Chapter 93: Searching for the Immortal One

A huge transparent, feminine figure suddenly appeared before the green-eyed High-Elf. Talia immediately fell to her knees and gazed up at the ‘deity,’ exclaiming “Goddess Aeris!”

After hearing the colossal woman chuckling deeply, she replied “Even if I know that he can’t possibly receive my message from so far away, I still had to try… and I knew that you would always be listening as well.”

Aeris smirked as circular air-currents began violently raging around the tip of that mountain. She revealed “Indeed, I can hear every whisper upon the winds of this world. However, there are certain children that I pay more attention to… such as yourself, and the one down there.”

The Goddess pointed towards the huge pit, which led down to Alice’s volcanic lair. When Talia gazed down at the bright-blue scaled gigantic lizard-woman, who was mixing together massive potions, she couldn’t help but ask “Why would Your Holiness be concerned with the affairs of such a creature?”

A few seconds passed, and then there was a huge explosion, which sent a pillar of noxious green smoke into the sky. Whatever Alice was attempting to create, had obviously resulted in failure. Yet, Aeris immediately dispersed the toxic fumes and prevented the startled High-Elf from suffocating.

While Talia was sitting on the ground and hyperventilating, the Goddess told her “Even if I didn’t protect the two of you just now, neither of you would have died for very long. You would have respawned within that Player-Home over there. Unfortunately, the little lizard down there is far too large to fit within that living-room, so there might have been some sort of ‘glitch.’

“This was not my original purpose in speaking with you however… You must deliver a message to the Guardian for me. If he possessed any Companions of my Affinity, then I could simply bestow upon him this Quest directly.”

The High-Elf gazed up at the transparent giantess and yelled “Of course! I shall make sure that he receives it immediately!”

Aeris frowned, “The United Elven States have fallen into civil war. I fear that my children are not truly prepared for what is to come…” Hearing that, Talia was completely thunderstruck, unable to even comprehend the notion that a nation that existed for seven thousand years, could so suddenly be enveloped in chaos.

However, the Goddess continued “Not just the Elves, but Human and Warbeast countries have also intensified their ongoing conflicts. Michael and his Companions are still far too weak to be of much help… However, in the future, they will either become your people’s greatest weapon or most dangerous enemy.”

Talia nodded fiercely and shouted “I understand! I shall do whatever it takes to convince that man to follow your will!” With a loud and deep chuckle, the transparent giantess slowly became even less opaque, until she had disappeared completely.

Once that ridiculously powerful aura had dissipated, the High-Elf let out a long sigh, as she stood-up. Even though the avatar of Aeris had been so close-by, the two Lesser Angels, Alice, and all of the others within Michael’s territory were completely unaware. If the Goddesses didn’t want to be seen, there weren’t any NPCs on the planet Arcana who could spy on them.

After quickly wearing all of her dark-green leather armor, the blonde-haired and fair-skinned woman whispered “Spirits of Wind, heed my call and grant me your blessings: Aerial-Step.” Rather than teleportation, it was a spell that lowered her weight, until her buoyancy had reached the point where she could levitate.

However, the main purpose was to make it possible for her to simply manipulate the air-currents around her body with her aura, and literally fly. She covered the distance between the mountain peak, to the back door of the relatively large log-cabin in less than thirty seconds.

Aerial-Step depended on the Agility stat to extend its duration, so her time-limit was rather short: twenty-seven seconds. As she entered the building, she was shocked to discover the frigid temperature, created by that eerie demonic fireplace.

Talia then noticed the huge grand piano and the six-foot tall harp which were to her right and left respectively. When she ‘Scanned’ them, she gasped in shock.

Yet, her surprise wasn’t quite as severe as Elina, since she had actually seen quite a few priceless artifacts and powerful ‘divine’ weapons in her seventy-four years of life. Of course, she had never actually owned one before, but at least she didn’t overreact or scream in surprise like a certain cat-girl.

When her sensitive nostrils discovered various herbs and spices, along with intense Darkness and Chaos mana emanating from the kitchen, she immediately decided to check there first. What she found dumbfounded her to the point where she actually made a high-pitched squealing noise for a moment.

She had been gone for less than a day and somehow that entire room had been fully furnished and equipped, with items that were simply too amazing for her to comprehend. She used her max-level ‘Scan’ on the ‘Temporal Freezer,’ ‘Eternal Refrigerator,’ ‘Arcane Dihydrogen-Monoxide Dispenser,’ and ‘Molecular Accelerator,’ but the descriptions were beyond what she could understand.

However, what she found most peculiar, was that even though it was possible for her to ‘Scan’ Legendary items one-hundred levels higher than her, the Quality was Indeterminate and the level was Unknown. She quickly closed her eyes, and shook her head back and forth a few times, making her extremely long ears wiggle, while her blonde hair whipped around.

Talia turned around and left the room, while muttering “He’s obviously not there, so I should check his bedroom.” Unfortunately, when she tried to turn the bronze knob, it wouldn’t budge.

Then she saw that mysterious crystalline door, releasing a strangely alluring aura and hypnotic resonance. When she walked closer to it, she was able to see that ominous orb floating in the center of the room.

As she walked in front of the glass, it suddenly opened on its own and she foolishly walked inside. There was a feeling of weightlessness that was even more severe than her Aerial-Step spell; fortunately, that pitch-black sphere was still glowing white and ‘recharging.’

She was able to easily maneuver in the air, oscillating her aura around her body. Talia gazed around at the Sun and then the Moon, before looking at all the stars and muttering “So beautiful… How is something like this even possible?”

How could she possibly imagine, that what she was seeing was live footage relayed through thousands of satellites, that surrounded the planet and were looking outwards in every direction? Even Michael didn’t realize that… Well, to be more specific, he simply passed it off as ‘magic.’

For a few minutes she floated around and stared out into literal space, watching fantastical battles play out, between innumerable and enormous celestial beings. Then she finally regained her senses and promptly left the room, shaking her head again.

The last possibility that she could think of, was asking the Priestess. When she knocked on the door, she heard a loud “It’s unlocked!”

Sitting cross-legged on that incredibly bright bed was a completely nude, angelic woman; she was intensely reading an ancient tome of Epic Quality. Behind her back were two gigantic, dove-like wings and a fluffy white cat-like tail, which wiggled around randomly. Her breasts were just as ridiculously large as before, even if her waist, hips and limbs had become thinner; her eyes were releasing golden light, while the hair on her head and twitching ears was silver.

Of course, with max-level ‘Identification,’ there was no way that she would mistake the name ‘Elina Jacobs’ for someone else. Talia unconsciously murmured “I’ve never heard of a Feline Lesser Angel before…”

After entering the room, she asked “Priestess, have you any knowledge of the Immortal One’s current location?”

Elina opened her ‘Dungeon Map’ and said “What the… That’s weird, it says that they’re in some place called the ‘Necropolis.’ Well, whatever it is, the entrance is supposedly… the basement’s bathroom? Hold on a second, I’ll talk to Michael.” A few moments passed and she frowned, “You should probably stay away from there-” However, when the cat-girl looked over towards the door, it was closed and the High-Elf had already left.

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      • Right in that case water is H2O not HO2/H2O2(lethal if you drink it like water, but it can be used as a bleach for your teeth or to purify water in the right quantities) which you are suggesting when saying Hydrogen-Dioxide Dispenser. So Di-Hydrogen-(mono-)Oxide would be a better way of writing that, I know it is a really small thing but it just bugged me.

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