Chapter 182: No Mercy for the Trash-Mobs

“Ya sure are a cocky bastard! Did ya think I didn’t have any other spells?!” Sarah shouted furiously, as her clothing went into its active state. Her veil transformed into an obsidian skull, there were six shadowy tendrils wriggling around behind her head, and every speck of blue or purple had turned black.

The tiny Dark-Goblin hopped up onto the stone railing, and aimed her palms towards the massive horde of enemies that were climbing up the walls. A terrifying aura of pure Darkness, began spreading downwards, causing all of the flesh and muscle on her target’s bodies to rapidly deteriorate.

Devouring Shadow was mainly used as a means to ‘clean-up’ messes, but could also act as a deadly weapon against significantly weaker opponents. It cost her seven-mana per second to cast, but the effects were worth it.

Of course, there was also the horrifying spell that she obtained the night before, by becoming a level-five necromancer. “Seed of Darkness Level 1: The caster is able to haphazardly reanimate up to ten unranked corpses at a time, instantly transforming them into zombies or skeletons. They will retain their soul and memories, but have half of their original stats. For 24 hours after resurrection, they will unite together with other undead and treat all living creatures as enemies and food. Targets must be within 100 meters. Costs 10 mana to cast.”

Since her mana-pool wasn’t very large, she couldn’t quite compete with Michael’s barrage of weakened chain-lightning and Arcane Bolts. Thus, she eventually grumbled “Ugh, fuck it, I don’t care anymore.” and gave up.

Instead of trying to disintegrate her enemies with ‘Devouring Shadow’, she just sat on the stone railing and began ‘spamming’ ‘Seed of Darkness’ as much as she could. Those undead were incredibly weak, but they were still strong enough to kill their former comrades.

Shiro was watching the two of them and groaned, muttering “It’s only been a few days, and these crazy assholes are already over level-twenty… Even this little brat.”

“Nyahahahaha~, pew-pew-pew~! Meow~! JJ Beams~!” Jasmine was firing her two revolvers haphazardly into the crowd, and laughing maniacally. As for Inari, she barked excitedly towards Michael, while jumping around his body and trying to get his attention.

Eventually, Talia yelled “She’s asking you if she should go down there and play with the tiny green people!”

The Nephilim took a break from casting spells, and used his gauntlet-covered hands to scratch and pet the adorable fox. “Daw~, who’s a cute little foxy~! You can go play, but be careful~! Also, don’t eat them or use your mouth, cause they look really gross!” After listening to those instructions, the vixen yelped in understanding, jumping up and slobbering all over his face.

“Ew, ew, stop it! Arg, not in the mouth!” Michael obviously wasn’t pleased with her ‘affection’, so he grabbed Inari by the Epic collar and yelled “Fox~ Cannon~ Motherfuckers~!” as he threw her hundreds of meters through the air.

After approaching the ground, which was covered with tens of thousands of enemies, the vixen suddenly expanded to the size of a large elephant. Bright-green flames erupted from her paws, before she smashed them down onto dozens of Demi-Orcs and Demi-Goblins at a time.

Then she began sprinting around the battlefield and simply trampling on the heads of unsuspecting enemies. However, the most ridiculous and overpowered person there, was actually Elina.

Once she opened her third, vertical eye, that blinding gaze swept across the hordes, literally incinerating everyone that she even slightly focused on. With merely two points of Dexterity, she could only kill a maximum of twenty enemies per second, but that could still add up to a ridiculous amount.

Since her mana could hold out for seventeen seconds at a time, she was able to massacre three-hundred and forty people in quick succession. After finishing her first round, the angelic cat-girl frowned, muttering “This-this is just too horrible… why do they keep coming? They know they’re only going to die, so why do they continue to attack? Now that I think about it rationally… why are we even fighting them?”

Talia suddenly appeared by her side, “Our purpose is clear, is it not? We are protecting the Dwarves from these filthy creatures. However, our true reason for assisting them, is obviously to obtain Favor from the Goddesses. If exterminating thousands of insignificant creatures allows us to obtain Epic equipment, then what is there to feel guilty about?”

Elina stared at her, asking “Have you always been this ruthless? How are you even slightly ‘Innocent’ anyway?!”

The High-Elf sneered, “Murder implies that the killing is unjustified; this is a war, and they are the enemy. If we do not annihilate them, then our allies will be slaughtered instead. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to murder?”

Without pausing for a moment, the Huntress was firing at least one arrow every second, the entire time she was speaking. The Oracle sighed, and shook her head, “Hehehe~, I think I finally know why Michael decided to invite you into our little group. Hah~, you’re just as ridiculous as the rest of us…”

A wry smile appeared on Talia’s thin lips, before she swiftly flew away and began bombarding the enemies from a different angle. When Elina’s mana-pool finally recovered to full, she opened her ‘Eye of Sol’ again, and unhesitantly continued her own brutal massacre.

The only member of Michael’s team who wasn’t doing anything constructive, was Alice. That beautiful dragoness had managed to return her scales to their normal and healthy orange luster, but she was still suffering from the aftereffects of that ‘Temporary Elite’ injection.

She had chugged all ten Health Potions, and retreated towards the northern ramparts. Since all of the enemies were crowding around the southern, eastern and western walls, the cannons in the north weren’t being fired.

Alice groaned and held her hands against her fin-like ears, roaring “Ugh, so noisy… my head~! Arg~, it’s been so long since I had side-effects this bad! From now on, I need more test subjects! Grah~!” With every explosion, she felt as if her skull was going to burst open.

Even with the arrival of Michael’s group, and their overpowered assistance, it still required quite a bit of time and effort to eliminate fifty-thousand enemies: regardless of how weak they had been. At one point, a decent amount of Demi-Orcs began reaching the eastern ramparts and a few Feline Dwarves were nearly killed, but with a glance from Elina’s ‘Eye of Sol’, they were vaporized. Not only that, but even those cat-people who were dying from lacerations, punctured lungs and other serious injuries, were miraculously healed.

Unfortunately, as that spell increased in level and became more powerful, its mana-cost was similarly raised. She didn’t have the option of lowering the intensity to reduce the effect and expense, so she was forced to stop using it as much eventually.
Michael managed to raise his ‘Arcane Bolt’ and ‘Electrical Discharge’ to level-eight. Sarah’s ‘Seed of Darkness’ reached level-three, and she was able to reanimate thirty-people at a time. Aside from that, there weren’t any other great gains from the battle, because all of the opponents were far too pathetic.

At the end, there was nothing but corpses, and several hundred Zombified or Skeletal Goblins and Orcs. They were mindlessly devouring the corpses of their fallen brethren, but no one even wasted the ammo required to exterminate them.

Gazing out across the ‘Killing Fields’, the Nephilim asked “Dafuck, is that it? Why the hell didn’t they send anything stronger over here?!” After venting his irritation, Michael turned to Captain Shiro and Vice-Captain Beverly, saying “Welp, our time’s up… It’s been fun-ish, but the Battleground is technically over, so there ain’t much more we can do now.”
On the northern ramparts of the crudely-built stone castle, Alexander and his two wives were glaring at that brightly-glowing man. Even if they couldn’t ‘Identify’ him from such a distance, they were fairly sure that he was the one that they were hoping to capture.

Aria grumbled “Ain’t he supposed ta be a ‘Tank’? All I saw the bastard do the whole time was shoot magic outta his fuckin hands!” She still wasn’t completely convinced that he was truly their target.

Nataly’s entire body was literally surrounded by bright-red flames, as she glared at the distant ‘Human’ and growled “It’s definitely him! I can feel it… like my blood is boiling, just by looking at that monster! I hate him, even if he isn’t the one who murdered my baby, I would still want to kill him! Besides, you both saw how powerful they are… Even if they were merely crushing that insignificant trash, they were still impressive enough.”

Alexander smirked, “Now, it’s just a matter of time… before they come over here and fall into our trap. Heh-heh-heh~…” Two minutes passed and he muttered “Why aren’t they coming over here?” Seven beams of light fell from the artificial-sky and an instant later, the target of their hatred had vanished.

The flaw in their plot, was that they didn’t understand the mechanics of Battlegrounds. Once the actual combat had ended, the ‘match’ was over, and they couldn’t stay there any longer, even if they had wanted to.

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    • Idk, magic? lol I’m writing chapter 215 atm. Yesterday I woke up, edited 6 chapters in a row, then scheduled them all, and after doing other things that I can’t really remember, I was going to go to sleep and just call it a break-day from writing…. Then I wrote a whole chapter in about an hour, and when I was going to go to sleep again, I somehow ended up writing 90% of chapter 214 rofl. There’s just an endless supply of things that Michael and the others need to do, yet I usually end up getting side-tracked by spontaneous orgies or random apocalyptic battles lol. They literally can’t go anywhere without causing a catastrophe of some sort roflmao.

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  1. … well that fight was nothing more than a slaughter-fest and points for their skills. Still useful in the long run as they have a few more powerful skills as a result.
    Funny though.
    And my daily dose of insanity has ended.

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    • ya but them skill lvl increases not always good it seems they seem to be in real need of gear that lessens mana consumption or increases regen with the rate of increase per lvl unless they need to start focusing on lvling the affinity and control of the spells since them mana increases per lvl get harsh for there small mana pools even if the spell do more damage lol.

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  2. And thus all the best laid plans of man fall to the plans of heaven. Or in this case being stupid and trying to turtle to get an enemy to come kill you so you can trap him is a stupid plan if the enemy doesn’t care to bother attacking where the trap is.

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