Chapter 179: A Few Minutes Late

“Nyahahahaha~! Fear me, hideous green monsters! For I am the bringer of chaos, the ruler of damnation, the… Nyah~, I forgot the rest of the speech?!” Jasmine wearing her black tank-top, blue jean-shorts, and wielding those two snubnose revolvers. She wouldn’t normally be able to stand out so much, but she was also riding on top of Inari’s back.

Thus, she was a whole four meters in the air and gazing down at the tens of thousands of Orcs and Goblins, as if they were nothing but insects. The second largest person in the party was obvious the three-meter tall orange-scaled dragoness, who was wearing a fiery-red mage’s robe.

Talia was third, though none of that really mattered, because they were in the middle of a huge fruit-tree orchard. Most of their surroundings were cut-off by the various plant life, and if they weren’t being so obnoxious, then they probably could have gone unnoticed.

Well, it still would have been impossible, since those seven beams of light had already given away their position. It also didn’t help that a certain angelic cat-girl was casually flying a few dozen meters in the air, and glowing brightly.

Surprisingly, Michael and Sarah didn’t even have their equipment activated, and they seemed rather unenthusiastic compared to everyone else. He yelled “Wait, stop, seriously, JJ, don’t go on a rampage! We were too late… The Battleground is already over. It still teleported us here, but I’m pretty sure that it was just a glitch. Even if we massacred all of them, we wouldn’t even get anything out if it. Ugh, for fuck’s sake, even their leader is only level eighteen!”

Hearing that, Inari shrunk down to the size of a horse and Jasmine complained “Wah~! But-but-but~, I wanna kill peoples~! Nyah~, this is so~ lame~!”

Elina slowly glided down and landed behind her, “Calm down JJ, I’m sure that we can just go to another Battleground, right?”

The dragoness quickly put out the tree that she accidentally set on fire, and asked “Didn’t you say that we would be teleported to some place after the fight was over?”

Michael grumbled “Yeah… it broke. Now, we’re basically stuck here. Well, that’s not really true, cause we can always use ‘Return Home’ and go back. We can also choose a different Battleground, but I don’t see any other ones happening in the Dwarven Republic right now. Besides, we came all the way out here, and I figured that we could probably do some Quests, right? Also, Jasmine, didn’t you mention that your father would be worried about you disappearing suddenly?”

“Nyah~, Daddy’s probably at home, watching hardcore incest loli nekomimi hentai… or maybe he’s in jail for killing people again? Meow, not that they could keep him there for long though. Daddy is super~ OP! I think he was rank-A and level-eighty…” The tiny cat-girl suddenly revealed some shocking information, but only Talia and Elina seemed surprised.

The angelic cat-girl asked “JJ… wasn’t Uncle Jason only at rank-E and level-twenty when the two of you left?”

Jasmine holstered her pistols, and then placed her left index finger onto her lower-lip, while tilting her head and twitching her fluffy black ears back and forth. Finally, she mentioned “Daddy learned a neat spell called… umm~, nyah~, phoenix something? He also had to kill lots and lots of mean monsters too! Un, he also made loads of people go boom!”

As they were leisurely talking among themselves, and completely ignoring the hordes of insignificant Demi-Goblins and Demi-Orcs, a loud and deep voice shouted “Who the hell are you bastards?!”

A two-meter tall, grey-skinned, muscle-bound woman, with light-brown irises and long, black dreadlocks, walked towards the seven ‘intruders’ and her army swiftly moved out of the way. The Stone Orc’s elven ears weren’t much different from a Human’s, though they were certainly pointed. Two small white tusks came from her lower jaw, but they weren’t as noticeable as the male equivalent.

Michael muttered “She’s a Boss… but that HP, seriously? Wait, that’d probably be a lot, right? It’s hard to tell anymore. I’m already used to how ridiculous the Dungeon Bosses are… Well, a thousand health is still twice what I have at the moment, but her Defense Rating can’t be very high. I’d say that Sarah can probably two-shot her, and I could one-shot her for sure. Talia could do it in two or three… Inari might have some trouble, Jasmine would definitely die, and Elina’s the healz, so there’s no reason for her to solo a Boss. Hmmm~, Alice, do you think you could take her?”

Hearing that, Toraka was about to attack, but Jake immediately whispered “Don’t fight them! They’re all over level-twenty! None of them are even Elites, but their stats… Dear Terra, that equipment! The Dark-Goblin is wearing all Epics and even has Legendary sword sheathed on her back!”

Alice used ‘Identification’ on the woman, and shrugged, “Maybe, I don’t really know… I did want to test out my new spells, but I don’t know how effective they’ll be against a Boss?”

Suddenly, the soil between the two parties began rumbling and a three-meter tall feminine golem, made out of stone, burst out of the ground. It had bright-green, crystalline eyes, and the rest was completely brown, but that appearance made Michael ask “Ah, has the Goddess of Earth finally appeared? It’s about damn time, huh?”

The Avatar of Terra chuckled loudly, and an invisible barrier forced the thirty-thousand miscellaneous Orcs and Goblins far away from everyone else. Staring up at that being, Toraka fell to her knees, along with Jake, who also had the Earth Affinity.

Aside from Talia, who was bowing respectfully to the Goddess, the other six barely even reacted. Alice took a few steps forward and the golem smiled at her, before gazing at the Stone Orc, and eventually turning towards Michael.

However, she wasn’t looking at him, but the nearly invisible figure that was floating behind his back, “Arcana… I knew that you wouldn’t be able to resist.”

A terrifyingly potent Arcane aura completely suppressed Terra’s for a moment, as the elven woman giggled. She whispered “Pretend that ‘we’ aren’t here.” indicating that there were actually several other ‘higher’ Goddesses, who were spectating.

After sighing dramatically, the golem finally explained “The reason that I’m here, is to make an offer to the two of you. Well, not really an offer… more like a bet, probably? The two of you will have a duel, and the winner will receive a rank-D Essence of Terra, from me, cause I’m Terra, or at least an Avatar of Terra. If you lose, I’ll bring you back to life, but the price will be…”

Michael muttered “Go on…” but even after three minutes of awkward silence, she couldn’t think of anything.

Eventually, Arcana suggested “You could have them sacrifice fifty gold coins, though there isn’t much of a point. Regardless of the outcome, Alice will be resurrected by the ‘System’ and I believe that the prize is rather, bland.”

Alice asked “What exactly ‘is’ and Essence of Terra? No offense, but I really don’t want to become a rock-woman.”

At that point, Toraka finally came out of her dazed state and yelled “I’ll do it! Even if there was no reward, I would still do anything for you Goddess!”

Then Jake shouted “I’ll do it too! I mean, I don’t think I can win, but I’ll still try, for you!” His rank was only ‘F’ and his level was fourteen, so even against Jasmine, he would have been killed rather easily.

The Nephilim casually stepped forward and asked “Ah, is this an Earth-only thing, or can I try too? Well, if I used my sword, I’d one-shot her, but if I don’t, she might actually have a chance…”

Terra had her stone mouth open for a few seconds, before she turned towards Arcana, and was told “It is your decision… but I suggest that Michael has to engage in combat without the aid of any equipment… for the sake of fairness.”

However, he immediately took a few steps back and complained “How the hell is that fair? I definitely won’t be able to win under those conditions! I mean, I might be pretty good at fighting, but I ain’t a fucking martial-arts expert! Besides, there’s no way that it won’t be super-awkward! Now if you’re telling me to wrestle naked with Alice, then I give it a try.”

The dragoness snickered, walking a bit closer to her opponent and saying “Regardless of whether I win or lose, at least I’ll be able to test out my new spells properly… and drugs.” A huge syringe, filled with an ominous silver liquid, suddenly appeared in her left hand.

Alice pulled down the neck of her robe and exposed most of her left breast; then she shoved that massive needle into her scales, through the muscles and fat, passing between two of her ribs and stabbing directly into her draconic heart. Watching that scene, Elina gasped, Talia sighed, Michael was laughing hysterically, and Toraka was completely confused.

When she pressed down on the plunger, her fiery aura exploded in all directions, and was amplified by the violent wind that began swirling around her body. Then it was nullified by the water, which quickly turned to steam and continued flowing like a tempest.

Those brown, snake-like eyes, dilated so wide, that it appeared as if her pupils were completely circular. She sent the syringe back into her inventory and breathed out a torrent of flames directly into the sky. Alice moaned in a loud and deep voice, before sighing in relief, as she focused on the enemy before her. That raging aura instantly retracted back inside of her flesh, and she ‘smiled’, “Okay, I’m all good now. Heh-heh~, ah~, I think I might get addicted to this if I’m not careful~…”

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  1. Did she just?… I think she just did… But I’m not certain if she really just did take some elemental steroids in front all the Goddesses… Is that cheating or not? I can’t tell since it hasn’t started yet…

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