Chapter 180: An Unfair Duel

On the surface, that injection didn’t seem to produce much of an effect. However, in the center of Alice’s heart, there was a silver bead, condensing and very slowly, being eroded by her azure blood.

[Companion Information

Name: Alice
Titles: The Neet, The Nudist, The Junkie
Level: 21
Experience: 141/630
Age: Elite(Temporary)
Race: Draconic Fairy
Rank: E
Class: Elementalist
Specialization: Ranged and Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Intermediate Alchemist Level 2]


Health: 200/200
Mana: 450/450
Stamina: 100/100
Mana Regen per minute: 400
Health Regen per hour: 200

Strength: 10
Vitality: 10
Endurance: 10
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 7
Intelligence: 30(+30)
Wisdom: 10(+20)
Perception: 4
Charisma: 5

Willpower: 3
Luck: 5
Aura: 19(+19)

Attack Power: 100(+20)
Defense Rating: 10(+18)]

Even after gaining a temporary Elite status, she was still far below her opponent in physical capabilities. However, from the very beginning, the orange-scaled dragoness knew that she wasn’t going to be able to win in a battle of strength or even martial skill.

Alice’s strategy was obviously to focus on utilization of spells and… drugs. There were at least ten emergency Healing Potions in her bag, along with a few dozen Mana Potions.

Toraka on the other hand, was still fairly confidant in her ability to defeat that giant woman. She used ‘Identification’ and was easily able to see her stats and abilities, but wasn’t impressed.

Standing up off of the ground, the Stone Orc took a few steps forward and glared at the Draconic Fairy. The Avatar of Terra looked back and forth between the two of them a few times before saying “Okay, I guess you should start fighting now?”

Brawler was a Class that focused more on Passives to increase the body’s physical defenses and attacking capabilities, which meant that there was little in the way of magical protection. If Toraka had been a ‘Tank’, Alice wouldn’t have had much of a chance at victory, but fortunately, she was mostly a ‘Melee Damage Dealer’.

The grey-skinned woman was suddenly enveloped in a thick suit of ‘Rock Armor’, as she charged towards her enemy. Then the dragoness roared and breathed out a torrent of bright-red fire, which caused Toraka to shout “Shit, fuck, ah~!” as she used both arms to protect her face.

While the damage was negligible, she was still forced to cut off her own line of sight. Logically, the flames should have been coming straight at her, so she continued to charge towards that target.

Yet, Alice was not only behind her, but at least twenty meters away and constantly moving. She was able to control it fairly well, considering how low her Dexterity was, but it was enough to trick the simple-minded enemy.

Jake shouted “She’s behind you!” several times, but Arcana had created a one-way, sound-proof barrier around the space where the two of them were battling.

Michael eventually yelled “Oi, shut the fuck up! You’re ruining the damn show!” as the Elementalist finally began attacking seriously.

Her ‘Flame Thrower’ stopped, and each of her hands was suddenly coated in a thick blue, viscous liquid. Then she launched both spells at the same time, while roaring “Aqua Dragon Claw!”

The Nephilim groaned, “Seriously… what’s with people calling out their moves? Is it supposed to be cool, or what? I mean, I do it sometimes, but it’s mostly supposed to be a joke…”

“Aqua Dragon Claw Level 1: The caster transforms their mana into a sphere of water, then coats their hand and launches the stream of liquid towards the target. It can then be used as an attack or to pull the target towards the caster. Deals 1 point of Water damage for every point of Aura. Force is dependent on the Aura and Strength stats. Has a maximum range of 10 meters. Costs 10 mana to cast, and 1 mana per second to channel.”

Those two draconic water-claws, were launched outwards and when Toraka turned around, a giant thumb was jabbed into each of her eyes. She screamed in agony as the deep-blue fluid was attempting to gouge out those incredibly important sensory organs.

Fortunately for the Boss, they were only able to deal two-hundred and fifty damage, but didn’t have the consistency to blind her. After a few moments, all of that ‘water’ suddenly began forcing its way into her mouth and nostrils.

It was another diversion, so that Alice could swiftly sprint close to a hundred meters away. By that time, the drowning woman managed to cough up the viscous liquid and started chasing after that annoying enemy.

The dragoness quickly turned around and roared “Volcanic Lightning Bolt! Die!” and arcs of purple electricity began firing out of both of her open palms at the same time. Each of them was considered a single attack, and while they weren’t very accurate, when they did hit, the damage was fairly high: ‘-41’, ‘-38’, ‘-39’, ‘-36’, ‘-42’.

“Volcanic Lightning Bolt Level 1: The caster discharges large amounts of static electricity from their body, which deals Lightning and Fire damage upon contact with the enemy. Can reach a maximum range of 100 meters. Deals 1 damage per Aura point. Costs 10 mana per cast.”

After a dozen successful strikes, Alice ran out of mana. Toraka was down to 371/1000 HP, and screaming from the horrible pain, as she writhed on the ground.

Then she seemed to disappear into the soil, leaving nothing but a bunch of rocks behind. It was a racial spell called “Earth’s Embrace”, and she had practiced it to the level where she could completely regenerate her entire health-pool in under a minute.

Of course, it wasn’t an invincible technique and instead of trying to find the hidden woman, Alice just kept running towards the west. She also chugged a handful of Mana Potions, which could each restore fifty MP.

When Toraka finally emerged from the ground, the dragoness was two-hundred meters away. Since her ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolt’ spell had reached level-two, the damage and range had doubled. Thus, she was able to bombard her furious enemy from a great distance.

Not only that, but she had also lured her enemy outside of the orchard and into a field of radishes, leaving her no cover whatsoever. The Brawler was certainly much faster than the Elementalist, but not nearly enough to avoid being ‘kited’.

Many of Alice’s abilities were geared towards close-combat or mid-range, but in a situation where her enemy was capable of killing her in a single strike, it was much better to play it safe. In the end, Toraka was finally deep-fried by the purple lightning and her rock-armor even exploded.

“Hahahahaha~, wrecked!” Michael was the first to respond to his Companion’s victory.

Talia clapped loudly and shouted “Bravo, good job! Excellent tactics!” As a Huntress, it was obvious that she was able to greatly appreciate such a one-sided battle.

Jasmine and Inari were sleeping on the ground next to each-other, and Elina wasn’t even able to tell what was happening, since she was hugging her body against the Nephilim. Sarah complained “Dafuck, that was it?! They didn’t even fight! She just ran around like a pussy and blasted the dumb bitch with magic the whole time!”

Jake was biting his lower lip and clenching his fists tightly, but he didn’t dare to actually say anything. Finally, Terra sighed dramatically, and grumbled “Alice wins… Next time, I’m going to add in rules against taking drugs and kiting…”

Even if the Goddess was disappointed, she still condensed a potent Earth aura into her left hand, and swiftly created an ‘Essence of Terra’. At the same time, Toraka’s charred flesh and shattered bones were instantly restored to their original appearance, and the only thing that she really lost, was her incredibly tight leather vest and shorts.

Alice sluggishly walked back to Michael and the others; she was breathing heavily, while silver liquid was leaking out of her nostrils, tear-ducts, fin-like ears, and even the gills on her neck. She bent over with her hands on her knees and panted, before coughing violently.

The dragoness’ orange scales had turned grayish, and she muttered “Ugh, I think I’m gonna die… That was so fucking scary. Ow, my heart…” It had only been a few minutes, but the effects had already started vanishing, and were replaced by a ‘weakened’ debuff.

Arcana giggled, whispering “Amusing… regardless of the method, she has still defeated her opponent. Michael, if you wish to enter a Battleground that has already started, you can do so immediately.”

He sighed, “Yeah, I know, I just didn’t think these bastards would win so fast. We weren’t really ready either… Anyway, it’s been nice meeting ya, Terra, but we gotta go. See ya later, random, miscellaneous Goblins and Orcs!”

The moment that the dragoness placed the ‘Essence of Terra’ into her inventory, the group of seven were suddenly engulfed in beams of blinding light. An instant later, they were gone, along with the two Goddesses.

Jake quickly ran over to Toraka’s side, and nervously shouted “I think that was him! He didn’t have the wings, but I’m pretty sure that he was the guy who killed your brother!”

A wry smile appeared on the woman’s face, as she sat on a large grey stone. After shaking her head, she told him “Even if he is… what can ‘I’ possibly do about it? If I tell Papa, he’d just go crazy trying to find the bastard! They can come and go so quickly, so how the hell would we ever be able to catch em? More importantly though… You saw how the Goddesses treat them, right? I just died, but it means nothing to beings like them!”

After listening to that surprisingly logical argument, the Hobgoblin abruptly hugged her tightly, “I know… I’m just glad that you’re alright.” Then he pressed his lips against hers, and the two of them began fornicating in the middle of a radish field.

Meanwhile, seven beams of light descended upon the ramparts of a slightly familiar fort.

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      • They might be distantly related lol, but pretty much everyone within the same race is distantly related rofl. When someone mentioned incest earlier, I figured they were talking about Elina and Jasmine, cause they are like cousins or second-cousins lol. Not sure if anyone got that… Although, considering that Jasmine was a Feline Dwarf and Elina was originally a Cat-Tribe, they were probably a lot more genetically distant than that… but now, with the way that everyone has evolved, no one is even slightly close to each other genetically lol. It’s to the point where it would be difficult for any of them to ‘naturally’ reproduce with each other rofl.

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      • Damn dude, levels rips families apart in a way I’ve never quite seen, lol
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      • Well, I’d say closer to first or second cousins lol. Anyway, I wouldn’t call two cat-girls cuddling, licking and sucking on each-other furious fornication :P.


      • I think they missed when she said (and paraphrasing here,) “The bastard that killed my brother” not our. I also think 28th confused the two hobgoblins as part of a mass spawn from incubus/succubus

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  1. I have a slight feeling that “Familiar Fort” is gonna have a certain angry Dwarf at it, or something similar, ya know? It’s been too many chapters since you mentioned him anyway’s… Like somewhere between 5-15 at least!

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