Chapter 223: The Climax of the Crusade

Alice quickly hit the ‘exit’ button on the touchscreen and teleported into the living-room, then she rushed into the bathroom and sat down onto the ‘Light-Toilet’. Although, considering her ridiculous body-size, she could barely fit onto the seat, but the most important areas were properly ‘connected’.

Once she was ‘finished’, she stood up and gazed down at the brightly glowing bowl. It was filled with a viscous, brown goop for a few moments, before it completely cleared up and the only thing that remained was a little cat-girl.

Jasmine was shivering and curled up in a ball, unable to understand or remember what just happened to her. However, once her Perception and Intellect returned to their full values, she jumped up and yelled “Nyah~?! Why do I smell all poopy?! Ewwy~! Bad Snaky~! No pooping on JJ when she’s napping in the toilet!”

Unfortunately, the filth on the cat-girl’s body hadn’t been completely removed by that blinding radiance, so Alice grabbed her and the two of them stayed in the ‘Shower of Light’ for half an hour. Finally, once they were completely irradiated and ‘clean’, they returned to her Alchemy Laboratory.

The dragoness had to carry Jasmine across the lake, since she would have gotten lost or tried to learn ‘waterbreathing’. Thus, after a few minutes, the little kitten was trying to build a sandcastle and the Elementalist was working on an Evolution Pill.

She actually had a magical device that appeared similar to a ‘barcode scanner’ on one of the tables, which could gauge the compressed mana-points within various objects. There was a limit to the stats that could be gained from simply consuming a single mana-core, but there were a cacophony of alchemical tricks to surpass the ‘natural’ limitations.

Alice first dissolved the ‘Essence of Terra’ in a solution of Long Dong dragon-blood, and extracted the ‘chaotic’ aspect from it. Then she shoved a chunk of Golden Crab meat, followed by various miscellaneous Rare ‘herbs’ and some highly poisonous plant-extract.

Even though she couldn’t directly ‘read’ her recipe-book, the dragoness could still use ‘Scan’ to translate practically anything she didn’t understand, into the System’s interface language. However, she very rarely followed the instructions that were written there, since she enjoyed making it up as she went along.

After all, she had been practicing Alchemy for two decades and she never ‘really’ had anyone to teach her what to do before then. As her Profession’s level rose, she would simply ‘know’ what to do sometimes. The only reason that she wasn’t already Advanced or higher already, had more to do with her access to tools, equipment, ingredients, and the fact that she was far too large for her own good.

When Jasmine finished building her sand-castle, she jumped backwards; the little cat-girl hissed at it a few times, before equipping a tiny pink revolver in her left hand and firing all four rounds into the crude structure. Then she sat down on the bench next to Alice and began creating two different types of ‘Blood Bullets’.

Those fifty-caliber rounds were gigantic compared to the tiny twelve-caliber ones, but both used the same amount of chaotic crimson liquid to make. The reason that she needed to restock her ammunition, was because the battle with Long Dong required her to literally waste thousands of bullets.

By the time she finished ‘crafting’ over nine-hundred for each gun, the dragoness had finally completed her most challenging pill so far. Holding that three-inch long, bronze-colored, bullet-shaped object, Alice quickly walked over to an empty part of the beach.

Only when she was far away from her delicate equipment, did she throw the ‘elixir’ into her mouth and swallow it. She roared in agony, as the sand began lifting off of the ground around her.

A moment later, that tornado pulled her into the air and her body seemed to be weightlessly soaring across that artificial, smoke-filled sky. Eventually, she crashed down onto a fiery volcano, and sank into the flowing stream of molten lava.

Within that kind of horrible environment, her transformation finally began. Meanwhile, all of the Cat-Tribe and those five Canine Mermaids were hastily attempting to leave the ‘room’.

The ground was rumbling so violently, whirlpools appeared in the lake, the temperature was rapidly rising, and overall, it just didn’t seem very safe. However, regardless of how ‘dangerous’ it appeared, Citizens who die within the Player-Home would be ‘reconstructed’ in the living room.

Regardless of that though, they all quickly made their way through the tunnel and headed down the stairs. Some of the stronger cat-men were carrying the wolf-headed mermaids and taking them to the ‘aquarium’, before heading back to Inari’s garden. Of course, everyone made sure to clean up any mess that they created along the way, as to avoid being scolded by a certain terrifying High-Elven ‘Goddess’.

One-hundred and eighteen miles to the southeast of Luxiana, an army of ninety-thousand Light-Humans were retreating towards the Wasabi Desert. Following close behind them, there were hundreds of massive Parrot Rocs, swooping down and devouring the tasty soldiers.

Stragglers were being chased by hordes of dire-wolves, huge foxes, giant lizards, enormous serpents, and a host of other smaller but similarly vicious magical-beasts. There were also swarms of monstrous wasps, ants, cockroaches and rats who were approaching from the southwest.

Even more terrifying than that, was the fact that the sun was going down and it was a ‘New Moon’ that night. Thus, many of their spells and abilities wouldn’t be possible to utilize; all they could do was flee, and even that seemed hopeless.

Suddenly, a besial roar erupted from the ‘hill’ that many of them had been running on. A pitch-black, thirty-meter tall, four-armed, serpent-headed, demonic woman abruptly burst out from beneath their feet.

With her, were a pair of six-meter tall, fiery lizard-people, along with a three-meter tall ogress, and dozens of beautiful fox-girls. However, those five-tailed women abruptly grew until they were the same size as Cunty, but they were far more powerful. Though, even the formerly ‘shy’ goblin-granny, had transformed into a chaotic Berserker, and reached level-fourteen from that ongoing ‘Great Hunt’.

The most frightening aspect of all and the reason why that huge army was forced to leave Richard’s Lowlands and abandon their ‘holy crusade’, was due to the four ‘heretics’ who were currently fighting an even fiercer battle in the skies above them. One was a little cherubic boy, another was a small skull-faced tentacle-girl, then there was the tiny green parakeet and a mysterious archer, who remained unseen.

“Holy cuntsausage! Seriously Inari, where the hell did you find all of those bastards?! Did we really have that many giant monsters living in our yard?” Michael gazed down at the battlefield below and couldn’t help but be surprised.

All of the Lesser and regular Angels had already been slaughtered, and only three incredibly powerful enemies remained. Sarah was using a tanto and dagger to duel with “Commander Uriel, Level-41 Greater Angel Grand-Inquisitor, Rank-C, Ultra-Elite.”

Her opponent was wearing all white cloth and leather armor, which covered the woman’s entire body. The tiny dove-winged woman was actually the same size as the Dark-Goblin; she had long silver rapier-type swords in each of her hands and was able to use them quite proficiently. A single clean strike was all it required for either of them to kill each-other, yet they had continued their aerial dance to the death for several minutes already.

Inari barked loudly twice and made some weird quacking noises, as she narrowly escaped the grasp of her three-meter tall enemy. “Chamuel the Pious, Level-42 Greater Angel Monk, Rank-C, Ultra-Elite,” was an extremely muscular man, with a bald head and golden tattoos all over his mostly exposed skin. He was wearing baggy grey pants and no shoes, while he used nothing but his bare-hands to attack the elusive bird.

Michael’s opponent was also far more powerful than himself; the reason that the fight was so evenly matched, was not only the massive difference in equipment, but the fact that it was four against three. “Commander Nazriel, Level-45 Greater Angel Crusader, Rank-C, Boss,” was a six-foot tall, lithe and feminine man, with long silver hair and a relatively large saber in each of his hands. His armor was all Uncommon and Rare golden plate-mail, though he wasn’t covering his face.

The Nephilim chose to remain in his smaller and physically weaker form, because he had more Agility and was harder to hit. He was in a situation similar to Sarah, where a single strike would essentially end the fight. However, he wasn’t nearly as energetic and if the enemy attacked, he would simply teleport and counter from an unexpected angle.

Nazriel glared at him, shouting “Why are you doing this?! Do you intend to declare war against Supreme Commander Zachael, against Luxia, against the Goddess of Light herself?!”

After hearing that strange question, Michael snickered, before saying “I’ve literally been trying to figure this shit out all day, but every time I ask one of you bastards, you either try to kill me or faint like a pussy… Who the fuck are you assholes and why are you even here? Did Lux tell you it was fine to come murder innocent, adorable kemonomimi and anthropomorphic Warbeasts? Cause, I’ve definitely met her a few times, and I know for a fact, that if she found out about this, she wouldn’t let you bastards anywhere near this zone. Hmmm~, I wonder~ why your Goddess hasn’t stopped me from massacring you crazy cunt-whores yet? Oh wait, that’s right, I completely~ forgot! She gave me a goddamn Quest, which states ‘Protect the Luxian Warbeast Theocracy from the evil and overzealous invaders,’ and it even mentioned how much she hates you guys, hahahaha~!”

31 thoughts on “Chapter 223: The Climax of the Crusade

  1. I read the title and my firs thought was like this:

    “Who did Mike fucked this time?”

    Is there sth wrong with me? Or is it the influence of what I’m reading this days?

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  2. Come to think of it. How often is it that some assholes in stories are saying how they’re mass murdering for their god and in the right? Then how often is it that they are “proven” wrong rather than killed. It would be hilarious if for once the attackers were shut down and shown they were full of shit and have no idea what they’re talking about. Having their own goddess say, NOPE!, you little shits are scum and can die. THEN! the MC happily splatters the idiots.

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