Chapter 155: Abominable

The ground was rumbling fiercely, “Nyah~! Mikey~, lookie-lookie~! There’s a giant pee-pee sticking out of the ground!” Jasmine was the first to notice the massive scorpion tail protruding from the bonedust.

Michael yelled “Inari, stop licking your asshole and keep carrying that idiot on your back!” as he sucked all twelve, obsidian mana-cores into his hands. The remains of the mini-bosses had been almost completely destroyed aside from the black beads, and he wasn’t particularly interested in collecting what little was left of their corpses.

He could see that Andrew the Abomination’s HP was down to 68,290/100,000 and said “Talia, hurry up and show me his stats and shit.”

The Huntress immediately replied “Yes Sir!” as if she were a soldier under his command.

[Target Information

Name: Andrew
Titles: The Abomination
Level: 20
Age: Boss
Race: Ancient Scorpion Centaur
Rank: D
Class: Grappler
Specialization: Tank, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Dungeon Boss]


Health: 68,290/100,000
Mana: 250/250
Stamina: 37,951/50,000
Mana Regen per minute: 50
Health Regen per hour: 10,000

Strength: 50
Vitality: 200
Endurance: 200
Dexterity: 25
Agility: 150
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 1
Perception: 5
Charisma: 5

Willpower: 20
Luck: 5
Aura: 500

Attack Rating: 625
Defense Rating: 100]


Dungeon Boss: Level is set to twenty and experience can no longer be gained. All stats are static and cannot be permanently raised or lowered. Will never age; the body and mana-core will be immediately teleported to the ‘Respawn Center’ of the dungeon, every time that HP reaches zero. Soul cannot be captured by a Summoner. Unable to feel pain or discomfort, but can sense the physical state of their body. Health and Stamina are increased by 1000%. Attack Rating is reduced by 50%. Enemy Defense Rating is 200% more effective.

Enrage Timer: After 15 minutes of combat, Attack Rating is increased by 1000%. If Stamina reaches zero, all enemies will be teleported out of the Boss-Room.

Boss Loot: Drops two Epic items, which will be Soulbound to the Party who acquires it; after which, they must be distributed to specific team-members within twenty-four hours. Drops will be in relation to the Dungeon and Boss. It is impossible for an item to drop, which is unusable by any party members. Chance to drop a Token of Arcana, depending on the Party’s combined Luck.]


Putrid Spew: The Boss projectile vomits a large amount of deadly stomach-acid towards a random enemy. Cannot be influenced by aggro. Costs 1,000 Heath. Cooldown time is 30 seconds.

Poison Bolt: The Boss launches a blob of deadly scorpion poison out of its tail, targeting the enemy that’s the farthest away. Cannot be influenced by aggro. Costs 10 mana. Cooldown time is 15 seconds.]

“Fucking shitballs! Blondie, you’re the tail-bait, everyone else needs to spread the fuck out, aside from Jasmine and Inari! Don’t let anything hit you, or it’s instant-death!” Michael used Arcane Pull to keep Alice from being turned into a puddle of goop, as he sprinted towards the emerging monstrosity.

It immediately vomited towards the terrified Priestess, as she instinctively flapped her wings and managed to fly into the air. The tired vixen somehow managed to dodge out of the way, while carrying the cat-girl on her back, who was laughing hysterically and firing her pistols at the distant enemy.

Those blood-bullets couldn’t even penetrate the monster’s skin, but the debuffs were still applied. She even used ‘Sundering Beam’ and was able to deal a bit of damage, though it was negligible.

On the other hand, the Huntress fired at least two incredibly accurate Ironwood Arrows per second, striking at those relatively small eyes. Even if the attacks bounced off, they still made large numbers appear: ‘-172,’ ‘-158,’ ‘-147.’

Once she used Aerial-Step to fly into the farthest stands, she was at least four-hundred meters away from the enemy and needed to start using spells to keep up her precision. ‘Guided Missile’ didn’t increase her damage, but allowed her to keep hitting the softest areas on the monster’s body. However, when she utilized ‘Multiple Stage Missile,’ she was easily able to deal over three-hundred damage with each blow.

Michael complained “Oi, ya didn’t have ta go that fucking far away… Ugh, whatever, doesn’t matter. Alice, try not to get hit by anything. Staying alive is more important than DPSing. We probably get better rewards that way? Anyway, Sarah, be careful this time… Don’t teleport too close to him, or it might end up backfiring like last time.”

The little skull-faced Shadow grumbled “Let’s just deal with this shit quickly, cause I’m actually starting ta run outta energy…” Even if her Stamina was still above fifty-percent, it was obvious that by the end of the fight, she would definitely have to rest.

Both of them were standing in front of the furious Ancient Scorpion Centaur, as it swung those massive pincers downwards. She easily kicked off of the ground and soared through the air for a few seconds, before teleporting above the monstrous man’s head.

At the same time, the Nephilim stayed completely still; raising his two left arms to block, while at the same time, throwing his Arcane Siegeblade towards the beast’s body. His legs were buried in the bonedust, up to his knees, as his shoulder was dislocated.

A giant ‘-398’ appeared, but was rapidly recovered by two ‘Flash-Heals.’ Michael shouted “Grah~! Asshole! Sarah and Talia, fuck this bitch up for me! Oh yeah, and good-job by the way~; you’re getting a lot better at this shit, Meow-Meow~!”

However, by the time his health was back to full, a second scorpion claw swatted him from the right. Of course, he was still able to turn around and block it, but was knocked up into the air.

Luckily, most of the force was dissipated by being pushed away, but he still received two-hundred damage. His dislocated shoulders became even worse as well.

Attempting to ignore the pain, he charged two separate Arcane Bolts at the same time, firing a total of ten balls of aura at the monster’s face. He also telekinetically launched his Arcane Orb at the same time, and when all the attacks landed, Michael yelled “What?! Over one thousand~!? Hahahahaha~… Ugh, guess I’m the only one who would get that joke?”

Elina shouted “Please stop fooling around! Can’t you be at least a little serious?!”

Of course, to that, he answered with a song: “Hardcore~, oh penis~! You make me~, hardcore~, OP-ness~! I know you like it when I rub you, over~ there; I see you laugh, when I cum into your hair! It doesn’t matter~, that we’re on T.V.~; cause ya can’t help, but fall in, love with me~! I’m goin solo~, but wanted you to know~; that I see you watching~… I am your favorite show~! And I~, don’t wanna, cheat on you again~! But it ain’t cheating~, if you do it, with your girlfriend~!”

Meanwhile, the scorpion-man had actually jumped into the air and attempted to grab hold of him several times, but he just kept flying around while singing: “Hardcore~, oh penis~! It hurts, but I’ll be alright~! Hardcore~, OP-ness~! Fuck me in the light~, fuck me harder every night~!”

That Arcane Siegeblade fiercely slashed down against the defending monster, but that song had a strange, incredibly distracting effect on Andrew. Thus, he wasn’t able to hit Michael, and was also unable to keep using his skills at the proper times.

He finally roared “Stop! Please, just stop it! Grah~?! No~, no~, no~! I can’t even… I can’t remember my lines!”

“Hardcore~, oh penis~! One, two, three, four~, I’m becoming a man-whore~! Hardcore~, OP-nes~!” Unfortunately, it wasn’t only the Boss who was deeply disturbed by that irritating song.

Elina was having trouble casting her heals and Talia was struggling to even hit the monster’s face; it was simply too vulgar and obscene for them to ignore. Of course, Sarah screamed “Oi, shut your fucking mouth! Damn bastard! If I could murder you right now, I definitely would!”

However, Inari was attempting to howl along with the melody, and Jasmine was singing “Hardcore~, OP-ness~! Nyah-hah-haha- nyah~, meow meow~! Hardcore~, oh penis~! Nyah~, meow meow meow~, nya-nyah~!”

Alice was casually throwing ‘Fireballs’ at the left side of the giant scorpion’s body, while she muttered “Hmm, it’s actually pretty catchy. Well, at least it’s a thousand times better than that horrible bullshit my parents used to sing to me… Ah~!” While she was talking to herself, the Boss’ tail suddenly lunged out towards her, because she accidentally walked too close.

Yet, before that deadly attack could land, Michael roared “Nope~!” as he immediately threw his Arcane Orb at the huge stinger. The full force of his Arcane Push, managed to make the attack miss by a large margin.

Once again, the dragoness had managed to stay alive because of him, but the price that the Nephilim had to pay, was being swatted out of the sky. His relatively light body soared into the northernmost wall, crashing into those stone sarcophagi and obliterating them.

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