HCOP Book 2, Chapter 88: Soul Degradation Syndrome

Michael snickered, glanced down at the enormous jungle and asked “Hmmm~, I don’t really remember having a girlfriend before I met you and Sarah? Are you sure I said that? Continue reading

Chapter 229: Family Reunion

“I’m a vampire, obviously! Also, I work for a Battleground news station now… With the way your boyfriend has been going around massacring people lately, it’d be stranger if I couldn’t find you! Damn, you always acted so reserved and ‘innocent’, what the fuck happened? I’m not trying to be judgy, but I seriously just saw a video of you and your ‘Companions’ having an orgy in a Dungeon… Sure, I’ve been with a decent amount of guys, but never more than one at a time! Besides that, I’ve definitely never had so little self-confidence that I was willing to share my man with a bunch of other girls!” The first thing that Lily did was obviously to try and publicly humiliate her angelic sister in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Continue reading

Chapter 228: The Start of Another ‘Peaceful’ Day

“Nothing lasts forever… so nothing ever truly ends. Existence is eternal, but life is ephemeral… Michael, you need to wake up now; you’re running out of time.” The Nephilim was mumbling to himself as he slowly opened his eyes. His body had ended up at the center of the Arcane Prison and was surprisingly not moving at all, regardless of the nearly zero-gravity. Continue reading

Chapter 155: Abominable

The ground was rumbling fiercely, “Nyah~! Mikey~, lookie-lookie~! There’s a giant pee-pee sticking out of the ground!” Jasmine was the first to notice the massive scorpion tail protruding from the bonedust. Continue reading