Chapter 225: All In a Day’s Work

“Ugh~, killing people is so exhausting… It’s pretty much over with now, right? I wanna go home, take a long hot bath in Talia’s room, then have a relaxing orgy, before finally going to sleep.” Michael was casually glancing around at the tens of thousands of corpses that were spread out around him. Obviously, there were quite a few casualties on his side as well: three-hundred giant wasps, five-hundred colossal cockroaches, one-thousand massive ants and plenty of other miscellaneous magical-beasts that he honestly didn’t care about.

As for the fallen Cat-Tribe, Dire-Wolves, Druids, Shamans, and other ‘important’ members of Inari’s pack, they were resurrected by the beautiful dryadic Meihui and a few of her kin. It was only technically a little longer than a single day, but that was basically thirty continuous hours of small conflicts, leading up to finally intercepting the main invasion force.

The Nephilim had ten living Angels in his extra-dimensional prison and his bags were totally filled with thousands of corpses. His head felt like it was going to explode from containing so many different souls, but he was hesitant to release them into the world.

It wasn’t as if they were ‘pure-evil’ or anything like that; most of them had never actually murdered anyone yet. However, even after the last catastrophe, he still hadn’t been able to completely suppress his hoarding tendencies.

One-hundred and seventy-five thousand souls, most of which were attempting to escape by whittling away at his exhausted mind, and the more powerful ones were actually trying to possess his body. Yet, rather than hurting him, all they were doing was slowly helping him train his Willpower and Aura stats.

Not all of them were from Light-Humans and Angels either; he even collected villagers, wandering spirits, fallen soldiers, ancient adventurers, and essentially every single one that came across his path coincidentally. Michael groaned as he deactivated his ‘Darkening’ and shrunk down to his normal size. Even his wings retracted into his body and his equipment either turned into clothing or tattoos.

Sarah wasn’t feeling any better than he was, since her fights were much more intense and dangerous. If a single attack had landed during her last duel, she certainly would have been the one to die and Elina wasn’t there to ‘Battle Rez’ her. Inari was merely toying with her opponent the entire time, while waiting for the sun to go down and her enemy to weaken significantly.

Talia landed next to the exhausted Nephilim and unequipped her bow, nervously resting her right arm across his shoulder, as if she were attempting keep him from falling over. As an adorable seven-tailed fox-girl appeared before him, Michael asked “Did you wanna come home with us, or are you gonna escort your buddies back to the house?”

Meihui walked over to them while still in the form of a two-meter tall bright-red Dryad; she immediately hugged Inari and told her “Don’t worry, I shall make sure that your Pack returns safely! This Great Hunt was truly an enjoyable experience… I haven’t had so much fun in at least a few centuries! Now, I am certain that the lot of you are too tired to deal with this mess, so go home and get some rest!”

Sarah scowled, complaining “Yer just tryin ta get us ta fuck-off, so you guys can collect more of the spoils…”

Michael pulled the veil-wearing little girl into his embrace, “Aw~, you’re so cute when you’re being a greedy cunt. Anyway, stop bitching and let’s go home, it’s not like we could even carry all that shit anyway. Besides, these guys aren’t volunteers, they’re more like mercenaries; we have ta pay em for their services! Alright, time to get the hell outta here!”

With ‘Astral-Leap’ reaching level-four during his day of nearly non-stop usage, the Nephilim was able to carry a maximum of four ‘allies’ with him at a time. Thus, he grabbed Inari, Talia, and Sarah, teleporting them three times to the north. It was there that he found Elina solemnly meditating in an empty and abandoned Luxian church.

When she felt their familiar auras, the angelic cat-girl opened her eyes and floated down from a perch near the ceiling. There was a mural of ‘Lux’ painted across the ceiling, but she appeared as a woman with two dove-like wings instead of arms, with twelve of them coming out of her back. Her legs were similar to a bird’s and her ethereal breasts were completely exposed; it was a truly vulgar and heretical depiction of the Goddess according to even many of the other Warbeast villages in the area. However, it gave the Oracle some ‘divine inspiration’ and allowed her to gain some insights into the nature of ‘Light’.

Of course, Michael just snickered and asked “Hey Inari, can you do that too? Like, foxy-harpy mode?”

In response to his question, she immediately answered “Arf, awoo~, awowowo~!” before making some clicking noises and turning her arms into parrot-like, bright-green wings. Then her groin was covered by fluffy feathers, her legs became scaly and her feet turned into claws.

He smiled at her and praised “Good girl~! You’re such an OP shapeshifter~!” as he hugged the harpy-fox tightly against his chest. She purred happily and licked his neck, which made Talia sigh dramatically.

Elina landed before them with a conflicted expression on her flawless face; she muttered “Michael… why are there so many evil followers of my Goddess? The people of this land, from what I’ve seen today, have never once provoked the Holy Luxian Empire… Yet, why were they branded as heretics, burned at the stake, or crucified? I don’t understand how Lux could allow such atrocities to be committed against her devout and innocent followers!”

Sarah snickered, explaining “People are assholes! What, you thought that the Light was good and the Darkness was evil? Hahaha~, you’re still so fucking naive! My mother was a saint and just because she had the Darkness Affinity, she was treated like garbage and eventually executed!”

The angelic cat-girl frowned, murmuring “Your mother was an Avatar of Umbra… Oh, I completely forgot about that Quest… Hmmm, we should probably go find her father soon.”

“Dafuck did you just say?!” The little girl had excellent hearing, so obviously she knew what the woman mumbled.

Michael stopped hugging Inari and asked “Wait, did you seriously not know that yet? I mean, I figured that out weeks ago… Do you ever look at the Quest Log? It’s not like it’s specific to one person, ya know? We all share the same one… Well, I guess the details don’t exactly say ‘Sarah’s mommy, the Goddess of Darkness, has asked for your assistance.’ but still, your title is a dead give away!”

Elina giggled as she gently embraced the tiny Dark-Goblin, whose irritated expression was hidden beneath a veil. She grumbled “Ugh, if I wasn’t so fucking tired, I’d make you eat my pussy right here in this shitty church! Grah~! Take us home, you annoying bastard!”

He sighed loudly, as he pulled everyone together and forced them to be pressed against his body tightly. Of course, he didn’t actually need to touch any of them, but the four didn’t seem to be bothered by the close-contact.

The first stop was in the middle of a grassy field, then it was outside of a huge quarry, after that was a mysterious foul-smelling cave. He would only travel ten to fifteen miles each time and then his Companions needed to regenerate their mana-pools.

It required more time for them to recover, than it did for his wisp to reach the next spot. However, considering that the fastest among them could only fly at several-hundred miles per hour, it was still far more convenient and swift.

Within Alice’s Alchemy Laboratory, Jasmine was laying atop a gigantic Golden Crab carcass. The vibrations from the earthquake didn’t seem to affect that small island, and even the toxic volcanic fumes were staying near the edges of the enormous ‘room’. Which meant that if she was able to ignore the constant eruptions and roaring, the tiny cat-girl could nap efficiently.

As she was sleeping, her body suddenly started melting into a pink viscous liquid. After drinking that potion and obtaining the spell, her unconscious mind seemed to crave being in that state of pure emptiness; where she couldn’t sense anything or even think.

That ball of flesh-paste literally had zero Strength, so it couldn’t physically move itself. Everything had been reduced except for her Willpower, Aura, and Luck, while both Vitality and Endurance were doubled.

Fortunately, that was merely the starting point for ‘Slime-Form’ and if she was able to ‘train’ it properly, her power would certainly increase. The problem was that ‘practicing’ a spell that caused a person’s Intelligence to reach zero… No one in their ‘right mind’ would ever willingly do that to themselves.

In fact, if her Willpower wasn’t so outrageously high, it was possible that her soul might have simply left her body and moved on. Yet, for the insane Gunslinger, it was surprisingly peaceful and she was able to nap without worrying about anything at all.

Once her body had completely become that of a slime, a colossal lava-dragon erupted from one of the distant volcanoes. Alice had finally completed her rank-D evolution…

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      • oh.. so that why, it’s ok then.. :))
        writing when tired physically and mentally might affect the story
        so it would be good if you’d write when you’re in a good mood for the creation of more cool-ness,heartwarming-ness,awesomeness and OP-ness story 😀 😛

        wOw!! thanks for sharing this ..
        i guess that was was the definition of adorable, A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E .. so cute :3

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      • Yeah, it really does lol. If you’re hungry, you end up writing about food, if your horny, you wanna write a sex scene, if you’re angry, you wanna write about the characters raging out lol. Mood is a major factor, but imo, it usually turns out fine as long as you aren’t exhausted.


  1. Oh man. Lately i started reading new (for me) novel and i cant stop smiling whenever i read the name of main character.
    And it’s all because of you Mike… The family name of MC is Lin but his surname is Dong.
    And i can’t stop this grin on my face because it is “Lin Dong tis… Lin Dong that…”
    Your story is affecting my life too much 😛

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    • “The original title of Harem Reaper was ‘Dragon Fucker’ but I ended up changing it lmfao. Of course, the MC never ended up fucking any dragons either lol. Maybe I should give Michael a title like Dragon ‘Slayer’ or Dragon Lover?”

      Before that, Yazhmd said “i feel like fucking a dragon shouldnt be even a sexual thing but any mans goal in life, imagine the title – Dragon Fucker or Dragon Slayer ( if you know what i mean), that shit would be boss af, que Dovahkiin”


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      • ikr thats why i mentioned it lol at first i thought to say “dragon fucker” like you said but then i thought double meaning title that has some satire aka “dragon ‘slayer’ ” would be better XD

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      • I actually might lol Dragon Conqueror kinda sounds like… he’s the dragon and he’s conquering things lol. Idk though, I might pick Dragon Lover, Dragon ‘Slayer’ or Dragon Conqueror… unless someone else or I come up with something better lol.


  2. i feel like fucking a dragon shouldnt be even a sexual thing but any mans goal in life, imagine the title – Dragon Fucker or Dragon Slayer ( if you know what i mean), that shit would be boss af, que Dovahkiin

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    • The original title of Harem Reaper was ‘Dragon Fucker’ but I ended up changing it lmfao. Of course, the MC never ended up fucking any dragons either lol. Maybe I should give Michael a title like Dragon ‘Slayer’ or Dragon Lover?


      • Hey, there was the time I stayed up for 3 days straight playing TF2 just because I could, went to sleep at 6 PM, and then woke up at 6 PM the next day. Also, going to sleep at 9 AM and waking up at 6 PM is a pretty normal day for me. There’s also the part where my sleeping schedule revolves around the clock like a hammer around an athlete, but you get the point.

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      • I’m also writing (well, trying to write anyway, i’m on a break without knowing when i will write again) a story too, so i understand your pain. More so when English isn’t your main language.

        Could you give me any tip to make writing easier?

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      • Yeah, I definitely can’t write or read in any other languages but English lol. As far as making it easier… depends on what the problem is? Inspiration can be found by reading, while everything else is just a matter of practice makes perfect or at least better. If you keep writing, you’ll level-up your writing skill lol.


      • When i’m trying to write, i just kinda get stuck in it. While i have a draft in my head, when trying to deal with the finer detail, i end up getting a headache, my concentration dropped as i be distracted to do something else and end up writing only a few line of word, and no motivation.

        Guess that because i’m end up thinking too much of thing.

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      • Then you’re not writing the right thing lol. For example, my inspiration for this story was at it’s strongest when I first started. I wrote 5-6 chapters a day for the first week, then went down to 4-5 for a while, then 3-4, eventually settling around 2-3… but lately, I’ve been kinda burnt out and too tired to concentrate :(. Today I only wrote 1 chapter for fuck’s sake…


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