Chapter 92: Tantric Necromancy

The bleached white bones unsteadily stood upright, immediately staring at its creator and awaiting instructions. It was essentially a soulless machine, which had no will of its own; capable of being given simple commands, but unable to think for itself.

Michael was laying on his back, with the Dark-Goblin straddling his waist, when the second message for Sarah appeared: “You have become a Necromancer Level 1: Capable of creating simple skeletal undead. Able to utilize 10% of their Aura stat every second, in order to form a mana-core. The Necromancer must be more than five levels above the remains, and the original mana-core must first be removed.”

He snickered, “Congrats on finally getting a Profession! Now hurry up and make me four more of these boners!”

The blood soaked girl complained “What the hell… I fucked you but didn’t receive any Aura points.” as she began using ‘Devouring Shadow’ to clean both of their bodies off.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Michael said “I didn’t receive any either, and the skele-cunt seems to have been created pretty damn quickly. Hehehe~, so basically, we just need ta keep having tantric sex for a few more hours and we’ll be all good… Well, before we continue making undead babies, I need to actually eat and drink something other than you. Also, I have to piss pretty badly, and I don’t really wanna create a bunch of yellow snow.”

Although he didn’t notice it, the option to impregnate Sarah had never appeared. They had been ‘sacrificing’ not just their auras, Mana, Stamina and Health, but also the ability to reproduce.

Of course, she was the one who had been absorbing the ‘life-force’ from him and subconsciously channeling it into the remains. He was merely a source of nutrients and power to enhance her own ability to create the Darkness mana-core.

It wasn’t as if their fertility was being diminished though, so no matter how many times they ‘mated,’ they could potentially continue gaining the benefits. When Michael returned a few minutes later, he was using his significantly wide, floating Arcane Siegeblade as a table.

He had used his ‘stove’ for the first time, and ‘grilled’ a huge, pitch-black raptor-burger. It wasn’t burnt, but even before he started cooking, it was already inky.

On the meat he had used at least twenty different herbs and spices, including: Garlic and onion powder, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, sage, dill weed, celery seed, mustard seed, various types of dried hot-peppers, parsley, and small amounts of salt. There was also a side of ten grapefruit slices, which were mostly used instead of a beverage.

Smelling the delicious steaming meal, Sarah stopped munching on the flesh off a level-one Human corpse and turned to see Michael walking towards her. She asked “What fuck is that shit?” before teleporting a dozen meters, and sitting down near the hilt of that giant sword.

He snickered, then explained “Ah, I made it out of the meat from a level-ten dinosaur Boss. I already ate one of them to make sure the seasonings were just right, and for me at least, it was enough to cause a tastegasm. Although, that might have to do with the fact that it was from a creature of the Darkness Element and I have the Light Affinity now… Well, whatever, it should still be better than my raw corpse, hehe~.”

Sarah unhesitantly reached out with her blood-soaked hands and touched it, before yelling “Ow! It’s too damn hot!” He sighed dramatically, and used his right thumb and index finger to pick off a small piece, before shoving it into her mouth.

Her skin was a lot more sensitive to the heat than her bright-blue tongue, so she was able to immediately start chewing and savoring the strange flavor. After finally swallowing it, she scowled and complained “It tastes weird, not bad… the fuck are you waiting for? Keep feeding me.”

Michael snickered as he continued to shove food into the Goblin-girl’s mouth, and when the meal was halfway finished, “Ah~, speaking of eating~… Would you be mad if I told you that I ate Elina’s pussy?” Those sharp, fang-like teeth suddenly chomped down on his finger, and her eyes began glowing more brightly than normal.

She ‘calmly’ asked “Did it taste good?” as she grabbed a grapefruit slice and then started feeding herself the slightly warm raptor-burger.

The Nephilim thought for a moment, then replied “Kinda like lemon-juice… mixed with cat-piss. Hmmm~, I wonder if you’re jealous? I could’ve sworn you said something like ‘If you try to fuck another girl, I’ll tear her cunt out first.’ or some such shit.”

Sarah glared at him, while muttering “I don’t care what you do with your mouth, but your cock belongs to me…” as her tailed reached down and latched onto its favorite type of ‘meat.’

He smirked, “Oh, heh-heh~, I kinda figured you’d be a little more upset about it. I’m pretty sure that even if you literally ‘ate’ another guy’s dick, I’d probably be really fucking angry. Well, I doubt that I could kill him, since after getting a blowjob from you, he’d definitely be dead already… but that’s beside the point.”

Then the girl sneered, asking “What makes you think that I would be interested in other men? Where would I even find someone else like you?”

Michael frowned, grumbling “Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there even crazier than I am. Hell, according to Arcana, there will probably be more Players showing up eventually as well. I’ll definitely be pretty upset if you cheat on me… unless it was with a puppet corpse of my own body. Actually, that would be pretty kinky; maybe when you get better at it, you can make non-disgusting zombies out of them and we can have a crazy undead gangbang… Ah, we should get some magical movie recording devices and start making porn! Hahaha~, we could probably sell the videos to rich assholes for shit-tons of gold.”

When she finally finished eating, the little girl belched obnoxiously, and teleported next to the partially devoured Human corpse. While laying on her stomach, she yelled “Shut up and fuck me in the ass!” Sarah used ‘Devouring Shadow’ to start removing the flesh and other unnecessary parts, since her tiny stomach had long since been completely filled.

He hesitantly did as she asked, while muttering “You better not shit on my dick… again.”
As the two of them were engaging in necromantic sodomy, a certain High-Elf was standing on the peak of the mountain-top within Michael’s territory. It wasn’t quite high enough to have snow in such a tropical environment, but the air was certainly thinner.

Talia was standing on her left foot, while the other was pressing against the back of her head. It was a rather difficult yoga position, but her incredibly long legs were extremely flexible.

The woman’s slightly-sweaty, pale skin glistened in the dimming sunlight; she was completely naked and unashamed of showing her Elven body to the Goddesses. Of course, that was only because she knew that there weren’t any other prying eyes in the vicinity.

Her wavy blonde hair was rippling in the wind, which was mostly being created by her aura. On the grassy peak, there were also a few small trees and bushes growing around her. In fact, she used one of the branches nearby to hold her armor, rather than laying it on the dirt.

After holding that position for a few minutes, she stood normally, while gazing out at the northern horizon and sighing. She whispered “Father… if you get this, I want you to know that I’m fine. The Immortal decided to save me from that horrible place and is letting me stay in his home. Don’t worry about me losing my chastity… I would never be interested in such a vulgar and disgusting Human. There is a rather cute Lesser Angel here… but unfortunately, he seems to already have a wife. Perhaps I will become like the Grand Matriarch and never find a mate, even after a thousand years…”

Large quantities of mana escaped from her lips, and traveled along the wind, towards the direction of her homeland. However, it was at that moment when an immensely powerful and familiar aura enveloped her entire body.

The pressure was similar to when she witnessed Arcana descending, yet she felt no fear, and only incredible joy. A gentle, deep, but effeminate voice resonated quietly around her: “Why do you continue to send him messages, when you know that he will not receive them?”

21 thoughts on “Chapter 92: Tantric Necromancy

    • maybe if Sarah can rank them up high enough that they regrow flesh and eventually look 100% human. Though perfect human looking skeletons is highest tier for them so she wont be able to do that for long time. This is highest skeleton form for warrior type but only a little stronger then Abyssal Knights. Liches are usual necro mage top for skeleton though they will never regrow their flesh.

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      • It kinda depends on the level of Necromancy, rather than ranking up the skeletons. Also, the MC would be the one to rank them up, cause his Luck is way higher and the effects would be better.

        Also, vampires look pretty similar to their original form :P. Well, I’ll get into all that later though.

        The main thing that I wanted to say, was that the cool thing about skeletons or other similar undead, is that they count as monsters, rather than humanoid. Essentially, they can eat mana-cores without worrying about negative side effects and they can evolve into all kinds of crazy shit lol.

        For example, if he fed the skeleton a rank-F Gorilla’s mana-core, it would evolve into a really beefy skeleton, rather than a normal Human one? lol


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