Chapter 89: An Arcane Kitchen

It wasn’t merely the furnishings that changed; even the walls, windows, doors, ceiling and flooring were dramatically altered. In moments, the wood had transformed into what appeared to be glass; yet, behind that was what seemed like colorful streams of dimly glowing plasmas.

The first object to appear, was a large kitchen counter, which spanned the entire northern wall. On the southern side was a decent-sized table, which had four Human-sized chairs spread around it.

Everything was created from what appeared to have been quartz, and while it wasn’t completely transparent, it was still quite beautiful. Michael sat down on one of the chairs and complained “Yup, it feels like it’s made out of stone.”

Fortunately, with his superhuman Defense Rating, there wasn’t much discomfort. Then, the eastern and western sides of the room were covered with crystalline shelves.

Oddly enough, all of the dry food and preservatives that had been laying in the corner, had suddenly vanished. At the same time, the empty shelves were lined with containers labeled after the contents that were inside.

The entire two-hundred and fifty pounds of rice had been placed in a glass bottle that looked as if it could only hold eight ounces at most. Crystalline jars were spread out on one of the shelves, each with the name of a different type of pasta on it.

However, even though it ‘looked’ like there was a small amount inside of the containers, when Michael tried to lift the ‘rice’ bottle, he noticed that the weight was ridiculous. With his unbuffed Strength, it was difficult for him to lift it with one hand.

Yet, once he channeled some of his aura into it, the glass became so light that even Elina would have been able to easily move it. There was also a small box that was labeled ‘Green Tea’ and when he opened it, there were several tea-bags stacked inside.

When he pulled one out, it was immediately replaced by another. Yet, he was still able to shove it back inside. The confused man sighed dramatically and just put it back on the shelf, muttering “Nope, not gonna think about it. Maybe when my Intelligence reaches five-hundred or so, I’ll be able to understand ridiculous bullshit like that?”

Above the counter, several glass cabinets appeared and were filled with dozens of crystalline spice-containers. When he investigated them, they even had special openings, so that he could sprinkle them out a little at a time.

Michael smirked, as the sink finally materialized. Instead of handles on the sides, there were floating illusory orbs: One was red and the other blue.

He waved his hand through one of them and hot water began pouring out of the faucet, the other activated cold. However, the maximum and minimum temperatures were unreasonable.

As he channeled a bit of mana into the right, pure steam was fired out of the opening. Then, the left could create water that was so cold, it froze the moment that it touched the drain. Michael smirked, “Yup, even the sink is overpowered…”

After that were the ‘Temporal Freezer,’ and ‘Eternal Refrigerator,’ which appeared to the left of the kitchen counter. Rather than simply lowering the temperature, both of them possessed capabilities similar to his extra-dimensional bag-space.

The special effect was that he could instantly remove the heat from the items that were stored within, by accessing a touch-screen panel on the doors. Strangely enough, the physical structure was designed to appear similar to the kind that he was familiar with. Yet, when he opened either side, it was as if there was a gigantic, pure-white room within.

Michael walked inside of the refrigerator, and felt extremely cold, but the temperature was still slightly above freezing. He looked around for a few moments, before randomly dumping all of the apples, pomegranates and grapefruits he was keeping in his bags.

After leaving and closing the door, he pressed a button on the panel, and opened it again. There was a metal shelf inside, and sitting on the middle rack was an apple, a pomegranate, and a grapefruit.

When he removed an apple, it was immediately replaced by a different one. He set the green fruit back on the rack and it vanished. Then he entered the ‘Temporal Freezer,’ which was very cold, but it wasn’t set so low that he would die from it.

Suddenly, a gigantic t-rex sized dinosaur was released from his inventory, minus the five mana-cores. The huge Demonic Raptor of Darkness was completely intact, and although it was spasming slightly, it was definitely dead.

Aside from that, he also removed the Bloodworm and Blood Cobra that had been taking up space for far too long. They weren’t exactly worth much to him, but he decided to keep their carcasses anyway.

Considering that the space within the ‘Temporal Freezer’ was absurdly large, he would have been able to store at least a hundred creatures of equal size to that gigantic Boss raptor. Since he didn’t have anything else to throw in there, he quickly left.

It wasn’t until he entered the kitchen again, that he remembered to Equip his ‘armor.’ A very thin silver glove appeared on his left hand, his chest was covered by a white tank-top, and a pair of black boxer-shorts materialized as well.

While they were all technically ‘Equipped,’ they weren’t in an ‘active’ state. Essentially, he was receiving the stats from wearing them, but they had little to no protective value. He was even able to change the color of his Arcane clothing.

Michael muttered “See, this is why crafting Professions are probably useless. I mean, how many years would it take someone to figure out how the fuck to make transformable gear? Besides that, it would probably be nearly impossible or extremely expensive to create anything with the system-assist later on.”

He noticed that the stove had finally appeared on the other end of the counter, so he walked over and started playing with it. Instead of knobs or dials, there were floating illusory orbs above each of the four burners.

An oven also existed in the main body, which had a transparent barrier spell that could be used to prevent heat from escaping it. Just like everything except for the pure-white refrigerator and freezer, the stove was made out of a crystalline material.

Unfortunately, the kitchen set didn’t include knives, plates, glasses, pots, pans, or other similarly important tools. Although, the cabinets below and above the counter were obviously designed to hold plenty of different items.

While remembering his old kitchen, he murmured “Welp, an ice-machine is pointless, because the sink can do that job; a microwave would be nice, but it isn’t a necessity, same with a toaster, blender, coffee-maker, and… Hmmm, what am I forgetting? Oh yeah, a dishwasher… but the superheated sink water could probably work just fine. Aside from that, I’m pretty sure I don’t need a washing-machine or drier, hahaha~. Ugh, we were so ghetto; hell, our house was more like a motherfucking storage closet than anything else!”

Staring at the Arcane mana-core in his hand, he wondered “Now what should I do with this one? Hmmm, it would kinda be a waste to use it to furnish Elina’s bedroom, since she already has a bed; if it can completely fill the kitchen, then her bathroom is also kinda wasteful. I’m a little worried about how it might affect Inari if I feed it to her; what if there’s a bonus-stat limit, and I waste it on Vitality, Strength and Endurance? Ugh, I’m terrible at making decisions!”

Then he finally realized something important, “What about turning one of the unspecified rooms upstairs into a workshop? Hahaha~, I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before! Gah, I’ve been manipulated by my penis too often lately; I completely forgot about something so obvious… If I wanna find out the different Professions, the best way would just be to check the possibilities out.”

28 thoughts on “Chapter 89: An Arcane Kitchen

  1. You have inspiret me to write my own adventure. Granted its not as long as our but ill be using it for a d&d session with friends. no its not based on this universe but your dedicated writing made me see that its only one self that limits.

    Anyways thank you. hopefully my friends will like the adventure. Also epic kitchen, so hardcore.

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    • Yeah, writing is fun… reading is fun too, so I do both… a lot lol. Haven’t had time to play any games lately though :P, but since my computer is always on the bring of disaster, it’s probably better to stick with writing and reading for now lol.


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