Chapter 180: An Unfair Duel

On the surface, that injection didn’t seem to produce much of an effect. However, in the center of Alice’s heart, there was a silver bead, condensing and very slowly, being eroded by her azure blood. Continue reading

Chapter 179: A Few Minutes Late

“Nyahahahaha~! Fear me, hideous green monsters! For I am the bringer of chaos, the ruler of damnation, the… Nyah~, I forgot the rest of the speech?!” Jasmine wearing her black tank-top, blue jean-shorts, and wielding those two snubnose revolvers. She wouldn’t normally be able to stand out so much, but she was also riding on top of Inari’s back. Continue reading

Chapter 178: Returning to the Warfront

“Here, these are Experience Potions… I made a few dozen of them last night. They should only work on people below level-five though. For the best effect, give them to level-zeros.” Alice casually said that, as she handed thirty of the green vials to Daniel. Then she walked over to the freezer and placed her right palm on the panel, muttering “How much meat would they eat in a couple days? Hmmm, okay, I think this is enough.” Continue reading