Chapter 91: Necromantic Relationship

When Michael teleported outside of the basement bathroom, he muttered “Since bullshit ‘extra-dimensional’ magic is so abundant, there’s probably some kinda special… Yup, there it is; the goddamn Gateway to the Necropolis.”

Just like the name suggested, by sacrificing the relatively small space that was formerly a bathroom, he was able to purchase a square kilometer. Of course, it came at the steep price of a level-ten, rank-E, Boss’ mana-core and thirty gold coins.

However, the moment that the eerie gateway of damnation appear before him, the Nephilim felt as if his entire body was freezing and spontaneously combusting at the same time. The feathers on his pure-white wings immediately disintegrated, along with the flesh and muscle, until all that was left were rotting bones.

He screamed “Ow~, what the fucking cunt?!” as he jumped away from the pitch-black double-doors. Then the material of the wood started to warp and change; eventually, it appeared as if there were obsidian bones lining the walls around the former bathroom.

Sarah shouted “Shut the hell up!” as she lazily stood up, off the cold and hard, stone floor. Her bright blue irises and violet sclera were glowing in the nearly light-less room, as she glared at the noisy man.

Michael groaned, as the rotting wing-bones turned into dust and were sucked into that pitch-black gateway. If he had been using the ‘Lightening’ spell, the same thing would have happened to his entire body.

Then he sighed dramatically, before walking over to the Dark-Goblin and telling her “Oh hey, I got you a present. Pack up your-uh ‘my’ skeleton, and let’s find out what the fuck was so damn expensive…”

The naked girl stared at the strange double-doors, and felt the cold chill in the air, wafting towards her. Sarah asked “The hell is that thing?” while unconsciously walking towards the gateway.

He placed his hand on her small, slimy right shoulder, and said “Oi, shove the bones into your inventory first.” as he easily turned her tiny body around. While he was guiding her towards the skeleton, Michael noticed that her Stamina bar was nearly full.

Sarah reached out with her long, worm-like, pitch-black tail and sent the remains into her third bag-slot. She grumbled “How much fucking stronger did you bastards get?”

As they were standing in front of the Gateway to the Necropolis, he snickered and showed her the silver glove on his left hand, and bragged “I finally got my first Epic~, and these underwear are actually Rare armor too.”

The Dark-Goblin complained “You’re such a cunt.” before attempting to pull on the circular handle, but it wouldn’t budge. She yelled “Why the fuck can’t I open this damn thing?!”

Michael tried to touch it, but his right hand nearly became frozen a few inches away, so he muttered “Ya probably have to make some kinda blood-sacrifice?” An Obsidian Wakizashi appeared out of her palm, and she unhesitantly stabbed it into the left side of his throat.

However, since her Attack Rating was so much lower than his Defense Rating, there wasn’t even a scratch. He started laughing hysterically, as he grabbed the back of her neck with his left hand, and slammed her face into the door’s metallic handle.

She screamed “Ow! Fucking asshole!” as a small ‘-17’ appeared above her head. Her nose was broken, and her teeth had torn apart her bright-blue lips, causing large amounts of violet blood to pour out.

He sighed dramatically, and complained “Maybe we just have ta say ‘Open sesame?’ Hmmm, oh wait, I have a better idea… Why don’t we just teleport inside?” However, while he was about to send out his wisp-form, the gates began slowly opening… “Hahahahaha~, oh God, it was a push door!”

Sarah’s injuries were quickly regenerated by the house, but she was still scowling at the hysterically laughing Nephilim. What irritated her more than anything else, was the fact that she couldn’t even hurt him as long as he was wearing that armor: even if it wasn’t activated. She coldly ordered “Take off your clothes, now.”

Without hesitation, Michael Unequipped everything, and smirked at the naked girl who also unsheathed her sword. Contrary to his expectations, she didn’t attack him, but entered into the Necropolis instead.

He followed after her, though he felt as if the temperature was on par with the ‘Temporal Freezer.’ However, instead of a pure white, cubic room, there was actually a dark and cloudy sky above them.

They both glanced around at the eerie plot of land, and noticed that there were huge walls of bone in all four directions. There wasn’t any particular odors or sounds; the ground was covered with frozen soil, but it wasn’t particularly creepy aside from that.

After the walked out to the center of that square kilometer of space, Michael muttered “Welp, I’m sure it’ll end up being a lot more cozy once you fill it with rotting corpses, right? Anyway, it mentioned in the description that Darkness Aura is multiplied by like, ten times in here… so I figure that you should be able to reanimate my corpses way faster.”

Sarah licked the violet blood off of her upper lip and then grinned, while making the skeleton appear on the ground in front of her. Then she stood up and told him “Get on your fucking knees… I’m going to ‘thank’ you.”

He complained “Fine~, but I’m not sucking your worm-hole. I mean, if there weren’t sharp and jagged barbs on it, then I wouldn’t care…” as he did as she commanded. The frozen soil didn’t damage his skin, but it was still extremely cold and uncomfortable. If the two of them didn’t have such incredible eyesight, they wouldn’t have even been able to see each-other in that nearly light-less Necropolis.

The little girl turned away from him, then bent over and lifted her tail up, causing him to become extremely aroused. A level-one, rank-F, Human corpse suddenly appeared below her; its head had been almost completely destroyed.

However, the rest of the body was relatively intact: including its reproductive system. She placed the limp sexual organ into her mouth and chomped down, immediately jerking her head to the left and tearing it off.

She made sure to turn around and show it to him, as she chewed it up and swallowed the relatively fresh and bloody piece of meat. Michael smirked, “Your technique is pretty shitty… but at least you know how to swallow? Hmmm~, if you died, and I kept your corpse, would you be jealous if I fucked it instead of you?”

Sarah walked over to the kneeling man; their faces were at the same height, so she was able to easily wrap her tiny hands around the sides of his neck, while shoving her bright-blue tongue into his mouth. While they were ‘passionately’ kissing, her tail plunged into the gaping hole that she had created and started to devour the corpse’s internal organs.

The Nephilim grabbed the backs of both of her thighs and violently forced his way inside of her. She didn’t scream, even as she was being torn apart, but instead, bit down fiercely into his tongue.

He abruptly stood-up, then used all of his weight to crush her, on top of his headless Human corpse. The fragile rib-cage and sternum was easily shattered, and if they weren’t still technically in the house, her Health would have reached zero.

As her violet blood poured onto and into the Human flesh and bones, it sizzled loudly, before bursting into purple flames. However, Michael didn’t stop what he was doing, and even though Sarah was screaming in pain, she was still wearing that sinister grin the entire time.

Since the two of them were rather preoccupied, they weren’t able to notice that the fumes from that burning corpse were drifting towards that lonely skeleton. As the smoke entered into its nostrils, mouth, eyes, ear-holes and below the jaw, it all condensed inside of the rapidly forming pitch-black pearl.

When they were finally finished violently ravaging each-other, a message popped-up in front of Sarah’s face: “You have created a Darkness Golem: Human Skeleton, Level-1, Rank-G. Stats have been inherited from the original owner.”

[Item Information

Name: None
Titles: None
Level: 1
Experience: 0/10
Age: Adult
Race: Human Skeleton
Rank: G
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 10/10
Mana: 15/15
Stamina: 5/5

Mana Regen per minute: 20
Health Regen per hour: 10
Strength: 3
Vitality: 1
Endurance: 1
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 1
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 2
Perception: 1
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 0
Luck: 0
Aura: .5

Attack Rating: 15
Defense Rating: .5]

40 thoughts on “Chapter 91: Necromantic Relationship

  1. How many professions can a player have? Is it one only or can a player unlock multiple proffesions once they reach a certain stage in their first profession? Or is it like you can get another profession every rank or two?

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    • It’s more like, you can switch to a new profession when you meet certain conditions, but if you want to go back to a profession that you used to have, it costs 1 silver per level of the profession lol. Basically if you wanted to switch professions a lot, it would probably get expensive, but it wouldn’t be that bad. Of course, you can basically have as many as you want, as long as you actually know how to use them? Like, if someone is an amazing artist, and they get rid of their Art-related profession for something else… they won’t stop being an amazing artist lol. The same way that the MC is a Musician, even though he doesn’t have music related professions lol.

      Essentially, with enough time, money, and Intelligence(Cause without enough memory, the person would just forget everything lol) it’s possible for Players or even NPCs, to be masters of a bunch of different professions.


  2. Oh, nice chapter

    So many pink feeling around.

    Or rather stupid feeling

    Come on dude, if the door can’t be pulled, so push it. Didn’t it remind stick man gif with bazooka

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    • Lmao, 00:00 in wordpress time is 8 pm for me :P. I’m gonna keep releasing the story at 8 pm every day… even if I’m not awake at 8 pm, it doesn’t matter now that I’ve discovered the wonders of scheduling rofl

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    • I’m gonna be posting 3 chapters in about 2 and a half to three hours… Chapter 94 freaked me out a bit, and I was the one who wrote it roflmao. The ‘Ew-Factor’ is certainly very high tonight, and the ‘Holy shit! What the fucking fuck did I just expose my fragile brain to?!” is at an all time high in chapter 94 QQ. Well, the sad thing is, my actual dreams are usually a lot more disturbing lmfao.


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