Chapter 178: Returning to the Warfront

“Here, these are Experience Potions… I made a few dozen of them last night. They should only work on people below level-five though. For the best effect, give them to level-zeros.” Alice casually said that, as she handed thirty of the green vials to Daniel. Then she walked over to the freezer and placed her right palm on the panel, muttering “How much meat would they eat in a couple days? Hmmm, okay, I think this is enough.”

After that, she walked over to the shelves that were filled with empty Arcane containers and grabbed a large can. It suddenly had a picture of a rhinoceros on it and if she wasn’t channeling her aura into it, she would never have been able to lift it with all of her strength.

Thus, Alice walked over and handed the can to Daniel, while seriously warning “Do not stop infusing this with your mana, or it will weigh at least ten tons. Don’t try to pour out the contents unless you’re in a very large and open space… or you may die. Bring this back here after it’s empty.”

Then she took out a wooden box, filled with ten mysterious white pills, and gave it to Arnold. She told him “These… will cause a person to experience a rank-G angelic evolution, hopefully. Make sure to give them to unranked people, preferably in an environment with a high concentration of Light mana.”

After spending most of the day and night practicing, she managed to become a level-two, Intermediate Alchemist. The dragoness also made sure to learn four new combat-related spells as well.

Of course, she wasn’t the only person who was ‘crafting’ all night. Laying at the center of the Necropolis, on the frozen soil, Michael was in his neutral form and Sarah was curled up onto his chest.

He was having a deeply disturbing dream, when he suddenly woke up and looked around with his wisp. There were two Human Skeletons, standing next to three hideously disfigured Human Zombies.

The Nephilim complained “Ugh, so gross… the Ghouls aren’t quite as bad.” as he glanced at two other ‘corpses’. Both of them appeared exactly the same as each other, and were identical to how Michael looked as a Human. The only difference, was that they had extremely pale and lifeless skin, similar to a body that had been dead for several hours. He wondered “Are these things going to stay like that forever, or will they start rotting eventually? Well, either way, we finally ran out of corpses, huh? I guess we’re gonna have to start using animals… or other people.”

“Necromancy Level 5: Capable of creating simple skeletons, zombies, ghouls, wraiths, and aberrations. Able to utilize 50% of their Aura stat every second, in order to form a mana-core. The Necromancer must be more than five levels above the remains, and the original mana-core must first be removed.” The higher the level of her Profession became, the faster she would be able to ‘manufacture’ more undead, and the ‘types’ that were possible to create, also increased.

“Stop fucking talking to yourself!” Sarah was very sensitive to light and sounds, so she was typically a very light sleeper.

He grumbled “I can’t help it! Besides, we need to get up now anyway… There’s finally another battle in the Dwarven Republic, and it’s starting in like, ten minutes.”
The little girl yawned loudly, and stretched out her arms and legs at the same time, while still laying on top of him. She complained “We haven’t even eaten anything yet… Ugh, and I have ta piss.”

Michael snickered, then ‘Whispered’ “Attention all Companions! I know you’re all awake and in the fucking kitchen, but you have like nine-minutes and forty seconds before we’re all teleported into a warzone! Talia, make sure to pack breakfast for everyone! Elina, go force some goddamn clothes on your pussy… It was a joke, but seriously, make sure Jasmine brings her guns and prepares some bullets too. Inari, hurry up and go tell your little jungle-friends to protect the town while we’re gone. Also, let that ogress and cat-girl know that they’ve been demoted from Resident to Citizen. Make sure they remove that horrible eyesore from my backyard and move into one of the houses in the town.

“Umm, oh yeah, Elina, what happened to that weird little monkey? Whatever, I don’t really care either way. Let’s see… I feel like there’s other stuff too, but I can’t really remember. Are there other Companions that I forgot about? Alice just needs to bring some drugs, I guess, but there’s probably something else… Meh~, doesn’t matter! Yay~, we’re going to have our first Battleground as a team~!”
Since the Battle of Fort Resilience, the New Goblin Empire had become eerily quiet. The Dwarven Republic’s Department of Defense was using that time to fortify their most vulnerable cities, rather than making an offensive of their own. ‘Turtling’ was the key to their survival over the millennia after all.

Even if they were typically a short-lived race, the general populace was able to live relatively long and comfortable lives, due to their advanced medical technologies. Of course, just because they had superior science, it didn’t meant that they neglected magic.

However, there were various laws and political nonsense that caused them to stagnate at a certain point, without ever progressing. The main problem was simply that their ancestors already created everything for them and even if they reached the epitome of their various Professions, they eventually reached a plateau.

Low-level Gunsmithing was designed to only create archaic firearms and projectiles, such as cannons, muskets and flintlock pistols. The level of those items would usually be ‘set’ anywhere from one to twenty. If someone’s skill was high enough, they would be able to lower the level requirements, and ‘divine’ artifacts followed different rules.

It wasn’t only weapons though, even vehicles typically required a certain level, Class, Profession, etcetera. The original Players designed such methods, so that the whole world wouldn’t suddenly become extremely advanced.

Of course, it was then twisted and manipulated, until many artisans began making their wares impossible for other races to use. Thus, even after the New Goblin Empire began conquering Dwarven cities, they were unable to use those guns and without electricity, most of the appliances didn’t work. They still continued their conquest though, because they wanted more food, power, comfort, pleasure, and some simply enjoyed the violence and brutality.
With no regard for their own lives, the Demi-Goblins and Demi-Orcs charged in between the two huge towers. Each of those colossal fortifications was covered in cannons and constantly fired into the massive horde.

A few hours earlier, the Ogre Empress herself had gotten bored and went for a stroll, casually obliterating the gigantic steel gates and walking into Oregon City’s farm. She merely stole a few dozen papayas and went back to her palace, without ‘directly’ killing anyone.

However, immediately after her departure, it wasn’t surprising that a flood of relatively weak Hobgoblin and Orc commanders would try to seize such an opportunity. Without that barricade to protect them, the Dark Dwarves needed to send out hundreds of Shield Warriors, Black Knights, and Heavy Shotgunners to block off the passageway.

The attack was far too sudden, and they needed to survive long enough to evacuate all of the citizens. With the support of dozens of Healers, it was possible for those level-ten to fifteen Tanks to hold off the invading hordes of unranked and nearly level-less soldiers.

At least, that would have been the case, if it weren’t for the ten or so Hobgoblin Assassins that were mixed in with the mob. Three minutes into the fight, they all revealed themselves and massacred the defenseless Priests of Umbra, Shadow Priestesses, and Darkness Mages.

Then they began attacking the Tanks from behind, and after a few seconds, there was nothing stopping them from entering the farm. Their forces were still being heavily suppressed by the cannon-fire and hundreds were killed every minute, but there were nearly fifty-thousand in total.

It was an absurd number, but that just displayed the terrifying reproductive capabilities of Succubi and Incubi. Fortunately, there was a secondary gateway, preventing them from actually entering the city.

After a whole six minutes had passed, the entire ‘battle’ had technically ended, and all that remained, was spreading out and ravenously devouring the hundreds of acres of food. They simply didn’t have the power to get passed that door, and there was no point trying to break it down with rusty iron swords, axes and spears. Even most of those ‘leaders’ were merely rank-F, level-fifteen Elites.

Toraka was a bulky, two-meter tall, grey-skinned Stone Orc Brawler, who managed to reach level-eighteen and rank-E, through decades of arduous training. The woman was wearing a light leather vest and a matching pair of tight shorts, but nothing else. No weapons or other armor, she was furiously using her bare fists to beat on that thick, steel, gate.

She was a Boss, and mainly used Earth magic to reinforce her Strength, Vitality and Endurance. Toraka did know quite a few useful offensive spells as well, but if she could only put small dents in that metal barrier with her basic Attack Rating, then she knew that there wouldn’t be much of a point.

A lithe and feminine Hobgoblin Ranger came over to her, complaining “Don’t worry, we won, even if we can’t make it into the city, we still won! Now stop wasting your energy and come try this! It’s a fruit called… an avocado, I believe?”

Letting out a long sigh, she turned around and accepted the black object from his hand, and asked “How the hell are ya supposed ta eat it?”

To that, he pulled out a clean combat knife and swiftly sliced it in half, while she was still holding it. The blade easily passed straight through the seed, but he made sure to tell her “Just get rid of that part in the middle… Then squeeze the green stuff out into your mouth.”

She followed his instructions and after tasting the strange goop, she grinned, “Damn, that’s fuckin delicious! These lazy Dwarven bastards… they hide in their cities, enjoying all kinds uh crazy luxuries, and then they rely on those shitty exploders! Grah~! Pisses me off! Jake, didn’t ya say that the asshole that killed my big bro was actually some kinda birdman?”

That Ranger snickered, explaining “No, he was an Angel of some sort… and I heard that there was also a Dark-Goblin who was helping him. Well, this is just a rumor, since there were only a handful of Spies that managed to witness what happened from a distance. The strangest thing, was that they were both under level-fifteen… Supposedly, they were using lots of ‘divine’ gear.”

At that moment, seven beams of blinding light, fell from the artificial sky and landed near the center of the farm. There was a loud howl, as a massive green Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox appeared, followed by what sounded like a dragon’s roar, and then a hysterical laughter.

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  1. honestly the last part sounded like some kind of doomsday.
    instead of then the 4 horsemen came and raveged the world…
    mike and his friend came and came everywhere on the world… lel

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  2. “Total slaughter, total slaughter, I won’t leave a single one alive, lade-dade-die, genocide, lade-dade-da, and ocean of blood. Lets begin the killing time.”
    For some reason I found that to be appropriate.

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