Chapter 224: The End… Of the Luxian Crusade

Unfortunately, there was no way for Michael to actually ‘show’ his Quest to Nazriel, and even if he could, the Crusader obviously wouldn’t have believed it was really from Lux. Thus, their duel continued with a furious shout: “Die heretic!”

Of course, those three Greater Angels definitely wouldn’t have been fighting against such dangerous enemies if they had the option to escape. Without a decent amount of direct sunlight or moonlight, it was impossible to activate their teleportation scrolls.

Not only that, but nearly all of their other spells became unusable or they simply didn’t have the mana-regeneration to keep up with their ridiculous casting-costs. Thus, they were stuck in situations, where their enemies were greatly empowered by the darkness or simply unaffected, while they could only bitterly struggle.

Nazriel swung his right silver saber towards the little boy’s neck, but his opponent teleported below him. The man’s body flipped upside down immediately and he used his left blade to parry Michael’s Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos.

Those bright-blue scales were cracked open and acidic crimson blood, sprayed out of the painful wound. However, that small amount of anguish wasn’t enough to perturb the clinically insane immortal; smirking, he let go of the weightless weapon and telekinetically sent his Arcane Orb, smacking into the back of that Crusader’s left elbow.

It was such an inconsequential attack, but it still lowered Nazriel’s health to 1475/1550. Then, he soared past the man’s face and barely dodged two sabers.

Just when the Greater Angel reoriented himself and attempted to impale his enemy, the little boy vanished. His strange sword was floating there and bleeding profusely, but the Crusader couldn’t see the Nephilim anywhere.

After around eleven seconds, a ten-foot tall, four-armed, demonic cherubim abruptly appeared behind him. Nazriel narrowly escaped being captured by those giant, gauntlet-covered hands, by wasting a large amount of mana and casting ‘Light-Dash’.

Essentially, he turned into a beam of energy and rematerialized a few dozen meters away. Michael grabbed his rather small siegeblade and it swiftly grew until it was three meters long.

A flurry of five Ironwood Arrows suddenly approached the three Greater Angels, managing to strike the Monk in his left wing and piercing straight through the Grand-Inquisitor’s left shoulder. Sarah used that opportunity to launch a massive offensive, parrying the right rapier with her dagger and transforming that tanto into a wakizashi; the short-blade immediately hacked off the tiny woman’s left arm at the collarbone.

That horrible shriek which she released, combined with those three projectiles that Nazriel barely deflected, distracted him enough that he was unable to dodge Michael’s gargantuan saw-like sword. It struck the man’s right shoulder and began tearing through his golden pauldron, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

There was only a moment of delay before he would die, but the angelic Crusader still used that opportunity to take his enemy down with him. As he twisted around, both of his sabers hacked the giant demon in half at the waist, while the movement also caused the siegeblade to turn, instantly sweeping across his neck and decapitating him.

The Nephilim completely ignored his weightless lower-body that was floating around, and immediately sucked that Greater Angel’s entire corpse into his inventory. Only then, did he telekinetically attach his separated two halves and cast ‘Chaotic Empowerment’ for a few seconds, before deactivating it. He wasn’t completely healed, but Michael was still doing pretty well.

Sarah’s one-armed opponent was still struggling to stay alive, but all it took was a single unexpected Arcane Pull and the Dark-Goblin was able to slash both sides of her neck open. Then she continued to teleport behind the Grand-Inquisitor’s back and stab her seventy-three times: though she died after the first five.

Then it was just that vicious parakeet and the bulky Monk who was desperately attempting to catch her. Once Inari realized that her Companions had already won their fights, she started to get serious.

The bird suddenly transformed into a naked, brown-skinned fox-girl, with long green hair and bright-blue vulpine eyes. She technically couldn’t fly in that form, but she didn’t need to.

Thorny purple vines erupted from her left hand and swiftly wrapped around Chamuel’s neck. Then she used them to rapidly pull herself up towards his face and shoved her relatively small fist into his mouth.

Before he even had the chance to smash her tiny body with his huge palms, everything below his head was completely numb and helpless. She had torn through the back of his throat and actually grabbed his spinal cord; with an effortless squeeze, he was essentially dead.

His HP wasn’t empty, but an Arcane Orb immediately smacked into his temple, solving that irritating problem. Without hesitation, Inari pulled the corpse into her inventory and transformed back into a parrot.

Sarah couldn’t actually fly and had only been staying in the air by clinging to her opponent’s body, so once she stored it away, she started falling down towards the ongoing battle. Michael stared at the fifty-thousand surviving enemies and complained “This would be so~ much easier if Alice and Jasmine were here…”

The Chaotic Nephilim hovered there for a few moments and watched the little girl massacring her way through the enemies. Finally he roared “Alright! Listen up, you goddamn Light-supremacists! You’ve already lost! Drop your weapons, remove your armor and fuck-off back to your shitty green-desert! If you don’t, then you’ll all die pointlessly!”

Unfortunately, his offer had the opposite effect and rather than surrendering, the Holy Luxian Empire’s army stopped retreating. They realized that it was impossible to escape and so they began fighting back against the magical-beasts with all of their remaining strength.

Michael sighed dramatically and canceled his ‘Lightening’ spell, causing his incredibly heavy body to plummet from the sky. The moment he crashed down near the center of the enormous circular defensive formation, he released a potent aura of Chaos.

“Hell Nova Level 3: The caster releases a burst of Chaotic aura, which may cause enemies to spontaneously combust, flash-freeze, or be driven insane. Unranked humanoids and magical-beasts may mutate into demonic creatures if their Willpower or Luck is high enough. Only effective on enemies that have less than 8% of the caster’s Aura. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 60 mana to cast.”

Nearly everyone within a one-hundred meters of his body was either frozen, incinerated or driven insane the moment they were enveloped within the blast radius. There were a handful of level-fifteen Elites and Bosses who managed to survive and were unaffected, but he quickly finished them off with his colossal siegeblade.

He waved his left hand and telekinetically yanked a Priestess out of the crowd; the moment his giant hand was wrapped around her face, her lifeforce was directly drained. In less than a second, she was already dead and his skill had leveled-up: “Overpowering Aura Level 2: The caster sends their own mana into the enemy’s mind and deals Arcane-damage directly to their lifeforce. Only effective on targets that are more than ten levels lower than the caster. Maximum range of 1 meter. Damage is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 2 mana per second.” Once he no longer needed to be touching the person, it became a much more versatile ability.

Michael grabbed his enormous greatsword with both left hands and literally mowed down dozens of Light-Humans at a time, as he started moving towards the south. Their shields, swords and armor were all far too flimsy to pose any kind of resistance and he felt like he was using a chainsaw to trim some hedges. Of course, the horrible shrieks, screams and copious amounts of golden gore that splattered around, kept him from forgetting that he was still on a battlefield.

Rather than staying in the distance and simply firing a steady stream of arrows, Talia was actually flying around a few feet above the enemy’s heads. Then she was using ‘Eroding Winds’ to tear open their throats, rip out their eyes, collapse their lungs and generally slaughter anyone who was unlucky enough to pass below her heels.

“Intermediate Frost Nova Level 2: The caster releases their aura in every direction, and freezes or chills all enemies within 60 meters. Deals 10 points of frost damage for every point of Aura; damage is split between all enemies affected. Costs 20 mana points.” Every single time Sarah used that spell, hundreds of ice-sculptures would be created.

The gargantuan bright-green parakeet soared around in the sky and thousands of glowing blue particles were falling upon the warzone. It was one of her most insidious spells: “Voracious Spores Level 5: The caster creates thousands of volatile fungi beneath their skin and releases their spores in a radius of 50 meters. Enemies who are infected will receive 5 Nature damage per minute for one hour, and then the spores will burst from their body, dealing 500 damage and infecting their allies nearby. Allies who are exposed, will be healed for 50 points, every minute, until combat ends. Costs 150 mana to cast. Twice as effective against Chaotic Enemies. Stacks up to 3 times.”

It was the first opportunity for her to use that ability since arriving there, or the battle might have ended already. Unfortunately, there were plenty of Priests and other types of healers among the army of Light-Humans, so many of the infected were cured before the first five points of damage had even been dealt. However, her ‘Acid Bomb’ and ‘Wasp Swarm’ attacks were far too powerful for any of her targets to withstand. A single second within the mist, and they would be reduced to a puddle of purple muck; one sting, and they would die before they realized what was happening to them.

Of course, it wasn’t as if Michael and his Companions were the only ones who could use widespread ‘area-of-effect’ magic. Cunty was constantly exhaling huge plumes of crimson flames, while a single stomp was enough to kill a handful of enemies. Alice’s parents had strange fighting techniques which caused ridiculous explosions or fire to burst-up from beneath the ground. Those enormous fox-girls had similar spells to Inari, where they would vomit out voracious vines or spew acid from their mouths.

Even against a force of fifty-thousand, it only required five minutes before every single Light-Human was devoured, dissolved, eviscerated, decapitated, obliterated or annihilated. Not a single one was willing to surrender and in the end, even their souls were captured within the Nephilim’s mana-core.

29 thoughts on “Chapter 224: The End… Of the Luxian Crusade

  1. haaah,…. I’ve always wanted to read about Religious freaks,,, i mean fanatics getting slaughtered and you sir, you just satisfied one of my life’s greatest need…. okay a little exaggerated but still awesome xD

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  2. 10k/minute?! Wow, that is quite the efficient genocide.
    On the tangent of genocides, I did some quick research, Montenegro had mobilized a total of ~50k soldiers during WW1, and had a total population of around 315k at the time, meaning ~16% of the population was mobilized for war over 4 years… If we consider that the distance traveled by Micheal n’ Crew to get here isn’t too far, we can probably assume a similar or less density as WW1 Montenegro, and we assume that it’s roughly the same ratio of mobilization to population as WW1, that would assume this Holy Luxian Kingdom just lost over 15% of it’s assumed 315K population, in 5 minutes…
    And that’s being generous.

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    • Did I ever say that the Great Wasabi Desert was the size of Montenegro? Also, it’s an Empire, not a Kingdom, thus, the amount of people through the Empire is likely at least 10 million or higher lol. They’re based out of the Wasabi desert, which is probably closer to the size of the Mojave(25k square miles), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t in other zones as well. Anyway, it’s all a matter of perspective lol. 50k people seems like a lot if it takes a few seconds to kill a single person, but if a single attack can kill hundreds or thousands, and you have 10 or so OP ppl killing hundreds or thousands every few seconds… That isn’t even including the army of ‘normal’ giant monsters, and swarms of weird and horrifying insects etc lol.


  3. Not even your soul is safe when you fuck with a Insane Immortal with a army of OP AOE spamming monsters… Remember kids, discrimination is bad, the big bad Nephilim will come steal your soul if you go on any cruel, murderous crusades and bend the rules by using some heretic angels…

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      • I was under the assumption that I could interchange the word “Heretic” (Which our good guys are, irony) with “Evil” if he really did get a quest from Lux to stop them. I doubt Michael would make something up since he seems rather straight forward. But remember, Keyword: Technically.

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      • They weren’t acting on orders from Lux and were actually doing something Lux didn’t want so that technically makes them heretic angels. Irony being they get destroyed by one that they call a heretic cause hes a Nephilim.

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