Chapter 90: Professional Goals

Michael immediately teleported into the northern room, which was not quite as large as his bedroom, but there was still plenty of space. He utilized his wisp-form to access the ‘Construction’ menu, and glanced at the ridiculously long list of possibilities. However, he needed to narrow them down, so he entered the search parameters: “Profession.”

Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Elementalism, Enchanting, Engineering, Gunsmithing, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, Necromancy, Painting, Runecrafting, Sculpting, Spawning, Summoning, Tailoring: The list seemed to go on forever, and those were just some of the possible workshop-related Professions.

He muttered “If Spawning is creating demonic-beasts, and Elementalism is making Earth, Wind, Fire and Water golems, then what the fuck is Summoning?” However, with just a glance, he had already made his decision.

Healing Classes had resurrection spells past a certain level threshold, and Professions such as Necromancy could possibly return a person who was long dead, back to life. By ‘reactivating’ a person’s mana-core, after their body was in a ‘healthy’ condition, as long as their soul was still present in the universe, it was possible to revive someone.

Yet, without access to their original mana-core and remains, such a ritual would be impossible. Summoning was the exception; whether the target was an item or a golem, they could integrate any kind of wandering spirit or ghost, into an ‘unoccupied’ mana-core.
Michael also had another theory regarding the mysterious Profession, and its relation to the Goddesses and ‘Players.’ He quickly took out “Introduction to the Arcane Arts” and flipped to volume-twelve: “Transcendence.”

When he had first read it, he stopped after the first few chapters, because he was distracted by the miraculous Astral-Step spell… and gambling. However, he remembered reading all the chapter-titles in the volume-index.

After skipping through the hundreds of pages, he finally found it: “Chapter Seven: Transcending Death.” The last three chapters were actually about the Summoning Profession, and gave detailed descriptions of various techniques and abilities that were possible.

Of course, since “Introduction to the Arcane Arts” was merely a general, low-level skill-book, it only explained the possibilities: not how to master the art of Summoning. Fortunately, Michael didn’t need something that complicated anyway.

He muttered “Hmmm~, so basically~… souls are like a cloud of saved data, which becomes trapped in the electromagnetic fields of planets, stars, etcetera. At least for the NPCs who were created in this world, it’s possible for their consciousness to enter a dormant state and just sleep for eons. Although, they usually ‘choose’ to get reincarnated, rather than just loiter around forever. It’s also possible for them to willingly leave this ‘reality’ but they rarely do, for whatever reason. Apparently~, they’re attracted and become attached to random people who stay close to the place of their demise or wherever their soul is lingering: Those creepy old Goblin ghosts for example.

“So~, if I wanna shove these annoying bitches into new bodies, and tell them to fuck-off, I need to have suitable vessels first. Well, it would have been possible to give em back the ones from their ‘saved-data,’ but they would just die from old age again; oh wait, it would be impossible anyway, because they never had mana-cores.

“Ugh, I could shove em into items, but that seems really fucked up. Like, ego-swords sound cool and all… the only problem is that the soul has to actually accept being resurrected that way. Actually, the most important thing is that the person’s original stats will influence the weapon, and it can’t be used on Soulbound shit.

“Besides that, most people would probably wanna be placed in an actual body. Anyway, if I don’t recreate their mana-cores or original bodies, then I have to put them into new vessels. The question is: How the fuck do I do that?” Michael could usually ignore them pretty easily, but when he actually looked around at the myriad of tiny green orbs, he really wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible.

It wouldn’t bother him if they just stayed in their wisp-form all the time, but the three old men and two women would occasionally appear in his sight. If they at least had clothes on, or had a bit more than zero Charisma, he probably wouldn’t have been quite as disturbed. Since he was the one that they were haunting, other people wouldn’t be able to see them under normal circumstances.

He sighed deeply, while glaring at the ‘unconscious’ ghosts and then spend thirty-gold, plus his second Arcane-Light mana-core, to furnish his new workshop. Similar to what happened to the walls, ceiling and floor of the kitchen, everything turned into a transparent crystalline material.

However, instead of beautiful plasmas, it was as if he was staring out into space. There were plenty of stars in the distance; it was even possible to see both the Sun and the Moon at the same time… along with the gigantic serpentine Celestial Dragons that were mating a few million miles away. There were also colossal angelic beings, fighting against undead monstrosities that could be considered planetoids, due to their unreasonable size.

Michael sighed, complaining “Stop fucking and fighting on my wallpaper goddamn it!” Fortunately, everything was so far away that they blended in with the actual planets in the background.

The windows completely disappeared, and the door looked like it was made out of glass; allowing him to see the hallway and staircase that was outside of the ‘workshop.’ Then he started feeling nauseous, as his body suddenly became weightless.

When he tried to take a step, the pressure that he normally needed to walk, forced him into the air. Michael grumbled “Ugh, how the hell am I supposed to do anything constructive in an environment like this?”

Then, on the crystalline floor, ceiling and walls, strange glowing patterns started being etched. In the center of the room, a pitch-black orb that was seven feet in diameter, materialized.

At that instant, the five green wisps were sucked into the strange object, and even his body was being drawn towards it slowly. However, rather than gravity, it was actually his aura that was getting pulled into the sphere.

When he reached that ball of darkness, he was slowly absorbed inside, and found himself standing in an extremely large, cubic, white-room. It was an extra-dimensional space similar to the ones inside of the refrigerator and freezer, but the temperature was comfortable.

He glanced around and noticed that he was standing on a huge black glyph, with a massive ring around it, which had thousands of symbols inscribed within. Michael complained “Ugh, I’m gonna be really pissed off if thousands of years are passing by outside, while I’m dicking around in here…” In fact, it was actually the opposite; time inside was moving roughly twenty-percent faster than ‘normal.’

Outside of the giant seal, the five astral Goblins were floating around aimlessly. The purpose of that huge room was obviously so that he had plenty of space to store the golems or other items that he wanted to place the souls inside of. It was essentially a cubic kilometer without any gravity, so it would be easy for an Arcane-Mage to use their telekinetic abilities to their fullest potential.

After slowly levitating off of the ground, the Nephilim finally realized something extremely important: “Holy shit-sauce, I can definitely fly in here!” Since there was air, as long as he used the giant wings that promptly erupted from his back, he could soar at absurdly high speeds.

With all of his equipment on, his Strength had reached twenty-four, so the power of each flap of those angelic wings, was unreasonably high. Of course, he screamed in pain for three minutes, while trying not to get space-sick, before he could actually test them out.

He grumbled “I really need to learn some Healing spells… Ugh, shouldn’t there be some kinda anti-nausea technique in that damn book?” However, reading while floating around and being extremely disoriented, was definitely not a good idea.

There was also another serious issue: He didn’t know how to actually use those fluffy white wings. It was similar to a person trying to row a boat for the first time, as they were falling down a waterfall.

With the abrupt movement of his left wing, the Nephilim’s weightless body was spun around violently until it eventually slammed into the floor. Michael didn’t receive any damage, but he was bounced away by the recoil and sent towards the ceiling. If he wasn’t afraid of vomiting, he probably would have been yelling and complaining the entire time.

Since there was a whole kilometer between each surface, he didn’t need to worry about crashing again, once he made it close to the center. Unfortunately, he still flailed around helplessly for several hours, before finally figuring out how to ‘row’ that peculiar ‘boat.’

“Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh~… How can I even get fucking motion-sickness anymore?! It doesn’t even make sense! Oun~, I wanna leave~, let me go please~…” The depressed and nauseous Nephilim was very slowly and gently flapping his wings, so that he could stay pressed against that giant complicated seal on the floor, while staying on his hands and knees.

Then he received a notification: “You have been granted Arcana’s Blessing of Mental Fortitude Level 1: Mildly eases psychological discomfort and reduces Arcane damage taken by 5%.”

As soon as he received that passive, Michael’s pounding headache, upset stomach and urge to start crying were almost instantaneously dispersed. He yelled “Thank you, my beautiful and amazing Goddess of Awesomeness!”

Once he was able to concentrate a bit, all he really needed to do was send his wisp-form into the seal on the floor, and he could simply teleport out of that giant cubic space. When the winged man materialized outside, he immediately noticed that the orb had changed from black to white, and was no longer pulling him towards it.

He let out a long sigh of relief, as he slowly flapped his wings towards the door. There were no other furnishings or appliances in the ‘workshop,’ because they weren’t necessary for ‘Summoning.’

According to what was written in the book, all he really needed to do, was use his Arcane aura to ‘download’ the soul into an active mana-core. It wasn’t possible to ‘force’ them to accept the new vessel; instead, he would need to first ‘awaken’ the unconscious spirit, and then convince them using logic, or Charisma.

Thus, to obtain his own Profession, he first had to help Sarah become a proper Necromancer.

19 thoughts on “Chapter 90: Professional Goals

  1. Can you elaborate in the Info dump
    On what does each profession do brieftly just give example and description:
    Cause leather working and Tailoring seem to overlaps

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    • If you’ve ever played WoW or other similar games, Leather Working usually involves leather equipment, while Tailoring has to do with cloth stuff.

      Anyway, it doesn’t really matter enough to the story for me to elaborate lol.


    • Runecrafting… is something that I haven’t talked about yet in the story, so I don’t have an indepth description lol. Probably something similar to creating runic tattoos or engraving runes into weapons, which is similar to enchanting, but counts as something separate? It probably isn’t possible to use on soulbound equipment though: like the kind they receive from the Goddesses. Mainly because they’re already engraved(It’s how they can be worn as tattoos or transform into different shapes, etc.) thus, Runecrafting is kinda pointless for Michael… Back when the first players created it though, it was probably one of the most important Professions lol.

      Spawning is gross, and it’s kinda easy to figure out just by the name and the description “It’s used to create demons.”


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