Chapter 177: Visiting the Holy Mountain

As a person becomes more powerful and gains higher stats, their ability to ‘craft’ becomes much more profound. Thus, ‘normal’ unranked and level-zero humanoids were typically unable to accomplish much, even if they spent their entire lives toiling away at their various jobs.

However, the reason that most people didn’t go off and hunt magical-beasts, was obviously because it was incredibly dangerous. They simply didn’t have the motivation or courage to risk their lives in order to improve themselves.

Cities were typically ‘safe-zones’, but in such places, the greatest threat were usually their rulers. In a small village like Luxiana, they had to worry more about random bandit attacks, or magical-beasts.

Unlike Carrabelle Plains, Michelle’s Prairie wasn’t warm all year round; they had four seasons, and since the winter was coming up soon, having almost all of their crops incinerated, would have typically led to them starving to death. Of course, they probably would have been killed by the horde of rabbits, if they hadn’t slowed them down with that reckless maneuver.

In such a situation, they would have needed to completely rely on fishing in the stream and hunting, to feed roughly thirteen-hundred people. However, the appearance of Elina and her Companions was simply too shocking and confusing for most people in Luxiana to comprehend.

Even after spending the night in their new homes, it was still too absurd and ridiculous. There was also something else… Across from the docs, was the entrance to the ‘Holy Mountain’, also known as ‘Michael’s Waterfall Sanctuary’.

Many of the pilgrims wished to pay homage to their Goddess by reaching the summit and praying, but there was a terrifyingly enormous monster guarding the cliffs. There were many other routes as well, but within the jungle were all kinds of magical-beasts and other dangers.

Michael set it so that all Citizens were able to enter and exit from his ‘territory’, the same as Residents, and that included his mountain. Riding upon the small wooden fishing boats that were created along with the docks, Village Chieftain Arnold and Daniel the Survivor were leading a small group of brave adventurers towards the waterfall.

It was technically morning, but still dark out, so Cunty was wide awake and munching on a few rhino-snacks. When a slightly feminine Monk called out “Greetings mighty guardian of the Holy Mountain! We have come to meet with the Oracle of Lux, Elina!” the monster’s gargantuan serpentine eyes, suddenly focused on them.

However, contrary to her appearance, the former Goblin-granny was actually extremely friendly. She quickly crawled over to them and used all four of her gigantic hands to pick up the ‘tiny’ boats, lifting them up to her face, as she stood upright.

“H-hello there… m-my name is Cunty. I-I’m not anything so amazing as a g-guardian… The little angel told me to help people reach the top of the waterfall, so I g-guess that’s what I’m supposed to do?” The monstrous creature had a stutter and spoke in a surprisingly quiet and high-pitched voice, but most of the adventurers were still terrified of it.

Since the cliff was slightly higher than one-hundred meters, it didn’t require her to put forth much effort to reach up and drop the boats onto the grass. After swiftly exiting the vehicle, Daniel yelled “Thank you for the assistance!” and began leading the other ten people towards that mysterious log-cabin.

Arnold walked up to the front door and knocked a few times, and then muttered “Maybe they’re sleeping?” However, at that moment, there was a loud barking, followed by a series of growls.

Their group was completely surrounded by wolves, but when a Hunter fired an arrow at one of those animals, it was blocked by an invisible barrier. Daniel immediately scolded “How dare you! These are obviously sacred beasts! Do you wish to incur Michael’s wrath?!”

Suddenly, one of the ‘Spirit Wolves’ transformed into an elderly Goblin woman, who was obviously completely naked. The leader of their pack barked a few times, and she translated “Only two of you may enter, the rest must stay outside.”

Arnold and the others immediately knelt down before Inari and Daniel pointed to the Village Chieftain, “Great Sacred Beast, please allow myself and this man to enter your holy domain!”

Hearing that, the Dire Wolf came before them and suddenly transformed into the shape of a Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox. Her bright blue eyes were glowing, as she growled and walked over to the door.

She stood-up on her hind legs and used her paws to turn the doorknob, though it did take her a while. After that, she casually entered inside, and the two men followed.

They were welcomed with the scent and sound of delicious rhinoceros steaks being cooked in a frying pan. However, what the two men were most surprised about, was that the house was so cold, even though it was still quite warm outside. They continued to follow Inari, as she happily trotted into the kitchen, and barked at the chubby Cat-Tribe Priestess. She turned and immediately shouted “Arnold and Daniel?! How did the two of you get here?!”

The first to react was the middle-aged Village Chief, since he easily recognized her. He ran over and hugged the grey-robed woman and yelled “Laura, you look so young! What happened to you?!”

After he let go of her, she immediately ran over to Daniel and hugged him tightly, “Auntie Jacobs?!”

She giggled and explained “It’s this mansion! I’ve only been here for a few days, but I already look and feel like I’m young again…” Then she asked again “Wait, how did the two of you get here?”

Arnold laughed heartily, as he revealed “We just went across the river… Oh, I guess your daughter hasn’t told you yet, huh? She said that ‘Michael’ moved the whole mountain and placed it right next to Luxiana. After that, he used some kinda crazy godly magic to well, you’ll see if you go outside. That isn’t important though, I’m just glad to see that you’re doing fine.”

“I’m so hungry~ nyah~…” At that moment, a completely naked black-haired cat-girl entered the room. She had incredibly large breasts, was roughly five feet tall and had golden irises.

Daniel quickly averted his eyes, but not before ‘Identifying’ her: “Jasmine Jade the Heretic, Level-21 Chaotic Slimy Feline Succubus Gunslinger, Rank-D.” The little girl had evolved before going to sleep, and her ‘Body of Slime’ had reached level-five.

Her stats were also improved dramatically: +28 Aura, +10 Charisma, +10 Perception, +5 Intelligence, +5 Wisdom. She even received a new Passive: “Succubus Blood Level 1: Increases arousal by 10%, Willpower by 5 and Charisma by 1. Can increase the Aura stat by ingesting blood, saliva, semen and vaginal secretions from Companions.”

However, even after reading her title, that faithful Monk wasn’t disgusted… because he was also branded as a heretic before. Arnold on the other hand, stared at the woman for a few moments, before asking “Helena… is that you?”

Then Jasmine suddenly shrunk down to only a meter in height, and she casually greeted “Nyah~, oh hi Uncle Arnold, it’s been awhile… meow.” She glared at him for a few seconds and then started smiling while walking over to the stove, “Oh~, it looks so tasty~ nyah~!”

The next person to enter the kitchen was a two-meter tall, beautiful High-Elf, who was yawning and stretching her arms out. She was wearing a pink nightgown, and her hair was a complete mess.

When Talia noticed the two strangers, she frowned and complained “Did either of you even consider for a moment… who was going to have to clean up that mess?” One was wearing muddy boots, the other had white-leather shoes, and Inari was casually tracking plenty of dirt all over the floor as well.

A huge dragonic hand smacked against her back and pushed her out of the doorway, then Alice let out a deafening roar and even breathed fire out of her mouth: towards the ceiling. Seeing that, Laura asked “Umm, who are you?”

She immediately retorted “I’m someone who lives in this house; who the hell are you?”

Before the chubby Priestess had the chance to respond, a white-robed, angelic cat-girl came in through the other door and answered “She’s my mother, and even if this kitchen is huge, it’s starting to get kinda crowded…”

Finally, Laura asked “It’s nice to see you again so soon, but what exactly did you come here for?”

Arnold sighed, turning back towards the Priestess and telling her “Well, the crops are almost completely gone, and the storehouse is just… We’re here because there’s thirteen-hundred people in town and all we have is a couple hundred cabbages, some lettuce and a bunch of carrots. It’s enough to feed everyone for about a day, if we ration it properly. That’s why we came here so early; We were hoping that we could make some sort of deal with… Michael.”

However, the red-robed dragoness was actually the first one to make an offer: “Ah, we have literal tons of food, so it isn’t a big deal… But, there’s no reason to give away anything for free, right? How would you like to participate in umm… ‘clinical trials’? Don’t worry, it isn’t anything bad, you just have to test out a few ‘potions’, ‘elixirs’ and ‘pills’ for me.”

Of course, Michael had already told her ahead of time, that it wouldn’t be long before some of the villagers came begging for hand-outs. He also taught her a few phrases and words to use when tricking people into becoming guinea pigs for her experiments.

A mysterious green vial appeared in Alice’s right hand, and she casually tossed it over to the Village Chief. After catching it, he nervously removed the cork and Daniel asked “W-what exactly does this do?”

Yet, without waiting for the answer, Arnold quickly drank the sweet-smelling potion, as if he was taking a shot of liquor. A few moments passed and his body suddenly began glowing brightly, followed by a feminine voice, announcing “You have reached level-four.”

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