ground. Lots of Werewolves, Werecats, Weregoats and other similar ‘Furries’ existed. Some were created intentionally, while others, like the Unicorn Centaurs, were born… Naturally. The brave men and women who somehow managed to impregnate or give birth to creatures as biologically ‘strange’ as fully-functional Centaurs would certainly be treated as heroes by their descendants in the far off future. Realistically though, a lot of humanoid women ended up dying, along with female Unicorns.

Considering that Unicorns, Hounds, Goats and other former Drones were fully sentient, capable of communication and also willing, it wasn’t actually illegal. It was pretty normal for Werewolves to marry or breed with Hounds. The dangers of reproduction were also pretty minimal. Unicorns and Goats however, required a lot more effort and luck.

Fortunately, the medical technology has advanced by leaps and bounds with the addition of Chastity/Seelie. As long as a person still had a head left, it was usually possible to save them. Assuming that they were in the Meat Forest or Seelie Grove. If they weren’t and tried to give birth to a centaur baby in the middle of nowhere, then there’s nothing that could be done to save them either way.

Most of the centaur babies were originally genetic anomalies though. When a Unicorn and a human reproduce, it usually just creates another Unicorn, a regular-looking horse, a Werehorse/Wereunicorn or some combination of all that. With the assistance of genetic experts like Tori or Camila, it’s possible to choose or even design the child however they wanted. Centaurs were always considered unnecessary and unrealistic though. Hence why they were never intentionally created.

Now there are tens of thousands of them. Though they mostly roam the plains and plateaus to the north of the Island of Elves. In the lands formerly known as Argentina’s Santa Cruz Province. They had their own Queen, customs and territories now. With lots of Unicorns and wild horses that also lived, grazed and breeded with them.

In the south, the Wall of Voracity was much taller than before. Reaching 100 meters… Because the meat inside of the wall was also growing slowly. The only way to enter or exit the Meat Forest was to pass through Lago Fagnano, which was also called the Lake of Lust due to the hallucinogenic mists, creamy white ‘water’, tentacle monsters and horny merfolk… Or take the ocean route, which was much safer and more reliable. Though entering the Meat Forest wasn’t very safe in the first place.

In the middle of the island was Frost Haven, the capital of the Elven Kingdom. Technically there were other ‘Elven Kingdoms’ out there in the world, but none of them spoke Spanish. So they were the only Reino de los Elfos out there.

The many tiny villages that were scattered around the island had grown tenfold. The original few had transformed into large towns or directly into huge cities. With the ability to manipulate plants, many people would rather live in a more natural environment. But others preferred the way things were in the past. Creating concrete, stone and brick buildings.

In particular, people really seemed to like building castles and fortresses. There were also lots of gothic-style churches, not dedicated to Christianity, but housing idols in the shape of the Elf Queen, the Furry King, the Archmage, the Knight, the World Serpent, the Orca, the Blue Whale, the White Wolf, the Black Wyvern, the World Tree and even the Purple Octopus.

“The Furry King? They call me the fucking Furry King?! Shit, I look like a damn sasquatch! A white yeti! This is my idol?!”

“I think it’s cute. Look, you’re very popular with little girls.”

Camila giggled as she walked along the crowded street with Jake, arm in arm. She pointed towards a shop selling cute dolls of various ‘Gods’. The Furry King looked like a yeti with long dreadlocks. Not everyone had long pointy Elf ears though. There were actually quite a few regular-looking humans. Some were the people who emerged from the Meat Forest over the years, while others were their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. There were also descendants of the families on Terror Island, who had to move over to Isla de los Elfos a long time ago.

Over the decades, the water level has fluctuated greatly. In 2050, the ocean was about 10 meters higher than in 2023… But then it started dropping. Settling down at about 3 meters higher than it was originally. The atmosphere also changed greatly. Sometimes having much more carbon dioxide, oxygen or even other elements than previously, but usually it equalled out. The oxygen and carbon dioxide levels were both higher than before 2023, however, it wasn’t too extreme.

The world seemed to be changing all the time, but it was actually being ‘regulated’ all the time. Though most people never realize it. They would be too busy living their lives and worrying about paying rent or whether their spouses were cheating on them.

“What year is it now?” Jake, in the form of a handsome but relatively ‘normal’ 2 meter tall Elf man, was looking over at a nearby holographic newspaper stand. Camila was also about the same height, only a little shorter, close to her original height when they first met.

“What year is it?” A young blue-eyed, brown-haired and pale-skinned Elf boy holding an ice cream cone looked up at the tall man in surprise, “Are you one of the Dreamers?”

Jake smiled wryly, “Uh, I guess you could say that.”

“Cool! My mother was a Dreamer too! But then she woke up and got married to my Dad!”

“Maybe we know each other then? What’s your mother’s name?”

“Uh… Mom?” The little kid blushed and quickly changed the subject, “I was born in 97! Now it’s 09!”

“It’s 09 again?” Camila sighed, hugging closer to her husband, “It’s been 73 years, Jacob.”

“I was getting there…” Jake snickered and shook his head, “Well, being bad at mental math is normal when you’re over a hundred, right? Hahahah~!”

“Dad is over a hundred too, but he’s really good at math. I think you’re just slow.” The boy licked his chocolate ice cream and walked away, disappearing into the crowd. The central square of Frost Haven is a historical landmark now. It was refurbished and repaired many times in the past, just like a lot of the oldest houses and shops, along with the Keep behind the old mostly-wooden Frost Haven Inn.

“I guess when it really comes down to it, we aren’t actually that old, huh?” Jake looked around at a lot of the familiar faces. Some of them smiled and waved at him. Others seemed to have forgotten or just didn’t recognize the two of them anymore. However, there was no big commotion and no one came over to chat, because it’s not like they haven’t spoken in ages. If they really wanted to see each other, they could use Astral Projection or Dreaming.

“Jacob, that boy was fourteen…” Camila smirked, “It seems that our people have really become ‘Elves’.”

“Yeah. I’m happy they can spend such a long time as children. Because once that time passes, it’s impossible to get back. Even if you create a new body from scratch.”

*Author’s Note*

I think this is actually the end of Voracity. Of course, by that I don’t mean the end of the character, just that this series should end here. I originally planning to have the series go for like 9 or more volumes, but that’s kinda overkill. After all, the story basically follows Jake and Voracity.

In case you haven’t noticed after reading this far, everything that happens is within Jake or Vora’s perception. Is Tori actually just a part of Jake? What about Chastity? Or even Terror and Bunny? There are a lot of mysteries, but they can’t be solved very easily.

Bloodline Cultivation Journal is actually deeply connected to this story. Whether it’s a prequel, sequel or parallel story is debatable, since with parallel universes, chronology is often confusing.

I probably could have written a whole other chapter after 240, but I had to cut myself off. Otherwise I might end up making a whole 7th volume. BCJ was about 1100 chapters when I stopped writing it. After that was a 677 chapter Fanfiction that will probably never see the light of day, because I’m afraid of being sued for copyright bullshit. BCJ is also… Complicated.

The problem with BCJ is that it has a ton of sex scenes. It was originally just going to be Smut. But then I ended up adding in a bunch of eldritch horrors, parallel universes, time travel nonsense, way too many characters which were almost all very important and detailed… It was the longest story I’ve ever written, but I never posted most of it because I was too lazy to edit/censor it.

Yes, Censor, because there are things in that story that even I feel a bit uncomfortable with writing or posting. Sometimes you just have these awesome ideas or wanna be a bit too realistic, but then later you realize that you’re not George RR Martin and might not be able to get away with it.

One issue that really bothers me is the concept of ‘age’. We have all these rules and laws based on human age, which is fine, for actual real-life humans. I’m not talking about reality. I’m talking about sci-fi and fantasy.

For example, if you have a ‘Pixie’ in BCJ, which later in the story and under certain conditions can be hatched, then grow to adulthood within a single day… They even have genetic memories, telepathy and can basically have the mentality/experiences of a 20-100 year old human or beyond within a few days. So is it okay to consider them adults?

If a person has a disease or deformity, or maybe their ‘species’ just looks childish from a human standpoint, does that mean they aren’t allowed to reproduce or have relationships? Maybe in human society it might be strange, but in their society, with their race all looking the way they do, wouldn’t normal humans look like mutants or freaks to them?

These are the kinds of ideas I like to play with in my stories, but I usually take it way too far. Sometimes it’s funny or interesting, while other times it’s just something that would probably get me in trouble if people still read my stories… So that’s why I haven’t posted the rest of BCJ.

The reason why I decided to end Voracity now is because I started having ‘visions’ of my next story. Inspiration for what might be my first story that might be considered ‘mainstream’, ever. The Diary of Destiny King was the only story I’ve written which could be considered ‘Safe for Work’, but it never did very well. I was also working on Immortal Soul and some other stuff around that time, so I never got around to writing The Diary of a Young Kitsune.

Honestly, I write stories a lot of times under the hopes that someday, I’ll be able to finish them or someone else will finish them for me. It’s really not that farfetched either. If someone bought the rights to The Diary of Destiny King and wanted to make a movie or TV Show out of it, they might want me to advise them on The Diary of a Young Kitsune later. This is the kinda shit that George RR Martin, JK Rowling and other famous authors went through. It happened to them pretty suddenly and that’s just kinda how it goes sometimes.

Of course, TDoDK wasn’t that popular and it might not be in the future, but it’s by far the least ‘offensive’ or ‘NSFW’. It was an adventure story about a young woman who was selected by a mysterious transdimensional organization to undertake some trials and become a member of the Kitsune.

It had so few sales that I didn’t even meet the minimum amount of royalties necessary to ‘cash out’ in Kindle. At least that’s the reason I remember. Maybe it also had something to do with having to use a real ID, which I didn’t have at the time, or some other nonsense. It’s been too long and I can’t remember. The point is that you can actually buy a huge book if you want or an EPUB of the story, or just read it for free on this site.

I remember the process of getting my mother to paint that cover, then having my cousin do something… Uh, okay, I can’t remember what she did exactly, but I needed her help for some reason. There was also a lot of editing and formatting involved. It was way more time consuming and exhausting to self-publish TDoDK than it was to write the entire thing. And that was a relatively long book. If it was in my current standards, it would actually be 2-3 books.

I’ve thought about publishing Voracity a lot through the process of writing. I even had/have ideas for the covers of all 6 volumes. It doesn’t even have to be that complicated either. The problem is that my 70 year old mother doesn’t really have time to paint that often and even if she did, she’d probably work on something else.

My art skills are… Subpar. My talent is pretty good. After not drawing anything since I was a literal child, my first drawing of a peacock was pretty good. I just got tired and bored, so I didn’t put too much effort into it. Later, when I was really into Voracity and in love with the cute little Orca Tori, I started drawing Orcas. Then an Orca Dragon similar to Tori’s final form in the story, but the quality is obviously not good enough for a book cover.

In the time it would take me to learn how to draw/paint, I could write 50 or even a 100 books. That’s not even a joke. If you consider 30-40 chapters a book, then I’ve written hundreds of books in the past 9 years. In my most intense moments, I could burst-write 677 chapters in 3 months. 3 months! I literally did nothing but write during those 3 months, but that’s still insane.

WoW Dragonflight knocked me out of my Fanfiction phase though and got me started on Voracity. Now it’s already been what? 6 months? So 6 books in 6 months, that’s pretty average. That’s only a little more than a chapter per day.

Speaking of which, I completed my first ever M+17 earlier today, somewhere in between writing chapter 238 and 240. It was so brutal and intense. Took a whole hour and a thousand gold in repair bills, but I still finished it. I got 52 gold from the chest at the end. Next week though, I’ll get a 441 piece of gear from the vault. It’s only a matter of time.

That’s kinda how I feel about Voracity. 6 whole books and I probably had less than 52 views. Of course, it didn’t help that I crammed everything into only 6 pages because of laziness. But… I feel that if the story is really that popular, then I don’t need to spread it out into 240 different posts. If it’s not popular, then it’s just the difference between 6 views and about a thousand at most. The amount of money I’ll make is still 0. The emotional reward is also about the same. Maybe a little better than 0, because there might be 1 person who reads all this and leaves comment.

However, in the future… Maybe not a week. Maybe not even a year. Someday in the future though, I honestly believe that Voracity will become really popular. It’s honestly the closest to ‘mainstream’ I’ve ever gotten. Even Immortal Soul was really niche and gained most of its popularity due to other factors, mostly luck, timing and advertisement.

Hardcore OP-ness was an actual masterpiece and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to replicate that kinda ‘comedy’ again. I was 23 and now I’m 31, things just ain’t the same. I wasn’t nearly as good at writing as I am now, but when you can go back and read your own crazy story, then laugh at the jokes… Hmmm, well, to be fair, it’s probably because I can’t remember any of that shit anymore. It’s almost like reading something someone else wrote for the first time with a bit of deja vu in the mix.

Anyway, this is the end of the Author’s Note…

By the way, there will definitely be a continuation of Voracity. Sooner or later. It’s just that the time period will be hundreds, maybe even thousands of years in the future. I originally was going to turn the story into a hard sci-fi solar system exploration and colonization story. But I eventually ended up going in the opposite direction. Well, not really.

The future hundreds, maybe even a thousand years from ‘now’ will likely be a world of swords and magic. The typical fantasy trope bullshit story. Maybe closer to Game of Thrones, with many kingdoms competing for petty fiefs, property, political power, honor, maybe even magical artifacts.

The problem is that I don’t think I could write a story like that. At least not now. Maybe later. I’ve laid the groundwork though. Hell, maybe someone will wanna make a video game with Voracity as the background story?

Aside from the swords and magic, there’s also the Endless Hope Organization that hasn’t been destroyed yet. Although they’d obviously be in a long downturn, after many generations of humans and AI alike, their technological capabilities will become pretty scary. At the very least, they will eventually become a spacefaring civilization. Especially with the help of the extremely advanced biological organisms on Earth. A lot of things we find extremely difficult to overcome with modern technology, would be super easy and barely an inconvenience.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Gotta go to sleep. It’s like 9:50 AM and I woke up at… Uh, maybe 4 PM yesterday?


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