Chapter 181: Revenge Never Ends Well

Ironically, even though Toraka had decided to give up any thoughts of revenge, her father wasn’t quite so rational. Perhaps it was coincidence, though it was more likely the actions of mischievous Goddess.

In a similar position to where his son, Simon the Impaler once stood, “Alexander the Decapitator, Level-25 Stone Orc Earth Knight, Rank-D, Raid Boss” was standing upon a large boulder. Covering his grey skin, was a thick steel armor plating, and there was a huge bronze glaive in his right hand. His body was only eight-feet tall, so he wasn’t quite as large as the ogress to his right and left.

“Nataly the Incinerator, Level-21 Flame Ogre Sorceress, Rank-D, Raid Boss,” was his first wife, and Simon’s mother. She wore crimson robes, and had long, fiery red dreadlocks hanging past her relatively muscular chest. There were also scarlet gauntlets covering her hands and forearms, along with similarly heavy boots and greaves protecting her shins and feet.

The second wife, was Toraka’s mother, “Aria Skullcrusher, Level-22 Steel Ogre Wrestler, Rank-D, Raid Boss.” She didn’t wear any armor and her own weapon was her own body, which was only wearing a leather loin-cloth and a tightly fitting sports-bra, made out of a brown fabric. Rather than grey, her skin was silver, and aside from her hazel eyes, there weren’t many other obvious weaknesses.

As for the majority of Alexander’s forces, they were merely unranked and levelless Demi-Orcs and Demi-Goblins. However, there was also a large amount of Ogres, Orcs, Hobgoblins, and even some magical-beasts mixed in. Huge Stone-Boars, and Rocky Bulls, along with Elephants, Giant Scorpions, and Cave Spiders were all being ridden as if they were horses.

There was also another massive difference between the normal suicidal Goblin-Wave Tactics that were typically employed. Six-meter tall Stone Golems, controlled by dozens of Earth Mages, who were furiously fabricating boulders for them to use as siege-weapons.

Aside from that, while there were no aerial units, there were hundreds of well-trained, level-15, rank-F, Hobgoblin Assassins. Each were equipped with a full set of at least uncommon, black cloth and leather gear. Some used daggers or shortswords, while others had shortbows, small crossbows, and poisoned throwing knives.

In fact, across the killing fields from Fort Resilience, hundreds of Earth Mages were working together with many of the soldiers and Stone Golems to quickly build a fortress of their own. Alexander chuckled, “Silly Dwarves… They actually believe that they are the only ones who have ever created defensive structures before? Hmph! If they managed to survive the first wave of these worthless mongrels, then I’ll simply sit back and relax in my castle, waiting for ‘them’ to come to ‘me’. Hahahah~, I wonder if those cowards would even retaliate?”

Aria sneered, “Fuck no! Those pussies would just wait around all day, hiding, wondering when the next attack would come!”

Nataly grumbled “That bastard who murdered our baby should show up, as long as we’re patient… Until then, we can’t destroy those hideous Dwarves. Michael the Immortal… Grah~! We need to make sure that we capture him alive, or else, he’ll just come back to life somewhere else! That dirty little bitch as well…” It was certainly a great plan, but there was a major flaw in their ‘evil’ scheme.
After a whole day, and copious amounts of wasted mana, a huge castle was constructed along the southern edge of the ‘Killing Fields’. Each of the walls was at least ten meters high, those golems were stationed outside, and along the ramparts were thousands of Ogre, Hobgoblin and Orc Archers, Mages, Priests, and plenty of Warriors to protect them.

There was a massive keep, towards the back of the courtyard, and plenty of temporary stone dwellings were created for the soldiers. They were still working on many things, but it was fully functional as a defensive installation.

As for the fifty-thousand Demi-Orcs and Demi-Goblins, along with many of the less valuable magical-beasts, they were sent to begin their first onslaught. They only had a week left to live, so they were actually eager to fight, rather than just wait to die from old age.

Their levels were all below two, they were unranked, and their standard equipment was dirty rags and sharp rocks. Of course, there was still power in numbers, and with so many, those Musketeers, Cannoneers, and Riflemen were all struggling to kill as many as possible, while conserving ammo.

Fortunately, they also had magical attacks, and after Fort Resilience survived the last battle, they were given reinforcements. Instead of a mere five-hundred Feline Dwarves, there were also a thousand Canine Dwarves, and fifteen-hundred Rabbit Dwarves from two of the nearby cities.

Captain Shiro had a grim expression, as he stood atop the southern ramparts, gazing out at the massive horde of incredibly weak enemies. He occasionally fired a magical rock-grenade, from his blunderbuss, which slaughtered at least a few dozen green-skinned lunatics at a time.

However, in such a situation, he didn’t even need to command his troops. Their only orders were “Fire at will!” and his lieutenants could handle that.

A few Mages and Sorcerers were casting down ‘Fireballs’, ‘Icicles’, ‘Rock Barrages’ and other similar spells. Though, the majority of his forces simply used crude firearms and bombarded those suicidal Demi-Goblins and Demi-Orcs.

The carnage was beyond what most of the new recruits could stomach, and moral was incredibly low. Shiro grumbled “Damn it all! Unless we have another fuckin miracle, we’re screwed!”

He wasn’t too worried about the current little skirmish they were fighting, but that castle in the distance. Some of his best Snipers managed to use ‘Identification’ on the true enemies, who had created a crude fortress, made out of stone.

It wasn’t just their leaders that were far too powerful, there were even a decent amount of Bosses and Ultra-Elites, who were merely high-ranking soldiers under their command. What Shiro couldn’t understand was: “Why the hell are they goin through all this trouble?! If they really wanted ta slaughter us, it wouldn’t even take half their troops!”

A beautiful grey-haired woman, with long and droopy dog-like ears coming from the top of her head, complained “Stop worrying about such pointless shit and focus on the present! If you’re just gonna whine, ya might as well go to a different wall and leave more space for the people who are actually fighting!”

She was his current ‘Vice Captain’, Beverly, and she was also a Boss, but only level-fifteen. With a single-shot rifle in her hands, she was constantly firing and reloading, while using relatively expensive bullets on incredibly weak enemies.

As Captain Shiro was about to complain about her wastefulness, seven beams of blinding light suddenly descended onto the ramparts. Unfortunately, there simply wasn’t enough room in the targeted location, so everyone who was in the way, was promptly ‘moved’ by Arcana, into the courtyard.

Jasmine and Inari were immediately woken up by the sounds of cannon-fire, while Elina screamed and started flying up into the air. Her body was so light, that it didn’t take much for her to soar a few dozen meters away, rather swiftly.

Talia was irritated by the noise, and began following her example. The High-Elf was wearing a green blouse, leather jacket and boots, plus her skirt seemed to be made out of a thick mist.

She immediately equipped her Longbow of Wind, and started launching a flurry of vicious Enchanted Ironwood Arrows, towards the miscellaneous enemies that were trying to climb the stone walls. The three-meter tall, grayish-orange scaled dragoness, groaned, then hobbled over to the ‘railing’ and started throwing up onto the face of a Demi-Orc.

That super-heated silver goop burned through his entire body and continued to incinerate all of the others, who were helping him reach the top. They screamed in agony, before their ‘humanoid’ pyramid violently collapsed.

Sarah screamed “Grah~! That fucking noise! Why can’t I kill these bastards too?!” as she attempted to impale a Cannoneer and then tried to stab at his weapon. However, a barrier prevented her from even committing vandalism during a battle.

“Calm your nonexistent tits, for fuck’s sake! Ugh, but that smell is awful… Between the gunpowder, Alice’s nasty vomit, the sweaty doggy, kitty, and bunny Dwarves, plus all the piss, shit and death… Just, eww~, so much nope~! I can’t believe I actually went down into that kinda hellhole before! Ah, well, I was so young and desperate back then… I remember it like it was yesterday~…” Michael was reminiscing about something that happened less than a week ago, when a familiar middle-aged man came over.

Seeing him, Jasmine yelled “Nyah~, Uncle Shiro~! Oh, I quit by the way~! Nyahahaha~! The mighty JJ no longer needs such a lame part-time job!” as she sneered at him.

That white-haired Feline Dwarf retorted “You never worked here in the first place! Hell, ya weren’t even supposed ta be here! Do ya have any fuckin clue how much bullshit ya put me through?!”

Michael’s armor suddenly activated, and he instantly charged his right gauntlet with electricity, before releasing a chain-lighting. Unfortunately, the attack was extremely inefficient, since he was using all of his Aura points.

However, it was then that he finally realized “Wait a fucking second… I don’t actually have to go full-blast, right? Holy shitballs! Doesn’t this mean that I can just keep firing really weak Arcane Bolts and other such shit, constantly?!”

With the Arcane Orb in his left hand, the Nephilim ignored Captain Shiro and began firing multiple chain-lightning attacks per second. Each of them carried just enough power to kill those Demi-Orcs and Demi-Goblins, while those spheres of Arcane energy did the same.

Also, rather than all five bolts striking the same target, they locked onto enemies at random, without any sort of guidance. With both of his hands outstretched, Michael shouted “Hahahahaha~! Do you see this shit Sarah?! Fuck your Frost Nova! I win~!”

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  1. I hope the MC try to troll the enemy that hates him and join the war in their force and they cant attack them and he will keep trolling by healing the enemy in the war lol


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