Chapter 222: Alchemical Experimentation

“Nyah~, Ally~, I’m so~ bored~! Stop making drugs and play~ with~ me~!” Jasmine was currently building a snowman, out of pure-white sand. However, after infusing it with her own blood and mana for a few hours, it actually transformed into a level-one, rank-G ‘Demonic Earth Slime’.

As the strange creature started hopping away from the crazy cat-girl, Alice snickered and told her “Come here and try this… I think it’ll probably alleviate your boredom a bit.”

The little girl jumped up and her excessively large breasts bounced around as she skipped over to the table and stared at the strange potion. It was a golden metallic substance and had tiny silver disks floating around in it.

Jasmine grabbed the tiny vial and brought it up to her nose, before sniffing it loudly. Strangely enough, it didn’t have a scent and when she drank it, there was no taste either.

A few moments passed and she tried to speak, but her throat was closed up, then her sight went completely black. Eventually, she fell down onto the sand, completely powerless and unable to ‘sense’ anything.

Alice gazed down at the unconscious little girl and noticed that her skin started turning brown, then black, and eventually bright-green. She muttered “Interesting… I need more test subjects though. Oh, it seems like it might have actually worked?”

Jasmine’s skin changed back to its normal shade of beige, as it started loosening up. Eventually, her bones, muscles and everything else was so ‘relaxed’, that she resembled a pancake of flesh.

After that, the dragoness walked over and sat down next to the puddle of gooey pink gunk. Using ‘Water Manipulation’ she transformed ‘it’ into a globule, which had a pale-red mana-core at the center.

At that moment, the little girl finally received her first Racial spell: “Slime-Form Level 1: The caster’s entire body liquifies and congeals into a mesh of flesh and bone, held together by nothing but a tiny nucleus. Disrupts ‘Identification’ techniques. Perception decreases by 100%. Vitality and Endurance increase by 100%. Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom decreases by 100%. Duration is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 50% of the caster’s maximum health to cast.”

Of course, she wasn’t able to see, hear, feel, or even think, so she obviously didn’t have the ability to appreciate her newly acquired skill. Alice snickered, as she held the mysterious blob in her gigantic right hand, sniffing it and even using her serpentine tongue to taste the strange goop.

Suddenly, she slurped the slimy creature into her mouth and swallowed it. Then she felt extremely dizzy and nauseous, as if the little monster was trying to escape from her stomach.

She waited for a few minutes and once the liquid-Jasmine passed into Alice’s small intestines, the discomfort immediately died down. The dragoness muttered “Good, it seems like our bodies aren’t rejecting each-other anymore… Hmmm, but it appears that my theory was probably correct: I need to evolve to rank-D first. Well, before that though, I need to empty my bowels or there might be some ‘complications’ with the experiment.”

There was a loud bubbling sound from one of her largest beakers, so she had to quickly stand up and run over to it. Before she even arrived, she sent her aura out and turned off the burner, before telekinetically lifting the silver substance out of the glass and placing it into a mould.

Once she came closer, she began extracting the moisture by using a combination of Water, Earth, Air and Flame Manipulation, until she was left with a total of one-hundred small beads. Each of them was gray and dull, but upon using ‘Scan’ she let out a sigh of relief.

“Rank-F Angelic Evolution Pill: Contains the essence of innumerable Lesser Angels and has the power to transform humanoids into second-tier angelic lifeforms. Success rate improves by 50% if the target already has the Light Affinity. Rare Quality, requires level-3 to consume.”

Seeing that they were finished, she whistled and five shadows appeared beneath the water, heading towards the island. Alice casually walked over to a different table, found a miscellaneous, glass jar and dumped all one-hundred tiny gray beads into it.

She sealed the container with a cork and walked over to the shore, as a group of rank-G, level one to five, mermaids emerged from the lake. Each of them had black fur covering their entire bodies, except for their fish-like tails, and their heads resembled wolves, rather than Humans.

Their torsos and arms were humanoid; they even had fairly well-developed breasts, but they obviously appeared rather strange. The largest of the five pulled herself onto the white-sand and gazed up at the naked dragoness, with her glowing, bright-blue eyes.

Alice handed her the pill-bottle, glancing at the group of Cat-Tribe who were gathered near the entrance and asking “Why are there so few participants? I created plenty of Exp Pots and there weren’t any failures among the Rank-G Angelic Evolution clinical trials…”

That Canine Mermaid quickly explained “They claim that Pack Leader Inari has issued a ‘hunting’ order and brought with her many of your former test-subjects…”

“Huh~, well, whatever… Anything they don’t use, tell them to go sell in town. They don’t have to pay me back in gold, just make sure that they gather a decent amount of ingredients. It’s not like I can just make this shit for free all the time.” The dragoness turned around and walked over to the table that had the built-in touchscreen tablet, sitting down onto the stone bench and accessing the surveillance cameras.

Meanwhile, the five wolf-headed merfolk swiftly departed and headed towards the entrance of the ‘room’. Alice snickered as she tapped onto the magical device a few times, allowing her to easily observe the various parts of the house.

Even the ‘normal’ lights, installed all over the interior, actually had live-feeds constantly recording and downloading into that computer. The ‘creepiest’ part, was that she could access the eyes and ears of those five undead Michaels, along with every single soulless creature in the entire house. Not only could she see and hear what they could, but if Alice wanted to, she could send her aura into the ‘nervous-system’ of the house and physically control them.

It had only been a single day since the villagers had brought in a few farm-animals, yet there were already hundreds of chickens, cows, goats, horses, sheep, and that wasn’t even including all the other miscellaneous ‘wild-game’ that were propagating. However, Alice also had access to other important information and controls, since Michael had installed that colossal brain into his bedroom. Unsurprisingly, the house didn’t possess unlimited or inexhaustible mana.

She pulled out a piece of copper from her inventory and placed it into a slot along the side of the computer. That single, almost insignificant piece of currency, was actually worth a total of one-million mana-points.

It seemed like an extraordinarily large amount, but considering that it costed five-hundred gold to create Inari’s room… Essentially, it required five-trillion mana-points to fabricate such a large extra-dimensional space. Michael also needed to sacrifice the mana-core from a rank-B, level forty-two, Raid Boss, who had lived for at least a few centuries. That was the magnitude of power involved with such a ‘simple’ purchase.

Alice grumbled “This place only takes about a copper per week to keep everything running, though it’s a bit more expensive when I want to buy new tools or replace containers. Still, it’s practically nothing compared to that ridiculous ‘garden’. Ugh, it’s a good thing I found out about this so quickly, or it would have costed us a fortune…”

The distribution of Natural mana had originally been set so high that the first day consumed ten silver. Fortunately, that was on its highest setting, and once she set it to ‘Low’, the price dropped down to five copper per day.

Of course, even if she turned it off, the people, plants and animals inside wouldn’t suffer. In fact, they would simply feel as if they were back outside again, because even without the ‘extra’ Nature mana, they would still be experiencing their normal amount of regeneration.

One of the most important things that Alice discovered was the true purpose of expanding the ‘Residential’ territory. Every single acre of land was able to collect one silver per day of mana on average, but there were also certain areas that seemed much more valuable than others. Specifically, the waterfall and the peak of the mountain were both worth roughly ten times more than the miscellaneous jungle that surrounded it.

Luxiana and The Shrine of Huxian could be populated and ‘taxed’ in various ways; that money would be instantly taken during every transaction, without having to physically go around taking it from the people involved. However, it would then be transformed into pure Arcane mana and sent into the Player-Home’s storage-system.

It was also possible to ‘remove’ copper, silver or gold coins from the house’s ‘battery’, but ten-percent would have to be sacrificed in the process. Thus, even though the house currently had access to over one-hundred billion mana-points, it was only equivalent to nine gold coins.

Alice had over three-hundred gold on her, so she was wondering “Should I put it in, or not? It can only hold a thousand… Ow, ugh, damn, Jasmine’s almost made her way through my bowels already! I can worry about this nonsense later, for now, I need to get back to work!”


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  1. . Still, it’s practically nothing compared to that ridiculous ‘garden’. Ugh, it’s a good think I found out about this so quickly, or it would have costed us a fortune…”
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