Chapter 226: Evolution for the Win?

“Congratulations! You have successfully achieved a superior evolution into a rank-D, Draconic Lava-Fairy. Aside from improving your stats dramatically, you have also obtained two new Racial spells. +75 Aura, +20 Strength, +20 Agility, +20 Vitality, +20 Endurance, +10 Willpower, +10 Luck.”

A nine-meter tall dragon-woman emerged from a stream of steadily flowing magma and the entire room seemed to calm down a lot. The outside of her body was entirely covered by molten rock and metal-ore, making her appear as if she were an Elemental.

After taking a few steps, she slipped off the side of the volcano and slid down into the surprisingly cool lake-water. That giantess suddenly hardened until she was just a huge, lifeless, brown statue.

Once it was completely submerged and a solid sculpture, the head abruptly exploded into tiny chunks and an orange-scaled dragoness started swimming towards the surface. Alice’s features actually didn’t change much at all; the long feathery mane coming from her head was completely dark-blue, while her serpentine eyes became bronze instead of light-brown. That was essentially all that happened to her body on the outside.

Rather than a Racial spell, the technique she was using earlier was actually one she had imagined during her evolution process: “Lava-Golem Level 1: The caster creates an armor of rock around their body and heats it until the material is completely malleable. Then they use themselves as a temporary mana-core and use Water, Fire and Earth Manipulation to control the massive ephemeral creature. Mana-costs can be reduced dramatically depending on the environment and how strenuous the golem’s tasks are. Strength, Vitality and Endurance are equivalent to 100% of the caster’s Intelligence stat. Agility is equivalent to 50% of the caster’s Wisdom stat. Costs 100 mana to cast and 10 mana per second to maintain.”

It had more than a few fatal weaknesses, but it was still rather interesting and reminded her of what it was like to be a ‘giantess’ again. Although, from the perspective of a Human, three-meters tall, was already unreasonably large.

However, when she activated her first Racial spell, the first thing that happened, was her body swiftly began shrinking. Aside from making her smaller and less muscular; it was a transformation very similar to Michael’s ‘Luxian Innocence’, but far more dramatic. Of course, there was also the unbearable and agonizing pain, which caused her to roar towards the sky, while writhing on the obsidian sands.

Not only did the size change, but her orange, serpentine-scales, turned into tanned human-like flesh. Then, her draconic head was crushed together, deforming and reforming, until she appeared shockingly similar to a bronze-skinned elf.

Her fin-like ears were already long and pointed, so there wasn’t a huge difference there. That feathery mane fell out and was replaced by long locks of fluffy-red hair: It was incredibly curly.

Those bronze irises turned crimson, her breasts had shrunk along with her pectoral muscles, and her feet went from digitigrade to plantigrade. Thus, for all intents and purposes, she ended up appearing incredibly ‘elven’. Even her pubic plumage, had fallen out and was completely bald. However, three vestiges of her draconic nature remained: her serpentine pupils, tongue and a fairly thin, bronze-scaled, snake-like tail.

“Seal of the Earth Fairy Level 1: The caster hides their dragon-blood and reveals their Seelie heritage. Interferes with ‘Identification’ spells. Reduces body-size by 50%. Reduces Strength, Vitality, and Endurance by 90%. Increases Agility, Intelligence, Charisma, Perception and Wisdom by 10%. Maximum duration is 1 week.”

With that spell activated, her height was only roughly five-feet tall and she suddenly felt incredibly weak. She was also unreasonably light-weight, and with a bit of effort, she was able to lift her body off of the ground with ‘Air Manipulation’. It was something that would have been impossible in her ‘normal’ form; she shouted “Heh-heh-heh~! Finally, I can actually fly! Hmmm, judging from the way that last one felt, this next one probably won’t be any better… Ugh, I really need to work on some numbing powder, or maybe I could mix some herbs together and try out that weird filtration device.”

To avoid falling into the water from the potential excruciating agony, Alice slowly levitated back down to the obsidian shore. Bracing herself, she anxiously cast it and two large wasp-like, bright-orange wings, erupted from behind her shoulder-blades.

However, it was surprisingly not that painful and after that momentary prickling sensation, she was perfectly fine. After sighing in relief, she snickered and began attempting to learn how to use the strange limbs properly.

They flickered and vibrated, causing the air to ignite; there was a series of violent explosions behind her back and the bronze-skinned elf was sent soaring into the lake at over one-hundred miles per hour. While the speed wasn’t particularly amazing, the truly impressive part was actually the acceleration.

Her extremely light body smashed into the surface and skipped a few times, before flying up into the sky. She used ‘Air Manipulation’ to orient and guide herself, while those wasp-wings propelled her forward.

With only three points of Strength she was able to cause such fierce explosions, so her normal power would likely allow her to exert ten-times the amount of force. Unfortunately, in her regular, four-hundred pound form, she was more than one-hundred times as heavy as her elven transformation.

“Flight of the Aos Si Level 1: The caster sprouts a pair of large, wasp-like wings from behind their shoulder-blades. Duration is dependent on the Vitality stat. Defense Rating will be applied to the newly created limbs. Costs 5% of the caster’s maximum health.”

Alice eventually landed on the western edge of her alchemical island and deactivated that spell. However, rather than being sucked back into her body, those flimsy wings simply fell-off and burst into flames. Within moments, they had completely disintegrated. She was able to truly ‘smirk’ for the first time in her whole draconic life and couldn’t help but giggle as she gazed down at her incredibly thin body.

The bronze-skinned Earth Fairy muttered “Interesting, heh~, when this form reaches a higher level, it should be far more convenient than my bulky normal one… Well, I wouldn’t want to fight while being so small, but for making potions, heh-heh~… Hmmm~, now it’s time to finally get back to work on my ‘masterpiece’. First I’ll need to test it out small-scale though, but the question is: How am I going to convince the others to participate in my ‘little’ experiment?”

She had no idea how extraordinary and horrifying the consequences of her actions would become, but how could she have even predicted something so absurd and unbelievable.

As Alice was working on her ‘masterpiece’, Michael and the others teleported into the living-room. However, immediately upon arrival, Elina shouted “Ah~, have to pee~!” and flapped her wings as she furiously sprinted towards the bathroom.

Of course, she didn’t know that Talia had one in her own room, so she was expecting some sort of competition between the two of them. The elegant High-Elf calmly entered her bedroom and shut the door behind her. Inari, in her ‘normal’ fox-girl form, licked the Nephilim’s mouth, ear, nose and neck, before scampering off towards her ‘garden’.

Sarah grumbled “I’m goin ta sleep, so don’t fuckin wake me up! Ugh, I’ll give ya that damn blowjob tomorrow…” as she teleported into the basement. She had obviously made a bet over who could kill the strongest Angel, and she had lost.

Michael sighed, staring at his inventory that was packed with all of the corpses that everyone had collected. Thus, his first stop was obviously, the kitchen. After depositing thousands of bodies into the refrigerator and freezer, he didn’t even bother removing their mana-cores and directly teleported into the Arcane Prison.

The moment he arrived, the Nephilim yelled “Ow-ow-ow-ow! Fucking cuntsauce! Get out of my goddamn head! Grah~?!” and began coughing up globs of incorporeal wisps. Nearly one-hundred and fifty thousand were eager to escape as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there were still tons of them that were actually attempting to dig-in deeper and attack the core of his soul out of spite.

He didn’t completely understand what they were trying to accomplish, but his retaliation was quite vicious. Chaotic, Light and Arcane mana began undulating violently within his his brain, causing severe damage to not only his own mind, but every single soul that was foolish enough to stay.

Their memories, previous stats, spells, skills and other important information, were being deleted rapidly. Sensing that terrible and insane aura, only a handful of wisps remained within his head. However, it was then that they suddenly disappeared; not only out of his mana-core, but from the entire universe. His Profession also leveled-up many times over the course of that incredibly dangerous three minutes.

“Intermediate Summoner Level 1: Capable of absorbing the souls of the dead, and can temporarily store them within their own mana-core. Able to place those souls into new, rank-D vessels, under level-20. Passives and Spells below Intermediate may be kept and 10% of stats may be carried over from their previous form. The Summoner may banish souls from their spacetime and send them into the past, future or an alternate universe depending on the circumstances.”

With his mind relatively ‘safe’, he let out a long sigh of relief and abruptly passed out. Floating in that prison, soaking in copious amounts of Arcane aura and under the effects of zero-gravity, Michael actually had one of the best sleeps of his entire life.

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  1. ba ba banish u say wtf u did michael u fuckin want to go everywhere u sent souls and recollect them?ffs frustraiting idiot think before acting..


      • By my thinking, he thinks Michael banished them (since it’s written like so in the description) instead of literally destroying the souls, as he obviously did…I think. 😀

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      • He did banish them lol. It’s practically impossible to ‘destroy’ a soul :P. You could ‘break’ someone’s soul, by torturing them in various ways, but in the end, a soul can only ‘choose’ to destroy itself. This isn’t some Xianxia where they eat billions of souls for breakfast or obliterate souls by punching them really hard roflmao.

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